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Iris Lark     The sun has risen in Acme, and it would be absolutely beautiful, except for the rain. Even though it's wet outside it's nice and warm and people are still out and about. The Acme General Store has been seeing an upswing in business lately, with lots of people discovering the many different items that are available for sale. So today, Iris sits behind the counter, a sleepy look on her face as she stares out at the shelves. She looks happy though, even if she looks tired.
Jacqueline Outside, the sound of an engine dopplers closer, the buildings of Acme lending it some very odd echo effects. Moments later, something loud pulls up outside, then goes silent. Over the sound of the rain a metallic *thunk* can be heard.
The outside door opens, admitting a very rain-dampened Jackie Wayne. "Whew! It's really coming down out there!" she exclaims, pausing to shut the door behind her and brush some of the rain off of her gecko-leather outfit. "I was afraid I'd fall before I got here. Hi, Iris! Long night?" she asks, giving her favorite doctor-turned-storekeeper a slightly-sheepish smile. It's Iris's floor she's dripping all over, after all.
Qwillis     Qwillis, he didn't have anything to ride. Nope, the guy simply walked. The labcoat helped him some with not being quite *as* soaked. But.. well, he was drenched. Coming in out of the rain a bit after Jackie, he'd look out at the ride she had, then to her with a smile. "That looks like fun.. Hi Iris! I decided to come see what you might have in stock for me to upgrade my pip-boy with.."
Iris Lark     Iris slips down from her stool and walks over to the pair, giving them both warm hugs in turn. She walks over to a shelf and pulls down two towels, handing them to each friend in turn. "Yeah, got back from a patrol last night and stayed up until dawn talking with Stockton about this and that." She grins at Qwillis and motions them towards a small sitting area where she settles into a chair. "We probably do have stock for a Pip, what are you looking for in general?"
Jacqueline "Patrol?" Jackie has to ask, giving Iris a hug... a careful one, so she's not all over rain. She accepts the offered towel and nods her thanks, beginning to try and dry her leathers off. 'Try' being the key word, as she doesn't seem to soak up much of the water. The leathers, admittedly, can be a little stiff when it comes to moving around, and being soaked doesn't help.
She manages a smile for Qwillis. "You like my bike? I just got it working a couple weeks ago. It /is/ fun! I'm still getting the hang of riding it, though."
Qwillis     Q chuckles and gives Iris back a hug, one armed as he's keeping that metal one carefully off to the side. Yeah.. dust.. rain? not so good on the arm it seems. His leg is a bit slow in responding too, if watched carefully. "Patrol? Well I hope it went well.. I.. don't really know what I'm looking for exactly. More help on technology probably. Defending myself when I have to? I guess that's why I'm browsing mostly.." Q would do what he can to start drying off too, taking off that lab coat to work on it. "That's cool. I wish you had asked me for help.. I miss working on vehicles."
Iris Lark     Iris shrugs a shoulder, her eyes lingering on Qwillis for a few moments before she speaks again. "I went with the Militia for a routine patrol, but we ran into something." She bounds to her feet and walks towards the counter, pulling a book down from the surface and toting it over with her towards the chair she just jumped out of. "I don't envy the militia the work they do, it must be a pain in the rear sometimes."
Jacqueline "And a pain in a lot of other places, or so my Dad would tell you," Jackie replies, nodding firmly. "I'm glad you got out of that okay. Do you have anything dry I could wear? These really need some time hanging up," she adds, gesturing to her gecko-leather outfit.
She nods thoughtfully, looking at Qwillis. "I'll remember that, Mister Qwillis. Is something wrong with your leg?" she asks, tactless as ever. "It looks... stiff."
Qwillis     Q chuckles at Jackie's comment, continuing to dry off himself. He'd nod to Iris. "Then I'm glad it wasn't too bad? No one died at least?" He pauses at Jackie's question, looking over to her, them smiles slightly. "Well.. I learned a lot to make the Commander's eye. More than I had before. I just haven't.. had a real chance to update my own arm and leg. Dust and water tends to disable them." Q shakes his head, looking at it. "It's.. slow. But it's still responding at least. Otherwise it's worse than nothing there."
