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Fern     There's the sound of a motorcycle just outside the home where Abigail Cane resides, and this is where Fern has instructed Jackie to go. The kid is on the back of her friend's bike, and she's holding on as she's been taught; not too loose, not too tight. She's dressed as usual, but now has a much shorter hairstyle. It's above the shoulders, and can.. sorta be seen beneath that skull helmet she wears. Yeah. It's still an essential piece of her wardrobe.

    As the two on the bike reach the home, Fern taps Jackie on the shoulder and points, saying to her, "That one! And you should come in, too. Come get a drink and see if Gale's home, yeah?" she suggests with a wide grin.
Jacqueline Jackie's bike has been getting a lot of exercise lately, between Fern and the test drives. But she's happy to help her young friend get home on time. Shutting the engine down, she flips down the kickstand. "Well, I /am/ kinda thirsty. Have you got a key, Fernness?" she asks, looking at the house.
Fern     "IF it's locked.. I know where to find one, but it's probably open. Gale's usually home, though. I don't think she goes out too much. We'll see," Fern says as she slips off the bike and gives a little pat to the seat.

    "It's riding better every time! Did you name it yet?" she wonders as she slips her helmet off and gives her head a little shake, sending her short hair to sway around her face. "I'm gonna name mine when I get one. Been thinkin about building one, though.. Can't be -that- hard."
Jacqueline "It already has a name, really," Jackie replies, tapping the body lettering with a grin. "If it needs more than one, I'll see what suits it, promise." If she named it now, it'd be Grumpy.
She throws her leg over the bike, slipping to the ground with a sigh. "But you're right: It's moving a little better every time I take it out. I guess the old parts have to get used to the changes." She moves to follow the younger girl. "We could always visit the place with all the Mr. Handy bots. There could be stuff lying around."
Abigail Caine     "Building one what?" Gale opens the door as Fern is approaching it, her blue eyes casting out toward Jackie, and the motorcycle just past her. She frowns faintly then and takes a deep breath. The diminutive brunette is far less imposing this way than she might be when seen around town. At the very least, she is actually allowing skin to be seen with the bandanna around her neck instead of over her mouth and her hat hanging down behind her head. She cocks herhead slightly to the left and takes a deep breath.
    Fern might notice that Gale is looking a little pale and she's favouring her left side just a little bit more than usual. Still her cool, low voice is strong as ever as she calls out, "Evenin', ladies. Thank you for givin Fern a ride home. You'd be Miss Jacqueline, then?" Short, quiet. To the point.
    Gale as a bit of a reputation. It doesn't involve messing around.
Fern      "There is -tons- of stuff there! LOTS of cars. It's like.. a car birthplace. TONS of them.. EVERYWHERE. We just gotta like.. find a way to bring them back. Some are pretty sweet," Fern says as she stomp-walks off towards the house.

    Upon seeing the door open, Fern says, "Gale! You're home! Hey.. Ah, yeah! This is Jackie.. Jackie, this is Gale. Isn't her bike awesome?" she asks Gale while grinning wide as she can. She makes her way up to the house and pauses there, saying, "Though we could get Jackie a drink or somethin'... water ok?" she asks Jackie.
Jacqueline Jackie blinks at the sight of the door opening in front of them. It had looked like no one was home. "Oh... hi! I guess you're Miss Abigail, then? And just Jackie's fine," she replies, managing a quick smile for Fern's parental unit. "I have to go by here on my way home anyway, so it wasn't out of my way."
She glances at Fern, nodding. "Sure, water's fine."
Abigail Caine     "Yeah, I'm home," Abigail responds to Fern, squinting slightly as she does. "Just have a massive headache from earlier." Shaking herh ead the woman gives a soft sigh and then steps back inside. She holds the door open wide for the two approaching womn, her gaze casting between them slowly. "Gale's just fine by me. Jackie, then." She stares at Fern for about a solid second after this but doesn't actually say a word. Gale doesnt' smile. She's pretty but there is no ntention whatsoever to make that work for her apparently. "Come in, both of you. Jackie, have you had dinner yet? I've meant to look you up if I had a chance anyhow."
