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Clara Caine Well, it's a crappy morning if there ever was one. Unless one likes the rain. Because it is raining, good and hard, pounding down on the town with it's own sort of fury. The sky is so dark and grey it's almost hard to tell that morning has come, but with the glow of day at least it's clear enough for people to see.

Puddles are everywhere, the rain drains off roofs with their own sort of thunder. Hell, most people aren't even out, who would be in this.

And that 'who would be' belongs to none other than Clara Caine. She's standing by the Sheriff's office, leaning against a post under the overhang, watching the rain fall in it's heavy waves. With the cool morning means a long leather jacket, and her cowboy hat as always, slightly askew. She seems to have a steaming cup of coffee, in a tin mug, held in her gloved hands. The sheriff badge has been pinned to her jacket, and those big blue eyes peer out to the town through the tumbling water, just keeping an eye on things in one of the rare dry spots she has found.
Clara Caine Well, it's a crappy morning if there ever was one. Unless one likes the rain. Because it is raining, good and hard, pounding down on the town with it's own sort of fury. The sky is so dark and grey it's almost hard to tell that morning has come, but with the glow of day at least it's clear enough for people to see.

Puddles are everywhere, the rain drains off roofs with their own sort of thunder. Hell, most people aren't even out, who would be in this.

And that 'who would be' belongs to none other than Clara Caine. She's standing by the Sheriff's office, leaning against a post under the overhang, watching the rain fall in it's heavy waves. With the cool morning means a long leather jacket, and her cowboy hat as always, slightly askew. She seems to have a steaming cup of coffee, in a tin mug, held in her gloved hands. The sheriff badge has been pinned to her jacket, and those big blue eyes peer out to the town through the tumbling water, just keeping an eye on things in one of the rare dry spots she has found.
Flint Athens     One person's crappy morning is... well, honestly, in this case it's another person's crappy morning.

    Flint Athens is making his way back into town from the South Gate checkpoint. The gun-for-hire is carrying a sack with him that seems to have whatever his latest scavenging results are. It's slung over his shoulder, since the hired gun is too cheap and lazy to actually buy a backpack from the leather working shop.

    The returning scavenger is wearing a full set of combat armor with a heavy duster over all of it, making his way through the streets. As he passes by Clara, he spots the new badge. That's right, the Sheriff died recently. He looks towards her and tips his sunglasses faintly.

Saeko      It had been a long night for Saeko, a long walk from the town she'd lingered in to El Dorado. But she'd made it none the less. The cloaked figure wasn't carrying much, a bow tucked over one shoulder and a quiver up at her hip marking her as some kind of hunter. The young woman's hood protects her from most of the falling rain, her face partially obscured while her eyes look over the street at others brave enough to be tolerating the weather for what it was.

Even without the offered hint of Flint, the badge is enough to catch the asian woman's eyes and draw her nearer. "You are the sherrif?" she questions lightly.
Clara Caine Clara is being watchful, while she gets the chance to act Sheriff, she'll make sure as little as possible passes her by. So that means Flint is seen, eyes fixed on his sunglasses. Those big blue eyes follow him, along with that ever present charming smirk of hers.

"Why hello there," Greets the woman, using a foot to come up and stand proper, a few steps taken forward to just where the overhang stops, so rain doesn't fall on her. "Darling, can I ask, why are you wearing sunglasses in this dreadful weather?" Lips turn into a bit of a smirk.

Then, there is Saeko, who gets a most curious glance. Leaning forward so the rain hits the tip of her cowboy hat - nearly knocking if off, she lifts a hand to hold it in place. "Well for now sweetie, you see, I'm sort of in training, they are giving me a month to prove myself, and I reckon there is a lot to prove after the last sheriff, but, I'm here and willing to put my life on the line, what can I do for you?" She then thinks, and eyes them both. "Come on up here and get out of this shit storm of rain first." There is a nod for them to come join her under the overhang.
Flint Athens     Flint stops in his tracks once someone asks him a question. The man looks towards the Sheriff again as his greeting is turned into a conversation starter. He seems to think over the question, "Keeps the rain out of my eyes when I'm aiming. Keeps the dirt out of my face when I'm out scavenging. Keeps people from blinding you if they try to ambush you."

    "Lots of reasons to wear sunglasses all the time, maam," Flint gives her a very slight smile. When she invites him to join her under the overhang, he calmly takes a few steps in to get himself in the shelter. He looks around a bit and assesses the weather, "Honestly, I'm glad I made it back into town before the rain set in."

    "You get weather like this and the radscorpions start coming out from under the sand." He shakes his head at both women, "And that's just too much of a pain to handle."
Saeko "In training?" Saeko repeats before her brain makes the logical leap. "Ah, so the last one...?" she trails off. Odds are in a town like this someone liked the last guy, perhaps it wasn't worthwhile bringing up the potential pains. Instead she steps under the covering and removes her hood, letting her long black hair fall free down her shoulders while she looks back into the street. "And has it been difficult? Your month so far?" she questions absently of the other woman before Flint's works make her chuckle.

