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Sparrow It's been weeks now and the progress on the Serum has been agonizingly slow at first while everything was moved, carefully, to various instruments and preparations for storage and test subjects carefully made. They don't want an outbreak after all.

Einstien and Van Doberstein have been pleasant enough to let the Doctors and Scientists of El Dorado and the surrounding area work in their labs to facilitate the expedient creature of an inoculation and possible reversal of those not too far gone. Some few are also working on manipulating the virtues themselves to attack only cells with mutated genetics.

It's a hazardous and tireless job and people are sacrificing a lot of time and money to the project. But in the capable hands of the townsfolk so far, progress is being made.

Today finds Sparrow sitting on a stool hovering over a microscope and recording the effects Van Doberstein had asked for while he took a Noodle break.

Fiona comes into the lab, removing her hat quietly and remaining close to the door. "Hello Sparrow." She offers politely, but then quiets back down. One can only guess what the militia woman might be doing here. Mostly she does shooting things, but there she stands in the back ground.

Stockton is there, hanging out in the back of the lab, trying to avoid Einstein. The lab doc rather enjoys experimenting with Stock for a reason. The duster rests dusted and dirty from the road. The Sheriff's hat is low and he's chewing on an unlit cigarillo in something that looks almost like a nap. In fact his ass is on the stool, his heel kicked up and his shoulders perched against the corner he's hidden in.

Iris walks in, quite bruised, especially around the neck and left eye. She sets down her rucksack and slowly makes her way over to Sparrow. "How are things going here? I'm sorry I haven't been around all that much." She leans aganist the counter and watches her work quietly for a few minutes.

Sparrow looks up when Fiona enters and smiles, she lifts a hand. "Evenin, Fiona." The young Drake doctor greets before her attention turns back towards Iris and she blinks a few times and pulls off her gloves setting them aside. "Hey, Doc, you look rode rough. Sokay, everyone's busy. I hear Qwillis has been about, and Einstien and Von Doberstien seem to be doin' pretty well too. I'm mostly regulated to records and testing. So..what's up?" She asks as she leans back, rolling her shoulders and stretching her fingers over her head.

Fiona waves to Iris lightly on her arrival. She'd also give a nod to Stockton, but she keeps mostly quiet to avoid distracting the scientists.

Noodles take time to eat, and brains need time to reboot, and so the two Acme Scientists are spending this time doing what Scientists love. Theorising and bickering. They can be heard from the back room.

"We've got a bit of a problem, glad that you two are here." Iris remarks, pointing to Stockton and Fiona. "one of you gets to tell Kitty. I'm not going back to town anytime soon." She takes a breath and continues to speak. "The horde is acting odd, a few refugees caught sight of them. They've stoped and started to resupply, reorganize and regroup." She gazes down at her boots. "Reports from a little further south say that the group that was headed for South America has turned around, and they're heading north now, to join the group heading towards us." She pauses and wrinkles her nose. "There are a lot of them."

Iris smirks and glances at Sparrow. "I got jumped the other day, they went through my rucksack, but didn't take anything. I think they were looking for that cap. Thankfully I didn't have it with me."
Sparrow Sparrow looks back to Iris and shakes her head slowly and presses her lips together. "Why are you shocked, I told all of you that they're being controled by a high intellect. A singular voice, they work like ants or bees. The voices cause them great pain if they do not do as the voices tell them. I'm not shocked that after wiping out half their horde and promising to be the bigger, badder threat it's decided to focus on us. It also means we're running out of time. For the walls and for the Serum." Sparrow only looks mildly drawn, tired, rather than distressed. "So we need more people in this lab. More brains.. mine is turning to mush and I've got walls to build." She looks over her shoulder and towards the back room.

