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Alasa Alasa sits at the counter, talking to the hostess. "Could I get a pot of hot water, and a couple glasses...and some spoons....thanks." She says with a bit smile.
Tomas Tomas Walks through the door, glad to leave the cold outside. He glances around the dinner for a bit, before making his way to take a seat at the counter, sitting beside Alasa. He glances at the menu, his brow furrowing in thought as he ponders on what to order, a warm smile being given to Alasa
Alasa Alasa returns the smile, "Why hi there..lovely day isn't it?" As she pulls the medicine bag from her waste, and sets it on the counter top. Just as the woman brings the pot of water and other items. "So, here for the food...or something good?"
Tomas Tomas Chuckles softly. "Are you trying to tell me the food here isn't good?" He teases, the smile reaching his eyes. "Well, I'm here for the food, autough I'm not one to refuze company." The man replies politely. "Could you give me a soda and some.. Roasted radroaches?" He orders, having finally made up his mind. The youth is dressed in all his militia apparel, his rifle casually hunging close to his chest. Aparently he has just stopped here after patrol.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head a bit, "All food is good...I find just so often people are just too picky. Say your hungry, and you come across three day old road kill. You wouldn't believe the people that won't eat that." As she picks up the tea pot, and starts to pour the water into the glasses...a bit splashes out on her..."Woah, that is hot...very hot." She sets down the tea pot and waves her hand to cool it. "Company is nice...I spead a lot of time out there by myself..."
Tomas Humming softly, Tomas answers Alasa. "Well, it deppends.. If I was out there in a mission, in a bad situation, I wouldn't hezitate to eat it." He glances at the place where the water spilled for a moment. "Do you need help?" He asks softly. "I've not ventured too far out there, really.. I mostly go out in patrolls autough I should probably go, just to know more." He smiles brightly. "I'm Tomas." The youth introduces himself
Alasa Alasa says, "No, no..I'll be fine. My people have ways of dealing with things" As she digs around in her medicine bag, pulling out some ingrediants and putting them in one of the glasses. "Dream tea, been having some problems with nightmares...this should help calm things down." She stirs the tea a bit, "Yes, you should go out...there are several cities nearby that have militia stationed should get to know them, incase they need help." She picks up the glass, and drinks the tea...."Ooo, thats a good sign." She sets down the glass. "I'm Alasa, you the state, cept without the K, for obvious reasons.""
Tomas Tomas smiles at Alasa. "Its a pleazure to meet you, Alasa." He says gently, taking a sip of his soda. "Well, I'll sertainly offer my help out there.. I mean.. Most cities and settlements won't refuse a pair of extra hands." He nods for a moment. 'Nightmares are never a good thing."
Alasa Alasa nods, "Yes, Nightmares are bad.....I'd avoid Dunwich if you don't want them....that place is weird. Now coming from a girl, who has fought off a horde of horsemen...thats saying something. Only the truely brave go there..." As she continues to drink her tea. "Nope, and if you can help with there walls...they'll really love you. Keep out the mutants and all that."
Tomas "Dunwich?" Tomas asks, having heard the name before. "I heard this place being mentioned by some soldiers before.. What's it like?" He asks curiously as he takes another sip of his soda. "Well, I love to help other people, whenever I can."
Alasa Alasa says, "Yeah, a town east of here...bit north of Rosswell. The place is haunted with the spirits of...well, not sure..but the spirits there are not happy or helpful at all.""
Rexus Rexus is hungry! And there's a diner! It sure smells better than whatever he was planning on eating before. With his bag over his shoulder, the wastelander trudges up into the diner, glancing around before heading for the counter to take a seat.
Tomas Tomas hmms for a moment. "Spirits, hu? I'm surprised people believe they exist.. Its not that I don't believe its just that well, I presumed most people would have more.. Rational minds, so to speak." As Rexus enters, Tomas waves cheerfully to him
Alasa Alasa frowns slightly, "Lots of people believe in me..." as she holds out her arm, to show her tattoo..."this is my animal guide, it is a spirit that protects me and helps me. Being rational has nothing to do with believing in something." She smiles, as she gathers up her medicine bag leaving some money for the water. "Well the spirits tell me I need to go..." As she stands, and heads a nod of her head as she passes Rexus, "Hello."