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Iris Lark Early work has started on the walls at Acme, people coming together to keep the town from being overrun. While they do not have a large robot like El Dorado, they have over 1000 people who are willing to use blood, sweat and even tears to build up the town.

The earlier thunderstorm has passed by leaving a nice clear afternoon with fluffy clouds high in the blue sky. The workers are seperated into several groups, some doing mortar and others doing lifting.

Which will you join?
Camilla     Now known as /Doc/ Camilla, at least in Shanty Town, Cami's taken the job of wondering around the build and checking hydration, food intake, rest breaks, proper lifting and moving techniques. She's not really all that strong, but she can, and does, use her medical skills to make sure no one gets hurt or passes out working on the wall, at least for the start of it.
Lucky Strip of his jacket and shirt, the young Ranger known as Lucky was up on the wall laying down the bricks; one brick at a time. Sweat glisten his body, of which at times he'd wipe away. He's been here for a while, having given up on Brutus after being flung into a lakebed.
Fern     After having a bath yesterday, it's time to build up some dirt and sweat! Yay! Fern has found her way over to Acme again, and as she spies where the wall is being built she starts to wander on over. The kid is examining it from afar, seeing who is all there and what tasks are currently available. Her hands are on her hips as she nears, and she stops by Lucky, calling to him, "Oy, Ciggy. You been here all day?" she checks.
Iris Lark Iris moves among the people carrying bricks with some of the men and dropping them off where they can be mortared and placed. She seems to be in a better mood than she was at the last wall building, her hair tied up with a scarf.

People come and go between the pile of bricks, some carrying things, and others directing where the stone should go. "I really wish we had that big robot." Someone laments, wiping at his face with a towel.
Alasa Alasa wanders into town, which isn't that odd..cause she wanders the wasteland all the time. Almost like its her job, oh wait..kinda is. But the large group of people draws her attention. "Oh, looks like someone is taking the threat of the mutants serious here...a wall, I like it. That should help quite a bit..." as she moves along the wall thats being worked on.
Lucky Smiling down to Fern, Lucky says "Pretty much, yeah." He says climbing down the ladder and wips his hand on the pantleg. Extending out to her, he says "Lucky." With a smile before looking over to Iris "Hey, Brutus owes me for knocking me into a lake. Pretty sure I could bring it over."
Camilla     Camilla continues her rounds before finally decided to set her rifle and medic bag aside and start to assist in the building of the wall. She's not really got much anything to say to anyone at the moment, so, work work, and zug zug, and all that.
Eden Eden walks in still covered in grease from her earlier work. She isn't sure quite where to start, so hangs back for a moment to say hello to Iris. She hasn't seen her in quite some time, and has had adventures! Eden hopes she will get a chance to tell her everything soon. For now, she just says "Hello Iris! How have you been?" She gives her a little hug.
Iris Lark Iris takes a break from what she's doing to give Eden a lingering hug. "Hi Eden, you look like you've been having fun, what were you up to?" She asks, grinning at the woman. "I'm doing good, we're building a wall! Hopefully the general store stays standing."
Fern     Smirking as she looks up to Lucky, Fern says, "I know," about his name. She reaches out to shake, and afterwards she glances around, murmuring, "Now where in the world is Kae? She should be here to see you all half-naked and sweating. Isn't that what girls are supposed to like?" she asks up to the man, her lips pursed. She shifts her gaze again to a pile of bricks, and then she requests, "Show me how to lay bricks?" to Lucky.
Lucky "You, uh know?" Lucky says a bit surprised; after all, why would Lucky's name be known? Not like he's been around a lot of people. At the mentioning of Kae, his face lessens in surprise and perhaps more in understanding. "Ah, Kae Why would she want to see me all half-naked?" He asks, brow raising before shrugging "I wouldn't know.. not a female." He adds before nodding "Well it's pretty simple. You take a brick, lather some mortar on one side and then place the side with it on the brick." He says, showing her how.
Iris Lark Iris eyes Fern and she starts to laugh softly. "Every time I've seen you, you've been asking to learn things. I like that." She says, setting down another heavy brick and moving to pick up another from the pile. "Lucky, show her how to lay bricks." She says, wiping at her forehead.

The planners point towards the entrance to the town where the walls will be slightly higher and a team of men move in that direction. Several people show up from the general store, with buckets of cold water to serve and some snacks.
Alasa Alasa dusts herself off a bit, as she watches the people. She moves off to find somewhere out of the way to keep an eye on things. They do seem to enjoy this type of work, that is one thing.
Fern     Grinning towards Iris, Fern says, "Gotta be handy around here, ya know? Can't just sit around and cause trouble all day. Building's a good skill to have, yeah?" she asks Iris before she looks back to Lucky to watch how he teaches. The girl moves forward then and takes a brick, putting mortar on and slathering it like it was mayo on a sandwich. She then plops it onto the line of the wall, squishing a bit too much mortar out. Not -too- bad for a first brick.