She looks towards Iris and shakes her head. "That cap of yours." She chuckles quietly. "You need to start keepin you wherever you're storin' it to stay safe." She reaches up with hands pink from overscrubbing while in the lab and takes Iris' chin to angle the black eye towards her with a wrinkle of her nose. "You need me to check anything?"
Stockton Stockton looks up and chuffs with a grunt at Iris, "You git ridda that damn thing. I don't need our Miracle gettin bushwhacked cuz'a some damned fool cap." The Sheriff hasn't taken his chill pills today apparently. The cigar switches sides and he chews a little harder getting a lookt at Iris at that, "They got you good," he notes but he's no healer so he remains on his stool out of the way.
Iris Lark "I'm not shocked." Iris says, smirking at Sparrow. "I remember what you told me, I just figured it would put a little bit of fight back in you. The Marshal and Mayor need to know too, but it's not my job to tell them and I really don't want to go back to El Dorado anytime soon." She hisses out a pained breath as Sparrow tilts her head to gaze at her bruises. "Camilla did what she could for the cracked ribs, but Sparrow I had to go out and do my walk along Clovis. I can't stay home because I got a cap that nobody cares to or can afford to buy." She aims a grumpy look at Stockton. "I tried to get rid of it, nobody wants the damn thing."
Fiona Fiona pops her attention up at Iris' comments, she frowns as she looks the woman over. "Did you get them? If not we can try to hunt them down." Her right hand shifting in light grips as she seems to grow angry about the matter. A heavy breath and exhale. "I will inform the brass." Her shoulders shrug, "I .. I suspect it comes to finding this thing and killin it soon though. We are not ready for a force of that size. I am not sure we can be. Not supposed to say that, but the nobody in this room is the type that won't figure it out."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Well, sell it to Lonestar then." Sparrow frowns a bit at Iris' bruise and her lips pull thin. "All right, well, as long as you were looked at." She smiels a bit at Iris and glances at Stockton with a small nod of agreement. She turns her gaze to Fiona, "Aint the force really that folks gotta worry about. Super mutants, by an large, are morons. The one with the brain, or the ones that are used to controlt he others should be the targets. Oh, and the blob factory things probably, just a guess though. Tactics are ya'll department." Sparrow lets Iris go and gives her a worried look before turning back to the Microscope and gesturing. "Ya should have a look at this slide. We might be getting close. This is the antigen fourty eight hours after exposure to the most recent bout of innoculation. They aren't continuing to destablize, which is good. Before theyw ere only slowing down.""
Stockton Stockton gives a gruff sound, right back at Iris, "Then why didn't you throw the fool thing into the desert fer some other chump to find, Miracle?" He just exhales and pushes off the wall so he can stomp over to the doorway, once there he pulls out a match and lights up the end of his cigarillo. Puffing a few times he shakes his head at Fiona, "Ain't no use, I ain't had luck trackin' no one that far out in the Wastes..or I'da had Solomon in cuffs a long time ago." There's a questioning lift of his brow to Iris. "So what's the Mayor gotta know? I have my usual meetin' with her in the mornin." Progress and science is babbled from Sparrow's mouth and he just blinks at her slowly. "Bless you," he teases and smirks before taking another puff of that sweet smelling tobacco.
Iris Lark "I tried to sell it to Lonestar. Too rich for him." Iris says, folding her arms over her chest. She listens to Fiona and Sparrow talk and sighs. "Well someone has to tell the brass, and think of what to do about it." She glances at Stockton and frowns. "She needs to know how much larger the group that is coming up here is going to be." She blinks and huffs out a sigh. "You realize I could throw it way now but they think I have it, they won't believe that I got rid of it."
Abdiel     Abdiel comes into the science lab, tray in hand as he has a variety of cups with some tea poured into them. "I came to bring some refreshment for the scientists hard at work." He says, some bread seen on the tray for anyone to grab a piece of to munch on.
Fiona Fiona is not having her most chill time, her right hand tapping at the big iron on her hip. Then Stockton lights up, she rolls her eyes. The twitchy hand goes to her pocket, retrieving a cigar and Zippo. She takes it up and lights it, drawing a puff. "So, give it to me. I mean it is valuable, so you don't have to really do it. Just put it on the table in the Silver Dollar, lose it to me real public like, and I'll give it back quietly." Another puff, exhale. Eyes up, a look over hopefully. "Coffee.." A sniff. "Tea." Oh well no scientist coffee.
Sparrow Currently Van Doberstien and Einstein are in the back, bickering loudly at eachother in a 'friendly' manner in the way of Scientists as they enjoy their noodle break.

