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Johnny Quixotic It's evening in the markets. Of course, it's also the Shantytown markets, so that just means there are barrel fires to shed light on merchants continually hawking their wares until everyone is tired of that.

It's also where Johnny hangs out when he's feeling particularly sociable. People here are used to him and his... ideas, anyway. Like this one, for instance: a carefully-constructed cookfire built of cinderblocks, with just enough pieces of pipe to hold up a big pot. Near it, he's got a few stools, a dining room chair with a rickety back, and a bench made of a car's fender with some rebar bolted to it. Near /that/...

Well, near /that/ is the Pyramid of Deliciousness.

There's a sign next to the pyramid. It's a pyramid of containers, actually; paper and foam ones. They've got faded labels. The sign, however, is fresh, on a chunk of wallboard and written in large letters:

                           MOSTLY FRESH NOODLE CUPS                          
                             PRICE: 1 STORY EACH                              
                         LIMIT ONE PER NOT-SHIT TALE                          

Johnny is sitting on a low stool by the fire. He's gotten water from someone he's setup an enterprising trade with and is boiling noodles, whistling some song nobody else has ever heard. He looks to be in good spirits.
Ironface Jones The draw of the marketplace has attracted Ironface Jones, especially now that he's got something of his own to sell, some first aid holodiscs. Keeping his wares tucked safely away while he explores for the right place to sell them the big man spots food being sold for a reasonable price! A story! Ironface loves telling stories and he's got a pretty good new one lined up.

Ambling towards the noodles Jones studies the guy doing the selling and gives him a nod as a 'hello', "Greetings. I am here to pay for food with a story. Would you like to hear about the super mutant or the Sand Snakes? Perhaps how I earned my name?"
Ruane When Roman Raune returns from his epic quest of amazing proportions that has him litertally covered in sand, dirt and all other sorts of grime, the man looks rather please with himself. A merchant like him has all sorts of assets to leverage in the market.. and one of the things he has is a brand new fangled Pip-boy which he holds in his hand as he walks through the stalls towards somewhere that he could setu p his own work.

Of course then he'll see the noodle stand.. so to speak and just stare from afar before he exhales and looks over towards the people assembling. Well Fuck it, best place to hawk as any.

"Get your new Pipboy! New Pibboy heere!" His spirit really isn't into it. More a statement of fact then an actual.. well anything.
Iris Lark Iris came looking for Ironface, but the promise of noodles also pulls at her. She just ate though so the tall man is her first priority. She walks over to him and stands on her tiptoes, giving him a few tap taps on the shoulder. "I heard you had a holo thingie that you were selling, and ..I want to buy it!" She chirps, at the same time she tries to get vision of the noodles being sold.
Johnny Quixotic Johnny looks up at the pot at the huge man with an easy grin. It seems to fit his face, honestly. Maybe he's just naturally jovial. His eyes flick up to the helmet and then back to his face. "Sure thing, guy! You want it wet or dry?" He taps a big spoon against the side of the pot. "I'll dish you something up first thing. Though, uh, what's your name? If it's a good one," he asides, "I think I gotta go with that."

He glances to the side, spotting Roman yelling. He raises one hand, waving the spoon. "Hey, bad-at-yelling guy!" Johnny calls. Yes, Roman, that's you. "C'mere!"
Orathio      This have been a wild, few first days for Orathio. He's arrived in El Dorado just a mere day before, having taken the time to take some food, explor the town and get a good gauge of the town. If he is to do what he wishes to do, this will be vitally important to get a good pulse on the lifeblood of the community he will help find the way of the Lady.

     This resulted in getting involved in the rescue of a shop keeper's son. He has returned saftely. Cannibals were punished for their gross misbehaviour and obstruction of liberty. They paid by being granted Freedom.

     Orathio's next goal will be going to the Shantytown Market's, even at this hour. This brings him, within moments, at the Pyramid of Deliciousness. It was rather easy to spot, being it's unusual shape, the table and the /smell/.

     His stomach grumbles. Rats. He DID need to get something nice to eat.

     "Greetings, my son." Orathio says, tipping his hat to the man, next to Jones, also tipping his hat to him. "To you as well, my son. I must say that I am in the same position.
Jacqueline Following Iris, a double-barreled shotgun carried carefully in one hand, Jackie Wayne keeps her eyes open as they enter the market. There are a lot of people around... including the huge man that Iris walks up to. She offers a nervous little fingertip wave and a smile as she joins the two.
Ruane Roman just lifts his chin then slightly in response to Johnny. "Did not practice. Still effective. Individuals generating interest such as yourself." He observes before offering a small smile to Johnny as he steps closer.

"I assume you are showing interest for my device that I have procured? Pipboy. Older model. Older than most. Still usable, useful."
Alice An unlikely trio came into the marketplace consisting of a large sentry-bot painted in Vault-Tec colors with a -=Vault 30=- emblem faded on its side, a large dog wearing a bandana and goggles and a girl wearing a vault-suit with a power fist on one hand (That looked way too unwieldy for her) and what appeared to be a Katana she was using as a walking stick.

When Vaultmeat spots Iris the massive puppy runs towards the doctor and leaps at her, knocking her onto the ground. O.V.E.R. 9000's sensor light turns green and it greets Ironface with a, "*BZT*"

"Hey guys!" Alice calls out as she goes rushing over, dropping a piece of scrap she had found earlier in the process.
Ironface Jones "A PipBoy for me?" Ironface turns to look at Roman for a moment, then his big shoulders shrug. "I do not think I would use that to the best of it's ability. Someone else would use it better than me." He shakes his head a little bit before he feels a tap on the shoulder. Looking to Iris he nods and reaches into his belt pouch, "I do have a thing. I would like to trade this for caps, goods and services. It makes you better at treating the recently injured by making your PipBoy smarter."

