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Ashur The temple has seen more comers and goers as of late; New Rome is on the edge of the Broken Legion's territory, and the Horde, that rough beast whose hour has come round at last, slouches ever closer. The martial spirit of Rome recognizes, instinctively, future threats-- and as much as the city was birthed in rebellion against Lanius and the Legion's ideals, for many, on some abstract level (and sometimes literal) it's still their brothers being slain by monsters..

And, purely pragmatic, if the Legion cannot hold against them the walls of Lordsburg itself will quake.

As such, as always happens in times of turmoil, the people turn to the divine. The priestesses, who once oversaw the Cult of Mars and Caesar, still work as they did once before; in their colorful robes, they ferry to and fro, overseeing sacrifice, blessing, prayer, imparting wisdom and advice. It is quiet, a small gathering near the statue of Mars listening to an airy-voiced matron speak.

Into that quiet building walks Ashur, an unrivaled juggernaut, whose steps quake the pillars.
Eden Eden has never scene anyplace like this. It is breathtakingly beautiful. The tall pillars and white of the marble are dazzling to Eden, who is so used to small spaces and efficient items. The gleaming stone and statues of mutlicolored glass take her breath away. "What is this place?" Her voice is soft for only Ashur to hear.
Ashur "Once, this was a temple for Caesar's cult," the super mutant spits, and his voice is the thunder that makes the gathered others flinch from the storm. "That broken statue outside? I saw it once before-- it was done the same as Caesar's old statues of himself." Unlike most, Ashur pronounces the name the way the Legion always did: Kai-Zar, rather than See-Ser, which is how those who only saw it in writing tended to do. "When New Rome rebelled, they tore down such things."

The mutant strides forth. He is recognizable around the city, but still, the sheer threat he could pose at any moment makes most sensible people uncomfortable. The priestess and her group slip to the side and continue speaking, too proud to cower, too proud to depart and give the man a berth.

"Now it is a temple to Mars, the god of war, the one who burnt the world."
Eden Eden smiles walking just a bit behind. It is hard for her short little legs to keep up sometimes! As someone so small she often escapes notice from strangers, it is just a bit enojoyable as people turn to see the way people turn and notice him, the one who saw her completely. "Much different than the little wooden churches. What does this place, this god, mean to you? What about this place did you want to show me. Is this a sacred place toyou still? Or is it a memory you want me to see?" Eden has no idea what to expect as answers. Her heart is pounding a bit- as it always does near her giant. But it seems like he has something to share here. Eden holds her self steady, ready for anything he might decide to share. She sees again all the scars he carries with him and wonders for the hunbdreth time at his history and the strength it must have taken for him to be where he is now.
Ashur "I am still loyal to Mars," the giant rumbles, clasping a fist to his heart in soldierly salute. "There is no God more important than the god of war. I was never very religious," and with this his tone quiets a shade, almost apologetically, "but I have faith. Perhaps not in Mars as a man, but Mars as a creed is a righteous one."

The giant, whose skin is fire and blood, shrugs. The clenched fist falls to his side. Large as he is, the statue seems small in comparison; the divine a mere shadow of the mortal.

"Belief is more important than truth."

He pivots, and looks down at his little curvy redhead, golden eyes soaking her in. He reaches down and pets her head. "I like it here. It's pretty. What better place to claim you as my bride?"
Eden A slow smile spreads across Eden's face as Ashur's words sink in. That was very definitely not what she had been expecting! Always full of suprises, she thinks as tries to find words that could possibly convey the joy bubbling up inside her. "Anyplace you are is the best place" she manages as she jumps (and she does have to jump) up to wrap her arms around him and kiss him. Her glee begins to overtake her and she can only beam as she trusts herself to his arms.
Ashur The jump is wholly inadequate; standing almost twice the height of Eden, the man is forced to stoop to let her arms circle him, a feat she'll struggle to accomplish given the almost tumorous mass of muscle that comprises neck, back, and shoulder-- it's like trying to wrangle a bull, and his cooperation only helps so much.

"You will carry my children and live here with me, like Celeste and Kurokumo," he tells her. "I have long wanted to rebuild my tribe; my brides are how I'll do it. ... Not as a mutant, though. When I'm all better." The solemn pronouncement does, indeed, need to wait until he isn't some genetic abomination.

He sets her down and stands back up to his full height. "You are mine, Eden. I brought you here that this truth might be said before the gods. It cannot be denied."
Eden Eden can barely contain her glee, but at Ashur's words she kneels. Looking up- so far up- at the man who took her over she doesn't see his mutation. She just sees her Ashur. "I am yours. I have been since the moment we met. I'll go with you anywhere." At the mention of children she grins again. "You know don't you? Of course you already know. Somehow you know everthing when it comes to me." Her smile turns solemn as well as she makes her own vow in return. "I was there when you were changed. I will see you turned back to yourself. And I will love you anyway you are."
Ashur As Eden falls to her knees in public, a few of those gathered can't help but take note; at least one man wolf whistles and gives her a stare, and at least another rolls her eyes, but truly, those in the Legion are hardly unaccustomed to stark power differences between men and women. Just a few years ago, after all, most of these men dealt with slave girls-- and even now, free of the Legion, the local brothel's madame keeps the collar she had before in open view.

"Mm.. ? Know what?" The question itself should tell Ashur what he should know, but as he is, his thoughts aren't as crisp as before; he doesn't understand the implication. "What should I know, bride?"
Eden Bride- she likes this word. Has never thought of it aplied to herself before... Ashur's bride. Her smile comes back as she thinks these words. She doesn't care about the wolf whistle. "Exactly how many children were youplanning on. Because I think I might have one for you here" One hnad drops to her belly- not showing anything yet, as her eyes lift up to his. Hoping to see approval in those eyes. Mutant or not- somehow she sees the same thing in his eyes she always has. That she is simply his.
Ashur The claim of pregnancy arouses the man, and has him instantly looking down at the kneeling girl, hand on her stomach. He reaches down and grasps her by the arms, lifting her to her feet once more. "Until I can make no more," he says, which isn't a number but is answer enough; he straightens once more, apathetic to the looks and attentions of others, and scoops Eden up so that he's carrying her. She's helplessly trapped within the mammoth's massive limbs, pressed to a hairy, bared chest, cradled against hot skin and blue veins as soft as rocks. "Come, mine; I'll show you your new home."

And with that, he wanders out of the temple! It's not the most romantic or formal proposal, but he's a big dumb mutant.