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Owner Pose
Qwillis     The Lab had that well used look. Bits and pieces everywhere that at a casual glance, looked chaotic. However, looking it over further, the more and more it looks like organized chaos.
    In the center of the room, Qwillis was at one of those tables. It was relatively clear of most items. An array of tools for working on machines were there, as well as a small bundle of parts. All together, it looks like enough parts to make a new arm. Which is close to what he was doing. On one side of the table is that Pip-boy 5000. The system was scanning over Q's current metal arm, picking it out into a holographic display for the specs. To anyone that understood what they meant? It's surprising it works at all.
Iris Lark     Iris walks into the lab, having received a message from Qwillis asking for her assistance. She shoots him a smile and unshoulders her rucksack near the door. "How are things going here? Are you ready to do some work?" She asks, gazing at the holographic display with interest.
Qwillis     Q glances over and flashes a grin at Iris with a nod. "Yes. I'm getting the final scan of the current arm registered. It should be able to help us come up with the new schematic easily and then build it. So, it'll be just a bit longer. Thank you for coming. I did see the sign saying that Camilla took over out there.. So you're secondary fully now?"
Iris Lark     "Yeah, it didn't seem fair to hover when she seemed to really want the responsibility." Iris remarks, shrugging a shoulder as she grins. "We had a long talk the other day and I understand her better, her motivations and the things that drive her. I think she'll be okay." She gazes at the display for a few moments before she comments. "Hopefully what we come up with won't hurt you as much, yeah?"
Qwillis     Q sighs softly, then gives a small nod. "I'd really like that. Not having pain would be nice.. Although it's a long time friend of mine." The Pip-boy would 'ping!' it's completion of the scan, letting Q straighten up as it'd start processing. After a moment the holographic image would flicker, then reorganize to show each layer of the arm. As Q has hinted at.. there is indeed a phillips head screwdriver in the middle of the arm. "Hmm.. so that's how to take it apart. I've gathered enough to improve it I think too."
Iris Lark     "Well, it doesn't have to be pretty if it doesn't cause you pain. Lets make that our priority at least." Iris says, leaning in to study the imagine from the Pip. "Then we'll worry about asthetics and all of that, I'm sure we can come up with something good between the pair of us."
Qwillis     Q would reach over for the pip-boy, punching in a few commands to expand the holo-display to the full table, blowing it up a little. Another command and he'd nod, grinning at Iris. "There. It'll recognize when we touch an item to move it. So we can manipulate it here.."
Iris Lark     Iris steps up to the holo display and she purses her lips as she walks around it, studying how it's currently configured. She then walks to the door, pulls a piece of paper from her rucksack and brings it back to the counter, sketching silently. Every so often she reaches up and moves a piece of the display before she goes back to her paper. When she's done, she slides the sketch towards Qwillis, silently gazing at him with both of her eyebrows slightly raised.
Qwillis     Q would watch Iris as she'd study the display curiously. He'd muse as she'd get a paper and he'd start denoting on the pieces a number. Order of removal of course. When Iris would offer that paper, he'd look it over, then chuckle quietly. "Of course.. I wish I had thought of that at this time. This seems a better connection.. and it won't cause anywhere near the level of pain now.." Musing, he'd trace a line on what she drew. "This.. may even let me have a third finger.."
Iris Lark     "I think if we took more time we could get you up to four, but I'm sure you'd rather this were done sooner rather than later." Iris says quilety, leaning on the counter, her eyes on the display still. "This is interesting, I'd never have thought to use a Pip for this. I only use mine for reading or light, if it was like CORA, it probably would have yelled at me countless times already."
Qwillis     Q chuckles, smiling to Iris with a small shrug. "It took me a long time to gather all the resources for this, Iris. This is a 5k model.. about two to three grades higher than the standard Pip-Boy. So.. I doubt many of them could do this. Jude's might be able to." He'd shrug slightly, musing as he'd look it over. "I think you're right. We could potentially get four. However, I rather establish a basis with three, then expand. No need to get greedy. I've done plenty with 2.."
