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Fiona Fiona sits by the small pool, reclined against one of the stalagmites. Hat off, she sips from a cup and just relaxes in the secluded hide-a-way.
Moonshine At first just a tickle, but slowly growing in volume is an old timey whistling tune. Out here in the cave? Sure enough, the tune grows louder and louder, eventually accompanied by footsteps and the occasional grunt or sigh. Leroy "Moonshine" Brown makes his way through the cave, not the wisest explorer, and definitely not the quietest. He grunts again as he squeezes himself through the narrow opening and into the crystal cave. An old 12 gauge in one hand and a small glass bottle in the other.
Fiona Some places you just don't expect company, deep inside a cave in no where is a prime example. At the whistling, Fiona slips her free hand to her revolver, sliding it out quietly. Her hat slipped over ir. "Hello?" She calls to the whistling, hope it isn't a deathclaw, she met a talking one in Mexico. She leans to look up and study the man. "Careful with that scatter gun, Old Timer."
Moonshine "Tarnations!!" Moonshine jumps, his shotgun coming to level at the woman for a moment before he finds his cool and lets it drop back harmlessly to his side, "Damn near scared me half to death! What in Sally Brown's green garden are you doin' here lass?" He squints, giving her the stereotypical old person scrutiny, still trying to decide if she's going to be trouble.
Fiona It takes a certain patience to sit there when he levels the weapon. Having to depend on a strangers restraint, and hoping there is a desire for restraint. "Gettin out of the sun, having a sip of water." She relaxes the hammer, leaving the hat over her pistol. "Come on in, Sir. And what are you doing here, seein as I was here first."
Moonshine The old man's eyes sparkle, "Splorin'." He grins a toothy grin, not a lot of teeth still available tho, so despite his efforts it does not come across as charming. He sets the shotgun down, leaning it up against the wall of the cave, and a takes a few steps further inside the cave. He opens the bottle he's carrying with him, "Care for a nip? It's bound to put some hair on your chest." He winks, takes a quick sip for himself and holds it out in Fiona's direction, "It's some of the cleanest hooch around, I swears it."
Fiona Fiona watches him, lifting the hat off the pistol with the hand that held it before casually and slowly holstering it. "Thank ya." She lifts up and takes the bottle and sniffs before drawing a swig. "Nice." She offers, swirling her tongue on it. "You been into El Dorado?" She is clearly uniformed as militia to those that have seen it.
Moonshine Moonshine nods a few times, "Yip, I been to the Dorado. Nice enough. Good place to trade my hooch I reckon." He shrugs, "You keep that bottle, ya hear? I got plenty where that came from." The old skinny man makes his way over to the pool of water and kneels down, sniffing the water a few times before he cups his hands and drinks a few mouthfuls. He splashes some on his face and sighs in relief.
Fiona "Thankee." The woman offers, getting and tongue wetting small sip before capping if and tucking the bottle away in a pocket. She draws a pair of cigars out, offering one. "There is another brewer, down by the lake. Named B, young woman with a peck of youngins. Maybe you and her should talk, work together, and you'd supply the town and the outside settlements." She offers helpful, if he takes the smoke or not, Fiona pulls out a lighter for her own and to offer him if he took it.
Moonshine Moonshine bows his head in a silent 'thank you', accepting the cigar and the light and puffing the smoke to life happily, "Is that so? B, is it? Yip, well things are always easier when you got help, haven't had help in damn near lifetime feels like." He puffs his cigar expertly, savoring it. "Thanks for the smoke. Name's Leroy, by the way. But people just call me Moonshine, on account o' the hooch."
Fiona There is a nod, "I think she might have the Gold Digger already. I suspect she could use the help, and the two of you might do some medical supply too." Fiona takes a heavy puff, holding for a second before exhaling. "Nice ta meet you, Leroy. I am Fiona Caine, with the militia. My cousin owns the Gold Digger." Still better than mentioning alone out here that Fi is the mayor's cousin.
Moonshine "A pleasure, m'darlin'." Moonshine smiles, puffs his smoke, and relaxes a bit more. He enjoys the cigar in silence for a few minutes before he painfully climbs back up to his feet and collects his shotgun, "Take care of yourself, Miss Caine. Thank ye for the hospitality. I'll be seein' ya." He winks and squeezes back through the crack towards the exit.
Fiona "You have a good day, I should be headin out too." Fiona grabs her gear, "Thanks for the whiskey." She gives him time to leave, another drink of water and she is off too.