Then he's on to Johnny, "Wet, please." And he puffs up some before delivering his name, "I am Ironface Jones, hunter and explorer of the El Dorado tribe and Brother of Steel. Son of Snake Puncher Jones and Spears Badly McCoy of the Sand Lizard clan." His attention turns towards Orathio and the big tribal says, "Greetings, man. I wish for you to tell your story first. Your stomach is making more noise than mine." Jackie gets a wave from the big guy when he catches her little finger waggle.

Alice and her companions are also given a wave, "Good day, Alice. Good day O.V.E.R. 9000 and dog."
Iris Lark When Iris goes to answer Ironface she's suddenly knocked to the ground by an enthusiastic puppy. She doesn't seem to mind though as she pets him on the head and laughs. She tries to get to her feet but the puppy isn't letting her get up. "Ironface, help me up! How much do you want for your ..disc thing!" When he looks down he would see Iris' arms flailing around the puppy as she tries to push him off.
Johnny Quixotic "Not-my-father," Johnny says by way of greeting, nodding at Orathio with a respectful, almost solemn tone to his voice. "My actual father is in a hole in the ground about a thousand miles thataway --" He points in a direction with one hand, stirring the bubbling water with the spoon in the other. "-- but I appreciate the sentiment. Got a tale, get a noodle. Well, more than one noodle."

"Unless you're /really/ lucky," Johnny asides, almost conspiratorally.

He peers at Ironface, then grins. "Ironface Jones, huh? That's a story I'd wanna hear, yeah! Johnny Quixotic, at your service, so long as that service /presently/ involves noodles or talking about things in the vicinity of noodles." Johnny leans to the side on his stool, waving a hand towards the well-armed (and puppy-laden) ladies lurking. "Got lots of those, though. Noodles and things in the vicinity."

Johnny reaches over and picks up one of the opened noodle cups. He sets it near the cookfire while he checks the contents. "Better lucky than good, huh?" He eyes Roman with a sidelong glance and a quick grin. "Yeah, I am. I'm in the salvage business, and I hear it's got a pretty solid suite of features to make my life easier. You looking to get something in particular for it?" He gestures at the Pyramid of Deliciousness. "Maybe an unhealthy amount of noodle?"
Jacqueline Jackie offers a less nervous smile to Ironface at that returned greeting. But she jerks back in surprise the next second, as suddenly a fur-bearing torpedo with four feet and a long pink tongue tackles Iris and begins washing her face for her! "Whoa..." she murmurs, taking an involuntary step back. "Nice doggy?"
She glances around for help. The man dishing up the food looks busy already. The dark-skinned man looks strong enough, but she doesn't know his name. She instead kneels and reaches for the massive puppy herself, one-handed since she's still holding the shotgun. "Get off the doctor, boy... it /is/ boy, right?" she asks nervously, trying to find something to hold on to.
Ruane "The only thing of value. Currency. Caps are preferable. Legion Denarius. Could trade in kind but has little need." He observes as his shoulders lift then before looking over to study at Iris and Jones. The pair getting a curious glance over before he exhales. Then the dog. "Animal appears violent. Possibly dangerous. Will remain at a distance." Back to Johnny then. "Normal price is one thousand caps. Some wiggle room."
Alice O.V.E.R. 9000 trundles off on his own towards a man selling guns and just parks himself there as the robot stares at the weaponry, wishing it had more than a tiny little laser, "*BZT*" The merchant didn't seem to know how to react so he just nodded to the robot who stood unmoving like a sentinel scaring customers away.

Vaultmeat hopped off Iris and ran around her in circles barking excitedly at her until he does the same for Ironface running over and grabbing at his tribal leg armor and biting it before a kid calls out, "Hey look! It's Vaultmeat!" The dog barks excitedly and runs off to play with the kids.

Stopping to pick up her scrap and offering it to Ironface or Iris ,Alice asked, "Hey! I found this in the scrapyard but I don't know what to do with it and I don't really want it so do either of you want it. Also hey Iris? Do you have any mentats? Did you get some yet? Pleeease tell me you got some. Pleeeeease. Please Please Please. Berry flavored. Please." She didn't take a breath between a single word before asking, "Anyone want to buy a machine gun thingie I found to? It shoots bullets and stuff and I don't really want it either."
Orathio      Orathio lets out a laugh, slowly shaking his head at Ironface. "Let us not dispute on which to go first, my friend, and let us simply speak our tales, then. Mr. Quixotic is quite eager to hear both of ours and I am quite certain you are very hungry yourself."

     He turn to smile at Roman, giving him another nod. "Ah! A fellow hero! The son of the shopekeeper seems to be quite well, now. Thanks to all of us."

     The Preacher turns back around to Johnny, peering at the pot. At this point, just about anything might work out, honestly. "As for my story, Mr. Quixotic, is simple. I am Father-Torchbearer Orathio Fire-From-The-Torch-Light-Your-Way, of the Order of the Lady of Liberties. I come from far from the East, from the Big Apple as it was called in the years before the great War. I have travelled far, to spread her word, her virtues and bring Freedom and Liberty to a world that, seen by own very eyes, sorely needs it."

     He shows his medallion: a metal-made figurine of the Lady of Liberty, made of some sort of silvery material. Maybe just steel.

