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Ashur The caravan trip was pleasant and peaceful. Ashur, still in the towering form of a super mutant, managed to secure passage with a former Legionnaire turned merchant who he's had a long working relationship with-- though he took up the space of five or six normal people. Along bumpy roads and windy-warm horizons they rode, until the old city of Lordsburg rose-- and surrounding it, spilling from it like blood from a wound, an army of makeshift tent homes radiating outward from the central temple.

The city is unlike any Kurokumo has seen before. The style of the architecture, the aesthetic of it-- in true Roman fashion, the settlement has painted much of the brick and stone and clay to resemble marble columns, and otherwise splashed color in abundance throughout it. The street grid is marked by homes and businesses, many refurbished, old electric signs still powered with a neon glow.

Banners whip in the wind from poles; painted murals mark faded facades. A home is marked with two crossed swords over the front door-- another has a yard with a small shrine, fed with the blood and meat of wasteland critters.

Ashur, at the moment, has carried his bride to the northern edge of the alien territory, where the distant mountains loom clear and strong against the vivid blue sky.

"I wanted a home on the edge," he rumbles. "Facing away from the town. Quieter, more space-- frontier. This used to be a neighborhood for well-to-do folk; the ground is higher."

Indeed, the two of them are in what's essentially the Lordsburg equivalent of a gated community-- only there's no gate. Hail apocalyptic suburbia.
Kurokumo Mibojin      It's still quite a novelty, being carried by her husband as they've made the long trek. Kurokumo's head is covered in a scarf, the Wasteland sky beating down on them through the wispy clouds. "A home on the edge would be good." Her brown eyes subtly take in the Ex-Legionaire community, knowing that some old habits die hard. Kurokumo's hand smooths over her belly, as she's rocked while Ashur takes his massive strides. "Do you think we might get just enough land for me to have a garden?"
Ashur The man's bare feet slide over the pebble-lined sidewalk as he moves. It gives his ponderous tread a graveled, scratching sound, a thousand little stones digging into leather-tough soles. He slows, pauses, before an old-world home with a white fence. The weeds and wild flowers overgrow the lawn; they spill like a mop of unruly hair between the white slats, and insects cling to the fragrant blossoms. Someone likely lived here during Legion days, but whoever it was, they're long gone-- and their property has been mismanaged.

"There's a whole world to garden in," the giant rumbles, giving his wife a pat on the rump and adjusting her. The newfound strength he has, mutated as he is, makes gestures like carrying a full-grown pregnant woman trivial.

"You can have any part of it you want."
Kurokumo Mibojin      While the home might have been considered spacious in it's time, Ashur's not an easy man to make a home for. Kurokumo frowns, before shading her eyes with her hand to get a better look at the surroundings. Having such a perch is advantageous indeed, despite the worried looks from scurrying passerby. Not seeing what she's looking for, just yet, she leans down to press a kiss to his massive brow. "Thank you, husband."
Ashur "I'm too big for any home," the behemoth remarks, seeing the look his bride gives the home and then him, a quick top-to-bottom scan of his sprawling, overmuscled figure, barely concealed; it does indeed draw the eye when any locals pass. "I can camp outside for now. What matters is that it's a good spot for my girls and my children." He continues to walk now, steady march along the sidewalk-- it goes on for awhile in a sort of lazy figure eight, outlining this well-to-do suburb. The westmost loop borders a small, faded basketball court, asphalt and without net, next to an old plastic playground.
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo's lips purse, as she contemplates Ashur's words. "I know of Celest, and myself. Are there any others?" She remebers someone back at the clinic she was treating, but her memory is faulty given the number of patients that she sees on a regular basis. Her question is borne completely out of curiousity, no tones of resentment or jealousy there.
Ashur "There is a girl from the Vaults, but she'll probably want to stay in Vault Town," the giant remarks. He bends at the hip and sets Kumo down upon the cushion of the grass that gives, just so, to bear her weight. When he rises, it is to look over the playground, and begin to wander its perimeter, stopping only where the gentle green grass is blocked by the rusting chain-link of the basketball court's fence. "I don't blame her. I've been there before; it is a very.. different place."

One broad naked shoulder shrugs. "There will likely be others in the future. Or maybe not? I don't think I'm as cute as I was before, being ten feet tall and red-and-blue."
Kurokumo Mibojin      Kurokumo knows just how pained her husband is by this mutation: Rebuilding his tribe is the end-all, be-all of his dream. "I still think you're the most handsome man here." Her grin is sly, warm even, as her small hand pats his flank affectionately. "They will create the cure, and you'll be back to being a fine bull."
Ashur "Mm," he concedes, dragging a finger against the rusting metal cage. The bands give and snap back with a light jingle. "It has its upsides. If I could keep my thoughts straight, all the time.. sometimes, it's fine. Others, I'm slower, confused. And aware of it. The strength pleases me-- the defectiveness of my mind enrages." Jaw set, the light touch turns violent, thick fingers shooting through the gaps in the fence and giving it a ferocious tug-- enough to rip the mesh from the pole it was attached to in part, and leave it hanging like the folded corner of a book!
Kurokumo Mibojin      Passerby dressed in Roman finery look a bit startled, the brutish show of strength something of a threat that might pull those more violently inclined. Kurokumo does not look frightened of Ashur in his frutrations, her worried brow showing a little bit of sadness and sympathy as she has to reach up high to smooth her hand along his lower back. "We should get something to eat." She offers as a vague course of action. Kurokumo knows she gets cranky when she hasn't had something to eat.
Ashur With a nod, Ashur turns away from the dangling fence, and once more scoops his bride off the ground. The sun beats down on his back as they retreat south toward a local diner the mutant likes.