Iris Lark     "Well, I'm here to help, so put me to work." Iris says, standing up straight, a slight grin on her face. "Hopefully we can work out a mod that will keep it dry during the rain - lord knows we get enough storms around here recently." She walks over, snags a stool and drags it towards the counter. "Where do we start?"
Qwillis     Q nods, and motions to the display. "Paint by number I guess. Or disassemble by number." He'd shift, pulling his shirt off so that the arm was fully exposed. From there, he'd turn so it's resting on the table while he'd tap a bolt on it. "We start here. There's six bolts and two servos that connect it to me. The ring on my shoulder. We disconnect them and it'll come off. But the servos also house the nerve connection for strength of grip.. So I do ask you are careful with them." Q smirks slightly. "Otherwise.. it'd feel like you're pulling my arm off."
Iris Lark     "I'm sure if I had a nickname it would be soft hands, or some crazy shit like that." Iris says, obviously joking by the slight smirk on her lips. She gathers the appropriate tools and starts where Qwillis directed her. She carefully unfastens the six bolts and the two servos and by that time, she's quietly humming to herself as she removes, checks and then sets aside parts. She is extremely careful and slow at the shoulder connection, taking more time than she probably needed to, slowly removing parts. "The last thing..I want to cause more discomfort." She says, her words spaced out because she's distracted.
Qwillis     Q helps to start with, as much as he can left handed. When it gets down to the single bolt and the servos, however, he's much more quiet. That left hand simply holding onto the table's edge. He doesn't show the pain. Simply.. deals as Iris gets that final disconnect done, he'd shudder a little, gasping faintly before sighing. "Man.. that always sucks." Shaking his head, he'd smile faintly to Iris. "You've helped with the new design.. so it won't be like that. I may even be able to set up the interface plate so it's smoother on and off too.."
Iris Lark     "Let's hope." Iris says, her gaze shifting to meet Qwillis as she gives him a bracing smile. "I can't imagine how you dealt with this on your own, out there .." She automatically glances out towards where the exit would be and she frowns for a moment. "A great deal of will, I think, went into the original."
Qwillis     Q smiles faintly and in a mix of doing himself and directing Iris, helps with taking apart the arm into it's basic components. "I.. passed out a few times. On both connections. It wasn't easy. But I never said it was.. I just.. refused to give up. As I always have."
Iris Lark     "The world, and the wastes would be a better place, likely, if more people adopted that mindset." Iris says, and when the arm is down to its basic components she takes a step back, fetching a bottle of water from her rucksack to drink. "Alright, now what do we do?" She asks, tilting her head slightly to the side as her gaze moves over the parts they've removed.
Qwillis     there's all sorts of things in there. The screwdriver, at least 3 different coat hangers, warped and bent to fit what was needed. The plates are all rusted slightly, with the wiring and such being a hacked together mess that mostly worked.. sometimes.
    Qwillis would chuckle quietly at Iris' words with a small nod. "I'd have to fully agree.. The world would be better if people didn't give up." Musing, he'd shift the paper Iris drew up one handed to be near the pip-boy. He's much slower at it, but he'd get the command in to have it scan and then display that write up. "Now.. we put it together with the new parts I got."
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at the things making up the arm and she gazes at Qwillis quietly for a few moments before she moves to begin setting up with the new parts. She takes a seat for this and slowly works, making sure each part connects in the proper place without issue. She refers to the display and the drawn pictue often, making corrections as she goes.
