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Fiona North of El Dorado, the patrol was dispatched a few hours ago. There had been a young woman found exhausted, marked with a brand on her arm and a collar around her neck at one of the outer ranches. She murmured and shrieked about her pursuers in fevered state. She did not say legion, and she was sedated to recover. The militia was sent out in many squads, with locals volunteers for support. This is one squad.

Twilight: in light rolling hills. Ahead, a dark plum rises from a small fire that started recently.
Vera Vera walks along with the patrol, feeling better. Too often these type of things seem to end up with her being alone...not that thats a problem. Nothing though seem to be the story of the day...that is until smoke is spotted. Not that might be interesting.
Iris Lark     Iris walks with the militia, donating her time because she wants to make sure the patrol comes back safe. She holds her rifle close to her as she scans the horizon. When she spots the smoke she frowns, and follows along with the others.
Carling Walking with the squad, Carling attempts to inject some levity. "You know, smoke is more often a bad omen than a good one, in my experience." His voice does not carry much humor.
Vera Vera continues moving along, heading for the smoke. "Well, whoever it is..they sure don't mind being about in the open...sending up a signal like that."
Stockton Stockton's spurs jingle a little with every heavy bootstep as the Sheriff follows along with this patrol. That former Legion combat mask with the T-Visor is lit up from the back some. His duster flaps some in the wind as he stalks along sticking close to Iris. "If there's smoke, there's somethin', best to check it out whether it's good 'er bad."
Fiona As the squad moves north, towards the smoke line, the sky shifts colors. High clouds obscure the first stars to the east. A faint light hugs the south in the direction of El Dorado. To those with keen sight against the land and fading light (2 successes on alertness) a small pair of triangles can be seen, some hint of motion. There is a break in the smoke, a stop lasting a few seconds to sever the line, then it begins to form another line.
Iris Lark     "Hope that nobody is hurt." Iris remarks, a frown on her face as they walk towards whatever is making the smoke. "Is that..that's not smoke signals are they?" She looks puzzled for a moment, glancing at the others with her brows raised slightly.
Carling Not looking away from the smoke, Carling nods. "Yeah, there's something funny about the smoke, Iris." He pauses. "Does anyone read smoke signals?"
Stockton Stockton looks a little dumbfounded as he looks at the smoke and the patterns, a broad shoulder rises and falls. "Wasn't somethin' I learned.." he glances at the rest of the party gathered and reaches back to check his twin pistols. Comforted by their presence.
Iris Lark     Iris raises her rifle to scope in at the smoke and she grunts softly. "There are three people down there, wearin gray, and it does look like they're sending smoke signals." She reports, her voice low. "At least that's what I Think they're doing with that blanket."
Vera Vera says, "Nope...though I do unstand, that its people doing I'm sure they'll be able to tell us when we get there....""
Carling Carling purses his lips. "Can't shake the feeling this is bad news." He shifts his weapon into a more comfortable grip and continues walking.
Stockton Stockton grunts softly and he shakes his head, "Hide in the hills if you want, I'm going to speak with them. If shit goes sideways I'm at least confident in my ability to not die," he looks around at the rest and makes a face behind his combat mask before simply starting towards the incline that will lead him to the people and the fires.
Carling Carling looks up at Stockton, looking apprehensive. He nods and stands up from his crouch and follows suit, rifle at the ready.
Iris Lark     Iris doesn't look pleased about the sheriff walking into danger, she perches on a rock and raises her rifle to provide cover in case it's needed. She mutters under her breath. "I won't take a shot unless it's necessary." She notes, getting as comfortable as one can on a rock.
Vera Vera says, "Be my guest, well cover you from here..." as she starts move to the side some, getting some distance from the others before she goes into sneaky mode. Keeping an eye on the group."
Ren Ren was way behind scedual once he meets up with vera he is out of breath "sorry ma'am i fell asleep, whats the situation"
Fiona As the men-folk walk towards the camp like John Wayne and James Arnes, the signaling pauses stop. One of the three parka clothes individuals points and says something to the others. A single individual breaks from the camp, heading out towards Stockton and Carling. He raises an arm, his left up in stretched wave. The right remains concealed. The two that remain in the camp move a few feet from each other, one becoming concealed by a tent.
A little closer and the approaching form calls out. "Va.. Howdy Pardoners!"
Carling Carling does his best to seem at ease. He holds his rifle casually and gives the individual a small smile and a nod. His knuckles are white around the rifle.
Stockton Stockton squints through his mask. Stockton can cut an imposing figure, in fact he's down right scary between the badge, and his helmet. A tchk sound leaves his mouth as he slows down some, keeping an eye on the lot of them. "Vale to you, too," he drawls. A sharp whistle comes through loud and clear, "You wanna tell yer other feller to come out from b'hind the tent nice and slow like? I got at least two gauss rifles trained on yer camp, don't want no one gettin' spooked right? Yer smoke brought us, so why don't we have a nice peaceful talk 'bout why yer out 'ere startin' fires in our general viscinity?"
Vera Vera continues to keep an on on the camp and the chatting going on. Yes, nice and slow movements,.
Fiona The man pauses, looking at Stockton as he halts his heavy stride. He looks back over his shoulder to the remaining man out of cover. A step back, the arm drops. No, he doesn't run for cover, but it looks like he considered it. "We .. we are hunting. Open range here, just looking for a trophy to bag."
Iris Lark     Iris is still watching from her scope. "I can't tell what they're saying, but all of them who were out there aren't now.." She shifts on her rock her shoulders twitching with tension. "No clue what's going on, keeping my target on the one he's talking to."
Ren ren ended up coming to a stop overlooking stockton talking to the men his training kicking in he goes to his belly and ads's reapeting aim small miss small to himself over and over again as he attempts to servay the area for hostiles
Carling Looking as calm as he possibly can, Carling looks at the environment, searching for cover to jump behind in case things go to shit.
Vera Vera continues to keep an eye on things, "I wish everyone had a radio on them..that would make this so much easier..could hear what they were saying
Stockton Stockton grunts softly and shakes his head looking at the feller rather intently. The Sheriff's been around, it's even said he used to be a Merc. So when his eyes squint from behind the T-visor it's clear he's aggitated. "Son, yer gonna have to do better'n huntin'. Ain't a Gecko fer another mile west, and the town been takin' care of Death Claws as they pop up. So why don' you run 'long and fetch me who I should be talkin' to, and we can get this matter all cleared up without violence and bloodshed."
Carling Carling glances sideways at Stockton, lets out the quietest sigh of relief and nods. He regrips his rifle with a frown, though does not raise it.
Ren ren keeps his rifle steady, his breathing controlled and his mind focased. to be quite honest its situations like this that he worrys about the most
Iris Lark     Iris shifts on her rock, her rifle steady, as she watches what goes on down by the tents. "Still not sure what exactly is going on, keeping an eye on the targets." She reports quietly.
Fiona The close man gets wide eyes, taking a step back from Stockton and Carling. "Would you believe, Molerats?" He glances back to the other visible in camp. That man raises his left hand, open palm up, then forms a fist. Forward chump looks back to Stockton, "Yes Sir, I will get him." A proper about face, two marching steps back toward the camp. Then run!!! Serpentine, serpentine. The visible man moving his concealed right hand and the third stepping out and raising an assault rifle.
Iris Lark     Iris would never fire at a target running away, but as soon as you reach for a weapon you're fair game. The man that Stockton was speaking to pulls a concealed assault rifle and her finger gently puts pressure to the trigger, sending out a 2mm round at high speed. She waits to see if the man goes down, quickly reloading and raising the rifle to sight at her targets again.
Ren when things went pair shaped ren aimed his assult rifle at the man drawing one and let loose a stream of bullets at him hitting him hard
Vera Vera hears a shot go off, and follow suit..."Things going south." Trying to hit something, but she doesn't seem to do anything but hit the ground.
Iris Lark     Iris peers down her scope and she slaps the side of the rifle to charge the gauss. When it emits a sound that she wants to hear she pulls the trigger and another shot streaks out, this time aimed at the second man. It takes him in the gut and knocks him back. A brief smile appears on her face before she takes aim again.
Carling Carling aims at the wounded man and fires twice, turning the man into a sprawled corpse.
Ren ren lets loose a well placed shot into the back of the running man but before he could hit the ground ren fired a 10 round burst into the man now a corps
Fiona One coughing gurgling man down, the other two are just really dead. No one else seems to be about the camp. A few pieces of the parka's torn to show flashes of Legion armor, much torn up.
Stockton Stockton grunts softly as the hail of gun fire rings out around him. He knows Iris' magnetically charged slug when it landed in the man that lifted a gun at him. When the smoke clears he turns over his shoulder to throw her a little salute of gratitude. With that done, he moves up on the gurgling son of a bitch with a swiftness to haul him up. "You wit New Rome? I'll git you buried there, you wit someone else, you tell me now and I'll help you die with honor."
Ren ren pops in a fresh clip in his rifle before walking down to carling "what ammo dose your rifle take i may be able to give you some"
Iris Lark Iris hops down from the rock and makes her way towards the camp, slinging her rifle over her shoulder after she reloads it. "Everyone okay?"
Carling Carling "5.56mm," Carling says idly to Ren, still keeping an eye out. Just in case. "Just a bit shaken. Not hurt."
Fiona The dieing man coughs eyes fading as his brows tighten, "Lann.. Lannius. Will kill you all." He sure kills enough of his own. He makes a reach for a knife, so slow. Just returning the favor to the Sheriff by not having him kill an unarmed man.
Vault Girl A vertibird with the Sunset Sasparilla company colors lands near-by and a squad of men armed in custom power armor matching the company colors of red and yellow disembark with military efficiency. There is a smell about them that permeates through their power armor, they were ghouls.