Fern     As Fern starts to work on getting through the doorway she notices how Gale looks and how she favors her side. Fern squints at her and gives her own stare at the woman, and she butts in, asking, "You okay? Headaches don't hurt your side.. You're favorin' it," she says, pressing forth into the home then to go put her backpack down. Once it's off she looks back to Gale again, studying her. "You get shot or somethin? Or did a ghost slam you into a wall, too?" she asks, referencing something that'd happened to her earlier in the week.
Jacqueline "Fern has a point, Miss Gale. That does look like more than a headache," Jackie says, giving the woman a concerned look. "I'm no doctor, but I could look at it, see if there's anything I can do," she offers, as she follows the two into the house. "And no, I haven't eaten in quite a while. I've been testing my bike, and I guess I lost track of time."
Abigail Caine     "mmm. Just bruises, I think, but if you really feel the need I guess you can help me figure out if Icracked anything." Gale is shaking her head, moving toward the table situated in the middle of the house. It's a little fancy- working locks, unbroken windows. A table. The dresser even recently acquired handles, courtesy of Fern. The bed is kind of lumpy with a spring poking out but the cot in the corner is really nice.
    "Gale'sfine. Miss Gale just sounds odd," Gale grumps though she might be hiding the barest flicker of a smile. "No, when I was out on patrol I ran into a bunch of them super mutants. One of them charged at mea and I managed to fall over into some rocks getting out of the way." She shrugs slowly. "Took care of it at least."
    Then the woman squints at the girls in front of her and nods slowly. She heads over to a cupboard and pulls out a couple of large empty cans. "I'll get us all something," she offers then. "Caught a couple good geckos earlier."
Fern     "While you were down there dying on the rocks?" Fern asks, her grin small on her lips, but larger in her eyes. The kid looks away from Gale then and says, "Glad you didn't get killed or something. Then I'd start thinkin' I was bad luck or something," she says, snickering about it. She wanders off to find a seat on her cot, and she stretches her legs out, leaning back against the wall.

    "Ya seen Ashur recently? He's seriously turning into a super mutant. He's huge!! Like.. twenty feet tall! When he sits down he's eye-level with me. Ain't that crazy!?" She laughs. Her eyes wander to Jackie and she scoots over, patting space on the cot.
Jacqueline "Okay. Where does it hurt?" Jackie asks, staying with Gale for the moment. "And how? Please be specific. I can look at it, but maybe I should wait 'til you're not cooking. That's touchy."
She glances back at Fern, nodding. "I have, all right. He's getting bigger all the time! I'm starting to worry that we'll have to build some kind of shelter for him. I don't know if there'd be room in town for it."
Abigail Caine     "Ashur's about my height sitting down too," Gale agrees in a tone that's almos sheepish. "Man needs to stop eating so much protein," she half mumbles then, shaking her head. "Anyway. It... Just hurts all down my left side mostly," Gale responds in a slow tone that suggests it might hurt elsewhere as well. "And yeah. May as well get the food going before we check it out,. I made it home in one piece." So saying Gale is producing the aforementioned geckos and setting about cutting them into pieces suitable for a stew. It doesn't take long. "It's more of a- dull ache, pretty much everywhere," the woman continues quietly.
Fern     Fern looks at Gale again, head tilting slowly as she looks the woman over. She rises from the cot and heads over, and she stops nearby. "I can throw it all in a pot.. Why don't you let me cook and let Jackie check you out? It ain't good if you're hurting everywhere.. You don't have blood coming out the wrong end, do you? Cause they say that's internal bleeding.. You just bruised or somethin? Need me to get some help?" she wonders. "I got some of that ointment left over. It helped me a lot.. Want some? 'Least till we can get someone to check ya out for breaks.."
Jacqueline "It doesn't sound like you've broken anything," Jackie says, frowning as she thinks. "But a look wouldn't hurt, once you're done." She moves to join Fern on the cot... except Fern is coming over herself now. She shrugs and stays put. "What kind of ointment is it, Fernness?"