"I find, when I can, avoiding Radscorpians entirely works well for me. Their hides are often difficult to pierce and putting an arrow in their eye while they're trying to sting you is...inconvenient."
Clara Caine "Well, how does it work when you're in an ambush? They using a light or something to blind? Now that I can see, but if it were dark, wouldn't it make the ambush harder to see?" Clara asks Flint, tilting her head some.

Moving back to her spot against the post, ankles cross in a casual, laid back sort of way, that long leather jacket swaying around her feet. That cup of coffee is still held in her gloved hands, the early morning seems to demand it. "Now, I agree with you there, getting out of there before the rain sets in and those annoying bastards pop up, smart plan."

That's when she realized how rude she was being. And it isn't right! Kicking up she goes to approach Flint first, and extends her hand. "Name is Clara Caine, by the way, yes of those Caines." Then there is a look to Saeko, her hand extended to her as well. "Clara Caine. You're not from around here you are darling?" Her head tilts, that charming kind smile always there, honestly she doesn't exactly seem the sheriff type in some aspects. "Well, I only just started, got that month to prove myself, and I'm hoping to do well in that. Plus, I'm used to difficult, so it's nothing new to me."
Flint Athens     "Sure, if you're fighting bandits. But when the men from the lights in the sky ambush you, they're going to have brain eraser guns and sunglasses are the only way to protect yourself." Flint taps the side of his head, "They come at night. So you need to wear sunglasses, or first their flying lights will blind you and then their mind control rays will get you. I read it in a book."

    He looks at Clara as if he is completely sane, has all his faculties, and absolutely has researched the thing he is talking about right now. There's no real sign of heatstroke, delirium, or insanity. This is just a thing that he distinctly happens to very strongly believe.

    He turns back around towards Saeko a moment later, not missing a beat in the conversation, "Oh, you use a bow and arrow? That's very... rustic. Not a lot of people still do that. Do you use special arrows, or just normal ones?"
Saeko      That wasn't...the answer that Saeko expected. She was expecting something along the lines of dust or blood. Regardless, the woman doesn't speak to the comment of flying men and brain erasers, instead she merely turns her gaze back to Clara and returns the handshake. "Saeko," she offers, no surname given. Perhaps she doesn't have one, or at least not one she feels a need to share. "I am new in town, arrived a few minutes ago." She bows her head before the question of her choice of weapon from Flint earns a nod. "I do. Among other things, a bow is silent and arrows can be retrieved far easier than bullets."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine walks her horse up the street, rounding a corner. Lilly and her horse Sprocket make their way up the street. She spies a small crowd of folks, drawing closer
Clara Caine There is a scuffling sound coming from the open door of the Sheriffs office, a hairy being emerges, it's a golden retriever emerges, in a sleepy dog sort of way. He stops at the door and just stares at the trio, seizing them up and then turns to head back into the office, likely to fall back asleep.

"What now?" Clara asks Flint, leaning forward some and staring at him with those big blue eyes, the dash of freckles across her face more present. Eyes move to her dog who came and went, lips twist into an amused smirk, but she's by far more interested in what this guy is saying. "So, to sum it up, people are flying above, flashing lights on you and twisting your mind?" Head tilts, brows lift. "Well ain't that something. What book do you read this in? Sounds like a fair good fairytale to me, and I'm always looking for a good read." Maybe she didn't think he was serious.

Looking to the Asian woman there is a nod, idly a hand sweeps some of that long darker hair over her shoulder, as some of it got wet when she poked her head into the rain briefly. "Well it's nice to meet you sweetie, glad your in town here, and at least out of the rain. You off to some other destination?" Now, eyes widen some. "A bow and arrow huh? Well I'll be, sounds nifty, that, I only learned to use a gun and well, my fist, feet, knees, elbows, you name it, never got the fancy stuff here."

There is a shift, she looks to her arm and goes to check something under her jacket, briefly looking pained before she looks up and spots Lilly. "Hey now! Lil' Flower, get out of that rain you hear! Get your butt over here before you get sick!"
Flint Athens     "Yes maam, you are correct," Flint says to Clara in response to the first half of her statement, "That's exactly what they do." He nods his head several times, emphatically. He adjusts his sunglasses and considers the situation, "I read it in a book I found in the ruins of a library. Talked about how in the Before Time, the Government covered up all sorts of things related to Sky People. It's not a fairy tale, it's all very real. And while we've been recovering from a war, who knows what they've been doing?"

    He lets his hands fall to the pocket of his large coat, rocking back a bit on his heels. He looks towards Lilly as Clara waves her over, making sure to move to the side a bit so that Lilly has enough room to get under the overhang that the crowd is gathering around.