Sparrow is standing beside the Microscope so that Iris can have a look at the slide that's currently under it and though Stockton blesses her she makes a face at him. "I've been reading." She explains making a face before turning her stoic gaze back to the room. When Abdiel comes in she smiles, "Hey, thanks. Uhm, over there on a table away fromt he equipment would be grand. I probably should eat.." The scarred cowgirl muses as she touches Iris shoulder, trusting the other Doctor with the Microscope on her own and trotting over to the table to partake of tea and toast.
Abdiel     Abdiel did have one coffee poured in a cup. It was his but he hasnt drank from it yet and instead offers it to Fiona with a friendly smile. He then takes a piece of bread and munches on it as he looks around. "Well this looks pretty fancy. What is it we are researching or trying to make?" He asks as he looks around trying to figure out how he can be of use.
Iris Lark Iris grunts and dips her chin towards her chest as she gazes into the microscope. She recoils slightly from whatever she sees and she takes a few steps back, aiming a questioning look towards Sparrow. She walks over to where the woman has walked to get a cup of tea and takes a seat in an out of the way place, flopping until her ribs protest the action.
Sparrow Sparrow watches Iris and shrugs, "So far, it's really the best we've got. It's why I've been here the last few days, When Einstien told me they'd been getting some progress I was excited to see." It's not much. She places a hand on Iris' shoulder before shoveling more food into her face and washing it down with tea. She's not even, really, finished chewing before she's pulling her labcoat back on and the gloves.
Fiona "Oh, Scientist Coffee, thankee." The soldier woman says, taking the cup as she holds the hand-made stoggie away. A sip when she takes the coffee, then a deep long sniff. Ah, the sweetest smell, scientist coffee. "Thank you." She repeats, then looks to the women. "Can you make something to interupt this 'Voice-in-the-Head' thing?"
Abdiel     "I am just glad I can help out. sometimes people need to take a break and relax to be able to see things properly." Abdiel says with a friendly tone as he takes one of the cups of tea and takes a sip. It isnt his coffee but he makes do.
Sparrow Sparrow sighs, "I don't know. I don't know enough about the virus and we haven't been able to get Ashur in ehre to test him and see why he is uneffected by it." She lifts a shoulder, "We'll have to do some scans on him and I don't blame him for not wanting to. It's not pleasent to be a guinea pig.." She mutters half udner her breath, "Even if it is fitting." She washes her hands and pulls her gloves back on, moving about the safe area of testing and moves the side from under the take another out and take a sample from a petrie dish. "Right now.." She explains to Abdiel, "We're using the samples we have from the infected mutants along with the original serums to try and create either, and, or a onnoculation against this, a cure or a weaponized version of an antivirus that will only attack the FEV antigen."
Owl     Owl stops just inside the door to the Science Lab, clearing his throat, then finding a metal beam to awkwardly knock on with one of his hands. "Hello." He offers to the group. "I was just...uh...exploring the local area, and I heard there was a need for 'science people' here." He offers cheerfully.
    Owl looks slightly beat-up, with a leather satchel slung over his shoulder, and a Followers of the Apocalypse coat on, which is probably not a regular enough sight for most locals to recognize it.
Sparrow Sparrow does have an ear on the conversation. Listening to the words folks who are talking as she works. Then considers, "You know.. If we had a mutant I could test on. I could probably see if alternating the infection they've gotten from the blob beasts so that they would not have the same strain. An alteration of an alteration. But that's weaponizing and. That's Van Doberstein's specialty." She thumbs back to the once more quietly bickering older scientists in the back.

"Look, that's just a theory.. how do you expect.."
" Of course it's a Theory that's what we do!"
"It's just a theory that won't work!"
"Well now that's -your- theory!"
And so on, and such forth.

Sparrow glances at the door, "Come on inside. We're doing the FEV research about the horde headed this way. If you've got a mind for it there's not really much int he way of research notes yet. All of our original data and planning have all been on how to properly set everything up. C'mon over and I'll show you the ropes we're working with. But be forewarned working with this is highly dangerous, you accept you might turn into a Mutant if you're not exceedingly careful."
Iris Lark Iris gets comfortable on her chair, feet up as she sips a cup of tea. She turns her head towards the door leading to the back and smirks. "Glad to see they're still getting along." She remarks, before she settles in to watch people in labcoats go from microscope to microscope, discussing things amongst themselves quietly. "So, does anyone want to volunteer to be a mutant for Sparrow to test?"
Fiona More coffee, so good. Fiona dabs the tail of the cigar in the coffee before taking another puff. "How far away are they resupplying?"
Iris Lark "They're out of state south, but not too much further than that. The second wave is a few weeks behind, but we'll already be fighting the first wave when the second crashes in." Iris says, her eyes on Fiona as she holds the tea close to her face, enjoying the steam. "I don't know if they're going to keep regrouping until the other group catches up to them or if they're going to come in waves now. The point is though, it's not a mindless forward push, they're calculated and that makes them more dangerous. Walls might not be nearly enough."
Owl     Owl steps further inside, dusting off his clothes and moving in Sparrow's direction. "Horde?" He asks her. "I've heard a little about it. I spent some of the morning helping build the wall, which I take is hopefully going to help hold them off when they arrive. Afraid I don't know much else, though. I only just arrived here a few days ago, I'm coming from much further West." He approaches some of the microscopes, peering at the equipment. He frowns at the mention of danger, and on 'turning into a mutant'.
    "Well." Owl says. "I'm not really a 'scientist' by trade specifically, but I do know science. Maybe if its that dangerous, we should be wearing some protective equipment..." He then stops, and asks: "What are you trying to find, or do, specifically?"
    He also notes Iris, whom gets a nod of his head in greeting, and a smile.
Sparrow Sparrow glances to Iris breifly at Fiona's question before turning her attention back to the work she's doing. "Or someone could just go catch me a Mutant, and drag Ashur back here as well so I can compare samples from them. Living, samples since the Mutants that are part of the horde generally degeneratye into goo once they've died." She frowns listneing to the rest and sighs looking at her research and then back towards the door. Too busy.

