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Qwillis     The lab is a sight of organized chaos. Pieces and parts for different tasks are here and there. Currently the main table has two rather large books open on them, notes in a weird cypher are spread about it and Qwillis, for his part, is currently measuring the length of his leg, a thoughtful frown on his face.
Nikki There's a humming noise that comes from the entrance of an eyebot who was on the prowl for..something. Anything. It flies low, almost like it's trying to save battery power or something. It's followed by a woman, or is it a girl? No one really knows with the child-sounding adult. "C'mon Dink! There's probably not any batteries anywhere near..." She stops as she finally looks up to see the person at the table measuring a leg. "Dink...why did you bring Nikki here? That's not a battery..."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances up at the humming noise. That cybernetic leg is lowered back to the floor, his pants leg pushed down a little to cover it back up as he'd eye the robot, than the woman/girl behind it? Musing, he'd glance around, then walk over to a shelf. "I believe that's a lithium v6.35 for the robot, right? I should have a spare one here actually.. Let's see."
Nikki Nikki blinks again. "A lithi-what? Nikki just needs a battery because the ones she keeps finding for Dink don't work for that long and she doesn't have a good charging port for them." Can those batteries even be charged?! Likely not - but Nikki has been known to make mountains out of molerat hills before! "Uhm..Nikki's...sorry for barging in like this. She didn't know someone was here.."
Jacqueline "Hello? Miss Camilla?" comes a voice from the other side of the door. "Are you home? I could use a little help." This is accompanied by, and followed by, the sounds of the numerous doors upstairs being opened and shut, one by one, the sounds getting gradually louder.
It's a few moments later that the inevitable happens: The door into the lab is opened. The dark-haired girl who opened it peers inside, blinking in surprise. "Oh... I guess Miss Camilla isn't here. Hi! Sorry to barge in like this," Jackie says, blushing a little and giving Qwillis and the girl her best friendly smile.
Qwillis     Qwillis would wave that metal hand, dismissing the apology with a chuckle. "Are you kidding? I love robots. I'm always happy to have one show up.. ah!" He'd pluck a battery from the shelf, look at it and run it near his pip-boy. A final nod is given and Q heads back for that main table, closing the books and stacking them to the side. "Dink? Right. Dink, land here. I'll get you set." He'd smile to Nikki then. "Oh and nice to meet you, Nikki. I'm Qwillis."
    Looking to the door as it opens, he chuckles and waves towards Jackie. "Come on in Jackie. I believe Camilla went home to sleep a bit. I was just about to work on replacing the primary power source for this robot.." What Jackie may or may not notice is that Qwillis' cyber hand now has 3 fingers and a thumb, rather than just 2, the whole arm actually looks signifigantly better. Still.. wasteland materials, but there's been an upgrade.
Nikki Dink would give a series of blips and bloops before lifting himself up and settling down onto the table as instructed. As for his owner, Nikki just looks Q up and down a little before giving a half smile. "Nikki's happy to meet you too, ah, Qwillis. Thanks..also...for the battery. If you need anything Nikki'd love to trade you something for it..." She had her Box of Things(tm) sitting outside, since she was heading out to scavange a bit when Dink showed signs of losing power. Then there's another voice and she looks back to the woman entering, giving a nod of her head even as she sinks closer to the further wall away from people.
Jacqueline "Okay, Mister Qwillis. Did you get your coat cleaned or something? Something's different," Jackie says, peering more closely at the scientist.
She offers a wave to the retreating Nikki as she steps inside. "Hi! I'm Jacqueline, but everybody calls me Jackie. I guess you're Nikki?" Since she seems to refer to herself in the third person, it's an educated guess.
Qwillis     Q chuckles quietly, shaking his head a little. "I have, Miss Jackie, thanks for noticing." He'd smirk her way, holding his lapels with both hands a moment. As Dink would settle, Q would get to work, quickly and easily opening to proper access for the robot so he can swap out batteries. "There's no need to pay for this, Miss Nikki. I love working on robots, so this is actually a treat for me. Although if you wouldn't mind, I'd be happy to scan Dink with my Pip-boy so I can study the schematics? He just has to sit here for a few moments while it does the scan, that's it."
Nikki Nikki gives a blink and then shrugs. "Not sure what you'll find. Nikki fixed him up herself after finding him on the side of the road not working at all. So Nikki isn't sure how much eyebot he is anymore as he is other parts.." Though that battery pack was just the thing for Dink to be filled with life once again. Her attention turns to Jackie and she blinks. "Aye. Nikki is Nikki.'s nice to meet you, Jackie..."
Camilla     Camilla slowly slides in to the Lab, she looks, well, like complete hell. Her hair is fully down and looks razzled, and what clothing she is wearing, a shirt and pants, are baggy and ragged. "Hello everyone, I heard people about and thought I would come check."
Jacqueline "Oh! Fingers!" Jackie exclaims, and blushes as she realizes how little sense that makes. "You have more of them, I mean. How'd you do that? Was it difficult?"
The ditzy tech-girl redirects her attention once more to Nikki. "Oh, wow! You build robots, Nikki?" she enthuses. "That's seriously cool! And I thought I was smart for rebuilding a motorcycle. You're way ahead of me!"
Camilla's arrival is greeted with a quick smile, one which turns to an open-mouthed look of dismay at the tall woman's appearance. "Oh... Miss Camilla, are you all right? You look... frazzled," she says, trying and failing to be polite about it. "I have my comb if you want help with your hair..."
Qwillis     Qwillis laughs, shaking his head a little. "Two weeks work gathering materials, then a rebuild from scratch of the arm with Iris' help. It wasn't easy. But worth it.. There's no pain there. It's amazing how much better life is.." Looking to Nikki, he'd smile with a small nod. "I prefer it. That actually makes it a better scan, with it being a unique adaptation." If Dink didn't move away, Q would start that scanning process with his pip-boy on his arm. Waving to Cami with his other hand and a smile. "Hello Camilla. I believe Jackie was looking for you actually.."
Lucky Walking into Doctor Jekyll's lab is none other than the infamously strange, oddly weird and quirky, goofy young ranger known as Lucky.