    He looks towards Saeko a moment later, "Impressive, if'n ya can do it. And since you're alive, I assume ya can. So that means it's quite impressive. You're right that it's quieter, but I guess I always preferred the reliable punch of a pistol, myself. Doesn't make you less impressive."
Saeko      "You cannot be shot," Saeko says lightly, "If you are not seen or heard...unless you are very unlucky." A smile at her own humor, the asian woman looks up as Clara goes calling out to a new face, but she says nothing more there. Instead she keeps her arms hidden under that long cloak she wears to shield herself from the rain, hands folded in front of her. "For the time being I am here in town, I intend to look for work and a means of keeping fed until I am drawn elsewhere."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine , leading Sprocket, hears the admonishment. Intead of leading her horse, she drops the rains and moves under the awnings of the buildings. She hurries over quicly.. making a 'click'click' sound with her mouth, snapping her fingers. She draws close to the group, guiding the wet Sprocket over to one of the hitching posts so she can loop the reins lazily about it, Sprocket doing her best to make sure that Lilly doesn't have to get wet to do it.. The smarter of the pair, it seems.

Lilly pulls the hood of her cloak back. "Was needin' to change bandages anyways. Figured I might as well clean the rest of me while I was at it.", offered to Aunt Clara as an excuse. She looks around at the others. "Howdy", offering a dorky wave. Turning to Clara, "Interrogatin' them bout the stabbin'?"
Clara Caine "Well, toss me that book when you got a chance there darling, I'll take a gander at it, sounds interesting enough." Her voice is neutral enough, that she doesn't sound like she thinks he is mad or not. "Oh, and darling, please, call me Clara, ma'am makes me feel old and I got plenty of life in these here boots." He's given a wink.

The four are standing under a overhang, by the sheriff's office, it's morning and just pouring rain. And also pretty cool out as well.

With him, she turns to regard Saeko, brows lifting as she kicks back against the post, lifting her tin cup of coffee with her gloved hands, the long leather jacket keeping her warm, the sheriff badge on her jacket.

"Sweetie, you got a real talent there, I'd wager." Again there is that charming, easy smile. "Now if your looking for work, well depending what you want, I may be needing a second, third, fourth hand, if you're interested that is, and I promise to keep you safe too, not that I feel that you'll need it." Bringing down a hand, she smacks at her pant leg, removing some dirt that was spotted.

"Lil' flower, no, I am not, but that's on the top of my list, any evidence is washed away at this point," Her blue gaze turns to Lilly. "I'll be digging into that mess when this shit storm of rain lets out, hopefully soon, I want to find this killer quicker than an virgin in a whore house. Keep dry here then go get the bandages changed, don't need you getting sick." Her tone is motherly, to Lilly. She then takes the final sip of her coffee and looks into her cup. "Damn good stuff this."
Saeko      "Stabbing?" Saeko repeats before blinking a little, a frown on her lips. She'd killed three people with her blade a night ago...but that was raiders out on the wastes. At least, she -hoped- it was.

The asian woman tilts her ehad to the side, crossing her arms over her chest beneath that shape-obscuring cloak. "What happened?"
Hanzhou Hanzhou is dressed in his usual odd attire, a mixture of cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior. Completing the outfit with a Katana sheathed on his back, a revolver on his hip and he's lugging a makeshift backpack with what looks like a heavy leather armor chestpiece and other leather pieces. Pehaps loot from scavenging?

It seems like he's weighed down quite a bit but he's able to walk with a fairly normal gait, his cowboy hat shields his head from the rain and he's heading towards the Leather Outfitters but passes by the four of you as you are talking under the overhand of the Sherrifs Office. He glances towards the group, recognizing a few of them and tips his hat, politely with just a slight bow since he's carrying all that weight on his back or he might tip over. "Morning." He says in a rather soft voice.
Flint Athens     "I'll meet you in the middle and settle for Sheriff Caine," Flint says with a smile on his face. He thinks for a few moments, "If I can find the book again, I will. I left it with some friends back in Texas when I came up this way looking for something."

    He looks back to the gathering group, "Don't know much about a stabbing, but I gotta get back to my place and make sure the rain doesn't get in." He smiles to the group around, "Anyway, you all have a nice day. If you need me, I'm either at the saloon, or come knocking at my shack over on Cowboy Lane."

    He gives the group a wave, "Y'all have a nice day." He notes before starting to wander off.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks to Clara, brows nitting a bit. "I didn't see you at the doc's shop", a part of her saying 'thank goodness', "..did you get patched up Aunt Clara?. Lilly goes to poking the town sherrif, and begins looking her over with no regard for propriety or hell, even good manners. Lilly has long skinny fingers and she's used to poking and prodding things while scav'ing
Clara Caine A two fingered salute is given to Flint as he leaves, leaving them standing and talking, the rain pouring down, and most are under the overhand by the sheriffs office

. Clara looks to Saeko a moment, what information does one spill to someone they just met? She shrugs lazily while leaning against the post, shifting a bit, a faint hint of pain in her eyes. That bullet wound still hasn't been treated.

