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Iris Lark Eden and Iris sit in her makeshift machine shop and medical room, discussing various things. Someone from the clinic stopped in to say that Wintston was asking about medical attention so Iris sent him out to bring the man to her home in Avalon.
Winston Winston follows along with the person that come get him. Once brought in to meet the ladies, he bows his head of long white hair to each of them appreciativly, "Howdy, Maam. Howdy, maam. Thankee for seein me like this." His left arm is in a makeshift sling under his duster. Gear slung across his back, all but the signature helm of the Ranger's. That is slung over his holstered weapon.
Iris Lark "It's no problem." Iris says, leading Winston to the cot in the room. "What happened to your arm?" She asks, tilting her head slightly as she favors him with a smile. "Looks bad enough to be in a sling."
Eden Eden sees Winston and give a friendly wave. "Hello there. I'm Eden, that's Doctor Iris. Looks like you aren't here to have your car fixed"
Winston Winston moves over to the cot, laying his gear off to the side and out the way before doing so. With his duster off, he removes the arm from his sling, revealing his upper arm bandaged, though the dressing could use a changing. Another friendly nod is given to Eden. "Well, I's be out in the wastes scavenging, an one o them big Mutie buggers jumped me. Busted me with a damn two by four stuck with nails. I did my best ta fix it up. I think it ain't infectid. Shore is deep though. An sore as a dickens for tha last week or so."
Eden eden suck in breath through her teeth. "OUch! Well, I'll stay out of Iris's way. Unless you need any help? I'd be happy to fetch if you need it."
Iris Lark "Hrm.." Iris murmurs, moving to expose the wound and prod at it gently. Pus seeps from the wound and her nose wrinkles as she sighs. "Infected, yes, but I can do something about that." She grabs some peroxide and a scalpel. "I'm going to have to lance it though so I can get the peroxide where it needs to be, I'm afraid it's going to hurt." She purses her lips and gazes at him. "Want some leather to bite down on?"
Winston Winston is hesitant, but shakes his head, "Nah, Nah. Ain't mah first wound. Me own dang fault fer not comin in sooner." he turns his head to the side so he isn't looking. "Just do it Doc. Better not knowin." gritting his teeth, awaiting that sharp poke.
Eden Eden hides her eyes a bit. Suddenly the bottles on the shelf are extremely interesting. She had lately been thinking about trying to learn a little but of healing. This is reminding her why she likes cars!
Iris Lark Iris doesn't hesitate, she draws the blade across the wound and pus seeps out. Iris wipes it up with an alcohol and water saturated rag, cleaning the wound the best that she's able. She finds debris in the wound and pulls it out before she pours peroxide into the wound, and it starts to bubble.
Winston Winston's right arm jerks up off his knee with a tight fist with the first cut, keeping the wounded arm limp as anyone can so Iris can do her work. Wincing right as the alcohol, "Hoooeeeee! Dat stings!" he lets out. Gritting his teeth to get through it. A serious grunt as fishes out the debris, though that warm, bubbly peroxide is soothing after it all. His face is still saying it hurts though.
Iris Lark Iris doesn't mumble out an apology, she just continues to work. She packs the wound with a poultice and then dresses it, making sure to apply a fair amount of salve beforehand. "Raise your arm, tell me how it feels now?" She asks, tilting her head as she gazes at Winston.
Eden Eden is glad the cutting part is close to over. She hopes... Getting hurt is fine.. watching the knife is something else! She contines to wait out of the way while Iris works.
Winston Winston lifts his arm up, and kinda does a slow up and down motion. "Still a bit sore, but I's have ta say. It's like gettin rid of a bad tooth. Much better Doc. Thankee. So what I's owe ya fer tha stichins?"
Iris Lark "Ten resources should cover it." Iris says, moving around the workroom to clean up the mess she's made. "It'll be sore for a day or two, and you should take it easy, but'll be good as new."
Eden Eden listens and begins to feel a just a bit of nausea. 'i Think I might need to sit down" she says. "No worries, just a spell."
Winston Winston gets up and lifts up his Duster in the pile of gear, rootin through some pockets he comes up with the ten resources and another ten to boot. "I's really 'preciate the extra ya did in sending someone to git me. Here's a bit more ta help ya keep doin what ya do."
Iris Lark "Thank you, you're welcome to stop by here anytime." Iris says, nodding slowly at Winston. "Especially if the Clinic is quiet." She murmurs as she finishes cleaning up the room. "You too Eden, double for you actually."
Winston Winston nods with thanks. "I's just might stop on by justa say howdy." Still keeping slow with reloading his gear to head out, taking it easy. Least he can put his arm in his sleeve again. "Thankee again." Giving a polite wave to both as he makes his way out once geared up.