Iris Lark     "Just the bad guys, they were Legion though so I don't have much sympathy to spare them." Iris answers, and then the momentary anger that suffused her face fades and she smiles at Jackie, pointing towards the back wall. "Plenty of clothes hanging up back there, nothing new, but all clean and recently mended." She jerks her chin towards the tall counter. "You can change behind there if you'd like, it's tall enough that we won't catch a peek."

"If you need help with the upgrades, I hope you'll let me know Qwillis. I'm trying to back off a bit so Camilla can stretch her legs, but I'm always around to help." She says, a slightly concerned look on her face. "You can stay here until the rain lets up, if you've a need, plenty of places to sit and the like."
Jacqueline "Let me know if you want help with that? I don't know much about robotics, but I pass a mean oilcan," Jackie replies with a hint of a smile. "Maybe we can each teach the other something."
Following Iris's pointing finger, she nods gratefully. "Thanks. I'll try not to be long," she promises, moving to look over the selection hanging on the racks along the back wall.
Qwillis     Q nods to Iris with a brief smile, then would shift to take one of those seats. He'd sigh softly, looking at his arm, then his leg with a small shrug. "I could use the help. Camilla.. knows medicine, Iris, but has virtually zero aptitude or desire to learn technology. I understand wanting to let her have space.. and for the medical stuff, that's fine? For this though? I need someone willing to work with me." Looking to Jackie, he'd smile slightly with a nod. "I'm actually going to keep practicing so I can teach people, Jackie. you're not the first to ask me.. Uhm.. after you get changed, if you do want to help, I can't exactly reach the spots in my arm I need to with a towel to try and clear it, so I can tend to my leg. If you two don't mind helping me with that.. I'd appreciate it."
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Qwillis and she exhales softly, nodding before she speaks. "Yeah, I'll help you with it, I want the upgrades to be the best that they can be for you. We'll figure it out, I'll help." She gazes down at her lap and her lips purse for a moment. "How are things at the clinic though? Be honest with me."
Jacqueline "Hmm? Oh, no problem!" Jackie calls back to Qwillis, looking up from her selecting. She's having a hard time finding her own size, by the looks of things. "I had to do a lot of cleaning and stuff when I was putting the bike's engine back together. This sounds a lot simpler than that!"
Qwillis     Q chuckles softly. "Well. Just don't mind the screwdriver in the middle, ok?" He'd call back to Jackie, then looks over to Iris. Musing a moment, he shrugs. "Camilla.. can be a doctor. She's good at what she does. Heck, she helped me finish patching up from the mutant ghouls I dealt with.. However.. She seems.. hesitant. Unsure of herself. Even when given a position of leadership.. I'm not sure she knows what to do with it, Iris. I don't want to talk bad about her.. I just have a hard time getting a feel from her about her stance. And as I said.. any sort of technical talk? She kinda glazes over.>"
Iris Lark     "I was the same way, when I was brought to El Dorado. I was thrown into the Clinic and it just..turned out different for me." Iris shifts in her chair, her legs dangling over one of the arms. "It pushed me into ..well what I am now." She makes a face and gazes down at her lap. "We all deal and respond to stress differently, I can step back in and help out more. I just..wanted to give her a bit of freedom."
Jacqueline "Okay!" Jackie calls back, finally finding an ensemble that suits her. She quickly steps behind the high counter, beginning to pull off her boots. "I don't think I'm met this Camilla. What's she like when she's not being a healer?"
Qwillis     Q smiles to Iris with a shake of his head. "There's nothing wrong with that Iris. I just think, for her at least, having you around to help her out may be a good thing to start with. Even if you ask her to be the lead doctor and you support her.." Glancing to the counter, Q raises a brow, then shifts slightly on his seat to make sure he doesn't catch an accidental peek. Gentleman and all that. "She's polite. Gentle. Kind of quiet that I've seen. Always helpful and willing to give.."
Iris Lark     "Eventually, I'm going to be settling a little bit outside of the city." Iris says, and she looks up from her lap to nod at Qwillis. "I'll stop by, talk to her, and see what I can do to make her more comfortable. Even if it means being around a bit more. I'm thinking of buying a house or a bike or something." She says, pushing her hair out of her face.
