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Fern     With winter quickly approaching, a change of seasons makes for a beautiful backdrop. The trees are shedding their dark red and orange leaves, with most having already fallen to the ground to make a brown, crunchy blanket that covers the grass. On any clear night it might place one in the Christmas spirit, if that sort of thing is celebrated, but tonight the ambiance is quite the opposite.

    The fog that rolls through town clings to buildings and hides people in a misty veil, and the clouds above stamp out any last bit of light that fights to get through as the sun goes down. It's not exactly the type of weather that encourages one to be outside, but people find themselves out and about regardless. One particular person is a young woman known as Kate.

    Kate isn't a well-known figure in town, but she has family here. She has friends, neighbors, others who know her, and she's been here since she was born. Any who do know her as more than a passing face would known she is a kind person. A bit too nosey for her own good, but she's never been anything but nice to others. And those who do not know her? Well..

    There's Kate. The young woman is in her late twenties, and wears an old pre-war dress and a pair of cowboy boots. Over her form hangs a warm jacket that looks too big for her, nearly swallowing her where she leans up against a wooden beam. The wooden beam is one belonging to an old water tower that's mostly for show. With El Dorado being the old pioneer town it is, not everything was build to be used, and this water tower is one of those things. It's just for show, and Kate is there leaning against it, her forehead pressed to the beam as her lips move quickly, almost as if she was whispering something against it.
Alasa Alasa is out and about in this weather, because this is the perfect weather. Dark clouds, fog..a cold wind the blows in the night..that would make it beyond perfect. "Who knows what evil lurks in the fog...the shadow knows...muhahaha" she says basically to herself as she walks.
Eden Eden is walking by after her science lesson, deep in thought. She is barely paying attention to the world around her. Occasionally stopping, picking up rocks and tossing them thoughtfully, she almost walks into the woman at the tower! "Oh sorry, and, hello" she says a little sheepishly
Kaydin     Kaydin was walking along, doing his usual walk about the town. Relatively quiet as he makes his rounds, he stops when he sees the woman leaning against the water tower and whispering something. "Ma'am are you alright?" He asks with a concerned tone to his voice.
Jacqueline Being the kind to do community service, even when it's not strictly required, Jackie Wayne is out as well, walking a watch pattern on the edge of town. Hers intersects with Kaydin's, so she isn't surprised to see him. The woman he's talking to, on the other hand, is a mystery. So is the woman who almost walked into her, though she does have a vague feeling of familiarity. "Hey," she says vaguely, looking between the members of the little group. "Is she okay?"
Ashur At no point in his life has Ashur ever thought about Christmas; it is not a holiday the Legion indulged in, and other than a vague awareness it existed once upon a time, and was meant to worship some winter war god who rode a chariot to each corner of the Earth to exact tribute of milk and cookie, he knows little about it. But he's heard some word around town that it's a custom to symbolically award tribute to your loved ones, in mimicry of Santa the Claus' conquests.. and he has no idea what to get his brides in the future.

Contemplating this difficult issue, he's taken to the outside world to walk, and brood, and scratch his black beard with red fingers, thump-thump-thumping along the ground. The chiller air is barely felt against his bare skin, all of him exposed to the elements save whatever modest endowments linger beneath the front of his loincloth.

It's good his skin is number now. Otherwise, he might be uncomfortable when that fog rolls in, shrouding him like a concealing lover.
Fern     The whispering continues for a minute or so, the girl leaning into the beam with one hand gently stroking the side of it as the other lifts from her side to begin tapping the tip of a small knife against the wood. She scratches up and down several times, adding a line until it's deep enough, satisfying her to the point she stops.

    With a sudden blink and fluttering of lashes, Kate lifts her chin and glances up to the old water tower. Blink.. flutter. She's making a movement like a drop of rain has landed upon her cheek, or a speck of dust has fallen into her eye, and soon she is slowly looking away. There is a still calm in her form, a pure focus that lasts for a moment before the girl slowly turns and glances to the street upon hearing voices. A dark streak runs down her cheek and to her chin, going ignored as she stares at Eden. Her eyes move over her face and then to her mouth, watching. Her eyes cut over to Kaydin, then Jackie. Her gaze is caught by the towering Ashur, but there is little reaction. She stares until that satisfies her as well, and when it does she turns slowly, back straightening as she walks with stiff posture to the little wooden house just a few yards away.

