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Qwillis     The sound of hammering is probably the easiest thing to hear from the Lab. Specifically, a hammer beating on something metal. What's going on? Well, it's fairly simple. Qwillis is in there beating on a metal plate, trying to shape it for his leg. However, he's not a blacksmith, so it's not exactly going.. smoothly.
Camilla     "What in the hells are you doing?" spouts out a very familiar voice. Camilla is standing the doorway to that lab, dressed in something akin to a light full length dress slash gown thing, though it's just normal cloth and brown and nothing special to look at, it still accencuates her figure. She looks, exausted, as well and no doubt annoyed to be awoken from more hammering-ness.
Lucky The adventures of Lucky continues ... Today!

there is always a reason for the young ranger to be out for a stroll from new hometown of Acme to township of El Dorado; typically its his friends or looking for the unfortunate adventures that he mysteriously finds himself entangled in (like, for instance exorcising a demon from a gun; yes, that was a thing; no he was not injured; yes the other party lived).

Though today it was on much better circumstances, he was simply heading to El Dorado for medical attention. Patrols, Walls and adventures in the wasteland always have the air of danger and Lucky had succumb to some injuries. Nothing too bad, just cuts and scrapes!

Entering the clinic, he is instantly attracted to the noise of banging; specifically that of a hammer to metal. That was an odd choice of commotion to be heard in a clinic and for a brief moment he thought Camilla might have finally lost it on a poor patron in need of medical attention.. and of course he'd be next.

Alas, when he hears her voice yelling at someone in the labs, the kid heads on over that direction. "Er, hey Camilla.. what the hell is all that banging?"
Qwillis     Qwillis hammers that plate a few more times, before pausing, realizing someone was yelling at him? He'd look over to see Camilla, looking just woken up.. and kinda peeved. "Ahh.. I'm sorry Camilla. I'm trying to get this shin plate made.. but it's being.. stubborn." Q would slam the hammer one last time on the plate, sigh and toss it onto the table next to it. "Oh.. hi Lucky. Did I wake you up too? You look kind of messed up.."
Camilla     Camilla is about to remind Qwillis that she lives here, just a few rooms over when Lucky enters and Q brings the whole, /you look like hell/ thing to her attention. Camilla spins about and gives lucky a look over and just blinks, before turning to Qwillis. "Get me a chair please.." she asks of him before turning back, slowly, to Lucky. A finger comes out and she points to the floor, "You Stay. I'm going to get my supplies, and when Q finds you a chair, you better be in it when I get back."

    Holy hell, when did shy, meek, runaway little slave girl Cami get a backbone and a 'tude? Who knows? Regardless, she doesn't wait for any replies and is soon slipping out of the lab to gather her medical bag and the like.
Lucky Lucky blinks, once then twice. His blue orbs follow the finger to the ground, hearing 'stay' and blinks once again. He does not make a motion to waver from the spot he was told to stay at.

As Camilla bounds of for supplies, his eyes follow here for a moment; and once out of ear shot range, he looks back to Qwill. "Er, excuse me Qwill but I think I must've knocked my noggin pretty hard in the wasteland or I was transported to an alternate El Dorado... But that was Camilla... right?" He inquires, seriousness and confusion mixed in the voice as he looks back out the door. Sure looked like Camilla, but it sure as hell sounded like good old Iris giving orders.
Qwillis     Q would stare after Cami after she goes. Breaking from the shock only after Lucky talks. "Hmm.. if you are, then it's a joint hallucination. I suspect we better comply. I'd rather not find out what happens if we don't!" He'd look around and get one of the chairs from his lab tables, settling it near the table, but should give Cami easy access to Lucky. "Come sit. Quick, before she comes back!"
Camilla     Camilla returns, at about that point and to say that her icy blues are giving Q an ice cold stare is an understatement. "I heard that.." she spurts back before dropping her pack on the floor and tending to Lucky. First things first, "Shirt off, I need to be able to check your right arm, the way you're moving it tells me you've got something going on there. If you have any other wounds, please show me where they are."
Lucky Giving a teasing smirk to Qwill when Camilla's back is turned, Lucky's face sobers up to a placid look as Camilla turns to address him; hands going to his side and butt on the chair.