Qwillis     Q was aware of Iris' look, but wasn't sure what to say about it. So, he simply worked. Getting the pieces all set up and aligned in that pip-boy, he'd start working with Iris to get the new arm re-made. What can be said is that whoever tended to the small stump of an arm that Qwillis had left was a professional. It's healed and whole, sans the hole Qwillis made for the connection. "I did what I could with what I had.. I had no leg.. I had no arm.. so gathering.. was slow. People took pity on me sometimes. I got robbed.. I don't know. 6, 7 times? Two years.. day in, day out. With hunger and thirst there.. and always the pain, as I worked.. There's a reason I don't give up. I refuse to.."
Iris Lark     "Giving up shouldn't be an option." Iris says, and she frowns a bit as she shifts on her stool. "I gave up. Sad to say, and when I hear the stories of the people around me and the strength that they displayed to go above and beyond, I embarassed at times." She allows herself a sigh and goes back to work, quiet for a few moments. "I'm glad people helped you."
Qwillis     Q glances at Iris and shakes his head slightly. "I don't see you giving up. You're here. You're working, you fight. You help people.. how is this giving up?" He'd shrug slightly and continue his work with Iris. The arm coming together rather nicely. Sure, the parts are still slightly rusted and such, but the whole build is much more refined.
Iris Lark     "Maybe not now, but before I was rescued I certainly did." Iris says, her eyes on her hands and their work. Her voice is quiet as she continues to explain. "The day the beastlords came to the camp, I could have ran. I could have fought. I could have tried to escape before then, but what did I do? I sat down near the bed I was chained near and waited to die." She does gaze up at Qwillis then. "When I woke up here, in Shantytown, I was so surprised that I didn't die that I...I just ..worked."
Qwillis     Q listens while they work, a small nod given Iris' way. "That's just it.. sure.. I was picked on.. and handicapped. But I didn't have people actively seeking to break me, Iris. Slavery.. it's cruel. They break the person so they go no where.. they do nothing. It's just.. it's not right. But I don't blame that on you.. not at all."
Iris Lark     "I blame myself though." Iris replies, and she takes a short break, leaning back and gazing at Qwillis. "After talking to Camilla? I blame myself more, she...didn't give up, she gave them a fight." She shrugs and she goes back to her work, quietly adding. "I just wish I didn't let fear incapacitate me."
Qwillis     Q pauses, studying Iris. He'd reach out to try and place that hand on one of her own, watching her. "Iris.. everyone is different. Everyone has their way of dealing with things. You aren't Camilla.. So she fought.. You were scared. Being overwhelmed can do that.. trust me. Getting chewed on by three ghouls? Sometimes it's easier to give up.. I didn't fight anymore then. I just tried to not die." He'd shrug slightly, withdrawing to return to the work on the arm. "Would it help any if I say I forgive you.. so you can forgive yourself?"
Iris Lark     Iris goes still, accepting the comfort given with a smile. "Thanks, and yes..that helps a lot." She lets out a slow breath and allows herself another minute or two of quiet reflection before she goes back to work.
Qwillis     Q smiles to Iris with a small nod. He'd finish up that top part of the arm and lean back a little to look at it. "With this change that you said.. We should be able to put all the controls through the one point. And that means no more pain.. It'll be linked up smoothly. I'm not sure still about the fingers. I'll probably have to practice to get that 3rd one to actually respond.."
Iris Lark     "It will take some time, as you're used to the way it felt up until now." Iris agrees, and she slumps forward, propping her chin on her palm. "I'm glad it will be less pain for you. I hadn't realized exactly how much you had been in. You hide it well."
Qwillis     Q smiles slightly with a small shrug. "I thought I didn't have a choice. Pain and an arm.. or nothing? I couldn't go without.." He'd shift a little, sigh and look at the next part of the schematics. "People tend to take things for granted. Like limbs. like no pain. I just started taking it for granted. I'm not a fighter because I'm good, Iris.. I'm a fighter because what's more pain? I wonder.. if I'll still be that way when we finish this."
