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Iris Lark The store is closed and twilight hangs heavy over the town of Acme.

The scent of gardenia and sandlewood infuse the women's side of the bathhouse and thankfully the water runs through a system keeping it clean. So the warm steamy interior is great for soaking out sore muscles. Iris decided to drag Sparrow here because she probably was still sore, maybe and when they saw Camilla on the street it seemed a good idea to drag her along as well.
Sparrow Sparrow had agreed after some cajoling to leave the science lab and take a few moments to soak her bones. Riding to and from Acme and Avalon every day has taken it's toll on her hips and knees. So she'd been happy to join. Essjay had tried to follow them in and afte a few protesting Brays had decided that he'd just lay near the antrance to the bathhouse and will be sitting there when the ladies return. Sparrow had changed into a bathing gown that they'd given her in Avalon and has her hair wrapped up carefully so it doesnt get stuck in the water and insist on curling again.
Camilla     Camilla has, and obviously so, never been anywhere like this, at all, ever. It's blatantly obvious as she seems lost in her own little world a moment upon entering the place, before finding the location to strip off entirely and entering the water without saying to much of anything. It is a bath house, so, full on nudity shouldn't be a problem, right? Regardless, she's in the water and relaxing, and having stripped, she shows off a body covered in scars. No doubt Iris can gather where a lot of them came from, and others, might think they're from a hard life traveling the wastes. For now, she just slides in to the water, and exhales deeply, closing her eyes and trying to enjoy it.
Iris Lark Iris walks into the water, clad in a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt. While nudity isn't a problem, Iris is a bit on the stupidly shy side. She gets a kick out of the bubbles that are on the surface of the bathwater and she splashes around, creating more as she laughs. A large glob of bubble sits on top of her head after all of her thrashing and she is completely unaware of this. "This feels so nice."
Sparrow Not for Most but Sparrow is not most. She's stoic and prudish and for the most part seeing her out of anythign shy of full button is unusual; as is seeing her outside her clothign in general. Anyone with a keen eye will now see that Sparrow binds her chest to shave time off her quickdraw speed. Otherwise she somehow managed to gain some significant ground in the cleavage area in just six minutes. She settles into the water and rolls her shoulders. "It is. I'm surprised they can keep the water clean. I imagine a lot of folks want to come soak."
Camilla     Cami's silent for some time before opening her eyes to watch Iris splash about like a total kid. She giggles softly as she notices the bubble, snickering like a school-girl. She lets it go for now and dips her hair in to the water before sinking under the surface entirely for a few moments. She pops back up with a gasp and runs both of her hands over her long raven black locks.

    "This is, just, amazing.." she spurts out with eyes still closed. She brings her hands up slowly to whipe away the water and blinks them open. "I uh, I've never seen anything like this. How was it made? How do they keep it clean? Where did they get the clean water?" so many questions.
Iris Lark Iris points to the edge of the pools where the water spills over into the unknown. "Wherever the water is coming from, it's clean and it's hot." She slaps at the water, making more bubbles as her t-shirt is soaked through. Like Camilla she has scar tissue along her back and on her arms. She dips under the water briefly and then comes back up sighing. "This might be better than a shower, maybe."
Sparrow "Spring, probably. As for water, I suspect it's a filtration system or bath waters just fine for waterin' crops with." Sparrow's scars re ofa different sort; scars of the free wild life of a Wasteland Cowgirl. Mostly bullets, some thin knife lines here and there and of course two massive starburst puckers in either shoulder from the assasination attempts and the new scar from a Super Mutant to the face. "Showers are good for quick and clean but this? Heaven." She shakes her head. "You shouln't have brought me here, I might just not go back to that lab." She teases making sure her blonde locks don't dip into the water and staying rooted in the shallows.
Camilla     Cami turns to Iris and blinks, "What's a shower?" yes, she just asked that. She's never had one. Not that it matters, she looks at where Iris points and nods as she slides deeper in to the water again and blows bubbles on the surface for giggles.

