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Sparrow Sparrow and Iris and a couple of the Locals from El Dorado have been part of the organization efforts for getting the walls up around the surrounding El Dorado communities. They'd brought a plan to Mayor West and he'd agreed that the plans would 'definately keep the evildoers away.'

The the meager populace of Gohauq has come out of their homes to help out. Some of these people already look like they're mutated, some are even missing hair or have football shaped heads. But never the less they seem genuinely cheerful and willing to help those aiding in their protection.

For now, a few of the more architectural minded people, including Sparrow, are working on repairing a portion of the gate that was already set into Gohauq and making it's perimeter more fortified to help support the wall.
Kaelyn Kae is off helping somewhere! She's currently building on a wall and well pretty good with a hammer and nail.. She's only bopped her thumb once!!! CORA on the other hand pipes in "Ahah see you can do it without getting your thumb!" NEver once does Kae's perky A.I. Let up on the odd pointy-eared woman.
Sparrow There are also a couple of Sparrows horses helping lift frames into place; and a little black donkey running around with a Radio-Nuka Flyer wagon filled with tools and nails running back and forth. There's also a small pile of carrot and sugar cubes people are encouaged to hold out to get Essjay the service donkey to come to them with needed materials.
Iris Lark She's only good for manual labor or tending wounds, so the latter is what Iris is doing at the moment. She has set up a small triage area with water, bandages and other supplies a little ways away from where the action is taking place. Every so often a man or woman wanders over for a drink or to have something bandaged or stitched. When there isn't someone who needs tending to Iris is sitting up on the blockings watching the action.
Stockton Stockton has been here most of the day, which means slowly but surely the layers have come off. The duster is laid in the shade with his hat, his suspenders are dangling and his shirt is missing. All of the ink and those lash scars across his back are left to bare. Hauling heavy lumber from where the horses are dropping their loads to the section of the wall being filled in. Manly man grunts are the language of the day as the wild man sweats and bleeds. Usually ending up the brace for the next support beam until the sinkhole is filled in and pieces can be braced against it.
Sparrow The Mayor and his Assitant only known as 'Finch' is hanging from what he affectionally calls their Rang-a-hang's. An oddly shaped bit of metal attached to a thin cable which he has used a harness and winch to get himself halfway up one of the sections of wall helping to fortify them as other people on scaffolding on he sides of the wall ensure that they can set up the necessary studs for the net all attachment.

Iris gets a lot of visits; pounded thumbs, nails through body parts and the occasional person who just wants to flirt so has pretended to pull muscles so they can sit in the shade and chat up the pretty Doctor.

Kaelyn gets some odd looks for her talking Pip. Finch might even have eyeballed the talking thing and elbowed the Mayor to declare. "Holy Non-Sequiturs, Mayor, take a look at that." He might be pointing at the pip boy; he might just be talking about Kaelyn. He is blandly reprimanded for his quirky innocence by Mayor West. "Yes, Finch, but remember what happened with the lemonade?"
Iris Lark Each wound and pulled muscle is dealt with, fake or not. Iris is in a pretty pleasant mood today, or is pretending to be, and each person who stops to talk to her gets a nice little bit of conversation. She's still bruised, but they're fading now, and the taut wrap around her ribs doesn't seem to be causing her as much pain. Bandages are dispensed, muscles are massaged and water is offered to anyone who might even look slightly thirsty.
Stockton Stockton is toting that barge, lifting that bail. Whatever it takes to help the town put together a suitable defense. Throwing his weight and strength into it, his solid back helping to hold up the bigger pieces until more reinforcements can be put in. He even lends a hand swinging one of those heavy sledge hammers, knocking spikes and huge nails into the wood or through sheet metal to form a barrier. Sweat and heat finally making him seek out Iris with that water. He finds a lean and looks out at their progress, "We should be on time I think."
Fiona Fiona arrives, all prepared to be helpful and maybe meet the legendary mayor of the small town. She pitches right in, splitting a timber qith her first try at the hammer. Okay, maybe something else. Pull a rope.. Ack not that one -LOOK OUT-. She backs away for a moment, takes a swig of whiskey and sighs.
Kaelyn Kae finishes working on her little building section, ad steps away. The curvy, pointy-eared girl takes a deep breath, shirt stretching briefly before she turns and makes her way back toward Iris "Heeey, been helping with wall construction and patrols in Acme and here and all, Need a lil tending too as I'm kinda bruised up a bit... Cuts are cleared up but otherwise am a bit of a mess..."
Owl     Owl shows up through the front gates of Gohauq, better late than never, right?