Abigail Caine     Gale nods slowly in response to Jackie's words, then turns to face Fern as the girl approaches. She pauses briefly and then gives a slow nod. "Okay. You goa head and tend the stove. You don't need to run and get a doctor or anything though, girl. I'm just fine." Abigail speaks with an uncharacteristic gentleness now, nodding once at Fern before starting toward Jackie with careful steps. "Alright," the scout begins. "Let's go ahead and take care of this. And I don't need no ointmen, Fern. Promise. I'm fine." She shrugs now, starting on the process of removing her coat. Then the body armour she wears underneath.. Abigail hesitates for a second once she gets to her actual shirt. "How long've you two been anging out anyhow?"
Fern     "Alrighttttt," Fern says as she rolls her eyes slightly at Gale. "It sure helped me a lot.. so if you change you mind.." and she leaves it at that. Fern tends to the gecko, finishing up the cutting and seasoning, and then adding it to the pan. She's not the best cook, but it's food, and she won't burn it. Hopefully.

    The girl works on cooking the meal while listening to the two, and she glances their way. She eyes Gale curiously. Just how naked will she get? Are her undies purple or black? Who knows?! She snorts a little and looks back to her cooking. "I got this.. I dunno. Some ointment at the clinic the other day. When I killed that ghost and got thrown into the shed wall? Hurt like a bitch! But i'm better now."
Jacqueline Jackie gestures to the cot, figuring it's better than standing for someone who's injured. "So a dull ache all over... just your left side? Or is it on your back or front, too? I'll definitely need to see it," she says, smiling reassuringly as the woman hesitates.
She looks back over to Fern. "I'd almost forgotten about that. You told me about it. How's your friend now?"
Abigail Caine     Abigail shrugs slowly and starts unbuttoning her shirt. It quickly becomes evident that this lean, athletic soldier is smaller than she usually appears. More evident is that she doesn't actually wear anything underneath her shirt and tank top. SHe presents herself quietly, taking a deep breath while she waits with her slight but still undeniably feminine figure on display. "Just my left side, really. The one I landed on. Anyhow.."
    There's a pause and then Gale turns to settle those bright azure eyes on Fern, squinting slightly. "What idd happen with this 'ghost' anyhow?" She asks hen, tilting her head slightly. She takes the offered seat. Gale's side, for the record, is a mass of rather nasty bruises.
Fern     "Eh.. I guess as ok as he can be. I mean.. He killed his mom and sisters and almost killed his dad. That's pretty fucked up, so.." Fern shrugs, stirring the gecko around to cook it. She glances over her shoulder once, catches sight of the nudity, and quickly turns right back around! She does some fast stirring in that pot!

    "Uh.. Well, the ghost was like.. in his body. It came out and was attacking me and some others. But I got his dad's plasma gun, and as it was smashing me into the wall I shot it. Right in the chest! and BOOM! Gone. You want the gun? It's pretty cool," she says with a grin, not turning around again.
Jacqueline Jackie winces, seeing that mass of dark discoloration that is Gale's side. "Wowsers... you /did/ hit those rocks hard," she murmurs. "I'm not eager to touch this, but I've got to see if anything's broken." She begins carefully feeling along the woman's side, probing gently for damaged bones. "If the pain sharpens, let me know? That's probably a broken rib."
She keeps working, listening quietly to Fern's explanation despite being busy. "It does sound like you can only recover so far from that. I hope he gets that far, after all he's been through."
Abigail Caine     "A plasma gun? Sure, I wouldn't mine takign a look at that," Gale responds to Fern slowly, almost managing to keep the imperative out of her tone. She nods slowly at Fern and takes a very slow, deep breath. The taciturn, laconic scout does her best not to cry out but there's a clear wince afer some Jackie probes at some of the worst burises. She sighs brielfy and shakes her head.
    "A little sharper- there," Gale admits, around the third rib. "Nottoo bad. Probably just a crack." That might explain why she's taking so many deep breaths. There's another. It's on the list of things to do when nursing a rib injury, after all. Keeps the lungs clear. "Any rate. One o' them might've caught me with the end of a pipe. Shock plate took the worst of it," Gale admits grudgingly.
Fern     Fern hears Gale wincing and she slowly turns to glance back, now eyeing the bruising on the woman's side. It makes her frown. "It's obviously broken or something.. Can you sit down already? Take a break! Rest some.. I can help around the house, and if you got stuff to do in town, I can do it for you. Don't need you walkin around like that," she grumbles, huffing at Gale before she looks to Jackie and asks, "Should I drag her to the clinic?"