    To Row, she turns slightly and just blinks, she's inteligent, and read, and for being a wastelander she can even write and all do math! Though, tech talk is way over her head, even it's it dealing with basic stuff like filtration systems. "Filtration?" she asks curious, "You've both said that now, I should try having a shower. Is it nice? I mean, not like this as far as I can tell from what you've both said..."
Iris Lark "I have a shower at the new house, you could come by and try it." Iris says, splashing around as she allows herself to float. "Basically filtration is like ..if I were to explain it easily, when you put a poultice in several layers of cheesecloth, squeeze it out, the liquid that you squeeze is kind of filtered, in a way - because it's free of debris." She crosses her eyes and shrugs. "Something like that. It cleans it."
Sparrow Sparrow grins at Cami. She understands all too well but she has friends. "It is very nice, Jude let me have a shower once or twice after a big fight. And that's a great feeling but this is .. a little more indulgent." She laughs and lifts a shoulder. Mostly what Sparrow is is a rancher, she's always working with ruthless practicaility. It gives her insite into the workings of construction and the well being of people and animals. But explaining it and putting certain terms to use aren't her strong point. Thankfully Iris is there and Sparrow tilts her head towards Iris and then back towards Cami nodding as Iris explains.
Camilla     "Oh? Can I? That would be very kind of you, thank you.." Camilla replies plainly to Iris, beaming with a big ol smile from ear to ear forming on her lips.
    Then the explination comes and there's a few blinks there, but she nods, "Ah.." pause, "Got it. Makes sense.."
    She turns around to Row again and smirks, "Indulgent, that word seems to match this quite nicely..." she adds as she slips in to the water again, ducking fully under the surface and staying there for a few moments.
Iris Lark "Well it wouldn't be here if we weren't meant to indulge." Iris says, still splashing about, but not covered in bubbles. She picks up a small cluster of bubbles and puts it back on her head. "Acme is getting settled again and it's nice to see. I mean, people are building again, that's a good sign." She grins and points towards the exit. "I want to try whatever that ice stuff is."
Sparrow Sparrow smirks a bit watching Iris and Cami quietly. Even in the midst of he heavy fragrant air Sparrow's reserved. Quiet observant blues taking everything in , the baths, the ladies, the walls. She winces when she stres too long a the gaudy pink. "Ice cream is delicious but man, so sweet." She laughs a bit, "Auntie Martha took me for my birthdays to one of the old tribal women who knew this recipie she used to make with salt and ice. Acme is becoming a really nice place to stay and visit though. Oh, hey, Iri. Stock's moving his Ma out to Avalon."
Camilla     Camilla pops back up just in time and starts flipping back and forth between Row and Iris, "Icecream?" she asks, very curious. She kinda ignores pretty much everything else, because, /NEW SHINY THING, OR MAYBE IT IS, IS IT?/ has her attention. "What's Ice Cream?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Sparrow and she tilts her head slightly as she sits up, splashing about a bit. "She's going to leave the house? I figured that was all but impossible." She glances over at Camilla and she stands up in the water grinning. "It's pretty much frozen milk with flavors and you eat it on a cone that is made of some weird stuff. Or in a bowl. It's good."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles at Iris, "Avalon's a good place for the Bighorners and her garden, plus, no ech or crazy kids to worry about. I think Stockton can convince her and she'll be closer to the Doctors that way." She rolls her shoulders and starts to stand, careful to tug the bathing gown away from herself as she does and shivers. "Just don't eat it too fast. Get a headache."
Camilla     "Frozen milk with flavors?" blink, blink, "Right, don't it to fast or your head will hurt. So, why eat it then? Is it good for you in smaller doses or?"
Iris Lark "I think it's a treat of some kind, it's made that way on purpose." Iris remarks, shrugging a shoulder. "So why don't we get some when we leave here, and you can come stay with me tonight in Avalon?"
Camilla     Camilla just beams, a big ol smile as wide as her mouth can support. "I would like that very much. I'd love a treat or sweet of some kind, I only ever got to have any when the mercs I was traveling with gave me some as payment for patching them up." She smiles again and nods, "Is Avalon far from her? I don't want to burden you or anything, but I would like this very much."
Iris Lark "It's a short walk, honestly, and you're welcome to come by anytime you need a break." Iris says, grinning over at Camilla. "I've got a kitchen, a workroom and a nice place to sit to relax, plus I have the best neighbors."
Camilla     Cami nods, "Yeah ok. That sounds great..." she replies keeping the smile present. "Sounds nice all that, I might just take you up on the stopping by for a break thing as well. I'm not sure if I need one yet, I think I've got everything under control at the clinic, enough that I could take it over for you fully if you, ya know, wanted to move on completely. I, well, I see it as my way of thanking you for taking me in."
Iris Lark "We'll see, it's hard to give it up. Achilles built that place for me and I feel a big sense of responsibility for it." Iris says, gazing down at the water and her reflection. "I've heard that things are going well, and I'm happy to hear that. Are you enjoying it?"
Camilla     Cami nods, "I can understand that."
    "Enjoying it? Well, in regards to feeling usefull? Yes. I am. Though, it is stressfull at times, being a healer is all I have. It was also, the only time, any of the men in the legion treated me with any respect or, well, sometimes even adoration. You'd be suprised how quickly their whole," Cami pauses her and coughs and tries to put on a fake deep man voice, "I AM MAN YOU ARE WOMAN RAWR!!" she pauses again to cough a few more times. "Ehmmm, sorry, but that whole thing tends to go away when you're the one responsible for keeping a limb, or keeping them alive. So, helping people, healing them, saving them, is the one thing that gives me any real joy. Anyway, I'm talking to much, sorry. Yes, yes I enjoy it, thank you.."
Iris Lark "I understand where you are coming from, and what you mean." Iris says, aiming a shy smile in Camilla's direction. "If things continue to go well for you and I keep spending most of my time away, we'll see about letting you run the clinic. It's just hard for me to let go, that's all. I remember when it was just one main room, and ..there are a lot of memories there for me."
Camilla     "I, I can understand that. I was just spitballing, and trying to find a way to thank you. I understand that you have a lot of memories there, and I don't want to take any of that away from you. So, we'll just let it go for now yeah?" she asks, smiling brightly.
Iris Lark "Well the reason I'm not letting it go, Camilla, is because I think you might have a point." Iris says, standing and walking towards the shallow end. "You've been doing the work there lately, and maybe you'll do a far better job than I would. It's only fair to let you see, you know?"
Camilla     Camilla blinks, "I do?" she asks in regards to the whole having a point thing. "I, well, hmm. No one would be able to replace you Iris, you made the clinic what it is and for me? Well, I'm just sorta being it's guardian for you, and I doubt I'll ever do a better job than you did.." she adds smiling warmly. "However, I guess we'll see what happens."
Iris Lark "We will see." Iris says, stripping off her wet clothing and dropping it to the floor with a wet plop. She picks up a towel and carefully wraps herself in it, and among the scars and other marks on her body is a small brand, near the small of her back. "I'm hoping that eventually most outposts will have at least a place where patients can be seen."
Camilla     Camilla nods as she watches Iris stand up. She looks at the brand and starts to ask, but, nows not the time and she just stops before opening her mouth.