    He makes his way over towards the construction area, milling around and watching the various people work. Iris gets a nod of his head, as does anyone else he recognizes from his brief time in the area so far. He looks around, asking people who are working: "Excuse me, where's the foreman...?" A few times, looking ready to pitch in, but at a loss for how. Owl doesn't necessarily look like the sort of man who's used to having sweat on his brow and lifting heavy loads.
Sparrow Sparrow is elbow deep in some concrete for the moment helping them to set a brace that had slipped. All in all, the people who are working on the wall all seem to be having fun. Someone's even brought their old radio with rabbit ears created from a vortex of wires that /just/ picks up the signal from El Dorado and the people are treated to some music to work to.

There's not really any Foreman, there are the Mayor and Finch who are ratcheting themselves up another wall to set the studs in them as well.

Everything seems to be working out all right so far. It's a bustle of activity really. One of the workers net to Stockton nods. "I hope so, we lost someone last night.."

Owl's welcomed in a set immediately to work. Since he's not used to the goings on in Gohauq Owl is regulated so some good old fashioned cement stirring.
Iris Lark Iris smiles at Kaelyn and nods. "I can help with that." She says, pulling some supplies from her kit and setting them out where she's sitting. She checks over Kaelyn and helps her out with the scrapes and bruises.
Kaelyn As Iris tends her bumps and bruises, Kae looks over curiously and asks with a slight grin "How much I owe ya?" she says and tilts her head as she starts digging into a pocket for a handful of caps... "Though that really does help..." She adds, and yes Kae's a bit more banged up than just a 'little' bit seems the girl has been patrolling for days and not gettin gher self looked at enough.
Owl     Owl doesn't look the happiest in the world to be stirring cement, but he does it anyways. Before long he's got his leather jacket off and tied around his waist and with his sleeves rolled up to his elbows he's got hold of a giant wooden dowel and is using it to help stir cement under the watchful eye of a few more experienced construction experts.
    It doesn't take long for Owl to work up a sweat, and ask: "Are there any mechanical or computerized components to the defenses...or is it just a wall?" He also studies the Mayor and Finch's ratcheting winch contraption with interest. It's clear he's thinking while he's doing all of this.
Stockton Stockton finally pushes off from his break, pushing his hair back with a bit of a splash of water as well. Going back to his duster he starts digging through it to find his cigarillos, pulling one out to stick it in his mouth, chewing down on the end while lighting the end with a match. Puffing a few times, his eyes scan out to the horizon and he chuffs, "We might make enough progress afore sundown," he says to no one.
Iris Lark "I won't charge you, you're here helping." Iris says quietly, offering Kaelyn a smile. She slips to her feet and begins to check the girl in earnest. Once all the bumps and bruises are dressed and wrapped she stuffs everything back into her medical kit that she's not still using.
Fiona Fiona stays back a moment, trying to figure out a thing she won't break. Little accomplished, she pulls out a cigar to light and think. Nobody that she worked near is likely to complain.
Sparrow It's Iris who hears it first. Like a faint plaintive cry of a baby Big Horner. A distant terrified bleating.

A couple of the townsfolk stir and look around. Others seem oblivious. But slowly, one by one as the sound begins to grow louder /most/ everyone who is not already distracted or cannot hear over their work begin to notice it as well.

The horses and other animals about Gohauq start to shift and prance.

It's the Mayor and Finch who, near the top of a wall point in the distance.


Which sends /most/ of Gohauq's people into a panic. people run off into the Chihuahua, or their homes fleeing from whatever new terror might beset upon them. There are people who can't though, people who are only armed with tools up on scaffolding and of course the Mayor and Finch who are trying to scramble down from their lofty perches.
Sparrow The figure running towards Gohauq is a rather portly fella. He's wearing a pair of green dungarres and a sweat and blood stained button up short. He's holding his hat as he hauls is weight along the road screaming his fool head off. Pursuing like dogs on a leash two Centaurs come into view .. moments later the lumbering pint sized head on a massive black man-beast, twisted with rough scaley hide that warms around him. He's lugging with him a bloodstained Super Sledge.
Owl     Owl is wiping sweat off his brow, already having managed to get some bits of cement caked onto his clothing here and there despite having rolled up or removed a good chunk of it. He honestly doesn't notice the disturbance as soon as some other people, but eventually, once enough tools have been put down and workers have stopped, he DOES notice. Then there are people panicking and running off past him. He wipes the sweat off his brow again, then, and quickly rolls his sleeves back down, puts on his jacket and his satchel, and leaves the cement on its own.
Iris Lark Iris catches sight of hostiles moving in the direction of the city. She raises her gauss, charges the weapon and fires a single shot. The soft whistle that sounds when the round is propelled towards the mutant cuts off in a thunk as the bullet slugs the enemy in the torso.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and takes up a sniping position, the girl drawing an Fn_FAL out. Seem she's delivered quite the collection. The girl takes a deep breath, now aiming for the big super-mutant before she sends a pair of rounds down range. Both strike the mutie center mass... However, the second set of rounds miss wide, the mutie able to move just enough to make the girl miss, what with the limited field of view in her scope...
Fiona Fiona hears the alarm raised, and she manages to take a heavy puff to avoid looking too relieved. This, she does. The assualt rifle is slipped off her shoulder and she starts walking in the direction of trouble. Eww, centaurs, she picks one of those on a count of eww. Dropping to a knee, she lets off a few shots. Couple os misses, couple of hits.
Stockton Stockton had his gun belt at the ready. At the sight of trouble, he brought both of those hand cannons to bear. Four rapid fire barks come from his heavy caliber pistols, nailing one mutant square in a leg, tearing a rather large chunk of tissue and muscle apart. "Form up quick, reload, they're comin in hard," of course that means he's slinging on his armored chestplate and charging out to meet them.
Sparrow Porter Griffith screams as he runs through the gate, arms in the air. "They're a comin', they're a comin'! Everybody run!"