     "It is fortunate that I've arrived as I did. We have aided one young man come back to his father, from the clutches of cannibals. They, too, have met Liberty."
Ironface Jones Reaching past the big, friendly pooch, Ironface takes Iris' hand in his own and gently attempts to move the dog off of her while pulling her to her feet. "I would like five hundred caps, if you think that is fair. Or some good trade. But you will need to be knowledgeable at science or have someone who is to install the thing." The big puppy gets pets and scritches when it gnaws on Ironface's armor, "You are a strong puppy. I like you."

"I am glad to know you, Johnny Quixotic, noodle and story man," Ironface tells the fellow with a nod, happy to agree with whatever as long as there seems to be food involved in it. Alice's burst of energetic talking has Ironface fix on her for a moment, "I feel as though my Brotherhood clan could use that metal. Would you like to become my Sister of Steel? Also I will try to find out how to put the metal to use.

Orathio almost gets a smile, but the big tribal doesn't let those go very easily. Instead he nods, then takes a deep breath and prepares to tell his story.
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and starts to dust off her bottom, back and ..she gives up. She's usually dusty anyway. She shifts her gaze towards Alice and then pulls something from a rucksack, holding it out in her palm. "Guess what I've got." She says, shaking the tube a bit. "Mentats!" She walks over to her friend and shakes one into her hand. "There."

When Ironface speaks to her she immediately forgets what she was doing and almost bounces back towards the large man eating noodles. "Ironface, really? I could kiss you! Five hundred caps!!" She turns to Alice and squeals before she takes a seat next to Ironface and pulls out a pouch. She starts to count caps..slowly.
Johnny Quixotic "That," Johnny observes soberly, "is a large dog."

Roman gets a thoughtful look. "Hmmm. What kind of condition is it in? I'm not looking to have to refurbish something like that on top of getting the thing itself, know what I mean?" He stirs the pot some more. "Don't suppose you're in the market for a heavy-duty sidearm?" Ahh, barter. The cornerstone of society that /isn't/ caps.

Johnny listens to Orathio. He nods a couple of times, and then grabs the cup and dishes him up a full cup. Hot water, too! Can't hate that. He holds it up. "Now /that's/ a walk. Cannibals, though... you got /all/ of them, right?" Once Orathio takes it, he gets another empty cup and starts to fill it up for Ironface in preparation, and leans to grab some off the top of the pyramid to add to the pot.

"What kind of 'machine gun thingy'?" Inquiring noodle-people want to know.
Ruane "Convinction is dangerous. Result was good though. Actualy behavior of our peers unclear." Roman observes then with a rather dry tone before he turns to look back at Johnny for a second as he carefully observes and considers the man's reactions."A pistol? Depends on the make and model. Reputation as mechanic is also at stake. Selling damaged goods would hurt bottom line. Especially in long term."

"Jackie. You are enjoying your purchase? The feeling of the suit normalizes over time. Becomes like a second skin." Roman offers before he looks back to his business at hand, his 'greeting' of Jackie performed.
Jacqueline Jackie's hand is almost on Vaultmeat when Ironface takes care of the matter. Shrugging, she straightens and watches the dog run off to play. "He's a strong dog, all right," she agrees softly, nodding to Ironface and stepping back. Iris is off to see someone else, after all.
Which kinda leaves her alone amongst a bunch of people she doesn't know. Awkward.
At least one voice is familiar. The sound of Roman calling to her draws her attention his way, and she waves. "Hello again! Actually, yes. It's taking some getting used to, but the suit's really comfortable after I wear it for a few minutes. I'll have to take it out next time I go scavving."
Orathio      "A long walk." Orathio confirms, solemn as he takes the cup of noodles gratefully, bowing his head. "It is no worse than any other walks. It all happens the same. One feet before the other, my friend."

     He looks at Roman, nodding at him and back at Johnny. "I might be interested in some heavy-duty sidearms, myself." He muses, loudly, allowing some space for Ironface to tell his own story. "We have killed most of the raiders, that is correct. Some may have fled when their lead's head met with our vengefull retribution."

     He slurps on the soup, pensive, allowing the sound of COMMERCE and ECONOMY flow around him. Yes. Good. This place is very much alive. This could be a good place to stop for a long while.
Alice Alice drops the scrap in front of Ironface, "Ok, you can have it!!" She was done with lugging that stupid thing around, she wasn't even aware there was somewhere she could take it. It wasn't technology and she couldn't fix it, so it was junk even if valuable junk.

Alice immediately takes the berry mentat and chews on it and runs over to where Iris is sitting down and hugs her tightly, "Yay! I've been dying without my Mentats. I've got caps to, if you want to sell me some more. It's hard to focus without them."

Growing quiet she began to fiddle with her Pip-Boy, trying to read up on assault rifles and find out what the gun she found was.
Ironface Jones "Back when I was First Boy Jones of the Sand Lizard clan, I was the son of two hunters and as a physically powerful person I knew one day that I would become one myself," Ironface starts to tell his story, speaking as though he'd practiced it before. "It was our tradition that the first time someone performed their adult job by themselves they would then become an adult and it was time for me to finally do that. My chief gave me the task of slaying a predatory beast of at least the size of a human child and bringing back it's meat and hide for the clan to use."

He stops for a moment to lick his lips, interrupting his story to turn to Iris, "You are permitted to kiss me."

But he's back to his story another second later, "Knowing where some geckos lived from hunting with my parents I set out to find them. It took a day and a night to arrive at their watering hole, but I found it eventually and settled in to wait for them to arrive. As they did I drew back my hunting bow and shot their sentry. He did not die all at once and called his fellows to come fight me! I fired my bow at them until they got close and then readied my spear. In the melee I was struck a number of times in the face but I did not budge and soon all of them were dead."

