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Manuelito Under the Command of Old Bill, the dwarven looking man with a beard coming down to his chest and carrying a shotgun that is equal to his five-foot frame, the Militia were able to secure Tinnie after the initial push.

Now background work was being conducted, but the need for assistance was still prevalent. While the above ground streets were safe, below ground in the Fallout Bunker glowing ones roamed.

The bunker was from the age prior to the when the bombs fell was constructed by Lincoln county to house their people. Hug blast doors covered the main entranced, cracked with sentries standing guard.

Old Bill was there, nodding to the entrance, sliding his shotgun into a holster on his back. "Well you folk can see, we got the ol' geni' up and runnin. Accordin' to Marshal, ya'll are supposin go down in there and clear it." He says in a gruff thick voice. "Scout said there be Glowin' ones down in there. He go no more than ten feet in before was consumed."

Slapping his thick, meaty hands together. "So, good luck and off you folk go, Kapeesh? Don't die or something." He mutters, turning and walks off.

Just beyond the blast doors was a open drop shaft; dropping a surprising twenty feet down. Built inside was a old, ricky and rusty metal staircase that led down to an open room - The waiting room. Another blast door, open leads further inside.

A body, mostly consumed and rotting sits next to the door.
Vera Vera says, "Well now...who wants to go down the dark scary tunnel first" As she glances down into the shaft, spying the body down. "Yep, dead I'd say.""
Iris Lark Iris walks along with the group and she raises her brows at the mention of glowing ones. Heaving out a sigh she unshoulders her gauss and glances down the tunnel. "Who's first?"
Kaelyn Kae glances at the hole in the grond and after a while, she's gotten a set of goggles out, she snaps those to her helmet, and flips the NVD goggles down and turns them on with a feint whine... Next she swaps out of course her assault rifle for a p90 of all things. Something close quarters but still packing a hell of a punch. Kae glances around now curiously and looks to the others before smiling and shruggin "Guess I'll go up front, I got NVD goggles." she says and grins cheerfully. As the girl taps the night vision equipment.

The girl's long tapered elf-ears stick out ot either side of her helmet as she glances back at the hole and holds up that p90 of hers.. "Can put out a rather big torrent of fire power with this little toy." She says and shrugs "Amma thinking I can helps with this!"
Fiona Fiona arrives in time to catch her breath during the briefing. That is a good thing one guess. She shoulders her carbine and draws the service 10mm. "I'm with you Kae." The blonde says and looks at the way down. "I really need one of those helmets." She mutters. "One at a time on the steps, watch out descending."
Vera Vera steps to the side to let Kae through, "You got the magic eyes, please be my guest. Rememeber, everything is trying to kill you."
Iris Lark Iris skips down the stairs and shoulders her rifle as she pulls out her pistol. "Remember, everything is trying to kill me." She repeats, looking a bit pained about it.
Kaelyn Kae glances to the others "Yup and if they're glowing let em have it." She says and smiles a bit before the girl begins to go down the hole in the ground, now holding her p-90 up and looking around with her night-eyes and whatnot... She stares around her moving very slow, walking in that tactical method. Meanwhile, on CORA's screen one can read 'scanning' Seems CORA is feeding tactical information to Kae? If one looks really close they might even see a wire that goes up from her collar and hooks into the com system of her helmet.
Fiona Fiona holds the pistol tight in, double handed tactical grip as she she descends and takes a wall. She ignores the body for now, she'll make sure it is extracted after. For now, she crouches and takes tbe left side of the wall, "What our Rads." Then back to Iris, "Iris, how is the ACME wall going?"
Manuelito Surprising there is lighting; the generators were working apparently. Albeit, it was internment flickering of light that comes and goes. The waiting area is littered with scattered chairs, magazines from a bygone era and other loose odds and ends items. Built in the wall facing to the 'north' (south being the stairs) are three reception windows; all with metal grates closed. A blast door leads beyond to a corridor or hallway like area; the blast doors were open.

the dead militia whom was mostly consumed lays next to the door; terrified eyes staring out toward you.

Down the corridor if you chose to go, one finds a door immediately to the right that would lead into the receptionist's room; the door was locked. A few feet down further were another door, to the left with a glass window looking in to the room. The corridor had checkered white and green floor and hospital green paint on the walls.

=- Pick Receptionist lock SECURITY
=- Check creepy room ALERTNESS
=- Continue further down creepy hallway ALERTNESS
Vera Vera hmmms, as she gets to the bottom and sweeps her gaze back and forth. "Well isn't this the maid hasn't been around in years." She moves about, stopping a moment to check the creepy room.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and motions to the lock and frowns a bit as she looks around... "Soo am thinking we'd be best to start clearing this thing out room by room, that way there's no chance of there being anything to hit us from behind." she says, glancing over to the creepy room curiously.... She then turns toward it and tries to peek into said room, working to be as silent as she possibly can as she lets her goggles pierce through the dark while she hunts up feral glowy ghoul types...
Iris Lark Iris continues down the hallway, her pistol held up in front of her and her eyes narrowed slightly. "Gosh, I hope nothing is waiting down here." She mutters to herself.
Fiona Fiona moves down a little way with Iris, shrugging slightly and leading barrel raised. She keeps quiet and low now though, leaving behind the other scans to Kae and Vera.
Manuelito HALLWAY

The hallway continues straight for fifteen feet before curving to the east. As Iris and Fiona goes to turn down the hallway, a spring trap activates; and while she misses it, an old twin bed metal frame comes at her with spikes attached to it; a dead glowing one rests on it. A spike through its mouth, chest and crotch can be seen. From the smell, it had been dead for quite some time.


