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Eden Another warm evening. Not dark yet, but the sun is low in the sky. Things have been peaceful. After yesterday's house building, the community seems closer. people have been talking to each other who never knew each other before. All in all, this has been a lovely. day. This of course, can last! 2-A little boy approaches, seems desperate to get a hold of them. When he reaches you, he collapses, unconscious.
Vera Vera says, "Well now...thats something you don't see alot. Seems he tired himself right out...I wonder where its parents are." As she glances around"
Fern     With the sun setting lower in the sky, Fern is walking in the direction of El Dorado. May as well start heading home. Supper will be ready soon.

    Fern walks at a moderate pace, her backpack on, helmet on, and assault rifle over her right shoulder. Anyone who looks at her for longer than usual gets a little sneer.. Just in case! Gotta be careful out there. She's mid-sneer as she hears someone running up nearby, and as she turns she glances over to see the other kid fall down. She looks around to see if there is anything he was running from.
Vera Vera hmms as she kneels down, "Right..bite marks, stings...looks like...a pack of wild animals perhaps? Still alive....but whatever did this isn't good."
Alice Alice approaches cautiously when she sees others have it handled. Not wanting to be rude she stands off to the side and listens in case she might be needed to assist with anything. Besides, she wasn't really good with kids!
Fern     It only takes a few seconds of examining the boy to recognize him, and Fern blinks slightly. "Jimmie?" she says, sounding slightly confused. May not be his real name, but Fern has a nickname for everyone she meets. The kid looks about again before she starts moving closer to him, close enough she can stick a boot out and nudge him a little.

    "Yeah? Wonder what the hell he got into. Probably wandered off into an area he shouldn't have. Maybe got caught up in the weeds or somethin'," she says with a smirk. She squats down then and reaches out to grasp his shoulder, shaking it, "Hey! Jimmie! Get up!"
Alice "Wonder where his parents and sisters are?" Alice asked of the others outloud, wishing that Iris or someone with medical training was here.
Eden As you get closer you can see his wounds better. . You can see bruises apparent around his neck and odd red pin points all over his face. You also see a strange burn on his chest through a torn shirt. The bite marks on his arms, are human and the blood still wet. He is breathing, but completely non responsive. His limbs are limp and no amount of shouting or shaking wakes him
Vera Vera says, "Ghouls perhaps?..maybe some feral ones got into town and are running loose"
Fern     Looking up to Vera, Fern says, "We'd best go get his Ma then.. Maybe they're at home.. Hey!" Fern then shouts at some random person walking by, "You stay here with him! And.." she looks around again to see if anyone looks like they might know about medicine. How one can tell, who knows!

    She points to another passerby, "You! Get help!" She looks to Vera and Tina, and she nods her head upwards, "You know where he lives? I do.. Just down the street from me.. I'm gonna go see if anyone's home. Coming?" she asks as she hops up, starting to head in that direction at a light jog, at least till she sees if others will follow.
Eden When you get to their house, you see the door wide open. The mother and 2 sisters lie dead in a huddle with terrified looks. Bloody man sized footsteps lead out into the street, then fade away.
Alice Alice avoids screaming at the sight, just barely. She was used to seeing monsters and bad guys blasted to bits and killed, not normal people. That didn't stop her from ducking off to the side to vomit. Poor CJ.
Vera Vera says, "Well now..ain't this a fine kettle of fish...seems like we have a murderer on the loose..." as she looks at the foot steps..."And it seems like he had a ride of some kind...the footprints just seem to stop.""
Fern     Upon reaching the house and stepping inside, Fern's eyes widen at the sight. She stands still, her body shocked by what she sees. "..Holy shit.. Oh shit, shit, shit.." She stands there for a few more seconds, unable to move, and she swallows hard.

    Her eyes lower to the footprints and she turns, looking to see where they go.. and she follows. If the siblings and mom aren't dead already, they will be soon. No way someone can survive that.. and so she doesn't go check for a pulse or anything. No, she just gets her assault rifle off her shoulder and into a better position as she starts to look around.