Jacqueline Jackie shakes her head. "Wish we were at the restaurant. I could at least get you some ice for this," she says softly.
She looks back to Fern, nodding. "You should definitly drag her to the clinic. There's just... nothing I can do for this. I can wrap your torso to keep the ribs in place, but that's it, and really, they could do it a lot better."
Abigail Caine "No, it'll be fine. You don't want to bind a cracked rib. Can cause a person to take sick when fluid builds up in the lungs. Need to take deep breaths. And I walked this far without it shifting. Pretty sure it's just a crack. I can be on my feet." Gale is waving off the suggestion of going to the clinc.. She pauses afterward and takes a deep breath. "...I guess maybe that ointment of yours wouldn't be so bad," she admits then. "Hurts like a son of a bitch."
Fern     Gale cussed? COOL! Fern is grinning even wider now, and she leaves the geckos'a'stewin' in the pot so she can run off to the bathroom and get out the ointment she had. She's a quick booger, and she's back in a flash. "Hey, here ya go! Makes your body all numb and tingly. It helped me a lot. I'm sure it's probably something like.. cactus juice and snake venom and some other poisonous shit, but hey. I'm still alive!" Grin.

    "I'll make sure she goes to the clinic tomorrow.. and I'll help her around the house.." She says to Jackie before looking to Gale. She narrows her eyes slightly, offering the ointment out to her as she says, "I ain't gonna rub it on you. You gotta do that yourself!"
Jacqueline "I can rub it on, if it comes to it," Jackie says, looking the tube over. "It looks harmless enough. If it didn't hurt you, Fern, it should be okay. Well, it shouldn't hurt anything, anyway," she corrects, wincing faintly.
Abigail Caine     "Snake venom? Well, that'll numb you right up," Gale replies somewhat dubiously. She glances over at Fern and shakes her head again, taking a deep breath. She breathes a soft sigh and then squints at Fern for a moment before glancing over at Jackie. "Think I can handle the cream myself alright," the woman professes before reaching out toward the tube in question. She sucks iin a hsarp breathand stops short with her arm about three quarters of the way extended.
    Gale turns her gaze up toward the ceiling and then continues with, "Well... Fuck it." A brief pause follows and then the woman finishes iwith, "Jacqueline... Mind helping me out with that ountment? I don't think I can reach the back of my shoulder or anything like that just now." Gale isn't really smiling.. She's just trying not to show her irritation. "And really. Not much the clinic's going to be able to do for this."
Fern     Fern eyes Gale now. Her eyes then shift to the side. The kid makes sure she is back to cooking those gecko pieces! Stir, stir.. just watch the pot for now. Adults are wierd. Oh, look at that. A bird is flying by the kitchen window.
Jacqueline Jackie tries not to grin amusedly as Gale discovers just how much it hurts to lift one's arm with possibly-cracked ribs. "Got it," she replies, accepting the tube and daubing one hand with the stuff. She begins carefully rubbing it into the soldier's skin along the back of her shoulder. "Whew! The way this smells, it /has/ to be good for you!"
Abigail Caine     Gale is at least cleaner than most folk and her skin is soft, however harsh her demeanor. She lowers hr arm very slowly and takes another deep breath, forcing herself to weather the pain of expanding that rib while she lets Jackie do her work. Gale is Not Amused. That dour expression has turned into a glower. It's blistering the paint, you just can't tell after a hundred years and a nuclear war.
    "Mmm," Gale continues very softly. "That does tingle." She briefly bites her bottom lip.
Fern     Pretty birds. Fern is just watching the pretty birds. Aren't they pretty? Gee. Are they done back there!? Fern glances back once. Nope. Back to cooking.

    Even though it's innocent help, it may be different seen through the eyes of the teen. She just keeps on cookin'!
Jacqueline Jackie rubs and rubs and rubs... the greasy stuff takes a long time to work in. She finally gets the shoulder coated, sighing in relief and flexing her hand. "Is there anyplace else you can't reach?" she asks, with a quick glance at Fern. The kid's being awfully quiet!