When Owl talks about protective equipmet? Sparrow just laughs.. like.. she doesn't mean it and she tries to turn away but maybe she's lost a marble because it pops loose, a giggle at first followed by full on laughter. "Sure, you go find an Enclave facility to raid." She says between chortles.
Iris Lark When Sparrow starts to giggle Iris frowns in her direction, a worried look on her face. "I think we have the basics, gloves..maybe a few gas masks." She gazes at the samples with open distrust and shakes her head. "You work at your own risk, unfortunately, but we're...a little ways away from the facilities that might have what you're looking for."
Fiona "Try to keep safe: it is possible we won't be able to do this at all. I am hopeful, but, pratically, you the best field medics I know. We will need you for that." Fiona says, finishing her coffee in a gulp. The cup put out of the way. "I should start back for town. Expect Manny, Umm Marshal Ramero to return very soon. Remember the offer about the .. Top." She says, slipping on her hat and starting out. "Sparrow, Iris, Sherriff. New guy."
Owl     Owl rubs his beard absently as he listens to the conversations going on around him, though Sparrow's laugh gets a vague frown from him. "Actually..." Owl responds. "I've heard there are some old world military facilities and science labs buried all around here. Some that haven't even been opened. I'm sure there'd be something useful in one of those, I just haven't managed to really find them yet. I've been asking the locals for clues." He says, earnestly.
    Iris comment gets a slow, grim nod from Owl. "Well..." He says, snapping on some rubber gloves. "Will it help people?" He asks Sparrow. "...besides. I've heard some mutants can see in the dark and being big and strong would be great for breaking into vaults..." He says as he puts on a pair of goggles.
    "...where are the samples?" He asks Sparrow.

    At Fiona's comments, though, he arches his brows, and looks over towards her. "Did you say Marshal Romero?" He asks her. "Are the Romeros still living in El Dorado?" He suddenly sounds more interested in that than in the FEV Virus...if he ever was, to be honest.
Iris Lark Iris gives Fiona an odd look for a moment and then nods. "Just tell the Marshal what you heard here tonight, we need to be ready, and I haven't seen anything that tells me that we are." She gestures outside and frowns. "The walls aren't enough, we should have a plan in place, a good plan, before the horde reaches us. There are too many women, children and people who can't fight for us to get this wrong."
Sparrow Sparrow keeps giggling, hand on he table but carefully away from the samples. She's bitter, not dumb. She coughs a little, "You work with what you have and take your chances. I'm not asking for people who don't want to take chances to help. And it's fine if you'd rather go over research notes and cover anything we might've missed that's fine too." She says after a moment with a slow breath that puffs out her cheeks. "Odds are though before we get anyone out of hot water were going to have to get it into ourselves."

