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Katherine Caine It's a late night in El Dorado and Katherine is working behind the bar, most of the patrons long-gone or asleep in their rooms. Even the girls have turned in for the night. An old pre-war tune plays on the jukebox and a glass of whiskey sits in front of Katherine as she hums along to it.
John As promised, several days later John walked back inside the Gold Digger Saloon. Turning a bit, he brought the wingbat doors closed before turning to walk over to the bar. "Hello Kitty." John drawls out in a jovial voice. "How are you this fine evening?" He adds, looking around.
Katherine Caine Katherine looked up at the figure who entered, having expected to see him back for several days, "Depends John, are you here to cause trouble or play nice?" While she wasn't afraid of The Brotherhood posing a threat to El Dorado, she was afraid of Joe and Lilly finding out the secret she had kept from them their whole lives.
John "Oh come now. I didn't stir trouble the other day. That Redheaded guy did. I merely was conducting transactions and dropping names." His eyes look past her, to a scotch n the wall. "May I?" He asks, gesturing to the scotch. "Besides, I played nice. Had I wanted trouble, he'd been shot." He notes of his resilience to have stayed calm in that situation
Katherine Caine "You just startled me. You're the last person I expected to see. Again. In my entire life." Katherine replied without a hint of regret, "If you're not here because of what I did to Paladin Blodwyn and his men, why are you here?" She poured another drink for herself and one for John, leaning down to give him a generous view as she did so.
John Taking the glass, he tosses it back and grins "Paladin Blodwyn is a joke. Sure, he scouted you, and sure you fucked him over. I handled business with him, and that is why you haven't seen Paladin or Knight come after you since." He notes as the glass is sat on the table with a thud. "Hell Kitty, I did not know you were here." He adds. "And I cannot tell you why I am here either." He notes with a small smile. "But, since I am.." He reaches a hand over to run his fingers up her arms. "No sense in not rekindling some of that old time fun."
Katherine Caine Most of the tension she had felt at seeing John prior eased away, save the nagging secret in the back of her mind. Katherine's brown eyes looked to the fingers trailing up her arms and she gave John a knowing look, "I'm always up for a little fun John, you should know that, I mean, as long you're not getting too old to show a young thing like me a good time though."
John A hearty laugh escapes his lips. "Oh come now, I was older back than too and you enjoyed it. A few months if I recalled while I was recouping from the radiation poisoning." He said with a sly grin as he leans forward, hand brushing against the cheek. "So, what'a say for old time sake, huh?"
Katherine Caine The mention of times past brought a smile to Katherine's face, she had been adventurous even before she had run away from El Dorado. Reaching up to take John's hand, she felt the effects of the daytripper she had taken and found under the bar hitting full effect along with the alcohol, "I say, let's head away from prying eyes and get re-acquainted."
John John gives a grin as he takes the hand reaching for his and proceeds to follow her someplace more quiet.
Katherine Caine While she wouldn't show it, Katherine couldn't help but decide IF she was going to tell Joe and Lilly. She owed it to them, the question was more if she felt it was the right thing to do. That was a moral dilemma for another time.

John had offered her three times her going rate last time he saw her. No way she was going to turn that down..