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Owner Pose
Camilla     Out in the front room of the Clinic is it's new Chief Medical Officer, Camilla, using the kitchen to make herself something that accounts for a meal. She's currently dressed in something akin to a tank top and a pair of basic leather pants, and outside that, there is nothing else and no one else present inside the brick medical clinic.
Martin There is a bit of commotion outside as folks are shouting for urgency to make way. It gets steadily louder. And then folks burst into the clinic, with a gored body, with a sucking wound visably respirating lung. His ribs have deep gouges across them, as whatever did this desperatedly wanted to make Martin's inside's outside. And they then rest the Martin on the floor, to make sure to spread the viseria as much as possible. One of them shout, "Is there a doctor in the house?!"
Camilla     Camilla spins about and the scene in front of her causes her to drop what she was working on for her meal to the floor. She snaps at the people who brought Martin in and points at one of the exam rooms, "Room One! Now!" she yells at them, pointing at said room. She, herself, bursts in to the room and starts grabbing up all the supplies she can get her hands on, and all the ones she knows she's going to need.
Martin The now makeshift nurses, pick up Martin again, and procede to move him to Room One as directed by Camilla. Martin looks pale. Its probably blood loss, and the gaping laceration he has.
Camilla     Every single step is followed here, from cutting off clothing, to getting blood packs, to grabbing antiseptics, painkillers, everything. Camilla goes to town on doing her damndest to save this mans life, even though she really doesn't know him. It's going to no doubt take hours, and it's going to be taxing.