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Iris Lark     Avalon is quiet in general, and that is probably why Iris finally settled out here. Her small home is nicely decorated and you pass through a nice living area and down a hallway to get to the workroom.

    A cot sits in the corner and a workbench across from it. Iris turns and smiles at Eden, gesturing for her to take a seat on the cot. "Go ahead and sit down, let me take a look at this head wound. I'm sure the blood probably alarmed you a little, but don't worry. They always bleed a lot more than they need to."
Eden Eden smiles back at her friend, and sits as directed so she can have the view she needs. "It did bleed a lot, and I felt woozy for a bit, but then I seemed to be ok. Not like when the rock hit my head from the zombie kids. I honeslty thought I was safe all the way on top of Brutus. Thought I wouldn't be a target up there." Eden 8heaves a sigh. "Guess not."
Iris Lark     "We're not always so lucky, you know?" Iris says quietly as her fingers gently probe the wound to get an idea of how deep it is. "This is a nice graze, you won't need stitches, but I'm going to salve and bandage it. It should heal on it's own, you might get a small scar, but that'll only make you look fierce." She says, reaching in a cupboard for the appropriate crock of salve. "Is Brutus okay?"
Eden Eden laughs now. "Who'd have ever thought, me, fierce!" she has a decent chuckle at this. "Watch out out everyone! Yes, Brutus is fine. We got most of the raiders and ran the rest off. Well, mostly Qwillis, Stockton, and Marcus did. I kinda helped though. Got a couple shots in!" She short girl sits a little taller.
Iris Lark     "Yes you, fierce." Iris says, letting out a soft chuckle before she leans in to give Eden a quick hug. "You fight for the things and the people you believe in, and honey, that's always worth it." She applies the salve, humming to herself as she works, and all too soon she's reaching for bandages.
Eden Eden grins and holds her head still. She has never really seen herself that way. Never really thought about it much actually. She always just went forward and did what seemed the right thing at the time. To think of being described as a noble fighter... kind of takes her by surprise. "thank you" she says sincerely. "The way you see people.. is kind of awesome. Maybe it can help us see ourselves a little better sometimes too."
Iris Lark     "I think we all need to look at each other through different eyes every so often. You're often surprised by how it turns out." Iris says, wrapping the bandage gently around Eden's head. "No crazy stuff for a day or two, okay?" She smoothes the bandage down with one hand and then grins at Eden. "You're also pretty awesome, but I'm sure you're aware of that."
Eden "aww, thank you! I don't generally think about it. I don't really stop and think too terribly much. There always seems to be another thing to do!" Eden's mind is already reminded of another thing "Something I didn't get hurt with, but found out. There really are ghosts in Dunwich. And zombies. They can both be killed though, just not with bullets."
Iris Lark     "Oh?" Iris says, her brow furrowing a bit as she moves to sit next to Eden. "How do you kill them?" She asks, focusing her attention on Eden as she swings her legs back and forth.
Eden Eden takes a deep breath before the words start tumbling out. "Well the zombie kisd have to be fire. I'm sure that's how to keep them down. But also, salt. Salt works on the ghost, and I think if we could get the graves open the sale would work on them. There was this thing, here in Acme!, that came from Dunwhich and was like possessing this kid, but when it came out salt melted it like a slug, and no one really believes me till they see it. I took Lucky and I know he got bit my something, and he still says it's just some trick. And Ashur saw the zombies, but I don't know what he thinks about the ghost. and how do we cure Ashur. cause I really need him to not be a mutant cause I think i'm pregnant, and will getting hit by a ghost affect a baby? and I keep haveing thes bad dreams that i know came from the ghost encounter. And how the heck do I take care of a baby I can't even take care of myself!
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at Eden as the word vomit begins and she nods along, making different faces as different things are revealed. By the end though her eyebrows are quirked a bit and she goes quiet for a moment. "I'm not sure how to cure Ashur, I'm not really a scientist, I'm just helping out in Acme with the FEV stuff." She lets out a soft sigh and looks thoughtful. "Salt and fire huh?"