    The house is tiny, but large enough for a single family. It's built to theme like every other home here, complete with a screen door on the front. It squeaks as it's opened, and screams as it closes behind the girl, door closing with a thud that makes the little light outside start to flicker. Didn't Kate live farther down the road?
Kaydin     Kaydin simply watches as the girl simply ignores him and wanders off to a nearby creepy house. This gets a pause from the ranger and looks to the others. "Doesnt she live farther away?" He asks as he begins to approach the house and reaches for the door to test it.
Alasa Alasa appears out of the fog near the others, just in time to see the girl go into the house. "Well, theres a door that needs a bit of work...unless you like noisy doors..."
Ashur "Sometimes girls go into houses that don't belong to them," Ashur rumbles, the long-legged giant drawing to the small crowd gathered in a handful of steps. The water tower rises above him with the same epicness of scale he rises above others; the braided mutant tilts his head back, staring up at the words on the container's side. "Maybe she's babysitting a child, or visiting a friend, or fucking a man."

Breaking into someone else's house for no reason is not yet an idea that occurs to him.
Jacqueline "Hello?" Jackie says, as Kate's eyes fall on her, seemingly without notice. It doesn't seem to do any good. "I'm starting to think she's not all right," she says softly, watching the woman walk away. She looks to the spot on the water tower that had been knived, to see if it's a meaningful mark or just something random and simple.
She looks to Kaydin. "I think you're right..." she murmurs, looking after the woman in her oversized coat. She glances down at the shotgun in her hand. "Who lives there? I can't remember..."
The arrival of Ashur is surprisingly quiet, and she jumps as he speaks up, wincing faintly. "Jeez, Mister Ashur... we need to put a bell on you or something. I dunno, I've just... I've got a very bad feeling about this. She didn't seem... /right/, somehow."
With those words, she moves to follow both Kate and Kaydin.
Eden Eden hears a familiar voice and turns grinning to find its owner. She smiles up at Ashur's commentary and giggles a bit to herself. "Does anybody know her?" She says to the group in general.
Fern     The door may be closed, but it is not locked, and should it be pulled? It will open. Do step inside. Please. If you remain outside there is little to see. Except perhaps a dark substance dripping from the old water tower barrel, running down one post to the ground.

    Inside the little home it seems all is normal so far. There is a small table to the side where three chairs rest, tucked in nice and neat with clean plates set out, ready for dinner. A silver candlestick holder is in the center of the table with three white candles lit and the wax dripping down the sticks. Something is cooking in a pot on the stove, and the heat beneath it has the substance bubbling away. Our little cook, however, is missing, and there's an.. odd aura in the room. Something is not quite right. It's a heavy feeling. A nagging feeling. Anyone who has visited Dunwich may remember this feeling well.

    Floorboards creak and groan beneath the weight of anyone walking through the room, and should they venture farther back they find there is a small bedroom attached to the main room here, complete with dresser, wardrobe and an old bed with a few blankets scattered about. A small rug lies flopped over at the foot of the bed, frayed with age. The air is still, cold and smelling.. strange. It's lonely here and our chef is still missing. Where ever could she have gone? The windows are closed and there is no other door. How peculiar.
Alasa Alasa looks around the room, as she casually holds her rifle. "The layouts a bit bland, but still livable...though something feels off." As she takes a sniff, "I think the meals about ready..."
Ashur Halt the giant does as the group unanimously votes to break into a stranger's house in pursuit of another stranger; Ashur, eye-level with the porch roof, is not eager to contort and diminish himself in pursuit. He lingers near the water tower, and watches as the dark substance drip, drip, drips, hrmming loudly.

He reaches out one massive hand, curls the index finger up, and slides the end digit against the pole, the rough pad collecting whatever the dark substance is against it.

He slips that finger between his lips, and really digs in with his tongue, trying to tell what it is. Assuming he doesn't burst into flames, he'll just scoff, and huff, and turn around, thundering his way to the front door, getting down on all fours, and squeezing his way over the threshold like a child eager to be born-- and having great difficulties, given he is notably wider at the waist than the doorframe.