"Well sweetie, two women are dead, stabbed and all. We don't have much to go on right now, but I wager, the killer is moving fast, which means we need to."

Seeing another figure in the rain, blue eyes fix on him, trying to place the Hanzhou's face until at long last it comes, with a slow nod and charming smile. "Hey there darling, how you doing? Come on up and get out of that rain now, you hear, don't need people sick" She says, with a lift of her gloved hand in a wave before she tucks it into her pocket and pulls what looks like a root out.

About that time Lilly asks if she has seen the local doc, well, eyes move away, up to the rain. "I'll get there." Is alls he says, but is code for 'not yet', and that's a while to walk around with a bullet wound.
Saeko      "Two women," Saeko repeats, frowning a little and adjusting her cloak just a little. "If you need assistance in tracking the killer...let me know. I am going to go find something to eat, but I will be in town."

With that rather abrupt statement the asian woman tugs her hood back over her head, obscuring her features once more before she steps out into the rain. Gone as quickly as she arrived, Saeko disappears into the rainy streets for the promise of food.
Hanzhou Spotting the new Sheriff, who has now invited him over Hanzhou does indeed take a detour from his present course and makes his way over towards the group. He inclines his head politely when both Flint and Seako leave, quirking an eyebrow slightly as if wondering if he was the cause of their departure. Saeko gets a longer glance though because he notices her sword.

As he gets closer, he recognizes Clara somewhat and inclines his head. "I'm well, thank you. I was just on my way to see about selling some salvage I found and then I must return to Acme. How are you?" He also recognizes, Lilly and acknowledges her with a slight nod as well. "Miss, it is good to see you again." The last time he saw her was in the Gold Digger, when she was spinning around on a bar stool.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way down main street riding his horse until he gets over by the Sheriff's office and pulls over to the front and dismounts tying the horse off on the rail before he heads up onto the porch, rain and water pouring off his hat and his blood stained duster as his boots land heavily on the boards until he gets under the overhang and tips his head back to look around a bit better.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hooks an arm into Clara's as she stands beside her. Lilly's mare, Sprocket, is loosely tied nearby, not seeming to mind the rain much. Holding on to Clara's arm, Lilly smiles mischeviously. "Good. You can come with me when I go to get my bandages changed. We can go together", squeezing Clara's arm in a fashion that hints she's not going anywhere until Clara gets looked at.
Clara Caine A bit of that root is snapped in half, one part is shoved back into her pocket. That cowboy hat remains slightly askew, hair is flipped over her shoulder, and that long leather coat dangles around her feet. Leaning against the post still, eyes fix on Hanzhou. "Selling goods? What you packing darling?" Asks the sheriff in training, tilting her head some. "I'm swell, wishing for more coffee though, never enough in one pot." But it's also early, and well, coffee is a must at this hour. "What about yourself?" She leans forward some, because the woman can't remember and extends a gloved hand. "Did I get your name? I'm Clara Caine, acting Sheriff. Hey, didn't you have a guitar last time I saw ya?" Didn't he?

Looking to Lilly there is as her arm is taken, there is a bit of a squirm. "You devil child! Using those eyes on me! You know I can't say no, that or I'll have to dig out snakes from my bed or something." There is a playful roll of her eyes at this. "Fine, but, my rules okay? If stuffing the hole with clean cloth isn't good enough, I don't know what is." Because as she stands there, her bullet wound is simply stuffed with clean cloth.

Looking up to see Aidan, eyes are locked onto him, trying to place him, there is something familiar. "That man looks familiar," She say aloud. "Huh, like some bastard I knew when younger aged horribly." But not much thought is put into it. And yeah, he may be able to hear her.
Hanzhou "Merely some leather goods, nothing all that exciting but the extra caps will help." Hanzhou replies in a soft voice to Clara's comments and when she extends her hand, he takes her's in his in a firm grip but not crushing, although he is surprisingly strong for his stature. At the sametime as he gives the new Sheriff a handshake, he also bows slightly as a gesture of respect. He in fact is still carrying a guitar, it is attached to the makeshift backpack he's wearing since he can't carry it normally slung over his shoulder with that makeshift backpack in the way.

"My name is Hanzhou and yes, I am carrying my shamisen guitar." He glances towards Lilly when she speaks and then back to Clara, however he also turns to look at the man, Aidan who just arrived on horseback, quirking an eyebrow slightly when Clara seems to be directing some words about the man loud enough for him to hear.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Clara as he hears her and smirks a bit as he looks her over, tipping his hat towards Clara, "You've aged well Miss Clara. I hear you're the person I need to speak to about a job." He pauses a bit before he tips his hat towards Lilly, "Miss Lilly hope yer doin' well." Then he focuses back on Clara, "Last time I saw you, you were knee high to a grasshopper." He chuckles a bit as he thinks about the gangly little girl she used to be, "You're all grown up. But I digress, I'm Aidan Drake and I've come back home and I'd like to work for the Sheriff's Office."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine beams at Clara, the term 'devil child' only making her smile brighter. She hugs lovingly onto Clara's arm. Lilly has some caps saved up, so maybe no one will have to bang the doc for treatment this time.