The big man takes a big breath before going on, "I returned with many meats and hides to my clan. Due to my bravery and the toughness of my face I was named Ironface. There was much feasting on the gecko meat and I was given a wife, Birthing Hips Smith. That is how I came to be Ironface Jones."

Jackie's mention of the dog's strength gets Ironface to nod to her, "I am master of an animal as well. First Horse Jones is a powerful companion." He points off in the direction of the El Dorado and it's stables.

When Alice gives him some scrap Ironface nods deeply to her and says, "I thank you for the thing, Alice. I appreciate you and what you do." He picks up the scrap to look it over before sliding it between his quiver and his back.
Iris Lark "Birthing Hips Smith!" Iris says, her mouth dropping open for a moment before she giggles softly. She hands off a large amount of caps to Ironface and then leans in, placing both of her hands on his jaw and she gives him a smacking kiss right on the lips. She admires her new holodisc for a moment or two and then her attention is on Alice. "You really want some Mentats don't you?" She considers for a moment and she holds out a hand. "Five caps each?" She asks, tilting her head slightly to the side. "Is that fair?" She asks herself, a frown on her face. Iris apparently isn't a very good drug dealer.
Hanzhou Hanzhou wanders over to Shantytown Markets, he's lugging a makeshift backpack filled with leather materials in it that looks like he must have found during some scavenging most likely. He's oddly dressed in that mixture of western cowboy and asian sword wielding warrior, that Katana on his back as well as revolver on his hip completes the image of a Wasteland Samurai. He's glancing around, looking at some stalls and spots a familiar face in the crowd, hard to miss Alice really especially with OVER 9000! and Vaultmeat near her.

Walking over through the crowd, he gives the vaulter a slight bow. "Alice. How are you?" He the inclines his head politely towards Iris, recognizing her from the clinic when she healed him. "Doctor." he says to her in a soft but respectful tone. But he does catch some of the conversation about mentats, quirking an eyebrow slightly and frowns just a tad but doesn't comment for now.
Johnny Quixotic "Have to keep my eye out for any mystery meat out there, then," Johnny muses. "Ah, but /you/ don't have a Pip-Boy for sale," he points out, smiling at Orathio. He glances at the glove and unit on the man's arm. "Well," he appends, "probably don't, anyway. Still, maybe...?"

Johnny reaches down to his belt and draws a gun stowed there in something more wire and rope than a proper holster. He ejects the magazine and checks it for a chambered round, then offers it grip first to Roman. It's heavy grey metal with a wooden grip. There's a heft to it. "Good point! Here, check it out. It's chambered for twelve-point-seven millimeter. Shots'll go through two and change centimeters of armor." He doesn't seem to be worried about him trying to run off with the empty gun; it's not like he'd get far with this many heavily-armed hungry people around.

Ironface tells his tale. Johnny chuckles and holds out the cup, grinning again. "Now /that/ is a good reason for a name like that. I always wondered where names like that came from, but I guess it makes sense it's earned. Do your people ever change names for greater deeds?" He puts more noodles in, adding water from a pail and silently mouthing 'birthing hips' to himself. What a name to get saddled with.
Alice "Hmmm. Here!" Alice reached into her vault-suit and handed Iris 15 nuka-quantum caps worth 150 normal caps, "Like thirty please, so it can last me a month. It's been like two weeks since Vault Town decided that mentats were only for 'people who are deemed to need them for very important reasons'." She sighed. Damn Vault Rules.

When Hanzhou arrives she springs to her feet and leaps up to give the samurai a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Hanzhou might even notice her priceless katana is just lying on the ground near Iris.

O.V.E.R. 9000 looks over at the exchange of caps and beeps out sadly another, "*BZT*"
Ruane "Twelve point seven, non-standard ammunition. Likley not manufactured overly." Roman begins to list off. "incredibly difficult reload. Could scrap for parts. Little more." A pause then. "I am not particuarly interested. Did you wish for the pipboy then? Guns are for sale after all." Roman observes then before he lifts his shoulders.

"Wouldn't know personally Jackie. Lived with them all my life. good idea however. Experience matters." HE'll note before looking back to Johnny and resume his negotation. "I need caps. Robots are expensive."
Jacqueline "That's quite a story for quite a man. All those geckos, and only you against them.. wow. First Horse Jones must equally impressive," Jackie replies, bowing her head respectfully to the huge tribal. "Maybe we'll work together sometime! I hope so."
She nods to Roman. "I'm getting used to it. It's just taking time, and it's still tricky to put on. But I do like it. Thanks for the reasonable price you gave me." Really, she doesn't know if it was reasonable or not, but no point in saying so. And Roman was pretty generous with herself and others at the shop that night.
She looks after Iris, seeing her talking to the girl who brought the dog, giving her... pills? At least, that's what it looks like. The young man in armor seems to have a similar opinion of giving out drugs to her own, though Jackie keeps her face calm. Only a faint narrowing of eyes gives away her disapproval.
Or maybe she's just getting tired. It's been a long day, after all. "I'd better go. It was nice meeting you all," she says, lifting a hand in a weary wave and turning for the exit. She does spare a quick hug for Iris on her way out.
Orathio      Orathio lets out a long, deep laugh, slurping down on his noodle soup. This is quite good, he muses. Or perhaps it's because it's his first hot meal in, well, almost a week, now. Has it been more? "That is indeed an incredible tale, Ironface Jones!" He shouts, "You are a brave and steadfast individual, by your deeds and your words, then!"

     He flick his gaze at Johnny, shaking his head. "No, this Pip-Boy is not for sales. It is a keepsake, from my mentor, and my mentor's mentor. They would roll in their graves if I did such a thing, as would the Lady herself, cry, as she often do in the Pictures."