Alright, so this was not the good doctor's laboratory and it belonged to a cybernetically cool guy known as Qwillis. But, we digress!

Entering is Lucky, eyes looking around slowly as he takes in the people within. There was Qwillis, of he knew, two women he was not overly familiar with and.. oh shit. Jacqueline.

Turning to look at one of the labs tables, Lucky places his back to the assembled group and begins to review the varying chemicals.
Camilla     "I, I'm fine.." replies Cami in a pretty easy to see bold faced lie. "If you would like to help me with my hair, that's not something I would say no to. Though, if you're here, I'm going to assume it's because you needed to see either me or Qwillis for something?" she asks of Jackie.
Jacqueline "I'm glad it worked out so well," Jackie says of Qwillis's arm rebuild. "Will you be moving on to four fingers in the future?"
Typically, she seems more concerned about Camilla than her own reason for coming here. "I wouldn't mind, and I'm sure it'd make you feel better, some," Jackie says. "I've read that looking good helps a lot with how you feel, confidence and the like. I do need your help, Miss Camilla, but it can wait. It's just a flesh wound, really, but I did want a qualified opinion on it. I'm not exactly a healer..." Which is true.
Hearing someone come in, she glances that way, only to be met with a turned back whose owner seems to be inventorying the chemicals on the table in front of him. "Mister Qwillis? Do you have an assistant?" she asks, puzzled and concerned.
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a small shrug. "I've been planning it, ever since I rebuilt an eyeball for the Commander. After that.. an arm is surprisingly simple." Musing, he'd finish up that scan of Dink, then turn to face the others as he'd hear the door open and Lucky immediately starts looking over one of his tables. Raising a brow, he'd lean lightly against that main table. "Lucky? What's wrong? You seem rather preplexed about something?"
Lucky "Lets see.." Mumbles Lucky as he looks over the chemicals "Hydrogen Peroxide, Potassium lodide..." He sets the two down and picks up another box "Why would someone what Detergent?" He mumbles with a shrug.

The kid freezes as Jacqueline calls him out; well, technically more as a mysterious man than he himself. then Qwillis rats him out. Uh-oh. "Er, Hi!" he shouts a tone higher than perhaps he should have, dropping the box of detergent against the two other chemicals; portions combining on the table.