    Just as the kid is about to head out she notices something a little off. It's a picture; a crude drawing of a family with the names: Mommy, Daddy, Clark, Jane and Marie' beneath them. Fern moves to it and picks it up, studies it, then looks up to the others with her as she asks, "..They.." she pauses again, blinking. "Another kid drew this.. No body names themself in the picture they draw. There's no 'Me' on it." She turns it over to show the others. "Anyon think he might have a sibling we don't know about?"
Vera Vera says, "Well, I don't know who any of these people I have no clue what there family dynamic is...perhaps a crazy uncle buck?""
Vera Vera goes over to where the feet print end.."A vehicle perhaps...this might be oil, might be something great to have a forensics team out here..."
Alice Alice points to a handprint on a wall at the next house over with a bloody streak leading to the backyard, "That doesn't look good."
Fern     Fern pockets the drawing and starts heading towards Alice, taking her rifle in hand again. She looks over the handprint and where it's leading, and she says, "Alright, ladies.. C'mon.." She starts to head towards the back yard, rifle lifted and eyes focused. Though she sounds confident enough, she's trembling slightly. Does she even know how to shoot that thing?!
Eden The man size footsteps fade into the street, but the handprint begs to be followed. another handprint on the side of the house leads you to the backyard, where a shed door is silghtly ajar. Another small mark where a hand would have held the door to open and shut it is easy to see. There is a low voice muttering something inside.
Vera Vera brings her carbine around, and readies it. "Ok..who wants to open the bloody door..and see whats inside....or we just shoot through the door, and hope for the best..." She eyes the door again, "Can't be good, whatever it is."
Alice Alice stays off to the side of the door, readying her Katana before nodding to Vera, "Maybe you should kick it in or open it. You're in the army and stuff, so it's like your duty, right?"
Fern     "No!" Fern quickly says, lowering her weapon back into its original position, slung over her back. As she moves closer to the shed door she slows her steps, doing her best to stay as quiet as possible.

    "It's a man.." she whispers back to the others, then mouthing, 'Probably the dad' before looking back to the door. She studies it for a bit, looking like she's trying to get up her nerve before she does her best 'karate' kick and tries to kick the door open. You know, cause that's a safer distance than opening it with a hand. "Got it!" she calls. Kicking is also a lot cooler.
Eden The door swings easily. Inside you see nothing at first except random stored items. As you look toward the back, you see Mr. Davidson Huddled holding a plasma gun. His hands have some of the black substance smeared on them, and it is on the plasma gun too. Mr. Davidson isn't speaking except to repeat "no,no,no,no,no". He is terrified. Does he not believe what he has done? He drops the plasma gun and puts his hands up as soon as he sees you, Pushing it toward the 3 of you. "take this, take it!" Then he huddles back into his corner.
Vera Vera is surprisd at first to see the man, doing nothing..but keeps her carbine trained on the man. "Right...sounds like a confession to me. Even gave up the murder weapon. Seems it broke his mind.."
Alice Alice kept her Katana ready as she eyed the man and the black goo, pointing towards it with the blade as she asked, "What the heck is that stuff? Also, don't touch it..." She warned Vera and Fern.
Fern     Fern jumps back after the door swings open, hitting the wall and clattering from the awesome force it just encountered. She peers into the room and looks about, and as she sees the man she watches, looking worried.

