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Camilla     Late night in the shanty town clinic. The world outside is quiet and no people save the clinic's new chief and owner, Camilla, are present. That is until Jackie arrives requesting medical aid, and is soon followed by Iris, who requests the same of her fellow doctor and friend. Camilla, as always, jumps to the aid of her friends and those in need and after seeing to Jackie's wounds, she turns her attention fully on to Iris.

    "No Jackie, thank you though. I can handle it on my own. Though, if you'd like to stay and chat, you are more than welcome to.." camilla replies, keeping that ever present bedside manner and warmth and friendliess on her face. At least, until she gets back to Iris.

    "Great doctor, horrible patient..." retorts cami with a stern look at Iris. "Fine, if you're going to play it this way.." she pauses a moment, "top off, so I can take a look at your ribs. I do hope you have something that accounts for a bra on?" she asks. "If you're not going in a room, you're just going to have to tolerate a lack of privacy."
Iris Lark Iris blinks, gazing up at Camilla with a slightly raised eyebrow and a smirk. "Most doctors are ..great doctors and horrible patients." She says, reaching up with her uninjured arm to pull her shirt from her back. She is wearing a bra, and it's sticky with blood as a cut along her collarbone is revealed. "Well shit." She mutters, staring down at the stain for a moment. "This looks kind of deep.."
Jacqueline Strapping her revolver back on, Jackie moves to the doorway out of the exam room, watching as her two friends get down to the business of healing and being healed. But she hadn't expected the size of that cut. "Oh..." she murmurs, turning to find some clean cloths and hot water. It looks like Camilla will need some background support after all... or at least, she's getting it! Iris is Jackie's friend, too!
Owl     It must be raining patients tonight, or maybe it's just been a rough night, because before too long Owl stumbles into the Clinic through the front entrance too. Not REALLY stumbles, but it's close enough to a stumble for the turn of phrase to be appropriate. The man looks beat up. Not literally, but more like he got hit by a caravan of Brahmin. Maybe not all of them trampled over him, but he probably got kicked at least once or twice and is pretty dusted up. Despite that, he shoulders his satchel for a moment and takes stock of the interior of the clinic before saying anything.
Camilla     Camilla just blinks, "Yes, yes it does look kind of deep." The worry, and mild annoyance in her voice are both obvious and noticeable. "Jackie, I will need a hand..." she adds, pausing a moment to look around the clinc before pointing things out to Jackie. "Salves, stitches, bandages, stimpacks, chems, just, grab me all the basics please."

    Back to Iris now, Cami kneels down and starts to take a look at that cut, with her right hand pressing gently against Iris's ribs to gauge if there's any fractures. "This hurt?" she asks, but before she can answer, another one enters. "Well, shit.." she adds, sighing deeply. "Take a seat sir and I'll be right with you as soon as I can be.." she says to Owl, motining for him to take said seat.
Iris Lark Iris lets out a sharp yelp and squirms away from Camilla's touch, her eyes sheening with unshed tears. She's panting now, bent over herself as she tries to protect what is obviously a source of pain. "Sorry." She finally manages to get out. "Yeah yeah..that hurts." Not often in this position, Iris looks as if she's confused almost, her hands going to her neck every so often, her fingers rubbing against the bruised skin. "If you wrap me and stitch this up, I'll be fine, if I can manage to get home."
Jacqueline Jackie is back moments later with water and cloths. Setting them down, she goes to retrieve the other things. "On it!" She has them in record time, dashing back to the treatment area. "Mercy, Iris, what happened? That cut's deep!" she says, alarmed.
She doesn't ignore the newcomer, sparing him a hasty nod and a smile that's a bit strained, but friendly enough. But her attention is mostly reserved for Iris, and Camilla.
Owl     Owl pauses for a moment after Cami calls out towards him. He takes a look at Iris' wound, unable not to, really, given that she's standing there with her shirt half off with splashes of bright crimson visible, and then he looks away. He clears his throat slightly, and calls out: "I have some First-Aid training, if that would help. Though I could also just make things worse. I'm not a doctor...not of medicine, at least." But after that, he goes to sit down and wait. He moves his satchel into his lap and takes out a small, leather-bound book, and begins to scribble in it with an attached pencil.
Camilla     "Ok, ok, calm...breath.." replies Cami plainly. "Nothing to be sorry for, and I can tell it hurts." To the next statement, "Not bloody likely. You're staying here, with me, at least until morning. Non negotiable.." she adds, giving Iris another in a long chain of very stern looks. "Doctors Orders."