"Look doc, I usually ask for a date before I strip..." Lucky begins to say before shutting his mouth and simply nods. Something about her told his inner voice to just shut up. The Inner Voice, or more commonly known as the Conscious, informs the person when they are about to do something stupid, reckless, idiotic or outright dumb. Normally the inner voice only goes off when Iris was around; however in this particular case, it was screaming for him to simply shut up and not badger, mock or tease the scary lady.

With the words trailing off, the shirt comes up to reveal a very old wound that has scarred and healed weirdly. Another knife cut could be seen along his waist line on the right side. A few nicks and cuts on his face and hands are seen as well.
Qwillis     Q holds up metal and non-metal hands in a sign of surrender with a smile to Camilla. She may or may not notice that hand seems to have gotten an upgrade. It looks more solid.. and has 3 fingers, instead of just 2 with that thumb. Q flashes a smirk at Lucky and would move over to the main table of the lab, leaning against it as he'd watch Camilla work on Lucky curiously.
Camilla     As Cami steps in closer to Lucky, he might be able to get his first real glimpse of the faded scars on her face, and with the strapy dress showing her shoulders and arms and upper back, some of the other visible scars that dot her body. Something that Q might now get a better look at as well.

    Lucky gets the second in a series of deadpan stares that only lingers a little before she's working on that arm first, then the rest of all of the cuts, scrapes, and bruises. Without a word, she does a doctors work.

    Examine. Clear. Clean. Pain killers and salves and the like next, sutures if needed, clean bandages after.

    "Oh? That so?" asks Cami at first as she looks up midway during her working on his wounds. "I would know about that myself. I was never asked my permission before I stripped." That dead pan stare is followed by a very serious look from Cami who looks back down to the main wound and finishes it up. "Alright, bed rest, come and see me again in two days so I can check the scaring and make sure there's zero signs of infection." She stands up and looks at Q next, "Arm got an upgrade? Neat.." she adds before packing up her supplies, turning on heel and sliding out of the lab once more. As she does, there's a passing remark, "I'll be back in a moment."
Lucky Something within Lucky changes as she says those words and leans in close to him; as if for the first time he is really taking in the young woman before him in a new light or frame.

His eyes take in her face, almost staring at the three scars; they trail down to her shoulder as he sees the tip of a long scar that could only come from a whip.

He is suddenly taken aback. The cool, calm funny kid entire body cringes; his fist balls. "Who the fuck did this to you." Comes words that are spoken by him, but does not sound like him. Anger, bitterness and hatred; feelings that do not come normally to the ranger.

His hand gently touches her upper arm, his eyes looking in hers. His face softens, his eyes look sympathetically to Camilla before looking. "I'm sorry for what I said." He whispers apologetically, a wave of guilt for his words spoke only a moment ago. A brief pause, then adds "You look beautiful in that dress."

And then, Camilla departs the room to do something and he looks down, sighing.
Qwillis     Q would watch Cami and Lucky, frowning slghtly at the whip marks. He'd shake his head a little, seeing her back like that. It's just all the mroe vivid reminder of what she got away from. Shifting on his feet a little, he'd look at Lucky as he'd have that entire change and Q calls out after Cami. "I agree, you do look nice in it.." While she's out, Qwillis looks at Lucky. "I know.. she's an ex-slave. But.. I don't know more than that. I also know, Lucky.. that is part of why I work on science. Because I'm going to figure out the best way to demolish those people that would do such a thing.."
Lucky "I've heard of the Legion's slave trades within their own territories." Lucky finally replies after a few minutes of silence; fists clinching again. "In the Mojave, we heard about raids on the settlements close to the old Arizona borders.. Much of what is Arizona is Legion territories. Quite a few of our Desert Rangers were sent down there to quell attempts."

