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Abdiel     Abdiel was at the clinic. He been busy treating the various people who show up injured and patched up his fair share of people. Now he was on break and reading from some book he carried with him. If anyone came in, he would be the first to see and treat them.
Fern     Fern usually has pep in her step or she's found running about, but today she has neither. The kid makes her way into the clinic, having to pause near the front to catch her breath while glancing about. She manages to straighten herself just a bit more before she moves forward and starts looking for the right place to go. Her eyes catch sight of Abdiel and she grunts, "Hey.. Where can I go to get some help?"
Abdiel     Abdiel pockets his book and moves over to Fern. "Whatcha need help with?" He asks as he begins to escort her to one of the exam rooms and closes the door behind her. "Where does it hurt?" He asks curiously.
Fern     Fern follows along, though by the time she is near the room she is examning Abdiel curiously. "You're a doc, huh? Well, it hurts everywhere," Fern says with another soft grunt as she makes her way into the room. The kiddo stops once inside, and she motions to her stomach and chest area. "Pretty sure I got some broken stuff in there. Maybe. I dunno. Hurts like a bitch, either way!"
Abdiel     "I am a missionary specifically. New Canaanite." Abdiel says as he looks her over and gently begins to prod her sides and stomach. "Did you eat anything that was not food? Any major conflicts since you started feeling the pain?" He asks with concern as he pokes at her.
Fern     Wincing when touched, Fern says, "Nothin' like that.. Got slammed into a shed door by this.. fuckin' demon ghost thingy and it really hurt. the fucker posessed this kid down the street and made him kill most his whole family!! We thought it was his dad, but it wasn't. Asshole snuck up on us from behind and then.. Jimmie hit the floor and the ghost came outta him and was all.. crazy and stuff. Slammed me into a wall. But I shot it. -Twice-. It's gone now."
Abdiel     "Atleast you driven it off. Personally I never had encountered any demon ghosts. The book I grew up with tells me about them, but there are so many more horrors of the wasteland." Abdiel explains and begins to move to a cabinet and gets some lotion and bandages. "Well from what I can discern, you are just banged up, nothing that you cant recover from with some rest and relaxation. This should help deal with the pain."
Fern     "Yeah? Cool. I figured as much.. Haven't seen any blood in my business, and non comin' out of my nose or ears, so I ain't dyin yet," Fern says with a smirk. She watches Abdiel now, and seeing the bandages makes her roll her eyes a bit. The kid grumbles, then shifts as she tugs her jacket off. Can't put bandages on over jackets!
Camilla     There's a slight knocking on the exam room door. Though, the person doing the knocking doesn't seem to wait for a reply. Camilla opens the door slowly and leans in, "Everything ok in here? I heard people moving about the clinc and wanted to check in.." she says softly before turning to look at Abdiel, "Who are you?" she asks, seeing as Ab seems to be treating Fern.
Abdiel     "Abdiel Kataras. I have spoken with miss Lark and was told to tell you that I would be volunteering and working amongst the other doctors here." Abdiel says as he looks to Fern and begins to apply the lotion to her. "This should make your wounds feel better."
Fern     Fern reluctantly tugs her shirt up enough to let Abdiel apply the lotion where it needs to go. She looks over Camilla's way and nods to her before she says, "I sure hope he's a real doctor!" The girl grins a lopsided smile, and then hushes to let Abdiel continue working.
Camilla     Cami steps in to the room fully now and moves up to take a quick look over Fern, and to check on Ab's work. "Alright, well, make sure you're keeping proper records of supply ues, patients in and out, et all. I'll expect to be updated regularly on this."
    "Hmmm, she's still got signs of some brusing, and internal damage. Care to tell me what happened?"
Abdiel     Abdiel begins to apply the ointment and rubs gently to avoid hurting her. "According to her she was slammed around by a demonic ghost." Abdiel says as he looks to Cami and begins to nod. "I will pay for the supplies that she uses." He says calmly.
Fern     "Internal damage? He said I'd be okay!" Fern says, hands going to her hips. She stares at Camilla now and wonders, "How can ya tell it's internal. I ain't been bleeding out of either end," she notes. "That's how ya tell, right?" She winces then, even if Abdiel is being gentle. "Yeah.. Got slammed into a shed wall. Hurt like a bitch, but i'm still alive and it's not, yeah?" She snickers. "Thanks," she says to Abdiel for offering to cover the supply costs.
Camilla     Camilla pokes a bruise on Fern, "That." She huffs and nods at Abdiel and gives Fern another good look over. "Alright, why don't you head to where you're sleeping and get some rest. Come see me first thing in the morning and I'll do another check up. Make sure you're ok, especially if you were out in Dunwhich getting knocked around by, well, something."
Fern     "I was in ACME. Ain't steppin foot into Dunwich.." Fern says with a little smirk. As the bandages are fixed to her body and put into place, the kid gives another nod. "Thanks, Doc," she says to Abdiel before she reaches for her jacket to take with her. "I'll come by tomorrow," she promises Camilla, and then she's making her way out.