Abigail Caine     "Further down my back," Gale comments slowly but then she pauses. "hank you," she states more seriously. "I really do appreciate the help." No more words on that point and Gale waits patiently until Jackie finishes before twisting. She too glances over at Fern, frowning faintly while she does. Nothing appears to be going wrong but Mom Sense is a real thing and Gale's is particularly well developed. She waits for a second before continuing. "Fern," she begins. "Get your head out of the fucking clouds. Food's burning." No chastisement in Gale's tone, really. She just swears a lot.
Fern     Fern flinches and looks to the pan, scowling when she realizes she probably has burnt a few pieces. Oops. She'll just have to sacrifics herself and eat those. "Are you still naked?" she asks over her shoulder, even though Gale wasn't fully in the buff.

    Fern starts putting the food onto plates, and she sets them on the counter, getting it ready for the three. "Thanks for helping out," she says to Jackie in a strange way. must be due to that awkward smile on her face. Is this really Fern or is this a pod person!?
Jacqueline "Further down," Jackie echoes, beginning to massage the ointment into her friend's parental unit's back. "This'll take a minute," she adds, though that's probably obvious enough already. She has to stifle giggles at Fern's question.
The thanks, on the other hand, get a polite nod paired with a slightly odd look. "Anything to help," is the tech-girl's reply, completely sincere. "Are you all right, Fern?"
Abigail Caine     Gale nods slowly, closing her eyes for a second as the work continues. "You're alright, Fern. Won't hurt you none to come out here," she calls in a gentle voice. There's no sign that the woman is inclined to force the issue. In fact, she's holding very still, letting the tension leech out of her as the cream is being massaged into her skin. What else can she do? Even this leaves the woman with a body that will just be a giant bruise in the morning. "But yeah, my shirt's still off. Might as well get used to it now, girl."
Fern     Fern is now looking at Jackie, (not Gale's boobs!) and she's quiet. It's almost as if the words she's thinking are being said out-loud in her head, like she wants to say them.. Oh hell. Who are we kidding? Fern can't keep her mouth shut for long. "Yeah.. Panty girl's just rubbin my topless, faux mom down and it's kinda wierd." She shrugs and motions to the plate.

    "Food?" she asks, taking her own plate and stuffing a burnt piece into her mouth, but not before she swipes her skull helmet off the dresser drawer and puts it on. There. much better. Now she can eat properly. With her upper lip hidden behind the mutant's top row of teeth, it looks like the skull is eating the meal instead of Fern.

    As she chews and keeps her mouth stuffed for a bit, her eyes shift in those bone sockets, looking at Gale finally. "Why now? You gonna be topless all summer?" she wonders, snickering.
Jacqueline Jackie blushes. "I'm just rubbing in medicine, Fern," she reminds her friend, though she does give her an apologetic look. "I'm sorry if it makes you feel weird, but it's nothing bad, promise."
Hungry as she is, Jackie still keeps rubbing, anxious to finish the job. Maybe it'll end the awkwardness.
Abigail Caine     "...That's plenty. Thanks, Jacqueline. Let's eat." There's still plenty of Gale she can't reach, not to mention her front that she was going to need to manage herself, bu the woman is already retrieving the nearby shirt.
    "ANd yeah, I might be topless for a third of it at least if we're around home. Gets crazy hot out here," Gale replies, arhcing a brow. "Besides, your bed is in sight of mine. Remember?" She shrugs at that, tilting her head slightly.
    Now even Gale is slightly flushed. She glances at Jackie and flashes her a faint smile. That's the first one so far tonight. "Right. Jacqueline, would you like to drink something a bit stronger'n water? Since we're all sitting down together. And sharing a drink with friends is important. Then she adds drily, "We're already past first base, I think I need to conde the point on the friendship thing." Then she is slipping her shirt on and buttoning it up once more.
Fern     "Well.. Yeah, but it's not like I'm spying on you while you sleep or somethin'. When I get home you're either not here or you're already asleep.. and I don't go tuggin on your shoulder to see if you're awake or clothed or anything," she says with another snort.

    The kid takes another bite of food, then eyes Gale curiously again. First base? They didn't hold hands! Why is life so confusing? She cuts her gaze to Jackie. "Yeah. Come eat!" and to Gale, "can I have some, too?" A drink stronger than water, that is.
