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Eden Another exploration mission to Dunwich ends in another mishap and another wound. This time Eden doesn't even know what is wrong with her. Maybe a leftover problem from the concussion? Either way, she makes her way back to the clinic. Better off than she was last time at least!
Abdiel     Abdiel was busy sitting in the main room, reading a book with a cross drawn on it. He seems to be into the book but stops to mark his place before beginning to approach the woman. "How may I help you?" He asks with some concern.
Eden I'm not really sure, but I don't feel well I feel... hurt... and... there's these nightmares. I had a concussion about a week ago. I'm kind of afraid something is still wrong
Abdiel     "I see. This is probably because you scavenged in Dunwich." Abdiel says as he looks over her head and gently feels alongside her head. "Probably a concussion." He says as he gets a flashlight and shines it in her eyes. "Any other pain?" He asks
Eden Eden lets of a slightly embarrassed chuckle. "Yeah, how'd you guess Doc?" She thinks. "I've been kind of nauseous too.. but- I thought that was for a much different reason." Eden turns red at this, then tries to focus again. "I get pains, and will think that like, my hand is hurt- then I look and it isn't. It's very strange. Between Dunwhich being haunted and a serious bump to my noggin. I just need to be sure I'm ok."
Abdiel     "Well the important thing is to keep you from sleeping. people who go to sleep while having a concussion has a nasty habit of not waking up." He says as he begins to get some bandages and begins to wrap her head. "So do you got a name?" He asks with a curious tone to his voice.
Eden "that's exactly what Camilla was worried about when I first got conked. But I have slept and woke up several times since, so, I dunno." Eden laughs.. "Oh yeah, I do. It's Eden"
Abdiel     "I am Abdiel. I am a new canaanite missionary." Abdiel explains and once the bandage was secure around her head he nods as begins to go through the cabinet for supplies. "This should help with any pain, headaches and the like. As for the nightmares, I suggest talking to someone about them. Dunwich is a dangerous place, both mentally and physically."
Eden Eden says "It's nice to meet you. But.. talk to who? If this place is supernatural, do we have anyone that helps with that mojo stuff around here? If I'm haunted need unhaunting. If I got a screw loose, need o tighten in. If it's just nightmares.. well, then they will pass eventually." Eden hesitates a moment, but doesn't know if it's important to say or not. "If i'm haunted or hurt... there's another reason I need to fix it quickly." Eden touches her belly softly. "I couldn't have hurt.." she can't quite say it
Abdiel     Abdiel looks to her and he nods. "Well the nightmares should pass. If they still persist, we can talk about it. Do you believe in God?" He asks curiously as he hands her a pill. "This should help with any headaches. They also will not affect your child." He says as he watches her.
Eden Eden takes the pills, now that she is sure they will be ok. "I have never really thought about god. always been too busy for that sort of thing. People have been wondering since the beginning of time. Maybe we just aren't supposed to know."
Abdiel     "He speaks to us. When you find a place untouched by man, it is his temple. Unfortunatly thanks to the great war, his temples are little to non existant. I grew up in a religious settlement. In a world filled with uncertainty and misery, it is nice to know that there is a light in the darkness."
Eden Eden has no idea what to make of this. She is always glad someone is happy, but has no idea what to say. So, as is her way with anything she doesn't understand, back to the business at hand. "So how much do I owe you for the doctoring?"
Abdiel     "Twenty five caps." Abdiel says as he watches her and waits for him to pay him before moving to help her out. "Be careful out there. The wasteland is dangerous."
Eden Eden says "Here you are, and thank you. I'm sorry I don't know what to make of religion. But am glad you are at peace." She smiles up at him. "No one knows yet except her father. You won't say anything, right? I want to tell them myself"