    "Not too bad.. It's kinda fun!" As she starts to help where ever needed, Fern says to Lucky, "I dunno if she'd wanna see you like this, but you'd like her to, no? Or did you get over her and move on to fawning over someone else?" she asks, serious enough.
Eden Eden smiles at Iris "I have so much to tell you. Kinda busy now I guess. I guess I should just grab some bricks and start in? Or is there anything in particular you'd like me to work on?" Eden wishes there was time to talk.
Lucky Lucky blinks, looking to Fern. "You ask very pointed questions don't you." He replies, laying the bricks down. "Kaelyn is beautiful and though I like her, I do not believe it's mutual." He replies, shrugging. "But, I will say I was never fawning over her.. or really any other woman." He notes, glancing to Fern.
Alice "He probably would rather teach her to lay pipes instead of bricks." Alice quipped in as she arrived from the General Store with some cool and refreshing drinks for everyone! There was a mixture of cold water and nuka-colas and even some local juice! NO booze though.
Iris Lark "Well after we're done here, we can go sit somewhere and have soem tea." Iris says, nodding towards Eden. She moves over to Alice and gives her a big hug. "Where in the world have YOU been?" Progress is being made slowly, and with the steady work that is going on soon the wall will be higher than most in this place can see over. More motar and bricks are being brought, the liquidy stuff having more of a concrete viscosity.
Alice Alice returns the hug and hands Iris a cold Nuka, "Oh, I was making drinks for people and stuff. Where have YOU been?"
Fern     Narrowing her eyes slightly as she hears something about pipes, Fern asks Lucky, "Why pipes? They better than bricks or something? I guess they could be handy for transporting water.." She shrugs a bit, slathing more mortar onto a brick and plopping it down, doing her best to make it look right. "If it makes ya feel better, I haven't seen Kae flirt with any girls either. Haven't seen her flirt with anyone. Maybe she was programmed to not like people or something," she says in a wondering tone. She pauses her work then, looking about to notice Alice and Alasa, and both get a little grin.
Lucky "I wouldn't know; never laid pipe." Lucky replies, watching Fern with curiosity before shrugging at her second comment and continues to work.
Eden Eden grins widely and says "Everywhere it seems! Tea sounds perfect. OK, let me chip in here before there's nothing left to do." Eden walks over toward Lucky and Fern. "Hi you two! Can I help here?"
Iris Lark "I've been in Avalon, actually." Iris says to Alice, the smile on her face bright. "I've missed you, you need to come by." She props her hands on her hips as she watches fern interact with Lucky, taking a moment to listen to what they're talking about. Something makes her snort softly.

One of the menfolk who is stacking the bricks stares at Lucky for a moment and shakes his head slowly. "You are a damn fool, son. She's not talking..ah nevermind."
Lucky Lucky blinks, pausing as he looks over the guy. "What.. oh." he sighs, looking back to Alice and shakes his head. "Yea know, I do not act or think like that." He says in a grumble; slamming the brick down, which cracks. "Fuck." He mumbles, taking it and chunks it over the wall; grabbing another he lays it down.
Fern     Fern glances to the man who calls Lucky a fool. Guess they both are, 'cause she still looks confused! Oh well. The girl looks away and starts working again, humming as she does. "You know, I don't mean to bust your chops or nothin'." She puts another brick down, then looks at Lucky. "What's pissin' you off?" she wonders.
Alasa Alasa pulls out a canteen, cracking it open and taking a sip. "ah, now thats good water...with just a hint metallic aftertaste.." As she closes the top again. "Well, this looks like a long term plan...hopefully its tall enough to stop the horsemen."
Lucky Blinking, Lucky smiles "Oh, I know .. Fern, isn't it? I believe I recall Jackie and Kaelyn talking about you before." He says, attitude changing to warmth and kindness. "And it's nothing."
Alice Alice winces a bit as she seems to upset Lucky and frown a bit personally to Iris, "I'll try to come by soon, I've been busy working on Over9000 though, he's almost done. I was going to bring Vaultmeat but he's playing with Bacon in the store and I figured I'd just leave them alone..." Dog and Pig alone in a store. What could go wrong?

"Hey Eden!" She called out when she noticed the other girl from Vault Town.
Fern     Fern catches what Alasa says about the water, and it makes her snicker. She likes jokes. The kid looks back to Lucky then and murmurs to him, "I'm gonna have a tattoo like her one day. Lots of them. Soon as I figure out what I want. She said a deathclaw wasn't the best idea," she grumbles softly as if it had been her original idea.