Jacqueline Behind the counter, Jackie does her best to change and listen at the same time. "She does sound nice. Maybe she's just not the take-charge kind," she suggests. "Not everyone can run a clinic. It could be she'll grow into it, though."
Lucky Coming in at the tail end of Iris's conversation, Lucky peers over to her with a small smile. The door closes with a bit of a thud due to a draft pulling it close. "I thought you were staying at Jude's?" He asks peering over to the counter to see clothes flung; his brow raises as he hears an unfamiliar voice. "How are ya'll doing?"
Qwillis     Q glances over at the thud of the door. He'd lift that flesh hand in a wave, his other arm and the mechanical leg both seem.. non-responsive. "Hi Lucky. Don't mind Jackie.. she's just changing. And don't look. we promised not peeking." He'd shoot a grin at Lucky, glances again tot he counter where Jackie changes, then looks to Iris with a nod. "Like she said.. Camilla may just need a chance to grow into it. If you get a bike.. then please, don't hesitate to come to me to make sure it stays tuned up. I started as a mechanic, afterall.. And as for the home.. It sounds like a good plan. I haven't thought beyond my lab and the clinic really.."
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at Lucky and she nods. "Jude is coming with me to Avalon, it doesn't hurt to have a few home bases." She says, shrugging a shoulder as she wiggles her fingers hello. "Well I'm giving her that chance, I trusted her with my baby." She says, offering Qwillis a crooked grin. "I'll come see you if I do get a bike, and I'm going to be checking into the Clinic more. I want it to keep flourishing."
Lucky "You promised no Peeking. I didn't." Lucky replies with a grin before looking over to Iris. "Ah, I see.. Avalon.. yeah, I helped out there a few times." He says, leaving it at that.
Jacqueline Jackie, hearing Lucky's entrance, blushes and quickly ducks down behind the counter. "Definitely no peeking!" she protests.
Qwillis     Q chuckles quietly at Lucky, glancing over at the calling out from the counter and nods. "You heard her Lucky. Now if you peek I have to shoot you, to maintain her honor you see." Yeah. Q shoot, with his main hand defunct. Glancing around, Q flashes a smile to Iris. "It is good to have a few places you can call home.. Ah.. do you have a table here, Iris? I can start taking apart the arm at least partly, to get access to the wet components."
Iris Lark     Iris aims a look at Lucky and shakes her head. "Be polite, let her change in peace." She states, crooking a finger at Lucky to come over near the windows where her and Qwillis are seated. She purses her lips and gets to her feet, moving to the cooler to pull out a water before she walks back to the chairs to take a seat. "I found a really expensive and neat looking cap last night." She says conversationally, grinning as she fishes it out of her back pocket. She blinks and then gazes at Qwillis nodding. "I have a medical shack out back, and we actually have a machine shop here as well."
Lucky Peering a questionable look to Qwill, Lucky says "Uh-huh. I'm pretty sure you couldn't shoot the side of a barn at the moment." He replies, calling his bluff before looking to Iris. "I would never intentionally look at a naked woman without her explicit permission unless I so happen to stumble upon her by complete and utter accident during one of my many odd adventures." He retorts with a smile, walking over to her, perking up in interest at the mention of an expensive cap. "Oh?"
Jacqueline Jackie breathes a near-silent sigh of relief from behind the counter, standing up again and resuming changing. She's careful to keep her back turned to the assembled group by the window, though.
Kaelyn The door to the place opens up and in wanders the white-haired Red-eyed goofball otherwise known as Kaelyn! The pointy-eared woman grins and glances around the place curiously, then blinks at Jackie.... she then begins whistling the opening few notes to 'Bad to the bone.' Before she looks around again and then waves to Iris, Lucky and Q "Howdy folks! HOw's everything!" CORA Then points out "You realize there's like a mostly naked woman behind....." Kae taps the screen and CORA's avatar flails her limbs "Ahhh! World is shaking!!!" calls out the goofy A.I.