    He passes it over? "Fuck no!" she grunts, shaking her head quickly. Fern nods to Alice and takes another step back. Her eyes flick back to the two with her and she says, "Musta got it out in Dunwich.. Probably cursed or something.. I been hearin' about that sorta stuff.." and back to him, asking, "That it? The gun made you do it?" she asks in a lowered, mysterious voice, eyes narrowing slightly as she stares at the man. "Why the bite marks, man?" she asks him, tsking slightly. "What happened?" she asks from a safe distance.
Vera Vera blinks, "A gun made him do it?..what like spooky ghosts or something?....your kidding me, right? I highly doubt that...he may be insane..but not possessed." As she eyes the man, "Yes..that is an odd thing..biting people."
Alice The mention of Dunwich causes Alice to shiver, "Dunwich? Great. We should have nuked that place instead of the mutants. Just the word gives me the creeps."
Eden The man shakes his head, but still has trouble speaking. There is no blood around his trembling mouth. His eyes are clear, but utterly terrified. He tries to push the gun toward them again. "take it!" He sounds urgent, but just cannot manage any other words.
Vera Vera shakes her head, "Sorry, don't like those fancy thing...I'll stick with this.." As she turns, and clicks on her radio. "I'll call it in..." as she starts to move back.
Fern     "I dunno! I heard people have been finding strange stuff out there.. maybe he did.. Why else would he be so scared and wanting -us- to take it?" Fern says as she looks at the man, watching the way he cowers. "You.. want me to run and get the sherrif or somethin'? I'm fast," she says before seeng Vera has a radio. She nods to her.. and watches the man again. She looks to his shoes to see if any blood is on them.
Alice Alice brings her sword down on the plasma pistol, smashing the thing after several repeated hits just in case it was somehow the cause of all this. Looking to Fern as Vera departed to call for help, she asked, "Where's CJ?" She had lost track of the little boy in all of this.
Fern     "I.." Fern looks to Alice. "Hopefully -someone- stayed with him.." She looks back to the man in the shed, then grabs the door handle and closes it. She looks for something to stick through the handle, if it'll work to keep the door locked. No sense in letting him escape. "we should go check on him, yeah?"
Eden From behind them another voice says "You mean me?" CJ is standing there, his woundss till there. The angry, red, melted looking burn on his chest angrier looking htan before. The blood from the bite marks on his arms is darkening and thickening as it dries. Looking less like blood every moment. He seems somehow just a bit larger than he was before. "Why would you need to check on me?"
Alice Alice wasn't that much older than Fern, hell, she wasn't sure how to handle this sort of thing, "We need Iris or someone.." She said outloud before asking CJ, "Are you okay? You look kind of different?" She was backing away now.
Fern     Turning to see this, Fern's eyes widen. She takes a step back and whispers, "Oh fuck.. It's him.. Bite.. marks must be.. defensive.. Oh shit." No wonder the man wanted them to take the gun. Fern starts to back away as quick as she can, and she reaches for her assault rifle with shaking hands, bringing it down to aim it at CJ. "Jimmie.. I don't wanna blow your head off, but I will if I have to.." she warns, voice croaking a time or two.
Eden CJ looks confused. "Why would you blow my head off?" He takes a step forward. "Have you seen my dad? I haven't seen him. I was looking for him. We had a fight..." His child's voice trails off trying to grasp at memeories that aren't there. "Why are we back here?" Then his eyes roll sideways and he falls over again. Out of his mouth comes a dark thick gas. It pours out fast, faster, and comes together in front of you, forming into a larger mass. "Now that the pesky gun is gone, I can take you now!"
Alice Alice's eyes open wide as she sees what is happening, she had no reasonable explanation for it. She wasn't a priest, this was like priest stuff, "Fern, CJ! RUN! You to CJs dad, get the Sheriff and the Army if Vera hasn't yet!" She readied her Katana hoping to buy the others enough time to try and escape.
Fern     Too bad Fern though dear old Dad was the killer! She shut him in that shed.. and even though she is now being told to run and get help, she instead runs back to the shed to yank the stick from the handle, kicking that door open once again. The man's still inside, and.. he needed someone to take the gun, right? Naturally, Fern and her stupid teen self are interested in getting that gun now.
Eden The running figure catches the creature's attention and it lunges toward Fern. It's tendrils reach out toward her, she can feel them moving toward her. A slickness in the air threatens to choke her. The door slams and actually stops the creatures movement. It throws itself against the door, seemingly expecting to melt right through it- but it doesn't. Instead it jumps backward, as if a bit stung.
Alice Alice began to search her backpack for something of value, remembering an old story about ghosts being afraid of salt or something. Maybe she had heard it from Achilles or someone who cared about that type of stuff but it just so happened she had some tasty rock salt she used to season food sometimes!