    Fern then grins and pauses her work to watch Lucky. "Oh yeah? They said good stuff, right? They're my friends. I guess Jackie is kinda like my best friend? Maybe. She's older than me, though. We hang out. She cut my hair for me, and we go on rides on her bike. It's awesome! Do you know her?" she wonders. "And yeah. Fern."
Iris Lark Several of the bricks are broken and discussion is going on with how to fix them and let them still be useful. A few men bring the problem to your group, asking for ideas on what to do with the lot of broken bricks. Iris glances between Eden and Alice and quirks her brows upward briefly. "Anyone have any ideas? I don't know if the mortar is going to hold it together if we try to use them."
Eden Eden hears her name a jumps, happy to see Alice! "Hi you!" she gives Alice a little hug too. " She turns her mind to the problem of the bricks. wishing she knew a little more about what they were made of. She wonders if maybe it can work like a rock wall does instead? She listens carefully as they describe the problem, analyzing.
Lucky "Well, the bricks are currently designed with rebar to strength its resilience against an attack." Lucky notes, point out the several large rebar's sticking out. "That will help. We could, though, use a concrete; but that'd require a mixer that I doubt we have." Seems the Ranger knew a thing or two about walls.

Glancing to Alice, he smiles warmly "And I'd be willing to help with Over9000 if you like."

Looking back to Fern, he says "I don't know Jackie personally; I only met her once." And a clothing rack was somehow involved in that..
Camilla     Camilla's been in her own little world for some time now, and as she stands up and see's Alice and Eden, she smiles and waves at them both. To Iris, she turns, "Rocks? Pre war vehicle wrecks? Sheet metal? I dunno how to build walls, I work on people, so...yeah.."
Fern     "She's pretty cool," Fern says, just making sure evryone knows that! She glances off when a problem arises, and she hmms. "Ahhh... No clue." The kid laughs merrily then moves on, putting a few more bricks down. Once she's close enough to Alasa she pauses her work and looks to the woman.

    "Hey, Alasa! Did you see they opened a tattoo shop in town!? Well, back in town. It's pretty sweet! I'm gonna go down and get a tattoo sometime," she says, looking excited.
Eden Eden steps closer to those talking about the broken bricks. "Hey what if" she starts to say, but sees that no one is listening. Stepping into the front to be noticed she attempts to speak up this time and says "Hey. What if we use them byt the gate?" SHe pauses and sees they've noticed her now, so she continues. "If you turn the blunt ends to the wall, they'll fit, and not change the gate or the way your building." Nervous again, Eden takes a step back again. They heard the idea. If it works, great, if not.. she'll just stay and work where she can.
Alasa Alasa hmms and smiles, "Oh, good..I was thinking of getting another one too...I came across some equipment, figured I could trade it for a discount on a new one...still trying to decide what."
Camilla     Camilla shrugs her shoulders at Eden and looks at everyone else, "Sounds like Eden has a workable plan.." she spurts out to help support miss Eden.
Alice Alice returned the hug and nodded to Lucky, "That would be great." She quieted down a bit as everyone focussed on the bricks though, she wasn't good with construction. Instead? She sipped a nuka, a cold refreshing nuka.
Iris Lark The men nod at Eden and start hauling the broken stone towards the gate, nodding at Eden in thanks. A few others start passing out water and snacks as twilight falls and things start to roll to a close. "Only the experienced crew can work at night, all ya volunteers, thank ya." He states, waving people off. To one side, a few workers sit with injuries and Iris and Camilla move to assit them as lights and torches are being set up.
Lucky Grabbing his shirt, Lucky wipes his brow again before heading off toward Acme proper; on off to home.
Fern     "Cool! You found some stuff while in the wastes? Sweeeet-Hey! You wanna go together and get tattoos?" Fern asks Alasa. "Or I can come watch you get one. I wanna see what it's like. See how many needles and all." She snickers lightly. "I still don't know what to get, but.. I'll figure that out eventually." Fern shrugs, then looks off as she hears the guys. She watches Lucky leave, then grunts and says, "Aw.. I was having fun.."
Alasa Alasa hmms, and looks around.."Wow, didn't even notice it getting dark." She laughs, "Yeah, I find stuff left out there...I got a bunch of leather..thinking about having a coat made..or maybe a holster...I keep coming across guns...but sure, its very painful, but worth it in the end."
Eden Eden grins at Camila in thanks. Just working is fun. Trying to talk to a group is nervewracking! Eden is glad that her idea helped. She gladly accepts a nuka. She may not have been here, but she has been working all day!
Fern     "I bet it hurts.. But they look really cool," Fern says as she grins at Alasa. She watches how some people are starting to leave and then asks, "You heading home now or are you gonna stick around and find something to do in town?" she wonders.