He heads for the Chihuahua and dives inside just as the Mutants, moving surprisingly fast and agile, continue their approach. Even as bullets rain on them, some missing but most, not they continue on.

The Carpenter laughs a HURHUR sound that rattles the rib cages of anyone too near. His meaty black fleshed shoulders shaking as he swings his super sledge."COME OUT AND PLAY LITTLE HUMAN!"

They're entering Midrange with steadfast almost MIDNLESS determination. If they keep moving at this speed, they'll be within range of the walls and those working on them in the next few breaths.
Sparrow The Carpenter is charging towards Sparrow with his hammer at the ready. "SMASH YOU!"
Sparrow Tweedlederp is getting a nice big acidy spit ready for it's first victim in range. Patoo!
Stockton Stockton charges in guns blazing and fires off several shots to no effect on the Carpenter, that thick hide or those amazing reflexes either way it has the Sheriff cursing up a storm, "Goddamn motherfuckin, hold still!"
Sparrow Sparrow blinks as she aims her guns, last shot didn't work so she takes aim again. But then there's this weird flashback to ANOTHER super mutant charging her. Oh god, Sparrow pales but takes her shots before turning around and kicking up her heels to flee!
Fiona Fiona almost changes target, but the in suck hack prep of Derp keeps her focused. Cause, eww. She lines up her shots with the carbine and the hot 5mm casings fly forth six quicm times. The filthy charging abomination is railed into and stops moving.
Sparrow When Fiona hits Derp, and he is dead he rolls a few dozen feet, not too close and thankfully there's a wall there because almost immediately Derp's body explodes in acidic puss, ooze and gore. YUK!
Iris Lark Iris slings her rifle over her shoulder and climbs the scaffolding attempting to get a better angle for a shot. She raises her rifle and manages to get off a shot, but it goes wide, raising a small puff of dirt near the Carpenter. She swears and shakes her head.
Sparrow Tweedledee is, likewise, workin up a nice thick loogie for someone special.
Kaelyn Kae frowns, still focussing in on the carpenter dude with the big hammer... She takes aim again, eyes squinting through the sites as she kneels down... Then she cuts loose with another pair of rounds at the big fellow, the girl catching him twice in the left leg. Quickly she resites and cuts loose again, another pair of rounds rip into the big thing's left arm as well sending various bits of body part flying everywhere as the bullets exit.
Fiona Fiona looks around, "DON'T kill the MUTANT we need his BRAIN!"
Sparrow Sparrow must have something that just attracts Supermutants and says; please place agression here! Pointing towards her chest. Sparrow tries, she does, but the massive black Mutant passes the gate and takes a swing at her torso and knocks her to the side sending her off her balance to be caught by the backswing that sends her flying with little more than a bone crunching yelp.