He sighs, and remains there, partially inside, partially out, bare ass exposed to whoever walks along the road. "She went out a window or she's hiding. Why are we chasing her?"
Ashur And he adds, a moment later: "The water tower's bleeding, by the way."
Eden Eden turns away from the stove she was thinking of checking and goes back to Ashur. "Bleeding what? It's a water tower? and doesn't this seem familiar? It feels like when the car is around."
Jacqueline Jackie barely manages to squeeze in before Ashur turns himself into the world's largest rugrat. There's even a rug inside for him. "I don't think you're gonna fit all the way in, Mister Ashur," she suggests, her voice a little shaky. After all, water towers don't bleed. And this place feels vaguely like /Dunwich/, which is not at all comforting.
But as she moves into the bedroom, she accidentally kicks aside part of the rug. And what she finds...
She hastily puts a finger to her lips, waving to the others and pointing down at the trapdoor. It would seem this place has space below.
Alasa Alasa stops and looks around a couple times, hoping to spot a painting or something that has moving eyes...yes, the eyes move...
Eden Eden walks calmly over to the stove and turns it off. Out of curiosity she opens the lid to see what's inside. "Oh god!" she drops the lid and wretches a moment. Then, standing back up as if nothing was wrong and looking determined, She starts rifling throught the cabinets until she finds a container of salt. Then with forced calm, walks back close to the door.
Ashur Squirming at the doorway, trying to wriggle his way free like some sort of bloodied worm, Ashur looks toward Eden in the distance. "Bad cook?"
Fern     All is quiet inside the little house. Isn't it so cute? Just clean and tidy and set up for dinner. Speaking of which, the water on the stove is boiling now, pushing large bubbles up to the top of the pot, popping and spilling down the sides of the heated metal. That is the only sound in the home.

    Lights flicker a bit, then dim before the light just outside the home pops loudly behind Ashur. It isn't long after the popping sound that there comes a faint growl followed by the rustling of something shifting against dirt. It's quick, moving from the bedroom closer to the space beneath the kitchen, and it stops right beneath Alasa. If she should look down she may see a pair of cold, vacant eyes staring up at her from beneath the floorboard moments before the tip of a sharp knife is being jammed between the boards, stabbing its way up at Jackie's feet. The metal scrapes and wiggles as if trying to tear through the floorboards to get at Jackie.
Eden Trying very hard to not throw up, Eden just says "Tounges"
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as she hears the scratching of movement on earth...she glances down, "oooo, something is awake under here..and it doesn't look at that happy..well its hard to say it may be very it looks sorta..bored...I wonder if its trapped down there."
Jacqueline Clean, tidy... and somehow completely wrong. Jackie jumps as Eden exclaims, looking back. "What is it?" she asks, her voice tense. The whole feel of this place is getting to her.
And then the lights flicker and dim. She looks around, blinking. That's happened recently, and it wasn't good when it did. "Uh-oh..."
The sudden rustling has her looking to the floor, and that's all that saves her foot when that knife comes squeaking and stabbing through the floorboard space! The tech-girl jumps back, yelping in fright. "Look out below!"
She does have the presence of mind to shove her foot sideways at the blade of the knife, trying to step on it and trap it between foot and floorboard so that it can't be withdrawn.
Ashur Blood dripping from a tower; an eldritch fog rolling through to chill and darken; blades from the ground, human tongues in a stew-pot.. this feeling is distinctly Dunwichian. The mutant's jaw sets into a firm line, teeth grinding with audible force, and as his hands curl into fists upon the ground, fingers clawing against the floorboards and splintering them, he sucks in a deep breath and growls like a wild beast!

"That's it!" He snarls, and with a sudden force he rips himself free of the doorway, breaking chunks of it around himself as he charges inside, dropping to his haunches. "Evil place, evil woman. I've dealt with ghosts, moving corpses, angry birds, cultists, fire-breathing deathclaws, magic cars, and whatever else."

He huffs, and scowls, dark and wrathful. "I'm toppling the water tower onto the house and setting it all on fire."
Fern     What lies beneath is not bored, but it is trapped. It's like a wild animal caught in a cage, cornered and forced to fight its way out. That knife scrapes against the floorboards again, yanked down just a split second before Jackie would have caught it with her foot. There is more scampering beneath the floor when Ashur is tearing into the home, and then a sweet voice is weakly crying out from a corner of the room, "..Help.."