"Who me? Perplex.. Naaaa.. just enjoying the uh, chemicals.. you know Hydrogn Pero..something another and Potassium Iodied..." He responds, eyes on Qwill as he avoids contact with Jackie. Yep, he totally goofed those things
Camilla     "Well, if you'll come with me then, you and I can spend some time together and you can tell me what you need..." adds Cami softly as she turns on heel, "Q.." she says to him, giving him a nod and a soft smile. She turns to Lucky and smiles at him as well, and heads out.
Jacqueline "Lucky? I thought that back looked familiar... hi!" Jackie calls, giving the Ranger a smile and a wave. She nods to Qwillis. "I hope that goes well, too. I'm sure having a whole hand again would really help with your studies on robotics."
The ditzy tech-girl moves to follow Camilla. "Right with you, then. It was good to see you both again!" she calls over her shoulder as she exits the room.
Lucky "Er hey Jackie." Lucky calls out, a lopsided smile being given as he waves back to her. Then, she is out the door, on after Camilla for first aid. The smile fades a bit as the door closes and he looks back to Qwill "So.. I see you got that arm updated."
Qwillis     Q would watch the others leave, pursing his lips as Lucky would turn back to him. Nodding, he'd hold up that robotic hand, pivoting the new wrist and flexing those fingers. The new one, that third finger, is a little slow to respond it seems. "I have.. Iris helped me with the uninstall, rebuild and re-install. Makes it take only a few hours, rather than a few weeks.. Also? My arm isn't in pain now. Which.. I can't even begin to describe how cool that is.." Q would nod at Lucky then. "You're melting my table.. and what's going on with you and Jackie?"
Lucky "Well that is good, then isn't it?" Lucky replies in slight awe of the arm. "Looks sleeker and nicer to. Weren't you saying something about rain and the sand in the wasteland messing with the components as well? Guessing the new design allows you to ignore that.. except in the most extreme circumstances."

Blinking, he looks back to find the chemicals have concocted together "Uhm.." and suddenly a gigantic foam emerges over the table. "Yeah.. not so much melting as.. Whatever that is." he mumbles, looking back to Q innocently with the huge foam stack behind him.

"Jackie and I?" His cheeks flush "Nothing really.. She's cute, but.. we never talk. I mean, I see Kaelyn more often than Jackie and well, she just left too... So, really there isn't anything now or ever I suppose." He says, rambling.
Qwillis     Q nods, chuckling. "Yes. It'll be proof to standard rain and sand. It makes life a lot easier.. I just need to update the leg too." he'd muse, looking down at it, then back to Lucky. "Ah, well, at a glance it looked melty. Either way.. I think you should clean it up." Qwillis then points at Lucky. "And that blush means you like her.. and considering your avoidance.. I'm sure it's quite a bit. So, either you talk to her, or I will."
Lucky "How.. do you .. clean up foam?" Lucky asks, staring at the huge foamy mess on the table. "It's not that simple Qwill.. I mean, she.. well, isn't the only one I like. And, yeah.. so I like her. I go cheeky red and dodgy.. but..." He sighs and stares at the foam. "Really, how do I clean up this foam?" He asks again.
Qwillis     Q shakes his head and walks over to grab a bucket and a mop. Both are brought over to Lucky with a chuckle. "In sections. Try not to spread it too much, I have a few things pending on that table.. and she's not the only one? Who else then has your eye, Lucky?"
Lucky Lucky looks back to Q. "Kaelyn." He says bashfully as he begins an attempt to mildly clean up the foam. "They're both quirky, funny.. generous, kind." He says absently as he cleans. "I mean, I've only been around Jackie a few times.. really, I don't know here all that much.. but Kaelyn.. well, we've done a lot of quests and stuff together. she is fun. A lot of fun."

He groans. "Yeah know, before coming here from the Mojave, these things.. weren't really applicable. I mean, most of the time spent was on missions in the desert.. not around tons of people."
Qwillis     Q muses with a small nod, moving over to another table to grab something and with it, helps Lucky by dissolving the foam quickly. "Both good women. So not bad choices.. and yes. The wilds are like that, Lucky. You can be in them. They don't have people.. and the few they do have are usually rotten to the core.. So.. you either accept that? Or you be human despite it.. and part of being human is feeling kin-ship with others.."
Lucky The young ranger listens to Qwill quietly, cleaning up mre of the foam and utilizing the chemical that helps dissolve it quicker.

