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Qwillis     The massive 20' tall robot sits here within the scrap piles that El Dorado had access to. It's main system seems to be starting up and the group has been working on getting the power to the various sub-systems to make it work. Qwillis currently is on the ground, doing his best to direct others as needed for repairing the massive robot. There were various parts around and looking at the Robot itself, there seemed to be a certain lack of well.. legs. As well as one of the arms being completely non-responsive.
Lucky This was Lucky's life; or at least has been since the 20 foot tall robotic thing was found. BRUTUS was coming along nicely now and currently the young Ranger kid could be found attempting to work on the robot's arm that was well, unresponsive.

It was completely not his fault either; nor was it his fault that it was permanently stuck in a pointing position of flipping off said mountains in the distant. Nope. Not Lucky. Nuh-uh.
Willow Caine Willow has come along to help work on the robot, but as smart as she might be, she's not completely used to this kind of tech yet. She mutters more apologies for bumping into people as she tries to work than she manages to get work done. She has tools, and she's following directions, and hoping that she isn't about to wreck something.
Fiona Fiona comes up and surveys the scene a bit curiously, she takes a draw off her cigar. A squint and a faint frown, right another puff, blowing a heavy exhale. She walks over to the tool table, grabs a wrench. "Hey Cousin.. Careful." Then she heads for the arm to tighten and tap. Oh, and cuss it, cause that helps it. A nod to Lucky and Q, but mostly work social latter.
Eden eden continues working on the support structure and joints of the massive construction. making sure all are lined up properly, and well secured. broken parts need to be repaired before assembly. Tedious, repetative at times, but Eden enjoys this work! as she finishes the legs she stands on makeshift stool to reach the next sections.
Qwillis     The group seems to be working fairly well together. Eden's nature talent for the mechanics helping out a lot in getting a portion of the lower half of the robot reassembled. Lucky is even able to get a portion of the hand control fixed. Now he can raise and lower the arm.. Although Brutus is still showing those mountains what the Bird is. Qwillis nods and would step in himself, to help with repairing the legs at least as they'd get it set up so it can fully stand for dealing with that wall. "Good job guys. It looks like we have all the basics just about in place now.."
Willow Caine Willow dithers around, helping where she can find room and listening to people with more experience. She'll learn something here by hook or by crook. Her hands manipulate the tools, trying to make sure the bolts on one of the hands is securely fastened. "I'm trying Couz, but damn if this isn't something difficult to do in a dress." She remarks with sass. She glances at Lucky as he speaks up and then goes back to work, trying hard to concentrate.
Lucky "There we go Brutus; see all better with that arm. Now we got it so your not flipping people off. Now.. Lets test that armature's swing and rotation." Lucky says, stepping back as he accesses the Robots mainframe from his pip-boy.

"Alright, there we go.. looks good. And rotate" The arm slowly rotates. "Good, excellent. And now swing."

A thick meat on metal smack is heard following a "Ahoohooe!" As the arm smacks Lucky with enough force to send him airborne and out of the area.