    "I was thinking, that, we could build a hospital in the main city, with clinics in all the settlements and outposts. Maybe build a real medical industry. Though, I don't know how we'd do that..."
Iris Lark "I think it's possible, we just need to raise funds for it." Iris says, taking a seat at the side of the pool, lounging in the steam. "I bet we can build a few places now with what I've got, I'll have to check with some of the settlements and see if they're amenable."
Camilla     Cami starts to float about a little, enjoying the water herself a moment before standing up fully out of the water and walking over to sit next to Iris and letting her feet dangle in the water. Seems she has no inhibitions at all, not at least in regards to being in a private place around other women. "I've managed to build up some reserves of caps myself, though, only a few hundred. It's not much, but it might do for us to try and spread medical knowledge through out the land. No telling what having more nurses and doctors could do for us building up this area. That, and we could train combat medical people to assist the milita." Cami hmms a moment and seems lost in thought, "Anyway, just a thought. Something else to talk about in the future..." she adds turning back and smiling. Seems these last few months have helped her open up, and stop being the shy, reserved, timid little former slave girl she was when she first arrived.
Iris Lark "The militia does need some help, I went with them the other day during a patrol and ..well I'm glad I was there." Iris murmurs, pushing her hair out of her face. "I think we can get a lot of good things done, even if it's just teaching people things, the basic kind of medical knowledge is ..pretty limited to most of the citizens, I mean..some of them go to whores to feel better. What does that do for an infection?" She says, smirking a bit. "Hopefully the militia gets a medic soon, even if it's just a temporary thing."
Camilla     "Oh?" she asks, before turning to look back to the water and thinking a moment. She nods to Iris and replies, "I agree. We need to do, well, shall we call it what it is? Basic Lifesaving. Just, teach people the basics to keep themselves and their loved ones alive. As for them going to whores for things? I dunno really. Never seen the appeal, but then again, I'm speaking from the part of me that has never had real love." She sighs deeply and looks like she wants to say more, but, chooses not to.