Qwillis     Q chuckles softly. "I don't know. I mean, she looks good enough, I wouldn't mind a peek. But I can understand her desire for privacy and respect it." Q pauses, looking over at Kaelyn as she'd come in, lifting that flesh hand in a wave. Looking back to Iris then, he'd flash a smile. "I don't need anything complicated like that for this.. Just a small table to put parts on. I wouldn't do the upgrade unless I was back in the lab.. But.. well.. I'd rather get the parts dry so I can use the arm again.." Not to mention the leg.
Iris Lark     Iris holds out her hand and in the middle of it is a shiny gold and red cap from a Sunset Sasparilla Star. Before anyone can touch it, she closes her fingers back around it and shrugs. "They're incredibly rare, people have killed for them before." She taps her pistol tucked into the back of her jeans. "Hopefully nobody tries that with me, I'm so not in the mood for it, really." She gazes at Qwillis and nods briefly. "You should use the machine shop then, it's right through that door." She states, pointing towards the storage room. "Don't mind the mess. Eden, Jude and Harlan are wont to toss things that they're working on back there." She smiles at Kaelyn and motions her over to the seating area. "Grab a drink from the cooler and have a seat with us."
Lucky "Hi Kaelyn. Yes we know. Her name is Jackie and she's just getting dressed." Lucky replies to CORA as he sits down. Glancing to the cap, his brow raises "I've seen those in Mojave before; your right people will kill for them.. so please be careful Iris." He says with a touch of concern and a small smile. A glance to Qwill is given "Looking to upgrade your robotic items?" He asks curiousily.
Jacqueline Well, Jackie may be mostly naked, but she's at least behind the high counter. "Do you always point out the obvious, Miss Kaelyn?" she asks, blushing as she pulls on the blouse she'd found. "I see Cora's being silly again."
Kaelyn Kae ummms, then shrugs "It's kinda fun some times Jackie?" She says and grins impishly "CORA is pretty much allways silly and good for a laugh." Kae glances to Lucky and Qwill and grins "Oh I know who Jackie is." she says with a big smile... "So I actually checked out Dunwich the other day, found a wierd pistol... But, damn thing has a 50 round 9mm capacity." She says and grins slightly before she gets the soda as instructed and settles down..
Qwillis     Q looks at the cap curiously, then nods to Iris. "that is quite the rare cap.. Congradulations on finding it." Glancing to the door mentioned, Q would get to his feet carefully. Purposely averting his eyes from potentially seeing behind the counter with him standing up too. "I'll head in there then. I'll just be a bit. It's not exactly easy drying them off left handed. We'll have to plan a time soon, Iris, for the upgrade.. as I hate being stuck indoors when it rains or throws sand about."
Iris Lark     "Okay Qwillis." Iris says, opening her water and taking a drink. "I can look into making a silicone prosthetic depending on what kind of upgrade we come up with." She says, swinging her legs back and forth.
Lucky "If you like Qwill, I can help you design the mechanical components.. I have some talent in that area." Lucky replies calmly.
Jacqueline Jackie at least has the blouse on by now, but she ducks a little anyway, just to help Qwillis not see her. She's interested in what Kaelyn says in spite of herself. "50 rounds? Wow... that's quite a niner. It's not cursed or anything, is it?" She's had some experiences with things found in Dunwich.
Kaelyn Kae ummms "Noo I don't think so, Merchants don't like it but it doesn't seem to do wierd stuffs..." She says then digs through a duffle bag and sets it on the counter... "See?" she says and grins... "I'm thinking of maybe dumping it back off in Dunwich... I was just curious about the place so looked around."
Carling Carling steps into the store. He takes a quick count of everyone present,notices a familiar face, and smiles at Iris. "Hey. Good to see you got back safe."
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Carling as he walks into the store. "Welcome to the Acme General Store, if you're looking for anything in particular, let me know." She says, offering him a casual two fingered salute. She wrinkles her nose as she gazes at Kaelyn's gun. "Yeah, put that back in Dunwich, really..things from there are dangerous."
Carling Carling nods at Iris. "Do you have any..." he hesitates, eyeing Kaelyn and Qwillis curiously. "... uh, binoculars? Don't know where my old one is."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Iris with a small nod, then looks to Lucky with a chuckle. "Mostly? It's to replace the makeshift parts with actual parts.. like a real rod instead of a screw-driver. Otherwise, I do appreciate the offer. It's something we can work on after I make them at least water proof." Looking to Kae curiously, Q muses, then waves and shuffle-steps off to the machine shop for a bit.