Jacqueline "Glad to help," Jackie replies, with a smile for the soldier. It's awkward, sure, but she means what she says. "I'd better stick with water, though. I've still got to ride home." And after all the work and sacrifice, she'd rather not endanger her 2072 Lone Wanderer.
She grins at Fern's enthusiasm, moving to join them. "Coming, gladly! I'm starving."
Abigail Caine     "Sounds like we're not opening it just yet," Abigail tells Fern,s shrugging slightly as she moves over to the small able. There are only two chairs. One is offered to Jacqueline and Gale seems to be quite comfortable with standing. SHe's moving to retrieve bowls instead. Then it's time for food. Gale has a spoon in hand and is staring at the bowl fixedly while she waits. Then there's a pause. "SO you built that bike yourself? From spares, I'm assuming, but still."
Fern     Fern is already stuffing her face. She's a bit of a sloppy eater, usually.. but she's trying to not be -too- sloppy right now. Would she burp? Likely, but she isn't dripping gecko juice down her chin, thank goodness!
Jacqueline "It's about half-and-half, really," Jackie replies, accepting a chair and one of the bowls. "The frame, running gear, and some of the parts were there, but I had to find and kitbash the rest, and put it all together. It took a lot of reading and toolwork, but I finally pulled it together." She grins. "I think Fern loves it more than I do."
She glances at the bike-lover, only to find her going to town like Cookie Monster from the viewer. "Easy, Fern! Don't get choked!" she cautions, trying not to giggle all the same.
Fern     Yes. don't choke because then the half-naked Gale will have to do the heimlich maneuver on her. Fern starts to eat a bit slower. Gotta be safe after all! As Fern eats her portion on the meal she looks at Jackie again, and she starts to smirk lightly. "I do love it, but I'm gonna make my own one day.. Maybe collect parts and stuff.. find an old frame? I dunno. I'll get one, though, and then we can ride around together."
Abigail Caine     Gale watches Fern eat and simply arches a brow. No doubt she's used to it by this point. The small woman is nodding at Jacqueline as she describes the bike but her gaze quickly drops back to the food. The soldier eats at a somewhat more sedate pace, azure eyes thoughful while she contemmplates her meal. "I don't kow a whole lot about bikes, honestly. I might be able to figure out he basics but I don't know if I could do half the job you did. You think you could help me get one together? Imagine between the two of us Fern'n I could scorunge up parts. Gale squints for a second. "Fern, you start choking and I'm eating all your yava fruit." Go to bed with no dessert!
Jacqueline "I don't doubt it, Fern. I know you're determined enough," Jackie agrees, taking a bite of stew. This actually isn't half bad, especially after yesterday's Radroach Surprise (don't ask what the surprise is). "I'll be glad to help."
Abigail's more serious question is worth considering, though. "I think I could help out there," Jackie says at last. "I know Fernness wants her own, but a working bike for the two of you would be essentially the same thing. There are parts out there, if you can find them, and they can be made to work. I'm fine with helping you make them into something usable. After all," she adds, hefting her bowl and grinning, "I can't say no to a decent cook."
Abigail Caine "She's getting a lot better," Gale agrees, nodding. "The first couple times she set fire ot the water and then I got her to stop trying to cook from the lower part of the river." Gale shrugs at that but then she nods slowly.. "Sounds good. ANd I'll learn a thing or two... That's always worth something." She continues to eat, finishing the bowl with deceptive speed. "Glad we've finally had the chance to meet. If you keep coming around might be I'll see about having dinner ready a time or two."
Jacqueline Jackie grins. "Sounds like she's learning faster than I did, or will. Hand me a wrench, I'm top-flight. Hand me a skillet... the story's a lot different," she says, finishing her bowl of stew. "Honestly, it's good to meet the reason Fern's so healthy and happy. I was worried for her when I met her."
Abigail Caine     "She's a good kid," Gale responds quietly to that last statement. She nods once and then glances doown at her now empty bowl. Gale stands with a little bit of effort and walks into the 'kitchenette' to quietly deal with the dishes.