     He looks at the pistol, whistling appreciatively at the weapon. "Twelve point seven milimeter... this is quite the hand cannon that you have there, my friend." He looks at Roman, tilting his head. "Is... this the Pipboy that we have recovered, then? I am satisfied with my own find. It was a very good omen."
Hanzhou Hanzhou blinks when Alice leaps up to give him a hug and a kiss, not expecting such a greeting but doesn't pull away. "Alice..." He pauses, noticing that she left her Katana just lying on the ground and a small frown forms on his lips once more but he seems more concerned with her at the moment.

"Is everything okay?" He glances towards the doctor then back to Alice, studying her with a stoic expression. "Why are you buying mentats?" If OVER 9000! was concerned about all those caps being spent, he is probably as well but for different reasons than losing out on upgrades. Alice is the first friend he met when he stepped foot in El Dorado.

He hasn't quite noticed Roman or is paying much attention to the conversations going on around him, since it is a rather busy pubilc market area.
Ironface Jones More than happy to kiss back, Ironface doesn't hesitate when Iris plants one on him, placing a hand on the small of her back and leaning into it. He even comes away with a little smile, a rare sight on the big man. "Birthing Hips was a fine wife and mother until Caesar's men killed her," suddenly, that smile of his goes away. But it doesn't turn into a frown, just a distant look that lasts until the samurai fellow he'd killed people with before arrives. Hanzhou gets a firm, polite nod.

Johnny gets his attention again and Ironface says, "Usually you are given your adult name and that is all. It is already confusing enough to have your name change in adulthood." He's more than happy to accept his noodles and leave them alone for a bit, knowing to let them soak before he tries to dig in.

Jackie gets some of his attention then as the big guy returns her bow with his own, "I would like to work with you as well, Lady." Not that he's even sure of what it is that she does.

Orathio is considered very briefly before Jones says to him, "I thank you, Orathio of the Lady. It is good to meet with a fellow warrior who tries to help people. My Brotherhood is devoted to helping people and not stealing. If you, or anyone here, would like to learn more I could try to tell you what I know."
Alice Alice nods to Hanzhou, explaining with a far less hyper-active tone, "Yeah, Doctor Iris was just getting me some mentats. Vault Town decided that only 'people who are deemed to need them for very important reasons' may purchase them from the clinic. It really sucks, I can't focus without them."

The talk about the pistol gets her attention only because she was just looking at weapons and she walks over and introduces herself, "Hello. I'm Alice Carroll from Vault Town. I heard that Roman didn't want to buy the gun from you and I think it looks kind of neat. I would be willing to purchase it from you, if you still wish to sell it." She pushed her glasses up a little, super serious now.
Molly Brown Molly has just comeback from her outing into the wastes to find the fate of a missing arms dealer's son. With that out of the way and happily it ended well. Sometimes the rare tale in the wasteland has a happy ending. She moves in to the gathering and plans to maybe tell a tale but Molly? She's not got enough tales to have a good one yet. Though she calls out seeing at least two people she knows. "Torchbeare Orathio! Alice?!"
Ruane "Yes. Done a bit of work on the knobs and wiring on the way back. Attempted to imrove power efficency. Mixed results." There is a pause then as he looks to ALice and Orathio again as they both move to express interest in the firearm in question. Roman however remains rather unmoved, as he looks back at Johnny.

"Selling them the firearm might net you caps to purchase the pipboy. This will be good for you. Thus by extension for me."
Iris Lark Iris settles in her seat after she's done with her transactions (and her kiss) and she swings her legs, watching the noddle guy for a few moments. She's not sure how hungry she is, and she certainly doesn't want to tell a story. She hates talking about herself! Instead she gets up, and walks over to watch Alice try to do business.
Hanzhou Hanzhou listens to Alice's explaination carefully, finally nodding once after she's done. "I see." But there she goes, her attention elsewhere as she wanders off to look at a pistol or something. He is about to turn to follow her, but remembers Alice's Katana laying on the ground, the priceless one so he goes to pick it up if OVER 9000! lets him that is or Vaultmeat for that matter, before falling after her and finding out what sort of deal she is trying to make.

He catches sight of Ironface Jones giving him a nod, which he returns in kind as he passes the man, a mutual respect if you will for warriors who have fought side by side on the battlefield. When Molly approaches, he inclines his head politely to her since she seems to know Alice as well.

Upon seeing Roman, he gives the man a small wave and speaks to him after he's done talking. "Ahh, just the man I was looking for. I found an item while scavenging, a leather armor chestpiece. Wondered if you were interested in purchasing it or at least appraising it for me?"
Johnny Quixotic Johnny takes the gun back, shrugging. "Fair enough. Yeah, I want it, but I don't know that I thousand-caps-in-cash want it." He sounds a touch doubtful, there. "I could do... eight hundred? And maybe help you out with your robot. Ss? Robot/s/? First pick on what I dig up and a set of hands on rebuilding 'em, is what I mean."

Orathio gets a nod. "I get'cha. Same with me and Old Faithful." He dumps more dry noodles into the pot and starts poking and prodding. "Changing your name /would/ be weird..." Johnny asides at Ironface, and then trails off. "Which Brotherhood? The one with the guys in the funny helmets asking me to hand over my vacuum tubes, or the one with the ones in the robes talking about their three-headed savior-brahmin?"