    The growling picks up afterwards, and there beside the bed the floor starts to quiver. Bam.. Bam.. Thud.. Over and over, each time a bit harder until the wood starts to crack and warp, bending above the blows given until the girl is smashing her way up through the floor, her face pale and blood dripping from her eyes. She opens her mouth to speak and she whispers things that don't make sense. It's a man's voice, deep and purely evil, and it counts in a hiss, "Nine.. ten.. eleven.. twelve.." as its eyes shift from person to person. A shiver runs through it, and for a moment the look in the girl's eyes pleads for help, and then it's gone. That cold, vacant stare returns. "Thirteen," he says just before he lifts the knife in her hand and opens her mouth, grabbing her tongue with the free hand. The posessed girl begins to cut off her tongue, body shaking as she does, evil grin at the corners of her mouth.
Jacqueline "I think it's definitely trapped down there..." is all the tech-girl has time to say, before the entire house shakes under Ashur's rage. Jackie stumbles, catching herself on the edge of the bed. "Hey! At least let us get out first!" she protests.
And then the situation gets creepy again. The floor splinters under repeated blows on the other side of the bed. And suddenly the girl is back, and as deranged as ever... speaking in the voice of a man, no less! And her eyes are all wrong. But for a second, they suddenly become terrified.
Jackie can relate. But when the girl goes to cut off her own tongue, she snaps out of her horrified staring. "Stop her!" she cries, dropping her shotgun on the bed, and moving to grab at 'Kate's' knife hand and wrist and disarm her.
Eden Eden runs toward the possesed girl, opens the top of the salt container, and throws some toward her face. She has no idea if this will work the same as it did elsewhere, but she has to try. After the salt leaves her hands she ducks down covers her head. "God please work" she whispers to herself.
Kaydin     Kaydin had come in, and remained silent for the most part. when the girl goes to try and cut off her tongue, he moves quickly to grab at her hand and her, grunting as he tries to keep her from cutting off her tongue. "Anyone have any idea on what to do with her?!" He calls out
Alasa Alasa brings her gun up, but doesn't fire yet..."I'm all for shooting her...I've seen enough things..and this ranks up there with some of the really oddness..."
Ashur The panic in the possessed girl's eyes elicits little sympathy in Ashur's black heart; if the choice were purely his, she'd be slain, and this entire building would be so much ashen rubble. But then he sees a bunch of women rush a knife-wielding psychopath trying to disarm her and pour salt on her, and when he realizes the main one is Eden, his Eden, playing the fool near a blade--

Well, the old stories would begin what happens next with a Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum. He's faster than most would think, even in this cramped interior, having enough raw power to propel himself with an explosive rush that'd make Usain Bolt jealous, and if that salt trick doesn't work, well, he's going to snatch up the haunted girl and restrain her, even if that means breaking every bone in her body.

"Alright, alright, knock it off! We'll take her outside and destroy the whole place."
Fern     Those dead eyes are fixed straight ahead, no longer staring at anything in particular as the spirit languidly saws back and forth across Kate's tongue, cutting an inch or so into the side and causing blood to begin pouring from her mouth. It spills out black, staining her chin and neck, dripping onto her old dress and onto the splintered floor beneath as a low wolf-like growl starts up again. Tears quietly roll down the girl's cheeks and she flinches, hips twitching and back arching.. and then salt is thrown her way. It's not enough to stop the spirit from harming the girl, but it's enough of a distraction that Kaydin and Jackie are able to get a hold of the girl's hands, making her drop the knife. There is a moment when it hits the floor that a blood-curdling scream breaks free, followed by demonic, dark laughter. It's the laughter of a madman.

    As the spirit begins to try and break free from the hold, Kate's skin starts to burn hotter, blood almost boiling inside, causing her skin to bubble up. Any bare part of her that is touched will burn to the touch, but luckily for those grabbing her, a thick jacket is protecting them. there is nothing to protect Kate, however. She has no control over the spirit that has taken her life hostage. As blood spills from her mouth her eyes roll back, and the gurgled his begins its whispers again, even as Kate is grabbed so roughly by Ashur. There is the snap of bone heard, thanks to that roughness, but there is no reaction to it while the spirit is in control. Luckily Ashur's grasp along with that of Kaydin and Jackie have the girl under control. The spirit fights, but is unable to break free. So far.
Ashur "What the hell is inside her?" growls Ashur, the behemoth's massive hands trivially encircling whatever portion of the struggling, twitching woman he grabs. "Can't see it under this fucking jacket. Get it off!" He half expects to find some sort of evil little creature pressing its face against her stomach like some sort of demon child in the womb, stretching her in some unholy fashion.
Jacqueline "She's... she's still in there!" Jackie cries, still holding Kate's wrist. "I wish Sister Tina were here! Maybe she could do something!"
But she holds on grimly, so the girl can't hurt herself more. No more than the heating of her blood is, at least. "Whatever's in there, it's seriously evil! Worse than that gun, even! Does anybody have a cross, or something?"
Eden "No wait! Hold her! I think it's the same kind of thing that was in Acme" Now that the girl is under control, Eden empties the rest of the salt container into her mouth. The first shake had an effect, maybe more would either get it out of the girl, or kill it? She hopes so. Bullets did nothing to the other one, The man had given them a gun, but it was a different kind of gun.
Kaydin     "Next time someone decides to visit dunwich, tell them to keep the ghosts there." Kaydin says as he keeps ahold of the woman and looks to Ashur and Jackie, grunting as he keeps ahold of her. "She is burning hot under this jacket. best to keep it on her so we can handle her."
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "So we are doing this the hard way...well if she's hot, cool her down...anyone got a fire extinguisher on them?"
Fern     Eyes are wide as the jacket is mentioned, and wider as salt is brought to Kate's mouth. As it's poured in there is more screaming. The girl begins to thrash harder against Jackie and Kaydin, head tossing left and right to spatter blood across the both of them. Where it hits it begins to foam, bubbling up. Luckily it's not acidic as far as anyone can tell right now.