Gazing at the others, Lilly gives a little self-assured wave to Hanzhou and Aidan, giving the latter a warm smile.
Katherine Caine Katherine was riding down the street dressed in her duster, a white blouse with a pair of jeans and cowboy boots worn underneath as well as a cowboy hat that kept her hair dry.

The white blouse she wore however was positively soaked and pretty much see through at this point as bounced up and down on Apocalypse. Spotting the others she guided the horse in that direction and smiled warmly, "Everyone enjoying the rain?"
Clara Caine Her gaze would of moved past him, to that guitar, Clara smiles a bit more. "Well pleasure to meet you, Hanzhou, I'm hoping I get to hear you play that there guitar sometime then, hard pressed to find a talent outside of a man gloating about his gun around here." He's given a wink.

Eyeing Lilly, she rolls her own eyes again. "Devil, the devil is in your blood!" Her tone is more amused, and there is a kiss placed on the side of the girls head, in a motherly sort of fashion. "You rascal." Following that with her free, yet hurt arm, Lilly's hair gets messed up some.

And them there is Aidan. Yes, he was familiar, but for a second she eyes him, looking him up and down at his little 'you've aged well comment'. "Can't say the same for you." Is her retort, but it's laced with humour, followed by a smirk. That's when she'd go up to him, boots thunking on the wood under them. He's given a hug, the sort that you'd see an old friend giving to well, an old friend. "Nice to see you again Aidan! I thought you were long gone from our little world out here. I was what, nine when we last saw each other?" A second later she'd release the hug and step back, thumbs hooked into her pants pockets. "You want to work here? We'll I'll be, never thought I'd see the day we'd team up, you're mad, you know, which is right for your age, what are ya a hundred?" Darting back, as if to avoid any possible physical retaliation she moves back to her leaning post, resting there and crossing her ankles. "What makes you think I should hire you on anyway? What makes you so qualified?"

Hearing her sister, well, all that's given in a half-hearted wave.
Hanzhou "The honor is mine and I wish you good fortune, especially since you are the Sheriff." Hanzhou replies in a soft but respectful tone to Clara and merely nods when she comments about his guitar, giving her a shy smile.

When the conversation switches to Lilly and then, Aidan is when he will take his leave. "It was a pleasure meeting you all but I must get going. Enjoy the rest of your morning." The Wasteland Samurai isn't much for words it seems or a pragmatic sort of fellow. But when Katherine shows up in that very wet see through blouse, he turns and blinks when she comes into view riding that horse. He quietly tips his cowboy hat towards her, then lowers the brim of the hat to cover his eyes or at least the view of her...large tracks of land, then steps out from the overhand of the Sheriffs office back into the rain and towards the Leather Outfitters.
Aidan Drake Aidan hugs her back and nods, "Yeah you were around nine like I said knee high to a grasshoper. All elbows and knees at that point. But qualified to work for the Sheriff's Office? Well I tracked down the bandits that killed my folks. Took a long while they'd split up but found every single one of them and brought them to justice." The justice might have been a piece of lead into the brain but justice is justice right? "I'm good with a gun, not afraid of a fight and I've got a bit of a protective streak about the size of El Dorado. I don't wanna see another family end up like mine." He does glance over at Kat and smirks a bit, "Loving the rain keeps the dust down. Why don't you get under the overhang so you don't get completely soaked through?" He offers a nod towards Hanzhou, "Take care mister."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hugs onto her aunt's arm, eyeing her mother jiggle up the road.. geeze.. not even a jacket? Emma waves to her mom, but tries to hide her face against Clara's shoulder, in the fashion of all children faced with their parent.. and well, when your Mom can out-do you in just about everything, well, its time to count stitches in Aunt Clara's sleeve. "Hi Mom", she calls out, cheeks redder than a rascorpions belly.
Clara Caine "Oh, well be safe, darling!" Clara calls to Hanzhou, before he is gone, giving a salute. "Hopefully I can hear ya play sometime!"

She then looks to Aidan, with narrowed eyes considers him some, while leaning back against her leaning post, foot brought up to rest against that leaning post. It's a very good and helpful post it seems. "Well I guess those are good reasons, and well, if you're a decent man like you were when I was kicking dust up with my own hands, well, I guess you'll do just fine." She shrugs and nods some, with a smirk. "Just, when your old bones get tired, please, rest, we don't need you croaking now."