Looking around the corner of the creep room, Vera and Kae finds an old office that is a cub-farm; four cubicles heads back to the south and three cubicles head to the north. As you move to dismiss it, there is a noise heard with in; something falling off a table.

As you look, a rubber ball comes rolling towards you.
Vera Vera says, "Ok, nothing to odd in there....little tiny rooms in a big room..and a ball looking for its master...yep, nothing odd there at all..." As she keeps an eye on the ball for a moment."
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose and shudders delicately. "Well that's not good." She says, glacing over at Fiona with a slightly disgusted look on her face "Well this is one glowing one that we won't have to worry about."
Fiona Fiona slips quietly down the hall with her pistol at the ready. The is a click, she hops back. "Iris?" She has the barrel to the dead glowing one, but her finger remains steady, slipping out of the trigger well a second. A scan of her friend. Hearing the words and confirming with a scan, "Less one lightbulb ghoul, maybe a bigger problem.. Let's get back to the others." a pause as she backtracks carefully to keep an eye on the hall, "Vera.. Kae, watch for traps. We got one here." Shaken, but steady in combat.
Manuelito HALLWAY
Something catches the attention of Fiona and Iris, or rather might - the sound of shuffling and movement further down the hallway. With the light flickering and dim, it was hard to see what was only five feet beyond; let alone ten to fifteen feet away.


The ball comes to a stop at Vae's boot. The ball has a clown on it, smiling with his hands displayed outward happily; obviously, it belonged to a child at one time.

And quite obviously, it was a distraction. Crashing around the cubicle from whence it came is a glowing ghoul, whom runs straight toward Kae and Vae quickly; growling and hissing all the way.
=-Attack Glowing Ghoul +initative
=-double back out of room
Iris Lark Iris moves ahead, her gun at the ready to investigate the noise. Her eyes narrow as she clicks on her pip-boy to provide some light, barrel aiming towards the noise that was made.
Kaelyn Kae moves to follow with Iris now, the girl looking around curiously as she tries to figure things out, the very light red light just barely visible as she moves to back the other up for now, her gun cotinually held at the ready.
Vera Vera brings her gun up, "Well, the glow sure does make them stand out as a target...I got a live one here..well is it alive..or is it memorex?"
Fiona Fiona starts backtracking as she mentioned, but she stops as Kae catches up and Iris moves forward. She starts to shift back to Iris, but hears Vera. "Vera, coming!" Then she dashes towards the turn to help.
Manuelito HALLWAY
The movement is heard again; something was definitely down there. But so was someone with Vera whom calls for help!

=- Investigate Creepy Noise ALERTNESS
=- Double Back

The glowing one attacks Vera but misses, her hands swiping at her as she passes, swinging to a halt to turn back around and hisses out a low growl. She glows alright and her hair was falling out; leaving strands dangling. She wore a old, raggedy sun dress that had holes and no shoes.
Iris Lark Iris narrows her eyes and moves foward a little slower now, once she's heard the noise again it makes her more wary. She raises her hand to try to provide some light before she takes a step or two forward, holding her breath.
Vera Vera ducks back as the glowing thing comes at her..."God thats an ugly dress..." as she pulls the trigger on her carbine a couple times....the first missing, had to be the ugly the second barely scratche the thing, even when it hits..."
Fiona Fiona rushes down the hall, setting up next to the side room Vera is in to target in.
Kaelyn Kae moves along side Iris at this point, her head swiveling here and there, p90 kept at the ready so she can bring it to engage at any point while she tries to keep Iris covered... The girl moves as quietly as possible at this point, trying to not make her self a target or let the inhabitants even know she's here...
Manuelito HALLWAY
Kaelyn and Iris continue down the hallway. They are now ten feet from the turn, leaving behind the dead glowing ghoul on a stick. Up ahead was a set of bathrooms on the left hand side and two doors on the right. The hall way curves again, this time to the north.

=- Pick locks on locked doors SECURITY
=- Kick Bathroom door open ATHLECTICS

The Ghoul attacks Vera once more and once more misses. Hissing, it doubles back around, moving back toward the cubicles behind her to get distance between herself, Vera and now Fiona who is joining in.
Vera Vera moves out of the way, as the ghoul trys again for her, then heads back for the cubicles...she fires off a couple quick shots...though only hits with the second one..."Yeah, just stay back there."
Iris Lark Iris frowns at the locked door and she lets out a sigh. "I can't pick locks, so ..we might have to go back." She says quietly, a frown on her face. "Any thoughts on how we can make this work?"
Kaelyn Kae moves with Iris still, the girl looking into room and clearing them before moving to catch up to Iris "Think the girls will be ok?" She asks curiously... She then glances to the door, and tilts her head looking for a computer access panel any where... She also examines the door....
Manuelito HALLWAY
Aside from the doors, the hallway leads to the north again; from behind continued shots are heard, then suddenly silence.