    More screaming from both the girl and the spirit, and as the salt begins to weaken it jusssst enough, Kate whimpers a sloshed, "Ake ih ohh.. ake ih ohh!" Her brows worry and her eyes plead for help, shifting quickly down to the jacket and back. She struggles to remain in control, but the pain she must be feeling is too much, and she passes out, handing the reins back over to the spirit who is slowly trying to break free. Ashur is.. well, way stronger. Thank goodness he fits into this house.
Jacqueline "Ugh... She said 'take it off'!" Jackie exclaims, wincing as she's spattered with blood, taking her best guess at what Kate's poor damaged tongue could get out. She lets go of that wrist, reaching up and trying to pull the too-big jacket off of her own side of the possessed girl. "Hurry!"
Ashur Ashur meant nothing special in removing the jacket-- he wanted only to see the girl's skin in full, to identify what monster lingered within her flesh to make it ignite so fiercely! But he catches on quick enough when the salt weakens the spirit's hold, and can discern the girl's meaning easily-- so the behemoth harrumphs, sets his mouth in a firm line, and assists the others in removing her jacket-- keeping her still when needed, moving her and turning her like a doll as they pull and chatter.
Eden Eden grabs a handful of the other sleeve and start to help Jackie tug it off the girl. Hopefully they make quick work of this while Ashur keeps her in place!
Fern     One arm is slid off easily, revealing boil-covered skin beneath. As her skin begins to wear thin the boils start to pop one by one, hot puss leaking out, black like the blood dripping from her mouth. The more of that jacket that's removed, the less control the spirit has, and that has it angry.

    It yanks and throws itself around, howling and shouting, screaming into the night while that jacket is removed. Kate's other arm twists from the hurry to get it off, and she cries in pain again. Poor broken, mangled arm. But at least it's free now, if.. hanging a bit odd.

    With the jacket now off it may be harder to hold her. Her skin is still hot, like grabbing onto a pain straight from the oven. It's going to burn, but hopefully the spirit can be dealt with before too much damage takes place.
Jacqueline The fact that the spirit's getting weaker as the jacket is removed isn't missed by Jackie. "That jacket... somebody get it outside! Burn it if you can!" she exclaims. Hopefully she's not just jumping to conclusions from too many horror movies on the old viewer. She's glad for her gloves, too. They don't entirely protect her against Kate's furnacelike skin, but they do keep her from simply letting go from agonizing pain.
Ashur Ashur releases the woman once the jacket is off-- making sure the knife, wherever it wound up, is kicked into a corner and well out of reach. The discoloration of her boil-ridden skin, the black blood--oh, he dimly realizes, that's what he licked off the water tower--hardly have an effect on him; his stomach is made of sterner stuff.

Assuming no one else tries, the giant will simply scoop the jacket up, and lumber back to the kitchen, where the fire on the stove was. He'll flip it back on, hold one of the jacket's sleeves to the flames and the gas..