    She looks up to Iris and sighs, again, "Manny's been asking me to do just that. The only reason I turned him down is because of the clinic and not wanting to force you to return, or place your faith and trust in someone else."
Iris Lark "I hope you find love, or contentment at least, it makes all the difference." Iris says, gazing seriously at Camilla. She exhales out a soft sigh and takes a moment or two to think. "I know why they go to the whores, I .." She shakes her head, shaking away what she might have wanted to say. "If you join the militia, Camilla, you could do both at the same time. Hell, most of our patients are *from* the militia."
Camilla     "Yes, well, hard to find love when you despise men and prefer female companionship.." she blurts out plainly. "Though, not, /all/ men, just, yeah, anyway."

    Cami turns away again a moment and then turns back just to blink a few times in convusion at Iris, still oblivious and nieve is Cami. "So, you think I should join the Milita then?" she asks.
Iris Lark "It might not take that long, there are others out there that prefer the same." Iris says quietly, reaching out to pat Camilla gently on the shoulder. "What do you mean, not *all* men?" She looks puzzled, her head tilting slightly as she tries to make sense of it. She's distracted so when Cami asks if she should join the militia, Iris blinks and then chuckles softly. "I think they would be happy if you did."
Camilla     Camilla just sighs, "I know not all men are murering, raping, pilliging, woman hating sexist scumbags..." she blurts out in response. "Some are, not all, but I just, I grew up with the only people ever showing me love and kindness being the other slave girls, and it colored me. I found myself prefering female companionship in all things, and then, when I managed to escape the legion.." she pauses a moment here to fight back emotions, "I found myself in a caravan, traveling with men and women, and the men in that carvan were all nice to me. All of them seemed to care, and well, as you know, one of them died saving my life when the carvan was attacked outside the city when I arrived a few months ago. So, it's just, hard to explain."

    She brushes off the second comment and nods, "I'll give it some more thought."
Sparrow Sparrow opens an eye from her nap and peers over towards Camilla, "No sense in rushin' figuring that stuff out. With any luck there's plenty of time for it." She sits up and looks around a bit with a sheepish expression. "Sorry about that, I guess I was more relaxed than I thought." She hadn't followed the whole conversation. Just some of the last bit though the blonde's expression seems much the same as it always does.
Iris Lark "We made sure you didn't drown." Iris says helpfully, grinning over at Sparrow. She points over at the other woman and nods to Camilla. "She's right, when I first was brought to El Dorado, I was..pretty clueless about...everything. I could tell you stories about some of the stupid crap that went on." She leans in and props her chin on her knuckles. "Thing is, the more time passed, the clearer things became. I think the same will happen for you too." She leans in and splashes at the water with her fingers. "When someone catches your eye, you'll know. Man or woman, as long as you're happy who cares what anyone else thinks."
Camilla     Cami listens to both of them and just, nods to everything that's said. She sighs a little and slides back in to the water to relax more. Seems she's got a lot going on in that head of hers.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles a bit but seems to understand the sentiment of relaxing and soaking. She glances back to Iris and lifts her eyebrow a little, toning her voice a little lower she wonders, thoughtfully. "I haven't been back to El Dorado proper for a while. What's been up there"
Iris Lark "I have only been in town once or twice since we've been back as well." Iris says, her cheeks turning pink a bit. "Not enough is going on there for my tastes, it's almost like they don't believe the horde is coming, really."
Camilla     Cami will, just like Row, nod off. This place is downright amazing and it's helping her relax. If woken up, she'll keep to the plan and walk home with and stay with Iris.
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head and smirks a bit at Iris. "Yeah, well, they also think a man who dropped nukes is a hero." She lifts a shoulder, "And that Solomon wasn't 'a bad guys all round'. So I mean I don't really take stock into what most folks think. I'll help'm but by the Wastes they're stubborn stupid folks." She sighs slowly and stretches a bit rolling her shoulders. She does grin a bit at the blush, "Not to happy to go back or there someone there you like seein'?"
Iris Lark "I haven't had a need to go back there except for the odd ..job or such." Iris says, wrinkling her nose. "I ..I will always be grateful to the city and the people in it for what they've done for me, but Avalon is home now. I am so much more comfortable there."
Sparrow Sparrow nods, "They're a quiter people that's for sure. Avalon's also much closer to most of my patients so it's helpful. Can get to Acme or Dunwhich from there. Since Rosewells a hub it's easy to just get anywhere. I'm glad you and Jude moved there. To be frank I was worried I was gonna be lonely." She laughs a bit and lifts a shoulder. "It's been nice to have ya close."