The fight continues between Vera and the ghoul. As Fiona joins the fray, the ghoul goes down for the count. A search of the office finds no more glowing ghouls.
Iris Lark "They're two militia members, I would hope they are. Do you think we need to go check on them?" Iris asks, raising both brows at Kaelyn as she glances back down the hall they just walked down.
Fiona Fiona raises her pistol, tracking the ghoul as it moves through the room, letting off a set of double pops from her service 10mm. As tge target drops, she lifts the barrel away. A quick scan over Vera, "Good job." Then she turns about to head down the hall, "Clear." Her hanf slips to her pocket to draw a fresh magazine and swap it on her pistol as she brisk walks to track the others.
Kaelyn Kae gets on the coms and talks over it "Hey averyone allright?" She asks curiously and looks to Iris curiously "We need to get a Key to this thing, there should be something like that around here..." Kae then gets back on coms "Hey, we need keys to get back into this hallway." She says and glances around curiously...
Iris Lark Iris takes a moment to listen at the locked door for the noise that she's been hearing. She lets out a frustrated breath and shakes her head. "There is something in here, maybe I can melt the hinges with my pistol or something." She wrinkles her nose and looks further down the hallway. "If the noise didn't come from here, we could always look a little further in."
Fiona It would take a moment for the corporal to catch up, quick strides taking her down the hall as her pistol was held one handed at her thigh, barrel down and away from her. "Iris, Kae, everything good up ahead?" She calls as she tries to catch up.
Kaelyn "Lotsa locked doors." responds Kae and she looks to Iris "Up to you, I can also run a lil rope here at the base to act as a trip wire and we can move on before coming back." Kae offers before she glances further down the hall. "Mabe we'll find a Key?"
Manuelito Everything wasn't good up ahead. Bounding around the corner was another Glowing one; male wearing an old business suit that was torn and shredded; his shirt matted with dirt and grim from years of being in the wasteland. Eyes bulging, he roars and runs at the three woman.
Fiona Fiona drops to a crotch as the irradiated beast comes around the corner, two handed grip. She squeezes off four rounds in quick fire mode and then starts back peddling even as it falls. Breath quickened, "One down."
Manuelito The male Glowing ghoul goes down with a simple head shot and hit in the left leg. As he goes down, the sound catches the attention of another glowing ghoul who bounds around the corner; a male completely naked and hairless. His skin was gray, eyes silver as he rushes at the woman.
Kaelyn Kae sees the second glowing ghoul and blinks, her rifle comes up as she kneels somewhat. This brings her aim point a little higher as she cuts loose with one long burst from that little rapid fire bundle of doom. 10 rounds blast out of the compact fire arm, ripping across the ghoul's head, before she brings the p90 in tight and cuts loose again, this time all 10 rounds rip through the now stunned ghoul, basically cutting him in half top to bottom what with the hail of rapid fire bullets.
Manuelito Down goes the ghoul again, but not before letting out a horrific cry.

Bounding around the corner again was another glowing ghoul; an adult that was wearing romper front zip up bunny sleepwear; complete with bunny years, and huge bunny feet-wear. The ghoul charges toward the woman.
Iris Lark Iris stumbles backwards away from the grotesque man in the bunny suit but she finally stands her ground and raises her pistol, firing off two quick bursts that tag the ghoul in the stomach and arm. She yelps as it comes closer and moves back closer to Fiona and Kaelyn.
Manuelito Taking several blasters hits to the torso and right arm, Ralfie the Glowing One in the pink bunny suit stumbles back. Letting out a growl, Ralfie charges Fiona, swiping his claws at her and misses.
Fiona Fiona raises a quick series of shots, of four, a double tap worthy of zombies lands between the ears in a bloody splatter. She backs away quickly, swallowing. "Down? .. Down."
Manuelito The complex was of a decent size; designed to house roughly ten thousand souls on three levels with four levels total; the main level, of which they resided on. The team has completed the sweep of the first level, leaving the lower levels to the Militia themselves.

It would take some time to clear out the bunker, but once down this place could be used as a shelter in the far future.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and peers around "Think this'll be a good place to go back to in case the hoard gets here and causes us too much trouble? Also I wonder if we can get into these locked doors later." She adds and rubs at the back of her neck... "Am sure with a lil explosives and water we could get in.."
Iris Lark Iris stows her pistol, a frown on her face as she takes another glance at the locked door. "Welp, I can't think of a way to get in there for now, and none of these weirdos seem to have keys on them." She nods to Kaelyn as she starts to step over things and head back the way that they came from.
Fiona Fiona draws her final 10mm mag out, swapping it with the current. "Everybody okay?" A sigh, she actually holsters the pistol after a moment. A study of the door, "If you say so." A loom around, "I will get one of the Roswell ghouls down here to clean up." Feral, Glowing, Fiona treats them as victums. "Hey, Iris, still sell that wacky-weed?"