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Camilla     A cold and rainy el dorado morning, not something you expect to see in the southeren reaches of new mexico, but such is life in the area. For those seeking aid, or shelter, the local shanty town clinic, the only full brick building in the area, is open and accepting. The current lead of the Clinic, Camilla, is in and seeing to a few patients.

    "Yes Miss Hayes, yes, just go home and get some rest. The pain killers should kick in soon. No, no there's no chance of infection. Yes, you're welcome to.." says the obvious doc camilla, her soft voice and ever present smile and warmth seeming to radiate an air of comfort and compassion and kindness.

    camilla turns about to look at someone else, "You'll be fine mister Jones, just a bruise. Next?"
Rexus Rexus hobbles in. Wearing his wastelander outfit and leaning on a cane, he looks a little worse for wear. He waits patiently in line, letting a woman and her little one go ahead of him while he waits. The burly man hunkers under one of the awnings, out of the rain a little while the line shuffles along. It isn't long before he is ready to be triaged, smiling down at Camilla, "Just the leg.. I think..." he murmurs, trying not to make too much of a fuss about the puncture wound.
Camilla     Camilla is tall for a woman, just two inches shorter than the larger man standing next to her. Though, her entire atitude and body language put off someone who is very shy and reserved, despite being a doctor. She gives the man a quick look over with a pair of Icy Blue eyes and gives him a warm smile. "Room One please, I'll need you up on an exam bed so I can take a look at that.." and she points to said puncture wound.
Rexus Rexus just nods, evidently resigned to some poking and prodding. "Yes Ma'am." he says, not gruff or anything grumpy of course. He hobbles his way towards exam room one, trying to put as little weight as he can on his right leg, using his cane for support as he hobbles along and sits on the edge of the table, hoisting himself up a bit so he's sitting properly on the exam bed.
Camilla     Camilla enters in the room and closes up behind them as they enter. "Camilla" she says softly as she leans down and starts to roll up that pants leg to take a look at the wound. "So, what happened?" she asks.
Rexus Rexus rolls up his pant leg a bit. The puncture wounds.. plural, seem to be dotted along his lower leg, from about the knee on down. "Got on the business end of some rad scorpions.. the pincer bit and not the pokey poisony bit... he was kinda low to the ground so he could only snap at my leg.. got a few licks in before I could get him.. there were two or three as I recall." he says, giving a wee shrug, "Nothing fancy."
Camilla     "Well, had you got hit with the poisony bit, you might not have made here alive" replies Cami plainly. "Ok, so, multiple wounds, thought there was only one. Hmm, a moment please.." she says as she stands up and turn about to gather up some medical supplies. As she does, there are very obvious scars that show on what parts of her back are bare as she's wearing something that is akin to a tank top.

    After just a few moments she turns back around slowly with supplies in hand and goes about seeing to those wounds. Clean the wound. Antiseptic 'it for infenction prevention. Fresh bandages. Et all.
Rexus Rexus doesn't say anything too too pressing about the scars. Probably has a few himself somewhere, "Tough town this one..." he says, glancing around, "Been here long?" he asks, making small-talk as the wound is cleaned and dabbed. "Just walked in a few days ago myself.. from the east." he says, keeping an eye on that wound, "How long you figure till I can go back out again? Thought I might lend a hand at that wall I see goin up."
Camilla     Cami stands up slowly and showcases a few more scars on her face, though they've faded. One along her right eye from top to bottom, one on her lower lip, and one on her right cheek. "It is, but no. I've only been here a few months. I, owe these people. A lot.." she adds softly.

    "Oh, you're entirely in good shape..." she adds in reply. "Just keep that bandage on, and keep it covered up with your clothing. You should be good to go to get out there and help with the wall. If you need anything else from me though, I live here and I'm here daily. So, just come on in and I'll replace the bandages and check the wounds."
Rexus Rexus carefully rolls down his pantleg, being sure not to shift the bandages too too much. That done, he eases himself up to stand, a bit easier than before for certain. "Ah thanks." he says, bowing his head politely, "Oh.. Rexus.. by the way." he says, adding a little bit of a bow at the waist, "At yer service iffin you need anything." he adds. "I'll be sure to come back if I step on a nail or get bashed in the head with a shovel."
Camilla     "Pleasure to meet you Rexus" she replies plainly holding a hand out with a smile on her soft face. "Yes, well, just be carefull ok?" she asks. "Oh, as a note, that's twenty caps.." she adds, softly.
Rexus Rexus gives the offered hand a gentle but firmly-gripped shake in return. "Ahhh, right right..." he says, other hand reaching into a pocket for the caps, handing them over. "First time.. hopefully I won't be coming back too too often but you never know, hear some weird stories out there about what goes on round here."
Camilla     Camilla takes the caps and pockets them with a smile. "I hope you don't have to come back to often either" she adds, and she's telling the truth. "There's a lot of things going on around here, a lot of things. Including the super mutant horde to the south."

    Cami sighs and then smiles at Rexus again, "You just, keep yourself safe ok? If you need me, you come on back."
Rexus Rexus gives a nod, "Ah, mutants, nothing I haven't seen before." he says, chuckling. "Best place to hang around for gossip an chit chat'd be that saloon? Really only spoken to a few folk here and I keep getting directed there." he says as he fetches his cane, still leaning on it a bit, better safe than sorry for the first few days.
Camilla     Camilla nods, "Yeah, the saloon is very much a place to go and chat and eat and the like. Though, I wont direct you that way if you're looking for someone else to talk to. I don't just help people with physical injuries.." she adds smiling warmly. "Though, if you're worried, no, I don't charge to sit and talk."
Rexus Rexus takes a moment with that one, pondering it for a long while. "Oh I don't think you'd want to go poking around in my head, you may never get out again." he muses, "I help people too.. in my own way... leaves you with burdens though, those you couldn't save." he says, pausing at the door, half the brain screaming to run away, the other softly whispering to stay a second more.
Camilla     "Uh huh.." she replies plainly before pointing at one of her scars. "Do you want to know how I got these?" she asks of Rexus. "Because I'll tell you, and it might be better to learn that assumptions are always innacurate."
Rexus Rexus gives a light little tap of his cane. "Assumptions are a dangerous thing. I've always kept an open mind, probably why I lived so long." he smiles. "I've got scars too." he lifts his cane, lightly tapping his forehead, "Just can't see them."
Camilla     "They are.." she replies smiling back at him. "Yes, well, mine were all given to me.." she pauses a moment, "by the people that owned me.." she adds before turning back around to start cleaning up the room. "Anyway, if you want someone to talk to Rexus, I'll be here."
Rexus Rexus nods as he sets his cane down. "Mmm. Maybe in a little less of a formal setting sometime, I'm sure you have patients waiting." he says, suddenly realizing he's taking up her time! "I'll let you get back to your important works."
Camilla     Camilla nods and slowly turns about forming a smile on her lips. "Another time. Be safe and well and come back if you need anything." With that said, she's out the room and off to seeing other patients.