    "And it's nice to meet the person who's been keeping an eye on ehr while she gallivants 'round town," Abigail adds quietly as she colects the dirty bowls and silverware to be washed. "Anyhow. I'm okay with a wrench and okay in the kitchen. Must be nice being really good at something, at least." A beat. "If you need anything feel free to come by here."
Jacqueline "Well, I'm not with her all the time, but I try to keep up when I can," Jackie hastens to explain. "I do have a business to run. I've taken fewer jobs since I met Fern, though. I do think she needs someone around that she can relate to when you're busy, even a little."
Abigail Caine "That's not what I meant. Just... Thank you for hanging out with her anyway," Gale amends, fidgeting slightly in her seat. "I know she gts into all kinds of trouble on her own. I did at that age and there's no reason Fern'd be any different with me for a role moel." Gale snorts at that and then leans back into her seat. "But you- shouldn't be turning down work to watch over her," Gale starts slowly. Maybe she's frowning. It's hard to tell, Gale isn't particularly inviting at the best of times. "So, business. Fixing things?"
Jacqueline "It's nothing. I didn't have many friends when I was her age. I guess I'm making up for that in my own way," Jackie says. "If that means I make a few less caps wrench-bending, I can live with that." Setting her bowl aside, she nods at the question. "Mostly I fix old appliances, motor parts, and the like. It's a living, and folks appreciate the work I do."
Abigail Caine Abigail nods at this and then eventually trails off. She isn't much of a conversationalist, something that is probably relatively obvious just by studying the woman's expression. She come sback to her feet and turns toward Jacqueline, blue eyes studying the young woman carefully from head to toe and back. "Do you have any favorite projects? I've read a few interesting manuals but I've never had an actual expert to really ask questions of them."
Jacqueline "Not at the moment. I love vehicles and motors more than anything, but my only recent project of that kind is sitting outside," Jackie has to admit, shaking her head. "I'm still fine-tuning it, but the bike's pretty much done. And really, I don't consider myself an expert. I just know how things go together." In her gecko-leather outfit, she looks more like a well-off raider than a mechanic.
Abigail Caine "Pretty sure that's about what pases for an expert these days," Gale observes. "But I guess it depends," she allows then. The small woman rolls her shoulder and turms her gaze upward once more, leaning easily against the back of her seat. "What do you do when you're not fixing things? Notthat there needs to be anything else. I've never gotten to ride on a bike like that one. I had the pedal kind once, sort of. Didn't last too long and I broke my arm for my trouble. Now you see what happens when I try to build my own bikes. It was fast, though."
Jacqueline "Anymore, I'm mostly scavenging for parts for what I fix and what I build," Jackie replies. "There's a lot out there to find, and if you know how it works, you can fix it, or even use parts of it for other things. It just takes some know-how. And sometimes some trial and error, I'll admit. Not everything works on the first go. Or the second."
Abigail Caine "I end up leaving a lot more parts out there than I bring back," gale observes after a moment. She nods her head once and idly raps her fingers on the edge of the table. It's a simple, fairly repretitive pattern "Maybe we should go out soemtime and check out some of the sites where I've seen stuff that looked like it could be promising. Maybe we'll find something you can use?"
Jacqueline "It's worth a shot. Maybe we'll find more either of us can use," Jackie agrees. "But two people can carry more than one, so that's an advantage already. And if you know where some things are, that saves us a lot of time trying to find someplace worth scavenging from."
Abigail Caine "Yeah. A lot of those husks get left with stuff in 'em because it'sheavy and people don't know how to use it for nothing anyway," Gale responds with a shrug. "How is your marksmanship? "She asks then, tilting her head. "If we're going to go scavenging together might as well ahve an idea of what we can do. Lest I end up punching a deathclaw in the face again like Ashur."
Jacqueline "I hit more often than I miss," Jackie replies. "Which isn't saying much, but it's true. I think we'll be okay if we stick together and be careful. Plus, we have transportation."
Abigail Caine "That's actually beter than most people," Abigail assures, nodding. Then she cracks a biref grin and glances toward the door to the house. "We do at that. I honestly cant't wiatfor that part either."
Jacqueline "So far we've got an idea. Let's talk about where we'll go and when," Jackie suggests. "That way we have a plan, too. We'll need that. I'll make sure to pack my weapons and keep the bike fueled up."