Behind the power armored men another Ghoul wearing a very nice pre-war suit approaches Iris and smiles.

The suited-man said with a big grin and a hoarse voice, "Congratulations Ma'am. You've won the first round of the contest." The ghoul hands her a bottlecap and they get back into their Vertibird and leave. Just like that. It may have even been a desert mirage...
Carling Carling looks in the direction the vertibird left with a dumb expression. He slowly turns his head to look at the rest of his squad. "What the actual fuck..?"
Iris Lark Iris gazes down at the cap in her hand with pursed lips. "This is pretty." She says, stuffing it into her back pocket. She folds her arms and watches the Vertibird leave. "Why can't we get these people to help when the battle is going on?" She asks nobody in particular.
Stockton Stockton is too busy dealing with the laws of warriors and their rituals. There's a firm nod given when he hears of Lanius. There's a click hiss as he removes his combat mask, looking the man in the eyes. The Legionaire's knife comes out and Stock growls before the thud of his own combat knife into the man's chest. A twist and he moves to stand. Just in time to watch the vertibird set down. Squinting through the light to stare at the power armored men and the ghoul he just jaw gapes. Going to say something and only getting a fumbled, "Whauu?" in question. Blink. Blnk. Shaking his head he moves up to Iris and tilts his head, "Home," and then the Sheriff whistles to bring Brandywine back, mounting up he tips his not there hat at the folks, "G'night." Iris is given a hand up onto the saddle behind him if she wants it, otherwise he's got places to go things to do.
Fiona And with that, our heroes ride and walk off into the night. The fire will go out on its own, probably. Maybe the verti-bird blew it out.