Iris Lark     "We shall see, right?" Iris says, meeting his smile with one of her own. "You never know, the more we work on this stuff the more advanced we may be able to rig it. I'm no scientist, but I can help with the medical aspect at least." She pats Qwillis gently on the hand before she goes back to work. "Hopefully things slow down one day enough that we can..I don't know, relax a bit."
Qwillis     Q can't help but grin back at Iris with a small nod. "That's true.. It was quite fun the other day working on Brutus. Tough.. but good work. Poor Fiona kept trying to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow. Kept disrupting everything. But, she was trying, so it was alright." He'd chuckle softly as he'd work with Iris on that next part. "I'm.. I'm looking to get as much information I can, about technology.. and science. And then I'm going to teach Iris. I think thats what I'll invest in, for holodisks.. to help me so I can help others."
Iris Lark     "Well, I wish I had seen all of that." Iris says, giggling softly as Qwillis described the robot fixing. "If I can do anything to help you with your teaching, I hope you'll let me know. I may not be the heart of this place anymore, but my heart will always be here - in a way."
Qwillis     Q chuckles softly. "Ask Lucky about it.. he had the robot flipping off the mountains.. then it backhanded him into the wasteland and waved bye after him." Shaking his head, he'd muse. "Makes me wonder how that guy even lives.." Shrugging, he'd smile with a nod to Iris. "Sure. You know I will, Iris... I.." Frowning, he'd look back at the work, focusing on it left handed even. "I.. had.. have.. a crush on you.. but.. well. You have Jude. For a while I was jealous of him.. but.. I've kinda made peace with that too. He seems a good fit for you."
Iris Lark     Iris blinks at Qwillis, and she simply stares at him for a few moments, obviously speechless. She opens her mouth a few times to speak, but she seems to be without words for a while. She reaches over and takes her water, drinking a few mouthfulls before she tries again. "Qwillis..I'm incredibly flattered, and I hope you realize how much you do mean to me." She looks a bit pained at the mention of Jude, but she manages a smile. "He is a good man, we're not serious though. Too much going on with both of us to be..serious right now."
Qwillis     Q stops at Iris' words. Staring at the bit of the arm he was working on for a moment. He'd chuckle softly with a slight shake of his head. "Well. I just made that a whole ton of awkward.. didn't I?" Musing for a moment, he'd sigh and shrug slightly, finally looking up at Iris. "I.. I know. I know you've got a kind spot in your heart for me Iris.. I've seen how you are.. and I'm so grateful for it. I.. I don't want to lose that. I'm sorry about you and Jude.. if I had known, I wouldn't of even said anything.." He'd shake his head with a sigh, reaching for the next tool. "I don't know anything about relationship stuff. Most people tend to shun or scorn me. Depending on how much hate they have for technology."
Iris Lark     "They're fools then, because you are a kind man who loves to help. A lot of people can use help, but they'll never ask for it." Iris says, her cheeks slightly pink. "You're not ever going to lose my friendship, Qwillis. You've helped me as much as I've helped you, you know?" She shakes her head slightly and smirks. "No need to be sorry, we had settled on that before Mexico, and would have been just fine if people wouldn't have been announcing our ...cohabitating status." She chuckles ruefully and adds. "I adore him, and I know he likes me - but it's been so busy lately with the walls and the militia doing patrols. I don't get to see him much."
Qwillis     Q smiles back to Iris with a small nod. "I'm glad. I'm glad I've been a help and I'm glad I won't lose you as a friend." He'd chuckle quietly with a small shrug. "I'll also do my best to not be jealous of him then.. I.. I didn't really even know until whatshername.. Alice? Yeah. That's who rattled off all those facts while we were out in the wastelands of Mexico." Shaking his head, he'd return back to that work on the next part, the elbow was always a tough section to do, support, control and flexability range of course. "So you settled on.. being a couple together? Or just not quite due to work and everything? I'm not going to tell anyone.. but.. well.. I am curious."