And should it ignite, he'll proceed to hold the burning jacket to a wall, a curtain, furniture, whatever works best-- all in attempt to set the entire house on fire.
Eden Eden sees Ashur bringing the coat to the stove and starts moving to the door. He is going to burn the whole place down. Another thought occurs to her as she begins to move. "Why did it want tounges, of all things?"
Fern     The jacket is off and the spirit is gasping, "Ouu.. giff ih hack.." It's hissing and growling, shaking the girl's body like a wet dog trying to get dry, at least until the sleeve catches aflame. The spirit begins to hiss then, quickly turning to a pained howl. The more the flame takes over, the weaker the spirit becomes until there is little left of it. By the time it's engulfed, the spirit is gone, leaving an unconscious Kate to fall to the floor like a rag doll. Her body is starting to cool and the boils are beginning to lessen. It's going to remain on her body, however, at least until she can heal.
Jacqueline Jackie can't feel elated about being right, not when there's an unconscious and badly injured girl (who is at least demon-free) beside her and the house is /on fire/. "Um... can somebody help me with her?" she asks, moving to try and pick up Kate under the shoulders. She's much too small to carry her by herself.
Kaydin     Kaydin keeps ahold of her and when the jacket is ripped off, he holds what he can. When the girl cools off, he picks her up like a bride and begins to carry her away from the fire and the building. "Lets go." He says to Jackie.
Ashur "Everyone should get out now," the super mutant lackadaisically commands, with a brief look over his shoulder through the shadows that now dance and deepen as flames catch toward Eden. "Shoo, Eden," and there's more emphasis in his voice now. The brute makes no quick effort to evacuate himself, nor does he move to retrieve the unconscious victim of the spirit-- instead, the brute walks a little deeper into the small home, looking around as the air thickens with smoke. He's not entirely convinced that act was enough to get rid of the evil; mind, he's not a scholar on it, despite his ample practice with sin, so maybe it's pure in-the-gut paranoia.

Even so, the crimson mutant remains, to guarantee the fire's spread and.. he doesn't know, really. To see if the earth yawns, and from its many-faced maw pour forth demons, or the screams of the dead, or.. something.

He doesn't understand the supernatural, and it makes him angry. Just a moment. He'll get out in a moment. Just to make sure.
Jacqueline Jackie blinks and steps back as Kaydin literally lifts the unconscious woman out of her hands. "Okay... that works, too," she murmurs, and squeezes past Ashur to get out of this rapidly-building inferno.
Eden "Ashur, get out of there!!! Please!!!! Hurry!!!" Eden was calm until it looked like her Ashur was staying too long. She is already to the doorway, but is worried that with his mind affected, He just won't think quickly enough to leave. This is not a good moment for one of those lapses! "Please! Hurry!" What will get his attention? "HELP!!!" Eden screams that last one for all she is worth.
Fern     Keep watching, Asher. It isn't long before there is a deep, wailing groan echoing through the house. Just as the others are getting out and to safety, a ghostly figure sweeps through the smoke-filled home. it heads towards Ashur, the face of a deranged man, and just before it brushes against his face it is sucked backwards into the air, disappearing with a strange sound.

    As it disappears so does the feeling of something being off. The house feels calm once more. Too bad it's now on fire.

    The commotion has gathered enough curiosity outside that when the first flames are seen people are on the way to help. It shouldn't take much at all to contain the fire and make sure it spreads no where else. Too bad there's no water in the faux water tower. Nah. Just a bunch of bodies inside.
Ashur Ashur is silent-- imperious as ever when the ghostly figure stares him down. His expression is impassive with a lean toward condescending. "Degenerate," he finally spits, as the specter races toward him all mad-eyed and cruel. "Leave me be." A hand, more like a grizzly's paw than a man's, swats the ghost in the manner of a mosquito in the air; then it gets sucked back and vanishes with that alien noise.

Shrouded in smoke and lit by fire, Ashur naturally assumes his slaps have divine power, and can banish the dead. He looks down at that hand and marvels, opening and closing it with slow-dawning wonder.

Anyway, that motherfucker straight up smashes through a wall with a gout of flame and hot air behind him, and walks through the fog toward the water tower that was bleeding earlier. He'll be part of whatever group investigates it and finds the bodies later.
Jacqueline Jackie finds alternative firefighting gear nearby: Another barrel, this one at street level and obviously made of high-impact plastic, contains two large fire extinguishers once the lid is screwed off.
Handing one off to a concerned citizen, she takes the other and begins hosing down the side of the burning house nearest another. Better stop this from spreading before half the street goes up!
Fern     Kate is carried off by Kaydin to safety, and with some help from Jackie and other concerned citizens the flame is tamed by the fire extinguishers before it can catch other homes on fire. Hooray! What a good day's work.