There is a look to Lilly as she buries her face in her shoulder, and a laugh. "You okay there Lil' Flower?" She asks.
Katherine Caine Katherine slides off of Apocalypse and ties the horse at the hitch before moving near the Sheriff's Department, "Hey Sweetie." To her sister she nods, "Congratulations Clara. Mayor offered me the job, but I thought you could use something to do." She had been an NCR Ranger for over a decade, whether Clara liked to acknowledge that or not, "Aidan. Hanzhou." She said to the pair of men before moving over to give her daughter and super-bitch of a sister a hug!
Nikki There isn't a care in the world that would seem to bother Nikki as she strolls through town. Even in the rain, getting soaked to the bone thru her vault suit, she seems to be quite content. Her bot follows just behind her, though it's bloops and beeps likely make it seem that it's not happy with the current weather. Or that it's floating through it. Good thing it's got durability! Still, not quite having noticed there's people gathered, what Nikki -does- notice in the trash bin next to a building which she immediately wanders towards and opens up to peek inside. Hey! It's full! Almost squealing with delight - if anyone pays attention - there's a Nikki, and then there's not a Nikki. Just Dink hovering over the opened trash bin.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Doubt my old bones are ready for that much of a rest yet Miss Clara. But if I ever do need a rest I'll come back to where I left ya at to let you know. But thank you for the opportunity I promise I won't let you or the town down." He looks over at the beet red Lilly then glances over at Katherine and realizes why her daughter is beat red... "Oh my... So did the boy get back to his father okay Miss Kat?"
Clara Caine Clara oofs some at the hug, and laughs. "Nice to feel you, sister." She says, because who can't feel those in a hug? She looks to Lilly, then Kat, and slowly pulls away. She glances to Aidan. "Well, if this is settled, I'll get paperwork done, I need to look into those stabbings too. I'll be inside folks! And making more coffee!" She'd of spotted Nikki too, and stopped a moment. "Hey ya'll, check that girl out, see if she is okay alright? Nobody should be digging in trash." And with that, she's gone into the office to work.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine hugs her mom back, squeezing. She's trying and she sorta feels Kitty is too, so, awkward or not, Lilly hugs best she can with a gut wound. Once let go, Lilly again snugs Clara's arm. "Mom, Clara's gonna come with me to the doc to get our bandages changed", effectively stealing the Sheriff "They make shirts in black you know!", pausing a bit as she tries to escort Clara off to the dock.. "Love ya.. ", she adds as an afterthought. She's already embarassed as hell, why not go for the full Monty, so to speak. "Can you make sure no one eat's Sprocket? No one would do it deliberatly.. but.. if she sneezed, folks might try some pro-active treatments"
Katherine Caine "She'll be fine, I've seen her around." Katherine replied, having fed the girl the night before in the Gold Digger. Nodding to Aidan she walked over to give the man a hug and a kiss on the cheek, "He sure did. His dad was very happy, don't think he'll let him go wandering out again on his own."

Looking at Lilly she hides her disappointment at her daughter leaving already, "Love you to Lil."
Nikki "Ow..hey what' Nikki can't use that... oooh this is! ...damn, no that's not something for Nikki... she needs something.. like... Hey lookit!" All these things, likely heard as echos, from the trash bin as the teal haired wierdo rummages around inside the bin. Dink continues to make beeps, bloops, and then he makes a blip and Nikki's head pops up. "Shush! Nikki's busy!" Before she's ducking back in and then finally there's another squeal - well almost - it's more like a squeak. High pitched and...worrisome? Until she pops her head back up and shows something in her hand to Dink - still not realizing anyone's noticed her. "Nikki found it!"
Aidan Drake Aidan gets hugged by Kat as he's tipping his hat towards Clara and Lilly as they head off to take care of injuries, coffee and paperwork, "Ladies take care." Then he turns and smiles as he hears the news about the shop keeper's boy, "Good good. Always glad to see a happy ending like that." He pokes his head into the Sheriff's Office grabs his issued vest that was just amazingly right there and steps back out real quicklike... Then glances over at the dumpster as he gets his vest on, "Heya uhhh Miss Nikki you okay in there?"
Katherine Caine Katherine smiled at the sight of Aidan in his deputies vest, complimenting him, "Why, don't you look dashing Mister Drake, or should I say, Deputy Sheriff Drake." Her attention turns back to Nikki but Aidan has it handled and she begins to get back on her horse, ditched by her family.
Nikki Nikki is likely covered in a bit of grime and dirt and smells just like the trash bin she's sitting in. However, she beams a smile and waves the battery around. "Nikki found a fuse-on battery!" (Spelt phonetically to show how she says it) That smile doesn't seem to fade until she tries to actually get out of the trash bin, slipping a few times in the process. "Uh oh..Nikki..Nikki thinks she's stuck..." Panic quick-setting in those blue eyes.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Kat and shrugs, "Just Aidan Miss Kat, just Aidan. You heading back to the saloon? I might stop by for a bit of whiskey before heading back to the house." Then he steps out into the rain and heads over towards the dumpster to reach in, "Miss Nikki reach your arms up and I'll pull ya out. Then we can go get you dried off some before ya catch cold."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine leads Clara off to the doc's office.. hugging her good arm.. vanishing for a bit as she tries to do her best to attend to family what wont attend to themselves. cuz, someone has to do it.. Lilly waves again back to her Mom and vanishes around the corner
Katherine Caine "I will be yep. Stop by anytime." She replied to Aidan.