Brutus must have a sense of humor - the arm rotates to wave goodbye.
Fiona Fiona rolls back when the arm kicks in, she stands up and dusts herself off. A glance to Willow and a grin, "I'd suggest more appropriate clothes for working, but.. It would hurt city morale." She comments with a smirk. Then she starts on working next to Eden hoping to learn something.
Qwillis     The arm that had just knocked Lucky for a loop.. and then some, waves, then comes back down, starting to spaz out it seems as it'd flail about, swinging at everyone near the robot!
Eden eden wiggles around the edge of the arm's radius and goes underneath it. once under she can reach the point where it connects (with a bit of climbing) and shut off the arm's power connection. jumping back down to the ground she check to make sure wveryone is alright and confer with qwillis about how to go about fixing the arm
Willow Caine Ever see a woman in a full gown avoid a robot arm? Congrats kind folks of El Dorado, after today you can say that you have. After things settle down and the robot arm is brought under control, Willow glances at Fiona and then down at her cleavage, a smirk making her look impish. "We wouldn't want morale to suffer, honey." She says as she goes back to work. "Hope that doesn't happen again, damn." She shifts slightly to get her skirt out of the way and hums as she continues to make sure bolts are tight.
Fiona Well, Fiona broke it, when it goes nuts she jumps and bounces. By the time Eden fixes what she broke, Fiona has a revolver pointed at some exposed electrical parts. ""Great work, Eden. Sorry." She eases the hammer down and flips the pistol to put it away. "Sorry." Louder to Willow. "Good thing you dance so well." The Fiona moves to a different part to work.
Eden "that's no problem" says eden. "we gotta do something to make it exciting!" laughing, and calm now that dhe knows everyone is ok, eden gets back to work examining the arm, looking for shorts or kinks in the wire, or anything else mechanical that could have gone wrong.
Willow Caine "Lets make it less exciting ladies and gents, because if this dress rips, I'm going to be walking around naked in protest." Willow states, working still on her section of nuts and bolts. She knocks her fingers with her wrench and lets out a stream of cuss words that might make a sailor blanche and sits back for a moment, sucking on her finger.
Qwillis     The Robot is about 3/4th the way repaired. The group is working well together, even with the small mishap of the arm flailing about. Eden managed to save that part from Fiona's more.. permament fixing and work continues. Qwillis glances over at Willow and chuckles quietly. "That was something I'll never forget.. and I'll have to beg your pardon, Miss Caine, but all that does is makes me want to try and make such happen?" He'd flash a grin, jesting of course as Q would work with Eden in getting some of those harder parts resolved. "We're making good time.. at this rate, it should be back up and fully functional soon.."
Fiona Fiona grins and rolls her eyes at Willow's comment. There is a once over of concern at Willow, but then back to work.
Qwillis     Fiona attempted to add in the leg connection a little.. bit.. wrong. Which unfortunately has it jerking about much as the arm did! However, Eden was fast enough to cut the connection so that it'd stall mid-kick to Willow's chest. A relief to all the guys of El Dorado!
Willow Caine Willow twitches as the leg comes hurling towards her, and when it stops she stumbles back, landing on her ass. She lets out nervous laughter before she pulls herself to her feet, walking towards the others to watch them connect and repair the legs. "I better not help with this, as I'm shit with rigging stuff. I'll save my digits for the wiring."
Fiona Fiona screams, like a girl, okay like a scream queen in a way folks might likely not expect she is capable while leaping towards Willow. Fortunately for the wall project and the robot, it doesn't hit Willow. "I am soo soo sorry." She says in a panic not seen rockets exploded around her in Mexico. "Are you okay.. I should quit while your intact." A sigh, "Stick to fixing and cleaning guns." Don't worry, she unloads them first. "Yer alright, though?"
Eden Eden is covered in grease, and that perfectly fine by her. climbing around the robot, connecting all the pieces. carefully checking that each wire goes to the right spot. Nodding over to qwilis when each section is complete. Some parts fly by, others take forever! Eden knows how close they are to being finished and is excited to see Brutus come to life!
Qwillis     Qwillis ducks away when the robot almost kicks.. Eden saving the day, so to speak, but cutting that power in time. Shaking his head, he'd smile at Fiona and Willow. "We're close to the last part. I think this is all the regular connections at least. Then it's down to the wiring.. and we'll see if we can't get Brutus on his feet and building a wall for us."
Willow Caine "You realize that I'm not made of spun sugar, honey?" WIllow asks Fiona, her hand going to her hair to make sure it's in place before she checks on the 'girls'. Satisfied that she's still looking fine, she makes her way over to help with the wire connections. She leans in and the bustle on her dress makes her looks a bit funny, but nobody comments because they'd get a firm slap for doing so.
Fiona Fiona nods to her cousin. "Sorry, of course not." She kicks the ground with a boot toe and shrugs, staying clear the fancy electric stuff. Of course Willow is not made from something so fragile, no Italian marble, strong and beautiful, like a work of the masters. You would not want to let them get chipped either. She gets a flask out, takes a sip then draws another cigar to light. "You gotta teach me to be less dangerous Q."
Eden Eden is focused on the wires. each connection carefully added. Everything that needs to be is grounded. no paths uncompleted. when she thinks she is finished she steps back and holds her breath a little to see the results
Qwillis     Q chuckles, smiling to Fiona with a small shake of his head. "Isn't that opposite of what your job is, Fiona?" He'd flash her a grin, then shrug. "You aren't doing bad. This is.. this is tougher than most things I've even done." Q would work to finish up with Eden on those last connections, Willow's help appreciated, even if he doesn't comment on how her dress makes her look a bit funny. With the final parts in place, Q nods and flips that last switch. "Here goes.. everything!"
Qwillis     With that low lumbering THUD of a massive machine coming to life, the robot gets to it's feet. Towering above all of them, it'd run through that routine of checking systems, before finally, the dull voice, warped slightly with an old transmitter would reach them. "Please insert girter."
Fiona "Yes, it is." Fiona comments with a smirk, "Still it would be a good idea to learn." She backs up as it comes alive on purpose this time. "Whoa." Then an exhale of relief as it doesn't declare intention to 'Exterminate, Exterminate, Exterminate.' "Somebody giver it a griter, what ever that is?"
Willow Caine Willow chuckles softly and she gazes up at the large robot, nodding once and then again. "This thing looks amazing." She states, hands propped on her hips. "I can't wait to see it at work."
Qwillis     Qwillis would get that pip-boy of his set up, connecting to the robot, Brutus. Once connected, he'd start typing out commands for it, nodding slightly as it'd respond. "Ah.. there.. That.. That should have it start building the wall for El Dorado. Good work. I think we did quite well here." Smiling to the others, Q nods. "I'm going to be studying up myself, Fiona. Then I'll be offering lessons at the Lab."
Eden Eden whoops with joy and jumps on qwillis to give him a big hug and kiss on cheek! "we did it! Just look at hom, he's gorgeous!" Eden says this with mo hint of irony at the tarnished and rusted robot before her. Tgen she turns and hugs fiona almost hard enough to knock the cigar outta her hand, before rushing to willow and doing the same. "we did it!" she cheers, jumping around happily after all the hugs!