Iris Lark     "We're figuring things out, nothing has been set quite in stone or anything." Iris says, her eyes and fingers focused on the small wrench in her hand. "We agreed to take it super slow, because we don't even know each other all that well. Only a few people knew, until ..well yeah." She meets Qwillis's eyes and manages a smile. "So I'm not really sure of our status, I just know that we're fond of each other."
Qwillis     Q chuckles and points that allen wrench at Iris. "That is a good start then." He'd shake his head a little and return to that work. "Alice shouldn't of blabbed as she did. On the other hand.. it gave me time to come to terms. So.. I guess it wasn't all bad?" Musing, he'd pause a moment. "I don't think she actually said you were a couple.. just that you were living together. So.. I guess in part that was an assumption?"
Iris Lark     "Well most would come to that conclusion." Iris says, and she laughs softly then. "I'm not so upset that it was brought up, not for me anyway. Jude seems a bit shy, and..well..we both made a promise of sorts. If we find something we want a bit more, we talk about it, try to figure it out. No drama." Her shoulders raise briefly and she pushes her hair behind her ears. "I wish you had said something sooner, though."
Qwillis     Q glances at Iris, blushes genuinely and looks back at his work. "Ahh.. I.. I didn't know if you'd even be interested. Here I was some drifter off the wastelands, claiming a past here.. I certainly had a crush on you pretty soon after I met you.. but.. I don't know. I guess I thought you deserved better." He'd ratchet that next part into place and test the joint. "That seems secure.. need to reinforce it. I've found this joint takes the most impact.. I've only had to redo it 8 times or so.."
Iris Lark     "Qwillis.." Iris begins, letting out a soft awkward chuckle. "I don't judge people on..where they came from or what kind of past they have." She gestures to herself and the grin becomes genuine. "I ..would be a large hypocrite if I did that." She leans in and helps him work. "I'm still not ready for a relationship myself, to be honest, I'm still trying to figure out who I am. If I'm happy with what I am, right now."
Qwillis     "Hard to love anyone, if you can't love yourself." Q would muse a moment, then nod slightly. He'd look up at Iris with a small smile, touching her hand again. "Well.. if it's any consulation.. I like who you are, hmm?" Chuckling, he'd use her work to get the additional structural enforcement done on the elbow, each of the wires for the connections tested and double checked with the pip-boy, before moving on to that forearm and wrist.
Iris Lark     Iris nods and she inhales slowly, allowing herself a few moments to exhale out before she replies. "Too right, and I don't love myself right now." She says before she goes quiet and leans in to help with the connections on Qwillis's forearm and wrist.
Qwillis     "I've had days like that too." Q would say quiet, mostly to himself really as he'd work with her to get the forearm layered, then set. That done, the wrist was the next focus. This is where Qwillis would have to look at the hologram and write up Iris did more often, as adding the additional finger? That was off script from what he had.
Iris Lark     Iris manages a smile and she sits back and gazes down at the work done so far. "I'm really pleased with how this is coming along." She says, gazing from the diplay to the work so far with an approving nod. "What do you think?" She asks, slipping to her feet to stretch for a moment, walking in a circle with her arms over her head.
Qwillis     Taking that break with Iris, Q chuckles quietly, looking it over, then looking to her. "Hmm.. That this is amazingly easier when I have someone who understands schematics helping me." Q would watch Iris for a moment, shake his head a little, then studies the wrist. "I like your write up on this, Iris.. very modular. So I could probably actually add the rest of the fingers with a very minimal modification to be done to it."
Iris Lark     "Well that's what I was hoping for, it's just the pain of setting up the nerve attachments right, so that you can manipulate them all." Iris says, grinning at Qwillis. When he gives her the compliment she sits up a little straighter, a happy look on her face. "Could find other mods to add as well as time goes on, but fancy stuff should wait until the things you need are here first."