His eyes follow back to the door. "It's despicable what they do to them." He mutters.
Qwillis     Q frowns, nodding slowly. He'd move to one of the other tables, grabs the 'big book of science' there and flips a few pages. Nodding, he'd plant the book on the table near Lucky. "Friend or foe system. Robots can remove warrior types. End that sort of thing.. with the properly built robots.."
Lucky "It's.. not that easy Qwill." Lucky says quietly. "The Legion as a form of government - Political and laws - is bad. However, there are dozens of former settlements and tribes that are under an ironfist rule; culled of men who are forced to serve and woman who are forced to be labor. You can not just build robots and tell them to exterminate... its not right... Not ethical."
Camilla     Cami is only gone for some time before returning to the Lab, she takes a moment to take both of the men in and exhales deeply. No doubt the reason for her staying out so long, is the obviousness of the tears and red cheeks that she's trying to hide. Though, failing miserably, she still tries to maintain her composure. She stands a moment and listens to the conversation between the two men and lets out a second exhale. Without saying much of anything else, she moves to stand near the wall, leaning on it.

    "You can't stop an /ideal/" she responds to them both curtly. "The legion, is an ideal. An ideal that power, and strength are all that matters. That men are warriors and only the strongest are worthy of power and respect and that women are good for nothing but labor and breeding." Camilla pauses here, to slowly slide down to sit on the floor, crossing her legs up and making sure the bottom of her dress covers her legs up well. "As to who did this to me? The legion. If you really want to know more? I, suppose, I could tell you.."
Lucky Lucky once more winces as Camilla verbally reaffirms what the ranger was trying to drive home on Qwill. looking to her, he blinks as she seems to curl up on the floor.

instinctively, the kid is out of the chair and sits down next to her right side; his right leg propping up as his left leg stretches out before him. His eyes look to her quietly. "If only you wish to tell us Cami." He says soothingly and gentle like; a small smile crosses his lips as he raises his left hand to rest on her shoulder.
Qwillis     Q frowns in response. "No? But it's completely ethical for them to do just that? Friend or Foe. They are given a choice. Lay down arms, return to peaceful means, or be considered foe. Anyone who calls the robot an enemy? Then they die." He'd shake his head with a sigh. "Not like they care of ethics.. and yes. I know Ideas are the hardest thing to kill.. however.. it can be done. If done properly. Plenty of people in that system follow because they have no choice. Removing those who enforce it.. and give the people a choice? That's how you end that idea that power wins.."
Camilla     As Cami sits there, she looks at Lucky's hand on her and as quietly and softly as she can, she says, "Please don't touch me.." in what ammounts to the normal tone people may be used to wit her. Meek, and fearfull of everything. "I, sorry, I just, I don't mean to be rude when you're trying to help.." she adds with a long and very dejected sounding sigh. To Q she listens and frowns, "So what you're saying is that you're going to send a robot out that will give the people it encounters two choices?" She pauses here a moment, "Those being... Obey. Die."

    "Sounds to me like you're robot is no different from the legion. Not to mention, you prove that in fact, your entire argument is based on a fallacy. You, by sending in this emotionless walking weapon that will kill anyone who doesn't want to abide by your rules and ethics, are proving that YOU have the power, and that YOUR POWER WINS."
Lucky "You're not rude Cami." Lucky replies with a wane smile, his hand moving to his right knee. "Just cautious, fearful. I get it. Your ordeal, what you've been through... Nothing can measure up to it, nor can anyone understanding it; however, I am hear for ya. So, please don't feel dejected or sad because you've asked me not to do something."

For added measure, he elbow checks her lower arm in a tease, the smile warming up a bit as he looks at her.