Eden "Yes, salt and fire. And I don't know who to tell, and I don't know who will believe me. I found these newspapers too that kinda start to tell what might be happening. Somebody got drunk and ran over some kids, but I don't know if its the car starting it, or the dead kids spirit that started it, but it's definitely part of things. The car has killed others too." Eden is relieved to actually be saying all this to someone finally. And someone who is not trying to tell her she must be crazy too! "With the ghosty monster that was here in Acme, salt melted it and the plasma gun totally destroyed it! One shot and it was toast."
Iris Lark     "Well anyone who has been to Dunwich should believe you." Iris murmurs, offering Eden a smile as she puts an arm around her shoulder. "I'll let anyone know if someone asks. It could be really important."
Eden "You would think. But they keep saying things like 'that must have been quite a head bump'. It seems like they just don't want to believe it, even though something is obviously happening. Who knows. Maybe there is a scientfic way to explain it- but it IS still happening. And if it can migrate to Acme, it can keep migrating. So, who do I even try to tell this to?"
Iris Lark     "I believe you." Iris says, nodding at Eden slowly. "It isn't like we haven't seen some crazy things in the last few months. Between Mexico and all kinds of other things, we ..well let them believe what they want."
Eden "Yeah, i guess. It just seems pretty important." Eden's other worry comes back to the front of her mind. "Would any of these encounters hurt the baby? And.. I have idea what I'm supposed to do. Is there like, a how to book on this?"
Iris Lark     "Just be careful and take care of yourself, trauma to your body isn't great, but if you're careful you should be fine." Iris says, getting off her cot to pull something from the cupboard. "Make sure you find some milk or something, you need nutrients, but..there isn't like..vitamins anymore."
Eden Nodding, Eden realizes she's been bursting with all her adventures, but has NO idea what has been happening with Iris! "Hey- what have you been up to? You new place is beautiful! What's been going on?"
Iris Lark "I've just been lying low here in Avalon, trying to relax. Camilla has taken over the clinic so this is a bit of a vacation for me." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder as she shifts on her seat. "So lots of work in Acme, not much of anything else."
Eden "Ah relaxing vacation.. sounds lovely." Eden thinks about this a moment too long. "But what do you do?" The idea of staying still for very long is a completely foreign concept!
Iris Lark     "Mostly work at the general store, or weed flower beds. Sometimes I just hang out with Stockton and Sparrow." Iris says, shrugging a shoulder. "I also have a new job, I'm working for a family in El Dorado a few days a week."
Eden This makes more sense to Eden! "Have you ever seen the little blue ones? I've seen pictures. Don't forget me or something like that. They are so pretty. What do you do for the family?"
Iris Lark     "I'm a seneschal, just keeping things in order and making sure stuff runs smoothly." Iris smoothes down her dress and smirks. "They gave me this outfit, I'm pretty sure it's an inside joke."
Eden Eden notices her friend's dress for the first time. She tends to not notice these things. It does seem a bit showy for housework. "How can you get anything done wearing it though. You are very pretty, of course, but I'm not sure I get that as a uniform. Is it a tradition or something?"
Iris Lark     Iris shrugs and tugs at the lacy outfit. "I dunno, but it's comfortable and I like feeling all girly and crap." She says, dissolving into giggles. "I dunno, it's fine though."
Eden Eden giggles with her. "It is kinda fun being girly sometimes! I never really noticed before... but lately..." Eden goes back to giggling "You do look pretty! all ruffled and fancy! I love the shoes!"
Iris Lark     Iris smiles at Eden and nods as she crosses her legs. "I'll probably go to work in jeans and a ratty t-shirt most of the time. It sucks to get dirty in something like this, you know?"
Eden "I do know! Jumpsuits are really practical for all that stuff. Especially car grease." Eden thinks a moment again. "come to think of it, I don't think I;ve ever owned anything 'pretty'. Was always too busy fixing something. Wonder what I would look like all fancy!"
Iris Lark     "You would be breathtaking, I'm pretty certain." Iris says, bumping shoulders with Eden. "I have a few dresses and if you ever want to try a girly moment, let me know, and I'll loan you one."