Qwillis     Q chuckles, he'd shift the wrist to show Iris a wire cluster into a small black box. "This is the nerve connection. I've set it up so that while I.. feel, the fingers? I don't feel them. So I can easily just disconnect one without causing pain there." He'd tap the plates along the arm. "These have basic sensation sensors to them.. I sort of feel stuff against it. Mostly so I can feel if it's stuck, or whatever. It's hard to hug someone if you can't feel half the hug and crush a rib." The question is, is Q joking or serious there? He'd smile to Iris. "Like you said.. the more advanced modifications comes after I make sure this works.. And you'll have to attach the servo first to my arm.. then the bolts like before. That.. is well usually the worse part."
Iris Lark     "I'll be as careful as I can." Iris assures Qwillis, getting to her feet and sighing. "Are we nearly ready for that part?" She gazes at the diagram with a frown. "Or should we wait to make sure this is all working well first?"
Qwillis     Q chuckles softly. "I.. don't have another way to test, than to connect it. That'd actually be why I'd pass out.. it wasn't working yet.." He'd shift a little in his seat then nods to Iris. "Go ahead. I think I'm ready."
Iris Lark     Iris moves closer and takes a breath before she starts connecting things. She doesn't distract herself with talking while she works, though she does pause occasionally to push her hair behind an ear.
Qwillis     Q takes a small breath, then grits his teeth against the pain as Iris would work. He doesn't move, or anything like that, despite that pain. In fact, as Iris works, it seems that Q relaxes some, the pain easing after the initial connection while Iris does her thing to make it actually not hurt him. Almost absently, Q would help Iris one time she'd go to brush the hair behind her ear, doing it for her. Then realizing what he did, Qwillis looks away with a slight shake of his head, letting her finish up that work.
Iris Lark     "Thanks." Iris says, leaning in to do the more intricate work slowly before she takes a step back. "Okay, lets try some movements, don't grab anything you'll miss later though in case you misjudge your strength."
Qwillis     Q chuckles slightly and nods, looking back to Iris. "Right.. no handshakes yet.." Looking at the arm, Q would focus himself, eyes narrowing a moment as it'd sit there, then slowly start to react. Two fingers and a thumb respond, but that third finger just.. twitches a little. "Huh. That's.. different. I've.. I've only had the sensation of two fingers for so long.. it's.. it's like trying to flex a muscle you didn't know you could. But manage to do once.." It'd take a few more moments for Q to be able to actually lift the arm and move it about. He'd take up one of the hammers to check his grip and everything, nodding as it seems to work out quite well. "This is amazing, Iris. It.. it doesn't hurt to move. My arm anyways. I.. I don't know what to even say."
Iris Lark     "Say that we'll do the same for your leg soon, hopefully end the pain there as well." Iris says, grinning at Qwillis as she watches him manipulate his new arm. "I imagine it's gonna take a few weeks for movement to become completely smooth with the new digit, but soon it should be like it was always there."
Qwillis     Q smiles in response to Iris with a nod. "I have to gather more things to do it with.. It's hard to get a thick enough bar for the core of the thigh portion of the leg. If you don't have a solid core.. then it can twist the wrong way and crush itself.." Yep.. been there too it seems. Q chuckles lightly. "Thank you so much Iris.. I can't even.. begin to describe it. It's just.. it's amazing.."
Iris Lark     "I'm glad that I was able to help." Iris says, leaning in to give Qwillis a hug. "I hope that it serves you well, and that we can just continue to improve on it for you." She moves to wash some gunk off her hands and then returns to put away tools.
Qwillis     Q smiles and gives Iris back a hug. He'd nod lightly as he'd start that clean up. "I feel like it will.. The number of things I can do with three digits? It'll be amazing typing again.. Hmm.. so much to do and deal with." He'd laugh with a shake of his head. "Ahh.. thank you Iris. I appreciate the help." Cleaning up with her, he'd shut down the program in the pip-boy, then sets it on his arm with a nod. "I'll need to gather parts and get use to it.. But we'll do the leg soon."