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Owner Pose
Qwillis     Brutus is a machine.
    Literally, of course, it's a robot. But even so. When those working on the wall tire and stop, it keeps going. That programming to build the wall was being worked to complete and as it'd get materials, it'd build that wall.

    About 3 days after Brutus has started on construction of a true wall for Shanty Town, there's a rumble in the afternoon's heat from the wasteland. Those on lookout would quickly call out a group of 3 cars.. raiders from the look of it. They're hotdogging across the dirt and heading in the direction of Shantytown! The alarm quickly gets raised, calling for defenders to the south gate!!
Marcus Marcus makes his way towards the gate to take turn on watch when the alarm was raised so the young new private takes off at a trot towards the gate to see what the alarm's all about. Spotting the three cars he shakes his head, "This isn't going to be good." He looks around to see how many defenders have arrived and to see if there's a non combatant type to send to possibly get more defenders depending on the numbers in the cars.
Eden eden hears the commotions and runs to Brutus! She has no idea if she will be able to prtect him, but she cant just stsnd by now! picking up her gun, the small girl stands ready to try
Stockton Stockton hears the alarm and grabs a rifle from the gun rack. The Sheriff's duster whips about as he makes haste to the wall. Climbing up the tower he finds himself a good vantage point and gets a look at the incoming raiders. While others are still gathering, he's resting the rifle on the edge of the wall and sighting down the scope.
Qwillis     The raiders hoop and hollar as they continue racing up on the gate. While some of the defenders try to take shots at them, they all miss. Rather the raiders notice or not? That's still to be determined. Either way, when they get closer, they'd start wheeling about, skidding and kicking up dirt while the raiders bail out to rush the gate and the massive robot.. who's completely oblivious to the impending doom!

    Qwillis, for his part, settles that heavy metal armor on his chest a little better and checks his needler. The others are firing, but he knows him trying to shoot now would be pointless. Wait until they're closer to get a good shot. That's his plan, anyways.
Marcus Marcus sights down at the cars weaving back and forth and squeezes the trigger on his rifle. Even if he doesn't hit the bullets flying towards the raiders may drive them away... Right? (shot was done earlier)
Stockton Stockton drops his rifle down and growls a little as he reaches behind him. That duster whips against the wind as he spins to the left, a silvery handcannon appearing in his hand before it barks off two shots. Those fifty cal slugs blast into the torso of a Raider, making him think about what he's done. A step and he twists to turn the other side of his body out, his second gun appearing like the first before the slide clacks hard twice - a miss this time. The gunslinger Sheriff isn't done as he is already lining up his next shots.
Marcus Marcus sights in on the raiders as they leap out of the cars squeezing the trigger to try and pick them off before they reach the little robot target at the gate. And he watches the puff of dust from where his bullet hit the ground and not his intended target, "Well then more range time for me it seems..."
Qwillis     Qwillis would take a moment to try and fire his own shot on the raiders, but as they're proving for the others, he's not able to actually tag one with the hypodermic needle. Cursing quietly, Q would seek to move into some shelter, waiting for them to get closer.
Qwillis     And while the raiders would attempt to fire on the group, with a various number of rifles and pistols, they're not able to hit anyone this time..
Eden Eden lifts up her gun and tries to remember everything she'd been shown so far. Taking care to aim, flip all the right switches she squeezes the trigger, bracing her self on the robot as the continues firing. Holding on till the CLICK, she unloads everything in this gun into the raiders. She grins at seeing her shots actually land on their target! Then drops behind the robot's head to pull out a weapon that still has ammo left.
Marcus Marcus sights in and fires again... And watches as his bullet impacts the dirt and dust again shaking his head as he moves back just a little bit to take better cover from the incomming raiders and hopes that the Sheriff can handle the raiders since all he's doing is missing.
Qwillis     Qwillis starts firing on the Raiders as they get closer. The men scattering a bit as the return fire gets more intense. With Qwillis able to hit a few of them with the darts, they'd start to look woosy, looking further messed up as a group.
Stockton Stockton is a dervish of gunfire, his body twists to a new angle so he can unload a pair of bullets into the closest Raider. His twin Desert Eagles continue to bark in synchronized and deliberate clacks of gunpowder and lead.
Qwillis     The raiders, starting to fail under the attacks of the defenders, raily enough to shoot again. They manage to tag Eden in the head with a rather nasty shot too!
Eden Eden turns to grab her next weapon out of her backpack, and CRACK! Her head is fillied with sharp pain and she falls against Brutus. After a moment the sharpness passes and she can see again. There isn't time to fall down and cry.. she pulls herself back behind the robot head to hide while she switches, cursing quite a bit as she does so. She tries to remember what Ashur has told her about how he deals with pain and keeps going. measuring her breathing, she readies her Beretta to fire.
Marcus Marcus sights in on the raiders again taking the time to aim and focusing on his fundamentals breath in breath out breath in half out pause squeeze the trigger let it *blam* surprise you... Blood spray, "Holy crap I finally hit something. I thought my sights were broken or something."
Qwillis     Qwillis watches as Marcus would manage to tag another of the raiders. he follows up with his own shot as well, watching as the Raiders finally waver.. and break. They start scrambling back for the car, grabbing those who are done so they can try to drive away!
Eden Eden squints against the pain and lines up her shot, they are starting to retreat, but she wants them to never come back! She shoots, using the robot for support and balance. The bullets fly and hit her target, but bounce of the raider's armor. At least she can allow herself to relax now, the danger has passed. Maybe someone should take her to the clinic. Eden climbs gingerly and slowly back down to the ground, nearly falling twice. Once her feet are solidly on the ground, she lets the rest of herself slouch down too. Resting her back against the robot she rests.
Stockton Stockton is careful when he counts his ammo, knowing the first handcannon is on its last bullet, he uses the offhand to spare the ammo catching one of the Raiders in the leg and slowing them down further, "Keep it up," he encourages the town defenders.
Marcus Marcus has gotten into the groove of the rifle thing sighting in lining up on his target and getting his breathing down before he squeezes the trigger until it goes bang the bullet flying out of the barrel and smacking a raider again causing another spray of blood from them.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches them route and start fleeing. He'd start to aim, pause, then simply shake his head, letting them go as he'd look to the others. "Hey.. is everyone ok?" He'd get to his feet, looking to the others that responded to the alarm.
Qwillis     The raiders, what's left of them, manage to make it to the cars. Getting into the various vehicles, they all take off, racing across that desert. there's no hooping and hollaring this time. They've throughly tucked tail and ran!