When Owl speaks she blinks at him. "Yeah, well, if you wanna go digging, go ahead. But we ain't really got the time to go crawling through ferals and deathclaws right now. Well, those of us working on the cure and puttin' walls up. But if you're feeling fresh'n new you should. I encourage it." She says in seriousness while using a dropper to put some fluid into some other fluid as she works. "Over here, we have samples from one of the Nastier versions of the mutants, a more intelligent one. And we have the two types of the Virus and the original contagion." She says as she lifts a pen to point towards a very secure cool storage box in the lab area proper. "Vondoberstien and Einstien are lending their lab and equipment for our research and their expertise. Doberstein's the one to talk to if you want to know anything about the original since he's the one who created it." But when Owl is suddenly interested in something else Sparrow looks back down at her work shaking her head with a little smile.
Fiona Fiona looks at Owl, squinting then shifting her shoulders, "Of course there are Romeros here. The Marshal is one." She takes a puff, and then a second. "You have seen the plan, Iris. We get that door open, we'll have a safe zone for non-combatants. We are working on it." She turns back to the door. "Stay safe, we're gonna need you brain types."
Iris Lark "He's new in town." Iris says, gesturing towards Owl. "Or newly returned, so he might not know the score." She shakes her head at the door and the plan, gazing down at her feet as she drinks her tea. "Yeah, we gotta put ya'll back together again if you fuck this up." She raises her tea in a toast and graces Fiona with a smile. "We're careful, we got too much to live for."
Owl     "The walls may not be enough." Owl says to Fiona. "...but they're at least something." He leans down to look through one of the microscopes at the samples. "Hm. This is strange...this doesn't look like a normal FEV sample. Even though I am not really an expert on FEV."
    He then looks up and over to Sparrow. "I'm not afraid of putting my life at risk to help people, I'd just like to make sure I'm utilizing my time resources as best as I can. No offense intended. I'm sure you know more what you're doing than I do...I'm just...cautious by nature." He explains. "Tell me something you need done, I'll do it. I can probably do it more safely than most." He says, snapping his gloves.
    "I'm curious if there's anything that might help in those ruins...but this horde seems like it's coming sooner rather than later, and that we don't have time to gamble. It might be better for me just to help with the wall and maybe provide some support with anything lab-related." He says, sounding very serious.

    Fiona's comments get a nod. "...well, I guess that makes sense." He says. "It's been a long time since I've been here. I've lost track. Twenty-Two years." He says. "I suppose I'll meet the Marshall...eventually..."
Sparrow Sparrow smiles a bit and shakes her head a bit and then moves back to her work. "Well, right now, I think that you should ask Einstien or Doberstein, they have some emusifiers that they need transported and made ready for samples of mutated tissues for observation. Do you think you can do that?" She wonders helpfully of Owl as she scribbles down some more notes and hmms softly to herself and mutters softly, "If I could find some cutting fluid..." Then looks back to the group of people and smiles. "Also anyone who can look over the terminal there at the notes. See what they'd like to add to the research, theories, possible findings?"
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet, setting aside her empty teacup. "I suppose I can help out and take notes at least." Sheh says, walking over to the terminal and taking a seat. She skims over the notes and then starts to type, slowly. "Since I'm not much for research, I suppose I can contribute this way." She leans in, cradling her wrapped ribs, stopping to sound out one or two very large words quietly to herself.
Fiona Fiona winces at the comment, turning about at the door. "Those New Reno thugs nearly killed Manny, shot him in the head." She sighs, "So I am touchy about it." The woman looks to Owl, "Leave a way to contact you at Militia headquaters in El Dorado. I'll let him know when he gets home." Her eyes shift to Iris, a long draw of her cigar and she shakes her head. "If.. If I did something to offend, I don't know what it was, and I apologize any way. Night all." With that she makes her way out. It is a bit a walk home after all.
Sparrow Sparrow smiles, "No, Iri, I need your beautiful medical brain!" She says cheerfully. "So don't you think you're getting out of thinking, Missy." She chuckles quietly and blinks after Fiona. "NO offense, take care Ms. Caine. Say hi to the Marshall for me." She says with an uptick of a smile before focusing back on the microscope.
Owl     Owl nods his head to Sparrow. "Transportation and preparation of emulsifiers sounds like something I can do, easy." He says with a smile. "Just show me the way." He says, snapping his gloves again.
    He glances over at Iris on the terminal, squints briefly, commenting: "Hope the wound is healing." And then moving towards the back of the lab.
    Fiona's comment makes Owl frown deeply. He stops moving for a moment. He gets really quiet, and then a few moments later he says: "Right now I'm not staying anywhere permanent, though I might try and find a shack in the shanty town, just somewhere local and stationary. can point him my way. I'll be around. If not helping at the wall, then helping somewhere else."
Iris Lark "Fiona, I'm just worried and I don't think we're ready. I'm sure you can see that." Iris says, and she rubs a hand over her face as she gets to her feet and walks back over to Sparrow. "it's not right that I take that out on you, but there we are, you're the only one here." She shrugs a shoulder and settles down next to Sparrow. "My beautiful medical brain isn't much for science and research, so I hope this is medical stuff that needs attending." She nods towards Owl and smiles briefly. "My ribs still hurt, but I'm more upset about the bruises."