Tossing the salt at the ghost she cried out, "The Power of Christ compels you! Superman and Batman will come for you if you do not flee! Buddha and his Sidekick Allah are also on the way, you better run back to Dunwich you dumb old ghost!"
Eden The creature howls and turns, angered, toward alice. Where the salt landed you can see that the consistency of the dark fog looks just a bit- separataed. A bit of light shines deeper into that blackness. It is completely unaffected by the supposed words of power, but the sting it feels is real. He charges toward Alice
Fern     "Sorry for thinking about killing you earlier!" Fern says in a strained way as she slides down against the door, pushing back against it with all her might. There's something scary on the other side and she doesn't want it to get in! The turns her face to the side to listen against the door.. She can feel how it stops banging, but she doesn't ease up yet. It might just be waiting, for all she knows!
Alice Alice continues to throw more salt at it and cries out, "I'm telling you, Superman and Jesus are coming, you should really run. They.. they have a son! Named the Holy Ghost and he is specialized in kicking ghost butt and and and my friend Vera didn't just call the Army, she called these guys called the Ghostbusters and you guessed it pal, they bust ghosts!" Please salt work she thought as she kept tossing it instead of running cause you couldn't throw salt and run!
Fern     Fern can hear Alice now. She's in trouble! And talking about Batman, which means she must be cool, which means she is worth saving. Fern curses a bit more, pushes herself up from the ground and scrambles for the plasma gun. Pew pew! As she gets it in her hands she kicks the door open the other way, and as it swings open she says, "Hasta luego, Puta!" Fern then pulls the trigger. Let's all hope she doesn't shoot Alice.
Eden The salt is working! Not enough to tear it apart, but enough to slow it down. It stops and quivers, as if trying to shake it off. Then...
Eden The sound of the plasma gun worried the creature much more than the annoying stining salt. It swiftly oozes to the right to dodge the assault. Now it begins to change direction toward the shed again.
Fern     Growling, Fern takes a small step back. She only missed cause it's her first time shooting a gun like this! Swear! The kid lifts it again, takes aim, and just as she about pulls the trigger she is hit by the bastard ghost and knocked back into the wall. Hard. Ouch!
Eden Out of the shed, Mr Davidson come holding a bag. A rather large bag. It is obviously heavy and he is doing his very best to move quickly. He stumbles forward and is only 3 steps away from where Fern has been knocked. The contents of the bag spill against the distracted creature and smoke begins to disperse from where the larger handfuls land. He starts tossing more and more toward it and it's working! "There's another bag inside" he shouts.
Fern     Fern whimpergrowls from her place on the ground, and as the Kid lies there she slowly looks up to the creature. She still has the gun in one hand, and though she is surely in pain she slowly lifts the gun with a shaking hand, tugging the trigger back to shoot at it, right up against the piece of shiat!
Alice Alice listens to the instructions she is given and runs to grab the other bag of salt with all the speed she can muster, lots of speed! She begins tossing the salt, yelling, "Ghost Ghost, Go away. Don't come back another day!"
Eden Salt on one side, plasma on the other, The ghostly creature melts and burns. The smell is abhorrent as it dissapates. The sounds is soft, rushing wind. Where you would have expected a cry or scream there was just nothing. Where before there was action and a target, just emptiness. Mr. Davidson rushes over to CJ and gathers him in his arms. "He's still breathing!" he exclaims. CJ's eyes flutter, but he remains unconcious. No doubt a lot of rest will be needed for both of them. "Thank you" Mr Davidson says to both girls.
Fern     "No problem.." Fern grunts from her spot on the ground, gun lowering to her side. Now that the ghost is gone she starts to relax. Adrenaline has startes to wane and it leaves her feeling the real damage. Ugh. Guess she'll be at the clinic soon enough! And with a good story to tell!
Alice "Make sure you talk to the Sheriff and get to the clinic, Mr. Davidson." Alice said looking horrified now that she realized it was all over. She would be avoiding Dunwich, forever based on what she saw here today if it had anything to do with it. A thirteen year old girl had said it, it must have been true!