    To Jackie, "Thank you Jackie, just keep her talking while I work ok?"

    "No, you sit and wait for me to get to you. To many cooks in the kitchen." Camilla forces a quick smile at Owl and simply motions for him to remain seated.

    Back to Iris, "Do you know what happened? Who jumped you? Why? Can you remember any details that we can use to tell the Sheriff?"
Iris Lark "I don't know who they were." Iris says, and she looks more tired than anything else. "I rounded a corner, and before I knew what was happening someones hands were around my neck." She shifts on the seat she's in and frowns. "After that? I..someone searched my bags for something - but nothing was missing." She leans her head back against the chair and sighs. "Stitch me up, I won't twitch."
Jacqueline "But what made the cut?" Jackie wonders aloud, trying not to stare at it. The angry wound is both fascinating and repulsive at once. She catches at Iris's hand, squeezing it gently if the redhead doesn't pull away. "Strange that they didn't take anything... good, but still strange."
Owl     "No problem." Calls out Owl, settling into his seat. He stops writing, then closes his eyes, and leans back in his chair. He exhales for a moment, before opening his eyes back up, then continuing to write in his book. He looks up and around at the interior of the clinic, noting what he can see of the others and listening to them. He scribbles down a little bit more, then stops. He reaches up to scratch his beard, and waits.
Camilla     "Ok, then again, I'm not letting you leave. I'm going to get you patched up and you're going to stay with me at least until the morning where I can walk home with you. If you're sure nothing was taken, then I have to wonder why they choked you, and where this cut come from and why they didn't take anything." Camilla sighs, deeply, and goes to work on Iris. She doesn't really say much of anything else at this point.
Iris Lark "I honestly don't know Jackie, I was out for a little bit." Iris says, opening her eyes to focus on the pair of women for a moment. She turns towards Owl and frowns slightly. "Camilla, you should help him, I'm not going anywhere and now that I'm stitched up ..I can wait on the rest."
Jacqueline Jackie, seeing the argument, lifts a hand to signal her intention to say something, then remembers that she's not in a lesson of some kind. "Um... I could take Iris home on my bike," she ventures. "It's got a working headlight, and I know the way pretty well by now."
She glances back at the injured man, frowning thoughtfully. "What are you writing, mister?" she asks at last.
Owl     Owl breathes out slowly, closing his eyes again. He opens them, large and inquisitive, and looks towards Iris as he becomes the subject of discussion. He doesn't say anything in response, though, just sitting back in his chair.
    Jackie, though, gets his attention. First his eyes move towards her, focusing on her wearily for a few moments, then he slips away his pencil and closes his book, slipping it into his satchel. "Field notes." He tells her. "Things about the city. Buildings. People." He explains, slowly.
Camilla     "I'm not arguing. I do not feel comfortable letting Iris go home tonight." Cami sighs at Jackie and Iris both and turns to look at Iris, "Please?" Let me be there for you like you've been for me, and just stay the night for me so I can feel better about your safety. Not that I don't trust Jackie, I'd just feel better if you stayed." She doesn't give either of them a chance to respond before heading over to take a look at Owl.