"HAHA! YOU WEAK HUMAN!" Declares the Carpenter.
Fiona Fiona winces, looking a bit horrified as Sparrow gets slammed. A force breath and she steady, focuses and fires at the kneecap of the monster. It has to be the right choice, please be the right choice.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head and switches targets after she sees a bullet fly through the Carpenter's knee. She lines up on the taur, the woman taking a deep breath and then siting in on the creature's head... A few more deep breaths, and she exhails slowly... As she hits the bottom of her breath she sends a double-tap down range, both striking thre creature in the head and well detonating it, the .308 rounds blasting the creature's head into nothingness.... Kae smiles slightly to her self and looks back at the Carpenter now.
Sparrow Tweedle-dee's head explodes and his body flops and rolls along.. But unlike his 'twin' there is no sickening squishy boom accompanying it..
Stockton Stockton is pissed and apparently anger makes him a terrible shot, he claps off another round of fire at the asshole what's doing all the damage, only for those big fat bullets to do fuckall.
Sparrow Sparrow is trying to escape, she shoots at the Mutant and doesn't really do much to dissaude the massive lack wall of flesh swinging the yellow and steel brick on a stick at her with manic glee. "Don't worry about me, just shoot him!" She screams in the heat of the moment unloading a shot from the Mexican revolver into the mutant that takes a nice hunk out of his chest.
Iris Lark Iris watches Sparrow go flying and she swears under her breath, pulling her rifle up to catch the mutant in her sights. She squeezes off a shot and the bullet whistles through the air to slug him in the torso. The force of the shot nearly knocks Iris from her perch but she manages to hang on, barely.
Stockton Stockton gets inspired by Sparrow's insistance to shoot and so he brings up his gun to fire off the last round in the magazine, the slide locks open and he mutters another "Goddammit!" That WAS a lot of caps he just shot off into the desert for nothing.
Fiona Fiona charges forward in a rush to put herself between Sparrow and the Super Mutant to block him. The bullets sink into the beast's torso. "Brain!" She calls out again, hands going up tk shield herself.
Kaelyn Kae holds up her weapon and fires another pair of rounds at the big super mutant. She blinks at Fiona after she fires her next two rounds and stares a moment "Umm wrong priorities?" She says and tilts her head curiously... "We should prioritize survival then worry about tall dark and ugly's brains."
Iris Lark Iris raises her rifle again and then Fiona darts into range which confuses her for a moment. She collects herself and aims at anything but the head and sends off another shot, sending yet another bullet into Carpenter's torso. She swings down from the scaffolding and reloads her gauss.
Sparrow The beefy creature was already roaring stink filled breath in the face of Fiona as she'd moved in the way of his intended target. He bellows as more shots strike his torso and it turns into an oddly screached barrel chested scream. The battle scarred obsidian skinned Super Mutant is pulled down by the weight of his own weapon as he falls over, barely missing both Fiona and Sparrow as he thuds in a wash of dust after the Guass rifle finally hits the sweet spot.

It's quite for a few moments before civilian heads start peeking up from windows and around corners.
Fiona The swing never comes, Fiona expected to get the force of the sledge coming her way, but it never happened. The bullets sink into the mutant's chest and her eyes widen. "Nooo.." She spins on a heel, attention to Sparrow. "MEDIC!" She looks back at the mutant, a heavy sigh, yepp, dead. Then she moves to kneel by Sparrow, out of Iris' way. "Just hold still, she's coming."
Stockton Stockton exhales a breath he didn't know he was holding when the creature is down. His eyes are on Sparrow, Iris, checking them and grimacing at what he sees. "Dammit," he's done nothing but swear this whole time, why would now be different. Villager heads pop up and he chuffs, "You folks, lets get this cleaned up quickly. Faster we get cleaned up faster we get the wall up, better we can defend next time."
Iris Lark Iris slings her rifle back over her shoulder as she moves towards Sparrow, a frown on her face. "I swear, you are a mutant magnet." She grumbles, kneeling near her and opening her medical kit. "So before I start poking, anything feel absolutely wrong in there?" She asks, setting things down on the ground that she's planning on using.
Sparrow Sparrow exhales a bit and nods with a pained expression to Fiona. One arm wrapped around her chest the other stuffing a revolver away. She stares at the mutant with a shudder and looks away before glancing towards Iris. "Probably not but I'm guessin' I'm in shock right now." She grunts out. She looks worse for the wear, honestly, but despite that, she's alive even if she's suffering pretty badly. "Thanks, ladies." She tells them since their close. Glancing after Stockton and healing something like a relieved sigh before reaching towards Iris. "Is he still alive?" She'd killed him, sadly, if barely. The mutant oozes or as people start to come out of their hiding places and mill around for a moment. The ones closest to Stockton take his advice and move to try to start getting ready. Most are unwilling to approach the big black super mutants body or the goo that drips down and eats at the wood of the walls from the exploded Derp.

The Mayor and Finch peek out from where they'd been hiding on the scaffolding. "Thank goodness you were all here." He declares loudly with a small roused agreement from the milling Gohauqians.
Fiona Fiona says nothing about the mutant, she just stays close while Iris treats Sparrow. There is a real concern for the injured woman, maybe even a guilty look on Fiona's features: mission first sucks. She backs up once Iris has it under control quietly waiting to see if she is needed.
Sparrow It's soon enough that people will start to get back to work. A couple of people move to help Iris get Sparrow to the treatment tent. For the rest of the evening the Gohauqians will make sure that the group working on their walls are fed and when they've completed the dogs day of work? Beers and their world famous New Meico Oysters with the special sauce! Hopefully folks have some Iron Stomachs.