"Honestly it sounds a whole lot of terminator-ish. I don't think you truly grasp the weight of the situation, Qwill. She is right, your argument is based on fallacy; based even on the lack of understanding or firsthand experience of what truly goes on beyond the borders." He shakes his head slightly.
Qwillis     Qwillis leans up against the table, frowning. "My robot would be designed for dealing with the legion. But.. should we ignore them then? Head in the dirt, lalala, they're not here.. so we do nothing? Good thing it's not us?" He'd shake his head slightly. "Look. I'm not denying it. It's a show of force. However, it's force tempered with Mercy. It's not blindly killing and enslaving, is it? But otherwise.. what? Do nothing? Know of a way to try and help people who have been captured. Who have been abused and do.. nothing? Is that what you're asking of me." Shaking his head, he'd roll his shoulders slightly. "It's not two choices. Nor am I asking them to obey. I'm offering them a chance to not have to follow the legion, who will kill them. Or if they decide that the legion is worth more than their life? Ending it so they don't abuse or enslave others."
Camilla     Camilla listens to Lucky at first, before listening to Q's response and it takes time for her, a long time in fact, to be able to attempt to gather her thoughts. She takes this time and then stands up and looks Q in the eyes. "What will your robot do when confronted with slaves that are forced to wield weapons?" she asks. "Forced to fight against the robot at the command of their masters?" she asks. "Will it be able to tell them apart from the legionaries that do it because they want to? Will it be able to tell that every member of the legion, even the ones in armor, are slaves that don't know any better? Will it be able to comfort all the women who have spent their adult lives being used as labor and sex slaves? Will it be able to do anything other than walk in to a camp and shoot the place up?" she snaps back.

    "I am not saying do nothing, because none of you here.." and she snaps her finger at both of them, "have ANY CLUE what it is like. NONE!" she snaps out again. "You don't use robots. You use people. People who can see the face of a scared slave girl with a weapon in her hand, forced to fight the robot because the man that's been using her and abusing her has forced her to do this because he thinks it's funny! The robot? Will kill her. Robots are not the answer!"
Lucky Lucky sighs, leaning his head back against the wall. Cami of course was right. "As I said Qwill, unless you know what is going on beyond that border, all you have are hypothetical guesses and second hand words spoken by traders and travelers." He notes, looking to him.
Carter Griffin Yeah these injuries have been nagging him for a while, but Carter has managed to not get them treated. Why? Because he's stubborn as hell. But he supposes now is as good a time as any. There was nobody out front, but with a knock on the door he enters the lab area, "Hope I'm not interrupting anything." He says, as he looks between the group, "I can come back later.." He jerks a thumb towards the door
Qwillis     Q folds his arms across his chest. "Yes. It can. That is what friend or foe means. It recognizes facial patterns. It reads people, Camilla. A scared woman who doesn't have training compared to a man with glee in his face and a steady hand? Everything you just said has a pattern that can be read. If it can be read? It can be used." Qwillis trails off as Carter shows up. Sighing softly, he'd shake his head, waving that flesh hand for Carter to come in. "No. Just a simple difference of opinion. It's a healthy conversation for science. If Camilla feels up to it, she can help you out if you're wounded?"
Camilla     "Forgive this one for her lack of understanding" replies Cami in a way that well, it might speak volumes to two of the three men present in the room. She turns around a moment to look Carter over and then slowly steps towards him. "What's wrong Carter?" she asks plainly and curtly. Seems she's chosen to ender the previous conversation for the moment.
Carter Griffin "Oh just...Lingering damage from our trip down to Mexico." Carter replies, shifting his shoulder a bit, "I've been holding it off with alcohol and gutting my way through it but honestly, I had an encounter a few days ago and it nearly cost me...Figured I should probably get it treated finally.." He replies to Cami, as he lets her start to look over him.
Lucky Lucky just sits there, a frown on his face as he listens. He doesn't reply now, just listens.
Qwillis     Q frowns at Camilla, glaring at her back a moment. The book he had been using to show what he was talking about is slammed closed in both hands as Qwillis would return it to one of those tables. That other room's door checked, he'd do one last check of that needler then start for the entrance. Every other step of course, outlined with that metal click of fake leg and booted heel. "I'll see you guys later. I need to go for a walk."
Camilla     Camilla just exhales, at everyone and points to a chair for Carter to sit at. She's out the room again as Q leaves, and then back in to take another look at Carter. For anything that needs doing, she does it. Running through all the normal steps to make sure carter's all set.
Lucky Lucky is unusually and very uncharacteristically silent. He is simply watching the drama unfold to the point of Qwill leaving the room and Cami going about treating the NCR dude.