Roman gets another look and a quirk of the corner of his mouth. Johnny smiles more widely up at Alice. "Johnny Quixotic, from over yonder." He nods in a direction. Careful observers will note it's the same one he pointed in earlier. There's a whole lot of wasteland out that way. "I wouldn't be against turning it into caps."
Ruane Roman will pause in his discussion over caps and his own business to turn his eyes and study the leather chestpiece in Hazhou's possession. There is very obvious consideration in his features as his lips purse. "Can investigate the peice. Determine appropriate pricing and sell it. However, given lack of information, investment is unwise." Roman observes before chuckling again then before he lifts his shoulder.

Back to Johnny QUixotic. "Eight Fifty. Deal. Negotation is not unacceptable." ROman notes before he looks to and between Orathio and Alice, offering only a nod then.
Orathio Orathio considers Ironface Jones for a moment, slurping down the last few remains of his very free meal. A bit tasteless, but nobody is going to complain in the waste about hot water and noodles. That's great enough as it is. "The Brotherhood." He muses, tilting his head to one side. "As in, the Brotherhood of Steel? I am familiar with them, passingly. I was not aware they still existed in this side of the great continent of America."

     He then frowns, more deeply, in thought. "This is another thing that I have heard. This Caesar and the misery he has spread. I could hear of it even as I arrived from the East. I hope this man has faced justice, for I could see and feel every tears spreading out through the land in the face it's people."

     He reutnr a glance at Roman, lifting an eyebrow. "I am interested in it, but I very well doubt I have the caps for such a weapon. " He blinks, tilting his head at Hanzhou, beaming at him. "This, however, I might be interested for. A Leather armor could very well be useful to posses."

     Orathio blinks, straightening as Molly calls out to him. "Ah! Molly! Greetings. I am happy to see you have found your own way, then."
Alice Vaultmeat is off having fun with kids and O.V.E.R. 9000 considers Hanzhou a friend so he doesn't do anything when Hanzhou picks up the sword/walking stick.

Alice peers at the gun like she was an expert on guns, "I see. Well, I have caps so you're in Luck. I was hoping to to offer you three hundred caps or maybe a very powerful submachine gun once used by the Pre-War United States Military known as an MP5. Let me know when you're done buying your Pip-Boy. Sorry to bug you!"

Turning around she smiles up at Hanzhou and Iris, "We all need to go explore this place I found at work." Reaching into her Vaultsuit she shows the pair her masterkey she has for working in maintenance, "I can open it and everything. I did open it, but it looked dangerous and I didn't just want to go in alone." Then Molly arrives getting her attention for the moment, "Oh Hi Molly, how are you?"
Ironface Jones "The Brotherhood of Steel," Ironface replies to Johnny, actually inflating a little bit with evident pride. "We are a new chapter. I have learned that I am a strange recruit in that I do not technology very well, but so far we have fought raiders together and we share with those who help us."

Turning to Orathio he nods a few times, "We are new to this area and I am new to the Brotherhood. Tinman, our leader, is trying very hard to find more members in order to help more people. We are not to discriminate against any potential recruits unless they are evil-doers." And then, on the subject of Caesar, Ironface sneers, "I would hope that he is dead. Him and his people are a source of disgust to me, but I have gotten vengeance for my family and I do not need to hunt them any more."
Hanzhou "Makes sense and I will ponder it for a bit." Hanzhou replies to Roman in a polite tone and then he turns to Orathio, who has now expressed interest in his leather armor piece. "Oh, my name is Hanzhou and it is fortunate then that you are looking for such an item. Perhaps we can come up with some sort of trade or a reasonable offer for it?" But upon hearing conversation about Caesar, his expression changes a bit and he narrows his eyes slightly.

Thankfully, Alice's timing is impeccable and she mentions that she needs help with exploring because of some danger. "I of course will accompany you, Alice. Just let me know when." But there is a little strain in his voice as he speaks to her, the Caesar talk has a visible effect on him.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Finally told mom what I thought of her and said I won't be back till I find out what happened to Vault 30, rescued a kid from a bunch of Cannible Raiders with Torchbear Orathio and helped free Acme eariler it's been interesting I have to say. Scaving's been not soo good as of late."

She doesn't know much about Orathio but the man's made a good impression of himseld and his faith so far.

"Ya, going to be seeing if I can find some armour that will work over my suit before I go back out. I don't want to Tempr, God, the Lady or whatever by running around without any actual armour."

She looks to Jone for a moment.

"Always good to deal with Raiders."

She looks to Hanzhou who she recalls from the ACME mission.

"Good to see you as well Hanzhou right? If your looking to adventure Alice I'd be up for it at some point."
Iris Lark Iris moves closer to Alice and she nods at her. "I'm always up for adventure. You know that." She props her hands on her hips and her eyes narrow briefly. "I'm gonna hope that nobody needs treated in the next few hours. It's been weirdly busy at the Clinic lately." She points off towards the distance and quirks an eyebrow. "Been out scavenging lately?"
Alice "Sure!" Alice replied to Molly, "Just let me know." Reaching over to give Hanzhou's hand a gentle but reassuring squeeze and also take back her walking stick Katana she said, "Sometime soon I think. We'll duel as well, I learned some moves playing games on my Pip-Boy." Namely. Slash. Swing. Stab.

"People like to get hurt." She shrugged at Iris, "Or they think you're pretty so they keep coming to see you. Nobody comes to see me in maintenance, it's dreadful." Kicking a rock at Ironface she said, "I'll need your help to if you want but not First Horse Jones, horses aren't for underground."
Johnny Quixotic Alice gets a thumbs-up. He'll absolutely be with her in a minute.