Katherine waved back to her daughter, looking up to the sky sadly as the wind blew her hair to the wide beneath the brim of her cowboy hat. She sighed but nobody could hear it as the rain beat down around her.
Nikki Nikki glares at Aidan for a moment as the man walks over to the trash bin, but then she reluctantly lifts her arms to take help from the man getting out of the trash. "Nikki don't wanna get dried off. She's havin' too much fun going around lookin' for stuff. This city is full of treasure!" She says this much, giving as much of a pouty face as she could manage while glancing to Aidan, trying to 'suade the man into letting her continue her hunt.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit, "If you want to continue to search for stuff I won't stop you Miss Nikki. Just try to be a bit more careful? Don't want you getting hurt." He waves back towards Kat as she starts to ride off towards the Saloon, "Anything in particular you're lookin for?"
Nikki Nikki gives a shake of her head. "Nikki just likes lookin'. Sometimes she finds awesome stuff, sometimes not. She found Dink! She found Dink and made him all better, lookit!" And the young woman points to the eyebot floating nearby who seems to hover and boop excitedly. Hands move to push the rain water from her hair a moment. "Nikki's never seen you before. Who's you?"
Aidan Drake Aidan offers her a tip of his hat which just causes more rain to run down into the front of his duster soaking him a bit more... "I'm Aidan Drake, just started working for the Sheriff's Office but I grew up here in El Dorado. A pleasure to meet you Miss Nikki. I'm assuming that's your name?"
Katherine Caine The sight of Aidan and Nikki filled her with some reassurance that the girl would be ok and so she started to guide Apocalypse away from the Sheriff's Office. She would just have to come to terms with the fact that Clara was more of a mother to Lilly than she was as much as it hurt her.
Nikki Nikki nods quickly. "Nikki is Nikki! Nikki grew up in Vault Town but...but they made her leave a few years ago. So she wandered away from El Dorado, but then she came back home cause out there.." She flails an arm towards the wasteland. "It's scary! Nikki just wants to explore in piece, and fix robots cause she's good at doin' that. Does Aidan have a robot needing fixing? Jones said Nikki could fix robots and charge people money but...but Nikki just likes doing it..." She, finally, looks over to see Katherine riding off. "Oh hey! Is that woman who cooks pretty well! Bye bye! Nikki will come by later to eat okay?!"
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head sadly, "I don't have a robot no. I wish I did I can't cook to save my life... In fact it's almost killed me a time or two. But I don't have any robots. Have you talked with Miss Lilly about helping her keep the robots running around the saloon? I'm not sure if she needs the help but there are quite a few in there?"
Katherine Caine Her cooking? Pretty well. Katherine laughed derisively at herself, "Thank you Darling Nikki. Come by anytime for something to eat." Apocalypse snorted and the pair rode down the street.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine returns up the road from the doc. Her bandages didn't cost that much to change, but she threw a few extra caps to Clara's treatment. she hums to herself, making her way back to get her rain-drenched horse.
Nikki Nikki seems to squeak and then shuffles back a little. "Uhm...Nikki...Nikki doesn't know...cause... cause no one really knows Nikki. So.." Like something snapped in her head and social formality was becoming lost to her. "...Uhm...Nikki should go exploring a bit more..." But she was already soaking wet and smelled like trash, and then gives a little sniffle.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs and steps back to not crowd Nikki too much, "If you'd like to go exploring feel free just don't go breaking into anybody's houses or anything." A pause for a beat... "Where do you live Miss Nikki?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine makes her way to where she left the group, and Sprocket. Her horse, upon seeing Lilly aproach, seems to grow even more pathetic.. seeming to deliberately tug on the girls heartstrings. Lilly fetches her horse, hearing a bit of the conversation, eavesdropping as Aidan asks about Nikki's residence
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking to Aidan and then looks him up and down before shaking her head. "Nikki lives...over there..." Pointing off, likely near the edge of town. No homes out that way. Maybe another dumpster or few, and a couple of car chassis. But those hardly make a worthy home. "Nikki didn't know where else to stay so she's staying out there...but she...she doesn't really have anywhere to live..."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine pouts a bit at nikki's comment.. "You dont have anyplace better to live?", eyebrows kintting as she nibbles her bottom lip, She fetches the reins of her horse, though, still managing to do it while staying dryl
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "That's just not going to do Miss Nikki." He points up towards the north side of town, "If you follow main street out of town there's a Ranch it's my family's door's not locked. You can take a couch for now and I'll get you set up with a proper bedroom once I've gotten more of the house repaired. But it's better than out there."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles a bit as Aiden offers help. Lilly steps out into the rain, getting soaked once more a she pulls up the hood of her cloak. she climbs atop Sproket after fetching her Reins and beings a low, muddy trot off towards home
