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Iris Lark     It's a nice quiet weekend in El Dorado, all of the recent drama has relaxed into a sort of calm *after* the storm. Iris came to check on the Clinic and finding it quiet as well, decided that lunch was needed. She walked up to the diner and slipped inside, greeting a few people with smiles and waves before she settles down in a booth. She turns to sit sideways, feet up on the seat as she scans the menu, gazing up at the door each time it opens and rings the bell.
Carling A group of people step into the diner, all travelers based on their dusty and worn attires. Carling breaks off from the group, but not before handing over some caps to one of the men and nodding. He finds the nearest empty table, sits down and picks up the menu.
Iris Lark     Iris gets to her feet when she sees the man come in, several scrapes and bruises making him stand out to her. She approaches Carling as he sits and leans in, a smile on her face. "Hey, are you new around town?" She asks, tapping a chair with her fingers and adds. "I can help you with those wounds, if you'd like, I work at the clinic. My name is Iris."
Carling Carling looks up from the menu for a moment and notices Iris. He turns and looks behind himself, then looks at her with a slightly puzzled expression. "Hello. Yes, just came here with a caravan. I feel fine, really." He is obviously not perfectly fine, given his strained smile.
Iris Lark      Iris slips into a chair, leaning on the table as she speaks again. "I wouldn't push you skills on you, it's just that I'm a doctor and by the way you're moving and some of the abraisions I see on you.." She blushes pink and gets to her feet, dipping her head briefly towaords Carling. "I'm sorry, I'm usually not this forward, and I'm not completely sure what's got into me. I ..just wanted to offer my help, that's all." She takes a step back and turns to head back to her table.
Carling Carling sits up, menu forgotten. He smiles sheepishly. "I'm a little low on caps. Been spending more and more of 'em on stimpacks. I'll just sleep it off." He shifts in his seat. "Thank you very much for- JESUS." He winces and puts a hand to his shoulder.
Iris Lark     Iris turns as the exclamation and she lofts both brows for a moment before her arms fold slowly over her chest. "I work for the Shantytown Clinic, we don't turn anyone away due to lack of caps." She steps foward, her hand going to Carling's shoulder as her fingers gently press against the obviously injured spot. "Stimpaks are just a temporary reprieve, you've a pulled muscle here and it's caught ..if you hold still a moment.." She extends his arm out and then massages her fingers along the sore muscle, until she feels it move from where it had been pinched. "Okay, put your arm down, and then extend it again. How does it feel?" She tilts her head as she waits for the man to answer.
Carling Carling experimentally moves his arm and rolls his shoulder. He looks at Iris again, as if for the first time. He opens his mouth for a moment but says nothing, before dumbly uttering, "You're a wizard." He carefully prods his shoulder. "Thank you. I feel like I owe you something, miss...?"
Iris Lark     Iris shakes her head, a grin on her face. "I'm happy to help, and I'm not a wizard, just a Healer." She gazes down at her feet briefly before she offers him another smile. "Welcome to El Dorado, I hope you and your group will stay for a bit, it's dangerous - especially south of here." She dithers for another moment before she moves to go back to her booth. She turns briefly and adds. "Iris, my name is Iris Lark."
Carling Carling looks at the group of people he entered the diner with, then back at Iris. "Oh, I'm not with them, sort of. I just joined their caravan since they were headed here. Strength in numbers, you know?" He pauses for a moment, then hastily adds. "Carling Edison, by the way. Nice to meet you."
Iris Lark     Iris leans over, snags her menu and walks back towars Carling's table. "Mind if I sit with you then? I'm sure you might have some questions about the town." She hugs her menu to her chest and smiles. "Strength in numbers is good, especially if the horde is still heading in this direction."
Carling Carling visibly pales. "Wait. A horde?" He leans to the side and peers out the window. "A horde of what?"
Iris Lark     "We just got back from Mexico, there..are so many mutants and they're heading north and further south." Iris says, her cheeks going pink. "We're trying to fortify our defenses here so that we can be ready when they make it here, and they will, who knows how much in force though."
Carling Slack jawed, Carling casts a curious glance at his surroudings. He looks at Iris again. "How can you be so calm about it? I came here to avoid trouble, not seek it out." He leans back in his chair and sighs.