Lucky Lucky nods "Well, let me know. I'm not a full fledge mechanic, but I know a bit about crafting parts and components and repairing. It was part of what I did for the Rangers back in the Mojave after doing scavenging runs." He says, glancing over to Jackie's hiding spot albeit briefly; mostly to catch the blouse he had seen her wearing out of the corner of his eye.
Iris Lark     "Not at the moment, but if I find a pair I'll keep you in mind." Iris says, offering Carling a smile as she gestures for him to come sit with a group of them near the windows. She is sprawled on a chair, her legs dangling over an arm. "Of course I made it back all right, the Sheriff gave me a ride back home." She says, a slight grin on her face.
Jacqueline It's a nice blouse, actually, with a slight puff to the shoulders and a drawing in at the waist. Fortunately, Lucky can only see down to her midriff.
Kaelyn, on the other hand, can see more, being next to the counter and laying down the pistol for display. Jackie looks, of course, forgetting for the moment that she's in her underwear from blouse-tails down. "Ooh..."
Kaelyn Kae glances around then puts the odd pistol away and grins... She glances at Jackie curiously and ummms "Mind it can't be sold and all, most merchants won't even look at it being a Dunwiched item and all.." she says and shrugs slowly... "Buut, I think this is an interesting study!!! So! Has anyone thought to try and start getting to the bottom of all the wierdness that is Dunwich?"
Lucky "Ain't nothing weird about Dunwich; all science and gimmicks." Lucky replies firmly. Sure he's see what some would call a spectral, but it had to be based on science; nothing supernatural about it.

Looking back to Jacqueline, he says "That blouse looks beautiful on you." With that he looks away again.
Carling Carling perks up. "Did you hear that?" He stands still and listens intensely. "I'll be back in a moment." He promptly steps out of the store to investigate, and does not return.
Iris Lark     Stretched out on the chair like she is, Iris has drifted off to sleep. Her breathing is soft and her chin is resting on her chest while her hands are linked and resting in her lap.
Jacqueline Jacky looks after Carling, who was barely in before he was out. She glances at Kaelyn and shrugs in bewilderment. "I've thought about it once or twice. Something's just not right about that town..."
Lucky's compliment turns her cheeks bright red, leaving her staring after him for a long moment. "Um, thanks..." she murmurs, looking away once she realizes what she's doing.
Lucky Catching her staring, Lucky gives a small smile when she looks away; adding kindly "It accentuates your eyes and brings out your facial beauty." He tells, cheeks tinting ever so slightly. "Definitely your style." He adds, looking to Jacqueline again.
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously at Lucky, then looks to Jackie then to Lucky then grins as she adopts a sing songy rhyme she heard from someone not too terribly long ago "Lucky and Jackie sitting inna tree....." Kae glances up and grins a bit as CORA does the whole sweatdrop thing on her screen "Too much hanging around Fern Kaaaeeee..." Kae shrugs and grins "I Figured it would fit!"
Jacqueline Turning very red now, Jackie manages to look up at Lucky and smile, rather sheepishly. "Good thing it's helping my face and not my figure," she replies wryly. "Go see your shop. I'll be here when you get back."
She blushes more deeply at Kae's singsonging, reaching for the skirt she'd picked out. "That does sound like something Fern'd say."
Lucky "I think your figure looks beautiful too." Lucky quickly adds, cheeks reddening as Kaelyn starts in with the song.
Jacqueline "I think you're mistaking my figure for somebody else's," Jackie murmurs, blushing. Getting her hands on the skirt, she begins pulling it up and on. "Could you turn around, please? And seriously, Kae, cut it out!"
Lucky "Uh.. yeah.. er sure." Lucky replies spinning around.. "Actually.. I uh, I need to go.. but." Looking back to Jackie briefly "How about .. you know dinner.. I know a few places in El Dorado.. we could go too." He says, already backing toward the door quickly; too quickly as he trips on a clothing rack and falls over. "I.. meant to do that." He says underneath a pile of clothes.