"So the first one," Johnny says with a nod to Ironface. "Gotcha. Well, I'm sure you'll get better at it. Not sure I'm an evil-doer-fighter-type, but... well, you ever dig up any lenses or power cells you're not gonna hoard, give me a shout, huh?"

A look up at Roman. He tilts his head this way and that, and then nods firmly. "Alright then. Let me see..." He starts rooting through pockets and little pouches, fishing out caps. "Gotta find a more convenient, raider-resistant way to carry cash," Johnny mumbles. He glances at the cookpot and breaks up some of the noodle-clump, then goes back to counting. "Annnd... this ought to do it."
Ruane Roman slowly counts out each cap, definetly looking them over and checking things over before finally handing over what basically is a glorified PDA over to Johnny with a small smile. "Enjoy your purchase. The Caps are good." He notes before he looks down at his boots then before glancing aside to study the rest of the crowd with a renewed interest.
Orathio      Orathio's smile spreads. It is a sort of serene, confident one, with a sad twinge to it as he hears and confirm the woes of the tall man. "I am sorry for your family and your heart, but I am happy to hear that you have attained some level of justice. It is... a sad story, that I have heard far too often in my travel. Yet, we strive on."

     He tilts his head back at the bowl, returning it to Johnny for him to keep. "Brotherhood Tinman, then... Hm. I have spent some time in the Capital Wasteland on my way from my home. The Brotherhood was... recruiting, from last I recall, from the locals. To some extent. I may have to talk to this man."

     He smiles at Hanzhou as he presents himself, the tall man giving an incline of his upper body. "I am Father-Torchbearer Othario Fire-From-The-Torch-Lights-The-Way. Please. Call me simply Father Othario. I am afraid I have very few ressources at my disposal, but I am willing to work and speak. Perhaps the people of El Dorado will find themselves receptive to the Lady's word."

     His eyes lights up, turning around at Molly. "This reminds me. I shall have to contact the local authorities. It would be irresponsible to preach in this town without the accord of the Law. Freedom has responasbilities to be met. This is Important to be observed."
Hanzhou "Yes, please take care of your blade and try not to leave it just laying around." Hanzhou says to Alice, as she takes the Katana back from him and giving her a little pat on the shoulder after she squeezes his hand gently. "Yes, we must make time soon and go over those lessons." His eyes go towards Iris, nodding. "I am glad you will be accompanying us and your skills are always appreciated." Giving her a slight bow as a gesture of respect and then looks over at Johnny as he gives Alice a thumbs up.

"It is an honor to meet you Father Othario and do not worry. I am in no rush to sell this item, so we may still be able to come to an agreement on it if you are still interested." He then looks towards the group and inclines his head politely. "I'm afraid, I must be on my way and head back to the my shop. It was nice meeting you all and take care." He then looks towards Alice, "You know where to find me, should you need my help or have time for lessons." With those words, he heads out and gives Vaultmeat a few pats before leaving the market.
Ironface Jones "Yes, lady, I feel it is necessary to remove raiders from the area through whatever means in order to make sure that the El Dorado tribe thrives," Ironface tells Molly quite seriously before his lips press tightly together in thought. "It is good that you helped save that person from cannibals. You have shown that you have much value by doing that."

Alice gets the mountainous man's attention quite effectively when a rock strikes him and he turns to look at her, giving her a big nod, "I would like to help you, Alice. Please come find me so that I know when we are to leave."

Johnny gets a big nod, "I do not need such things. If I find them and Dusty Rose and Skittles do not want them I will trade them with you."

Now that his noodles are soaked Jones can begin to enjoy them, drinking from the bowl like it's a cup and catching noodles in his mouth to slurp them down. His arm comes up to wipe at his face to get the noodle juice off of it.

When Orathio speaks Ironface listens, nodding as he goes for more broth and noodles. Once he's done getting it down his throat he's ready to speak again, "Tinman is called Knight Caldwell by some. He is a good man who helped me kill the bandits that stole the whores' jewelry, fought a mighty super mutant with me and wears powerful armor like I shall one day also wear."
Alice Poor Hanzhou. Not a minute after he had walked away, Alice set down the Katana on the ground since she didn't own a scabbard for it and showed off the assault rifle she had found to her friends, "Check it out." She pulled the weapon up clumsily and aimed at O.V.E.R. 9000, "Bang. Bang. Bang." The weapons safety wasn't even active. She had to do something while she waited for Johnny, "Pretty cool, huh? It's called the Ex-El-Seven-Zero-Ee-Three Assault Rifle and it was an experimental weapon, they never even finished making them."
Iris Lark Iris points over at Deathbot and grins at Alice. "It's too bad you can't mount it on Deathbot and then attach a chair, he'd be a rolling assault vehicle and a Deathbot, all rolled into one." She taps her chin for a moment and then adds. "Not that I would advocate that or anything, sounds like it would send more people to my clinic."
Johnny Quixotic Johnny dishes up some noodles for himself. He sets them aside for reasons much like Ironface's. Part of the reason is wishing to do business, though.

"I'd come visit you in maintenance," Johnny asides to Alice, "if I was allowed in places that have a section called 'maintenance.' Same places are really strict about people coming in from outside and tracking dust everywhere, and it just gets into all my clothes..." He trails off, making a vaguely circular hand gesture.

"-- Uh, you should..." Johnny slowly reaches up and makes sure the safety on Alice's rifle is in fact on. That way he's merely sweating bullets instead of near them when they are flying. " more careful with that. Nobody in Vault Town offer a class on basic weapons handling?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Look I get family issues and being able to solve someone's issue with a family member I was happy to." Sure the caps didn't hurt but taking out some of that Cannible tribe? It ... fewlt /good/ knowing many of them would never feed again. "TInman's Knight Caldwell? Got it, good of you to help them out. It's hard finding work sometime and at least here? The Red Light busineses don't use slaves so far as I know. Power Armor? Dang..."
Alice "Hey Ironface. If you get Power Armor, do we call you Ironman?" Alice asked of the large tribal.