Iris Lark     Iris takes a seat and sets down her menu, a slight frown on her face. "I've seen a lot in my time, and I've seen the horde up close and personal. A lot of people are going to die, but ..I love this place and it's worth defending if we can." She shakes her head and opens her menu. "I can't run away, I can't..let fear overtake me."
Carling Carling appraises Iris with a look of respect, then scans the menu again. "Jesus christ," he mutters to himself. "So uh, what do you recommend?" He indicates the menu with a light tap.
Iris Lark     Iris purses her lips as she considers the range of answers she could choose. "I would avoid the hamburgers, the bug meat that they're made out of leaves a weird after taste. Anything else ia pretty good though." She says, leaning forward, her chin propped on her palm. "They're great cooks here, I come by every so often to try to learn something."
Carling Carling snickers softly to himself. "Can't be worse than what I've to cook up out in the wastes. Thinking I'll try the radroach." He puts down the menu and peers out the windows again. "I'm not sure how long I'm staying, but while I'm here I'd like to earn some caps. I mean help out. Do you know anyone who needs a hand?"
Iris Lark     "A lot of people need a hand. The militia is looking for men and women. The surrounding settlements are looking for people to help build walls." Iris says, and she crosses her legs before she continues. "Scavinig is also a good way to make money, there is a lot to be found out there in the wastes."
Carling "No shortage of work, huh. I'm glad to hear it," Carling says. "I'm partial to scavanging, myself. I like to think I'm decent with a weapon and can handle a night or two in the wastes. Do scavengers tend to head out in groups, or on their own around here?"
Iris Lark     "Both, actually." Iris says, leaning back in her chair. "I work with a group called Vault Team Six and sometimes we go get into trouble together." She tilts her head as she regards Carling and then she smiles again. "What kind of weapon do you use?"
Carling "Vault Team Six?" Carling taps his chin thoughtfully. "That is a pretty cool name. What does it mean? Oh, and I use convential weapons, mostly. I find pistols and rifles easier to maintain than lasers, you know?"
Iris Lark     "It's a small group of people who help those who can't help themselves." Iris says, and she grins a bit as the waitress drops off her drink. "I use lasers, and they're easy enough to maintain if you're careful with them. I've got a real beaut of a sniper rifle that I use."
Carling Carling smiles sheepishly. "Stop, you're making me feel inadequate with my old fashioned bullet-shooting weapons." He thanks the waitress off-handedly and takes a sip from his cup. "Okay, so the militia seems pretty straight forward. Who should I talk to if I want to give 'em a hand?"
Iris Lark     "Uhm, Fiona, I think?" Iris says, frowning slightly. "I know that the Marshal was taking a trip to give or get some information, and I think Jude and Fiona are watching over things until he's back." She shrugs and grins. "Nice people, all of them."
Carling Carling pulls out a battered notebook and pencil and starts writing in it. How it hasn't disintegrated yet is anyone's guess. "Fiona... Jude... Is Marshal a name or a title?"
Iris Lark     "Marshal is a title, Manuelito holds it at the moment." Iris explains, leaning foward to watch him write. "Fiona and Jude are members of the militia who help plan things, so far as I know."
Carling Carling's handwriting is terrible, and so is his spelling. Iris spots the word 'manaleeto' just before he pockets the notebook. "That's great! Thanks. What about your Vault Team Six? If you need a hand scavanging, I may be able to help out."
Iris Lark     "You're more than willing to come with us next time we're out and about. I'll come find you." Iris assures Carling, giving him a brilliant smile. "Did you have any questions about town before I head home? I can point out where most things are for you."
Carling "Where can I get some sleep? My feet are killing me. Shoulder, not so much anymore." Carling grins.
Iris Lark     "There is a hotel a little south of the bank here, you can crash there until you can afford a bording room or a house." Iris says, grinning at Carling. "If you can't find a place to stay soon, come visit me in Acme and we'll see if we can't find you a place there."
Carling "All right," Carling says, "Thanks again for all the help Iris. If you don't hear from me I've probably found a hotel room."
Iris Lark     "If I do, I'll be more than happy to help you find something temporary like." Iris says, getting to her feet and holding out a hand to shake. "It was nice to meet you, and I hope I get to see you again soon."
Carling Carling smiles and shakes Iris' hand. "Nice to meet you too, Iris. See you around!"