Iris Lark     The clothing rack falling jostles Iris out of sleep and she sits up, pistol in hand. "What the hell was that?!" She says, wide eyed and disheveled. She blinks once and then again as she spots Lucky under a pile of clothes. "Jeez.."
Jacqueline Jackie blinks, her dark eyes going wide. A second later she's giggling and shaking her head. "First Aid kits are over there," she says pointing to a rack of scavved outdoor supplies. "At this rate, you'll need one!"
Lucky Lucky just goes deep red; deeper that any red he has gone before as he pops from the clothing. "Uh, yeah.. maybe later." he says, picking up the clothes and sets them on a chair.. "So.. dinner.. let.. me.. know.." and with that the rather embarrassed kid hauls himself out of the store completely embarrassed.
Iris Lark     "Did..he just ask you out?" Iris says, still blinking and half asleep. "How long was I out?" She asks, a slight frown on her face as she glances around the store.
Jacqueline "Just a couple minutes," Jackie says, finally getting her skirt on. She steps out from behind the counter, finally, glad to be able to. With the white blouse and red circle skirt, she could pass for the cover of a ancient sock-hop album. "And I think he was trying to," she adds, her blush trying to return. "He almost did."
Iris Lark     "Adorable." Iris deadpans, strugging to sit up, blinking. "Come sit with me?" She asks, holding out her arms and yawning. "That felt good though, I think I needed that."
Kaelyn Kae has cut out the teasing! Really! The elf-girl grins and looks from person to person as she finds a place to sit and begins finally sipping on her soda... "So how's everyone doing since y'all got back from Mexico?" She asks curiously, having not really asked that before.
Jacqueline "Coming!" Jackie agrees, moving to join Iris. "I'll pick up the mess he made. I guess it's kinda my fault." She gives the healer a concerned look. "Are you sure you're getting enough sleep?"
She looks back to Kaelyn, trying not to smile. "Come join us? There's room."
Iris Lark     Iris glances at the clothing rack and then back to Jackie. "Not really, but it's fine. I'm fine." She wiggles in the chair briefly and sits up. "Doing okay, Mexico sucked, but at least we're getting ready for what's coming."
Kaelyn Kae ooooh's and glances to Iris curiously then smiles and shrugs "Been trying to talk to the folks working on the FEV Virus vectors but can't get em to talk to me back it seems." She says and then she shrugs... "Am a bit knowledgeable of genetics and modification vectors and all.."
Jacqueline "What is this FEV virus, anyway? I've been hearing about it lately, but the name is all I know," Jackie says, looking between Iris and Kaelyn. "Is it something from Mexico?"
Iris Lark     "Something like that, a strain of it is what Ashur is infected with." Iris responds, and her gaze moves to Kaelyn. "I can tell them that you're interested, again, but I haven't heard much on the work myself. I delivered the samples and have kind of stepped back, licking my wounds as it were." She turns back to Jackie and adds. "The horde is apparently infected with it as well."
Jacqueline "So it's what makes Super Mutants... well, super mutants?" Jackie guesses, blinking. "Is it contagious? I never did hear about how Mister Ashur became the way he is now."
Iris Lark     "I'm not sure if it's contagious or not, but honestly people rode home with him in the truck and are fine now." Iris replies, smiling over at Jackie. "I don't talk to him, so I couldn't tell you what happened to make him that way.
Jacqueline "Sounds like I'll have to ask him myself," Jackie says, sighing softly. "He's not always the most approachable person, either. But I guess it has to be done if I'm going to learn anything about this stuff. At least it doesn't seem to be contagious. I don't like to think about Jackie the super mutant."
Iris Lark     "I wish you luck, I think someone might be contacting him to help him, but I don't know when." Iris says, taking another drink of her water. "Maybe you can come with him when they do?"
Jacqueline "Somehow I suspect we'll be walking. I doubt he'd fit on my bike," Jackie muses. "I just hope whoever it is contacts him soon. He's nicer the way he is now, but I do worry for his health."
Jacqueline Looking at the clock, Jackie blinks. "Maybe I should see if it's still raining," she says, moving towards the door into the back. "There are windows back there, right?" Not waiting for an answer, she slips into the back area of the shop.