"Honestly, Qwill?" Lucky says, looking back to him. "I'm sort of glad to be in El Dorado. I like my family; the desert rangers. But there is something infectious about this place." He sighs, shrugging. "I haven't even attempted to write home or my reports in months." He adds, pausing "Probably listed as a deserter now." He mumbles.

"But .." He sighs, shrugs "I don't know what to do or will do.. maybe nothing.." He mutters slightly dejectedly.
Qwillis     Q smiles as he'd help Lucky clean up, getting finished and grabbing a cloth to get the last residue off the table. "Well.. You're not sure about Jackie, but like her. You're more sure about Kaelyn and like her. So the simple truth is to try. Don't give up Lucky, hmm? Trust me. it's never worth giving up." He'd shake his head. "I.. even told Iris how I felt. It.. was awkward.. but I think we both came away better due to it. With everything you've faced? This will hardly be the hardest one.. and you never know. One of them may even say yes. Just.." Q frowns, eyeing Lucky. "don't ask both and not tell them if they both say yes, hmm?"
Lucky Lucky says, "I could never see Iris that way.. She's like, a sister." Lucky replies with a chuckle, glancing to Qwill "But it's good you said something, right? .. I mean, I know she is with Jude or .. they've been talking and seeing each other a lot.. or were." Turning away, he nods. "Glad something good came of it. Hell bells, Qwill for all I know, they'd probably just pull a gun and shoot me... or laugh at me." He shrugs.

"Besides Kae and I.. I think that's passed; were good friends.. and, I mean heck she's probably tired of the 'Hey I really like you' speech.... And CORA would die of laughter, I'm sure of it. Little puffs of smoke coming out of the processor and all..." Lucky says quietly; shooting down the thought of them being together over something petty and little. "And Jackie..." He lets that thought trail off.

Wiping down the counter quietly now, Lucky thinks to himself for a moment. "I think I'd like to be getting a pip-boy out of a den of Deathclaws then attempting to ask them out, Qwill." He notes in another attempt of shutting himself down in the face of adversity.

For all the self-confidence that the kid has portrayed, when it came to women he just didn't know what to do and running away is better than facing it head on.
Qwillis     Qwillis listens to Lucky, smiling faintly with a small shrug. "It's.. a crush. Yes. I like Iris.. but.. as you said. She's with Jude. Or at least.. they're talking about it. Taking it slow, with him working and all that." Shaking his head, he'd move over to the other table and start gathering parts, putting together something it seems. "Nonsense, Lucky. I mean, think about it.. If everyone thinks that of Kaelyn, then why isn't there a guy she's with? I think everyone assumes, so no one asks and they're all asses while she's left alone." Finishing up his work with a bit of soddering, he'd close the small metal box and walk over to Lucky to hold it out to him. "Here. You tell CORA that I made this and if she laughs, you'll use it. Also make sure to tell CORA that I'm not bluffing on this, hmm?" He'd shake his head then smile. "Ask. Don't be an asshole Lucky. Don't assume. Talk to her, be honest and up front and see what she says."
Lucky "It's simple really, Qwill, just look at her. She's of physical beauty and physique. I wouldn't be surprised if a ton of assholeish jackasses have asked her out; nor would I be really surprised if she was tired of hearing it because of said assholeish jackasses." Lucky responds.

"What is it?" He questions, taking the box. and slips it inside a pocket of the duster. He runs his hands along his face and sighs. "Deathclaws; pack of ravage dogs; hell, a squad of raiders. I'd take all of that over talking to two women about how I feel." Odd choices and reasoning to avoid talking to women. "How about I just say.. I'll think on it? I mean, no harm no foul right?" He notes, stepping back.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses, watching Lucky, before finally shrugging. "You're assuming. But.. that's fine Lucky. You got a week to talk to her. Then I'm going to tell her. So you've been noticed, soldier." He'd chuckle softly with a nod. "Just make sure not to push that unless you mean it.. I won't let CORA stand in the way.."
Lucky Lucky nods slightly "And if I choose instead to talk to Jackie?" He notes, head shaking as he walks toward the door. Yep, he clearly wasn't sure whom to talk to; if he chose to talk to either. He liked them both and it was a tough decision to make; one where he rather not have to make at all. "See ya around Qwill!" He adds with a wave before departing.