Nikki Nikki shuffles her feet and then shakes her head. "But then people will come, and Nikki won't know them and they won't know Nikki..." It didn't make sense in her head, because strangers were different than people she knew. " it's okay....Nikki will be alright. Nikki's used to living out there..." Near the edge of city and wasteland.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Nobody will come by. The ranch hasn't been properly cared for..." He pauses to look at Nikki again, "Heck the place hasn't really been inhabited for most of your life Miss Nikki. The offer will always remain open, I won't drag you there but it'd be dry and warm."
Nikki Nikki shuffles her feet a little. "Nikki doesn't understand why people are being so nice to her. She means...she's never met a bad person...folks are always decent..." She pauses then and pokes at Dink to make sure he wasn't flooded out or anything. A bleep later and she smiles. "But you want Nikki to go live onna couch and just last night Nikki got told what sex was and offered a personal demonstration." She just shrugs then. "Nikki just doesn't get it..."
Aidan Drake Aidan blinks and just shakes his head, "Miss Nikki. I'm being nice because I care about the people of El Dorado. I don't want to give you a personal demonstration of sex. I do believe you have potential to become a good productive memeber of the community. Perhaps if you don't want to stay at my house you could find something in Shantytown? Or in Vault Town?"
Nikki Nikki blinks and then shakes her head. "No! Nikki didn't mean you! Nikki said last night...some one in the saloon...they were talking about sex, and Nikki asked what it was, and she was told." When he's mentioning Shantytown or Vault Town, she shies back a little. "N..Nikki can't go back to Vault Town..." It was simple as that. "...Nikki thinks she'll be fine over there, but...she also thinks she's going to get some food..."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Food sounds good. Just as long as I'm not cooking. Would you care to accompany me to the saloon? Or did you want to check out the diner? And have you looked into renting a room at the hotel or Saloon?"
Nikki Nikki shakes her head. "No. But...Nikki...she's only got.." And she pats herself down, nothing jingles. "...Maybe Nikki just goes home..." A little smile before she looks to Dink - the floating eyebot. "You wanna go home?" Cause, home was where she slept at night, even if it was a car chassis at the end of town.
Aidan Drake Aidan motions towards the Sheriff's building, "Could always let you stay in a cell in there." He waits a moment, "Of course you'd have control over the door and could come and go as you wanted. It's safer and it'd be a dry roof. But if you do go to your current home just remember that there are people here that care and we're more than willing to help you if you need anything."
Nikki Nikki blinks and then she sort of stares at Aidan for a long while. The man was persistent, and maybe that clicked something in her head. "Nikki will help! Around the office and stuff! Nikki can clean and..and..if you ever get a robot...Nikki will keep it working!" Bouncing a bit excitedly then. "Oh! And Dink can help a little too! And..and..Nikki will go talk to Lilli tomorrow about a job!" Cause, it all sort of clicks, a sort of backwards thinking that propels her forward into bringing the entire conversation full circle and the young woman beams a little.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "That would be very helpful I'm sure. We'll have to talk with Miss Clara about helping around the office but I'm sure she won't have any issues with it. And maybe we can find a robot to help with the Sheriff's Office and you could take care of it."
Nikki Nikki nods. "Okay. Nikki will do that..." Then her stomach rumbles and she frowns a little. "Mister Aidan.. Nikki's hungry. Can ya'll get some food now?" Asking it, because he did offer at least to be her company.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "We can go head towards the Saloon now" He's not even fighting the fact that he's completely drenched anymore as he heads back over towards his horse where he unties it from the rail and holding onto the reins he waits for Nikki to start heading up the road with him, "Ever rode a horse?"
Nikki Nikki gives a smile and then moves to start walking even as Aidan is moving to untie his horse. She pauses, looking back when she hears that question and gives a shake of her head. "No. Nikki's never been on a horse before.." Saying that much as she sort of stays in place.
Aidan Drake Aidan motions towards the horse, "Want to? Just have to hold onto the saddle horn here" He points to the saddle horn, "And I'll lead the horse to the saloon." He pauses a moment to let her either climb on or decline before forward momentum is made towards food... And whiskey.
Nikki Nikki seems to pause a moment longer, and then she shifts forward - making slow motion of it. Aidan seemed like a nice enough person, and surely he wouldn't put her in harms way, right? None the less, she does grab the saddle horn and gets herself somewhat awkwardly lifted onto the horse's saddle. "Nikki's way up high, lookit!"
Aidan Drake Aidan leads the horse towards the saloon slowly so she doesn't get spooked by the movement, "Just let me know if you need or want it to stop."