    "You might want to be carefull with that, some of us don't like being watched or recorded." She pauses a beat and sighs again, "So, care to tell me what happened?" she asks Owl.
Iris Lark Iris pulls her feet up on the chair, pressing her legs against her chest as she eyes all three of them, staying quiet for now. She loosely wraps her arms around her legs and doesn't say anything about leaving or staying for now. She looks pretty deep in thought.
Jacqueline "Could I read it later?" Jackie asks, interested. "I've lived in El Dorado for so long, I don't think about a lot of things anymore. I'd love to see how a stranger sees this place."
She finally just nods to Camilla's medical opinion. "If you're sure. Sorry, Iris," she says, hugging her friend around the waist since it'd probably hurt if she did it around the shoulders.
Owl     Owl rubs his beard with one hand, then looks over at Camilla. "I don't include any identifying information about individuals. Just generalities. 'People are friendly' 'Someone told me this' 'etc.' but point taken." The man says, glancing down to his satchel and sealing the clasp. Then he slings the bag back over his shoulder. His Followers Attire is dusty, and slightly beat up, but otherwise intact.
    "Was traveling with a Caravan. One of the Brahmin got spooked and took off with the wagon I was in. Got tossed on the side. Pretty sure I have a couple of broken ribs. Lots of bruising. But I haven't had any medical equipment to take a look at it. Just got here tonight." He says, already sounding a little out of breath. "Just been really careful with myself since then." He pats his coat a few times to chase off some of the dust.
    To Jackie, he nods. "Sure." He says. "Though I'm not...technically a stranger. It's been a long time since I've been here. Probably...before you were born." He guesses, squinting at Jackie for a moment as if trying to gauge her age.
Camilla     Cami just, sighs again, she's really distracted and worried about Iris and it shows. "Thank you Jackie" she replies plainly before turning back to listen to Owl's story, and it dawns on her that she was to worried about Iris to notice that this person might have actually been really hurt and the look on her face is one that speaks volumes to her feeling pretty horrible at the moment. "Oh..good lord, well, forgive me for making you wait. Can you tell me how you're feeling? Having any trouble breathing? Can you stand and walk with me? I'm going to need to get you in an actual exam room."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet then, swaying a bit unsteadily. She puts her hand out to keep herself upright and walks towards the back room. "I'm going to go sleep in the cot in the storeroom Camilla." She says quietly, offering Jackie and Owl a slightly strained smile. "Let me know if you need me."
Jacqueline "Sleep well, Iris. If you still want that ride home in the morning, come find me," Jackie says, watching her friend leave. "I'll make sure I'm available."
She turns to the matter of the newcomer and his injuries, glancing at the supplies scattered around. After a moment, she hurries over to a wheeled cart-table, drawing it squeakily over to the former treatment area, and begins setting the supplies on it in an easy-to-reach manner.
Owl     Owl rubs his beard slowly. "It's okay. You're the Medical Professional, not me." He responds to Camilla, though there's a slight upturn to his voice that marks he's not entirely certain if that's the case, but he just goes with it. "Little bit of trouble breathing, little sore all over, but I walked in here on my own power, so..." He stands up slowly, as if his joints hurt, and then he moves to follow Camilla.
    He glances back over towards Iris, and gives the woman a nod. "Hope that heals up well enough." He says warmly, and then he's back to following Camilla. He looks around curiously at all the supplies and equipment as Jacqueline lays them out. Taking stock. "Where do you want me?" He ask Camilla.
Camilla     "Exam room One, since no one else is in there." Cami smiles warmly at owl and turns to Jackie, "Are you going to stay here for the night Jackie?" she asks, smiling warmly. "If you'd like to, you're more than welcome to. I'm going to see to the gentlemen here and then be off to bed, which means I'll be locking up the clinic."

    For Owl, Camilla moves in to Exam room one, either with him, or alone waiting on him. When he arrives, she gets to work and showcases that yes, she is a medical professional. It's going to take some time to get him back to snuff, but Cami's a good doc and she goes through all the motions. bandages, cleaning sites, checking for infection, pain killers, the works.
Jacqueline "I didn't leave anything in there, did I?" Jackie asks, trying to peek in through the door around the squeaky cart she's pushing in Camilla's wake, positioning it for quick use. "I was kind of in a hurry when I left." She turns her back to give the man some privacy. "I might. Iris might want that ride home, and I'll be a lot easier to find here than at home or down at the wall-building site."
Owl     Owl goes where he is ushered, a little slowly, but he still goes. He takes off his coat and shirt for Camilla to work on him. He has a lot of bruises, and yeah, a broken rib or two, but nothing fatal or that won't heal up eventually. The part he seems to like the most is the pain killers, mind.
    "Does this clinic belong to all of you guys?" Owl asks, sitting on the exam table while Camilla works. "...are there other doctors here too?" He pauses, and adds. "I've noticed the demographics I've seen so far seems to swing pretty young, but maybe that's just this area outside of the walls..." He observes, trying to get a little information from his questions, too.
Camilla     Cami pipes up back to Jackie, "Not that I can see no.." but then, Jackies behind her with the cart anyway so, no need to raise her voice anymore. "Aye, she took the cot in the store room, and you're welcome to take one of the exam beds, but I have an actual bed in my room if you want to bunk with me. As for Iris, I'm going to feel much better with you taking her home in the morning, so, thank you..."

