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Iris Lark     It's a temperate afternoon in Avalon, the sun starting to move across the sky to start its slow descent to twilight. Iris was working in her home, when a pair of militia men carried in a wounded patient. She turns, not recognizing the man and her lips purse as she thanks the soldiers who brought him. She shoos them out after handing them coin for their work and folds her arms over her chest. "So, care to tell me what happened to you?"
Lee     Lee is barely awake from the wounds done. There's a rather serious gash across both his chest and his hips, he's also got slashes all over him. Stirring some as the men set him down with a grunt of pain, he'd open his eyes to stare at Iris uncomprehending a moment, before finally responding. "Eh.. workin the patrol, yah? Got caught up by some cultist, tryin ta sacrifice me to some bomb or somethin. Those guys managed ta chase em off.. but.. they messed me up pretty good.."
Iris Lark     Iris is also bruised up herself, and the unmistakable swell of bandaging can be seen around her ribs. She nods though and pulls some supplies from a cupboard to use. Needle, catgut and some salve and alcohol water. She moves over to her patient and begins to clean his wounds slowly, trying to see just how deep the cuts are so she can stitch them up. "We'll take care of this, no problem." She says, her voice slightly hoarse and low. The bruises around her neck look as if she might have been throttled a bit.
Lee     Lee chuckles weakly, eyes closing, only to wince slightly as she'd pull cloth free from wounds. It looks like there were a solid group of them, turning Lee into ground meat with knives. Slightly surprised he's still alive, considering the amount of damage done. But he seems a fighter at least. "Well miss. I'm grateful ta ya.. I wasn't expectin ta be so messed up.."
Iris Lark     "We rarely are." Iris remarks as she gently begins to check for arterial damage. Finding one that is dribbling blood, she moves in with needle in hand to correct the problem, a frown on her face. "If you had lost much more blood you wouldn't be with us anymore." She then sets the wounds, putting the pieces of skin back where they belong in a bit of a macabre puzzle. "I apologize in advance if I touch you in a place that you might not be completely comfortable with." She murmurs, working quickly.
Lee     Lee, for his part, is doing surprisingly well at not writhing in pain. Or maybe he's just that out of it? Either way, he'd shake his head slightly, gritting his teeth as Iris does her job. "Honestly Miss? I rather ya fix it.. than be prideful. Pride's work jack in the wasteland ifn yer dead, eh?"
Iris Lark     "Well I'm just ..well.." Iris blushes before she leans in and continues to work. After a few minutes of work she leans back and looks down at her small, even stitches. She cleans it again with the soaked cloth before she salves and dresses the wound. She then moves up to the nasty gash on his chest and frowns. "Maybe you shouldn't patrol again for a short while?"
Lee     Lee doesn't comment as she'd take care of tender bits. He also does his best to not squirm either. Nodding slightly in reply, he'd chuckle weakly. "Yeah.. I'd say so.. I wasn't exactly planning on staying here.. but.. now I dun have that much choice.. eh?" He'd close his eyes a moment. "Gotta recover 'fore I'd go anywhere.. especially with.. that wound.."
Iris Lark     "You're welcome to stay in the workroom here until you're strong enough to make your way back to El Dorado." Iris replies, smiling politely at Lee. She casts a slightly suspicious look in his direction before she adds. "I am warning you though, if you figure you can take advantage of a slightly wounded Healer who is alone in her home...I am armed, and that idea would not be very smart." She leans in and slowly begins to stitch the cut on Lee's chest, her brow furrowed.
Lee     Lee chuckles weakly, eyes staying closed as Iris works. "Well miss. That'd be right stupid of me, eh? I mean.. all ya'd have ta do is kick me in the junk.. and walk off.. With how messed up I am.. I ain't thinkin I'd get up from that, huh?" Lee cracks an eye open, watching Iris. "'sides. I mebbe ain't got pride. But I gotta bit of honor. Enough ta not act like a cad, yah? I'm.. Lee. It's nice ta meet ya too Miss.."
Iris Lark     "Lark, Iris Lark." Iris responds, and then she lets out a weak laugh. "You're right about the kick probably disarming you completely." She places a gentle hand on Lee's shoulder and nods. "I will trust your honor, and offer you a place to stay until you're back to full strength."