"Nah. I wouldn't shoot at anyone with it, but Over9000 is just a robot so it's ok to shoot him I guess." Alice considered, "Well, maybe a raider or something but it's mostly just cool." Not that she had any clue how to use it in any meaningful way, "That's a good idea though. He could become like a tank..." She glanced over at the robot considering but really couldn't think of a way to make it work which only caused her to sigh.

Johnny is able to flick the safety on before she fires it by accident or something and she doesn't even really seem to notice, "Well. You're not allowed to visit the Maintenance Areas, so it might be why nobody comes to visit me and I'm very careful. I didn't even point it at anyone! Just my robot, who I should mention when I found him, was repeating 'Kill all Humans. Kill all Humans' over and over while he ran into a wall. He likes humans now and I repainted him."

O.V.E.R. 9000's sensor light glowed a dark red and he replied, "*BZT*"

Back to Johnny and the gun she smiled, "Sooo, are you interested in either of my offers?" If Johnny still wanted to sell her a gun after her amazing displays of gun safety and handling; not that most cared about that in the wasteland.
Orathio      Orathio nods, slowly, at Johnny. "Forgive me. I am new in this city and I am not fully aware of the current happenings. I am happy to hear then bandits has met their end, if they were such vile individuals. Yes. I might have to talk to this Caldwell, then."

     He drums on the counter, frowning for a moment and watching Alice test the weapon. His frown deepens, more into a gravely, fatherly frown. This man is twenty six. He looks still young, despite his stubble and beard. "I agree with Mr. Quixotic, lady Alice. It is of /primordial/ matter to show proper respect to firearms. They are, after all, one of the many ways the Lady's will can be defended against the darkness of ignorance and other dangers, lurking in the shadows of the Wastes. In many ways, they are her instruments."
Ironface Jones Once his noodles are all finished, Ironface looks around for a place to dispose of them, not wanting to add any more trash to Shanty Town if he can avoid it. When he sights a receptacle he smoothly tosses the cup into it and returns to the people nearby. "I will be going now. I have had good food, good conversation, good kiss and I need to rest, for tomorrow I hunt."

Looking over at Alice he nods his head, "You are a friend to me so you may call me that if you wish. I have also accrued the nickname Big Iron from Miss Kitty. I find that also to be good."

Molly is also given a nod, "Yes. I just look for ways to help people in need and the Brothers and Sisters of Steel want me to help people with them. If you wish to help people then you should also join. We have many weapons to lend out to our people."
Johnny Quixotic "Yes, but weapons like that have a tendency to kick and make you swing it all over if you're not careful and prepared for it. It's a waste of good ammo, /and/ you could put a few holes in somebody's house and hit them from here. Just... make sure the safety's on if you're not going to use it, okay?" Johnny's casual and friendly attitude has shifted towards the serious for the moment. "Keeps you and everyone you don't want shot out of trouble."

"Buzz't," Johnny remarks in O.V.E.R. 9000's general direction. It's a sign he's swung back towards casually-friendly.

He settles back on his stool again. "I'm more interested in the caps, though I'm thinking more like four hundred for something like this. Full magazine included," he adds. "Though now I'm wondering if maybe I should add in gun-handling lessons to the package deal, too."
Iris Lark Iris realizes that she's wobbling on her feet and she yawns, shaking herself fully awake. She walks over to Alice and gives her friend a brief squeezing hug before she shuffles back out towards the medical clinic. "Alice, let me know about your adventure. I'm gonna go close up the clinic and get some sleeps." She eyes the strangers and the people she's briefly met and decides that hugging everyone is going to take too long. She simply waves instead. "Good night folks, don't get hurt, I'm not answering my door for a few hours."
Alice "I'll keep it in mind, I've never fired a gun before. I just like collecting cool things, plus it makes people less likely to mess with me." Alice replies and holds up the power fist as an example before turning to hug Iris, "Sweet Dreams Doc, thanks again for the mentats!"

"Ironman Jones is pretty cool for a name." Alice mused before turning her attention back to Orathio and Johnny, "I'm not sure who the Lady is, but I don't think she minds considering she let everyone bomb each other!" Shrugging her shoulders as the price is above her limit she smiles politely, "Good luck on selling the gun Johnny, I don't want it that bad."

O.V.E.R. 9000 swiveled a little at Johnny and went, "*BZT*" again before rolling away to go find Vaultmeat and the kids he was playing with.
Orathio      Orathio smiles, wide at Alice's reply. "The Lady of Liberties, my friend. As for bombs... men bombed one another, not the Lady. Man has imposed tyranny upon itself by losing sight of the virtues the Lady expounds upon. Hm." He rubs his chin, thoughtfully. "This might make a perfect subject for a sermon. Have a good day, lady. Have a good day."
Molly Brown Molly Brown sighs. "Alice? We're going to need to line up some tin cans for you. You need to be able to hit a stationary target at at least twenty meters or your pretty much going to be in over your head. I don't want to have to go back to your folks and tell em what happened. She also takes a look ath OVER 9000 formoment "Nice bot by the way."
Ironface Jones Having said his goodbyes, finished his food and completed a transaction it's time for Ironface Jones to head off. His feet take him straight towards El Dorado proper as he looks ahead at the former amusement park. A smile almost shows up on his face but doesn't quite make it before he's gone off into the distance.