    Camilla turns to owl and smirks, "The Clinic is mine now, by gift of Doc Iris. She built up and ran it, but as far as who owns it and runs it, it's me, Doc Iris, and Sparrow with Miss Kurokumo who is occasionally around. I actually live here now, and we've just recently added on a science lab section that is ran by mister Qwillis. He's our local robitcs and cybernetics expert."
Jacqueline "Well, the exam beds are pretty uncomfy," Jackie says, remembering spending a night in one. "If you don't mind sharing, I don't either. I just hope you don't snore," she adds, grinning at the healer. "And Iris has helped me a lot in the past. A trip home is the least I can do."
She regards the man thoughtfully. "I'm just a patient and a friend of the staff, I'm afraid, so I'm probably skewing the statistics."
Owl     Owl is busy re-dressing himself once he's good and treated, bandages and salves under his clothing, his movements still slowed, but now because of pain medication and less so because of injury. "Impressive." Owl says to Camilla, offering a slow nod to her. "...he sounds like someone I should talk to." He says as he finishes buttoning up his shirt and picks up his coat to put it on, standing from the exam table slowly.
    Jackie gets a nod and a half-smile. "Don't worry about it. I'm just trying to get a feel for the place. Most of this is all new construction since I was here last." He then clears his throat slightly. "Can either of you tell the Romero family still living nearby?" He asks, reaching up to rub his beard.
Camilla     "I don't snore, and I also don't sleep with clothes on, so, take that in to consideration." Yup, to much info, but she said it, so there it is. "You're welcome to stay with me Jackie, so, go get your things if you need them and I'll take you in to the back when I'm finished up with this gentlemen."

    "I understand, and no, I have no idea who that is. I've only been in el dorado for a few, yeah.."
Jacqueline "Romero... the name sounds familiar, but I can't remember meeting anyone who was called that," Jackie replies, frowning thoughtfully. "But if I do, I'll point them your way."
She blinks at Camilla's true confession, stifling giggles. "Considering now. But it's dark out there, so I'll likely end up staying anyway. I'll just get my stuff together," the ditzy tech-girl says, moving to collet what she left in the treatment area.
Owl     Owl swallows at Camilla's comment, but doesn't say anything about it. He finishes tugging on his coat, then picks up his satchel. He nods his head to her and says: "No problem. Seems like there's a lot of new people moving in." He says, looking over towards Jackie.
    He nods his head to the young woman slowly, and says. "Thank you, I'd appreciate that." He takes some caps out of his bag and offers them to Camilla. He waits for Jackie and Camilla to both be present before saying: "You can call me Owl, by the way. I intend to be staying in town for a while. Or...maybe outside of town. But either way, I'm thinking I might want to start a small Library here. I'll just need to get some books, first."
Camilla     "There is, at least from my personal experiences" cami replies to Owl, glossing over Jackie's reply. "If I hear anything as well, I'll let you know." Cami blinks a few times at the second comment, "A library? If, if you want any help with that, let me know. Now, if you'll excuse me please Mister Owl, I really need to be going to bed." Camilla smiles warmly at Owl and heads to the front door, she was going to lock up afterall. "If you need any other attention at all, please let me know."
Jacqueline "Jacqueline Wayne, but most people just call me Jackie," replies the tech-girl with a smile. "Cool to meet you, Mister Owl. A library sounds really cool. If I find any books out there that need a good home, I'll keep you in mind, promise. I'm out looking around a lot for the wall-building project."
Owl     Owl nods his head to Camilla. "Sure. I need to find books, first. But if I find anything your clinic can use, I'll gladly donate it." He says. He lets Camilla usher him towards the door, adding: "I might be back in a day or two, just to have you give me a check-up and make sure I'm doing alright?" He asks this with a lift of his voice and eyebrows, stopping at the door.
    Jackie gets a smile and an offer of his hand, briefly. "Pleased to meet you, Jackie. And sure, I appreciate that. I'm going to be looking for them myself. You'll have to tell me about the wall another time..." He says, before offering both women a nod of his head, and then stepping out into the street.