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Nikki Nikki and Aidan arrive by horse. Well, Nikki arrives on the horse that Aidan is leading. Once at the Saloon, she actually slides off the saddle and looks around to make sure Dink was able to keep up with them. There's a certain sight of relief when she sees the eyebot and then looks to Aidan before quickly ducking into the Saloon itself. "Horses are...weird... why do people ride them if they need to be led everywhere?" Nikki would ask, likely to no one or Aidan, depending on how quick he is to keep up. She needed grounding, and having been to the Saloon a couple times, this place was familiar. She soon runs to the bar and looks to the robot. "Robot! Give Nikki cola!" A flush. "Please."
Aidan Drake Aidan follows into the saloon and heads to the bar, "Whiskey please." Then he looks over at Nikki and shrugs, "When I'm riding I don't have to lead the horse. But since you don't know how to ride a horse yet it's safer and easier for me to lead him for you. I can go a lot faster for a lot longer on a horse than I could walking."
Nikki "Oh..." Nikki says this while watching the robot fix their drinks and serve them semi-promptly. "Oh, well, Nikki thinks that makes sense..." Saying this much before she takes a breath and then a drink of her cola. "Could...could you teach Nikki how to ride?" Asking that much more before she looks into her cola a moment.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances around the saloon a bit as he takes a sip of his whiskey and nods at Nikki's question, "I could teach you to ride a horse. If that's something you'd like to learn." He motions that he'll be right back before he heads over by the door to hang up his duster so it drips all over the floor there and not as much on the bar where he was before he returns to where he was at on the bar.
Nikki Nikki is still soaking wet, but she'd have to dry off as she's wearing her only clothing. "Oh could you? Nikki would love to learn! Then she could get to explorin' places faster!" A laugh as she takes another drink of her soda while also looking to the drink he had. "Wassat?"
Aidan Drake Aidan glances down at his whiskey and chuckles, "It's alcohol. Mind altering kinda drink And I could but I've only got the one horse for right now but I do plan on raising a small group of horses on the ranch when I've gotten it all set up." He takes another sip before he looks at her and hrms, "I'd suggest you don't try it but if you'd like to it burns like crazy the first few sips."
Nikki Nikki frowns a little. "Nikki will stick with her cola. Doctor said Nikki's got some loose wires in her brain, and then Nikki told him he was stupid cause humans aren't made outta wires." She says this and then shrugs. Robots. Electronics. Things like that, were a natural talent for her to work with. "But...Nikki's story is boring. Why are you fixing a broken ranch?"
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs, "It was my family's ranch. They were killed and I took off for a while but I'm back and I'd really like to get it running again. Some horses, some brahmain. Wouldn't mind a robot or two helpin out." He looks at Nikki and hrms a moment, "Prolly safest if you stuck with the cola though. Although I must say that everybody should experience getting drunk once. The morning after is usually a good reminder of the type of person you don't want to be."
Nikki When he mentions his family was killed, Nikki gives a little gasp. "Killed? That doesn't sound good. Nikki's sorry..." Saying that much while taking another sip of her soda. "Why would you wanna drink that stuff if it burns when you swallow it? Nikki's mind is already messed up anyway..." This and then she taps fingers on the bar top. Though, for the moment, she was out of things to say.
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs, "I didn't care for it at first but kept going back because it was the only thing to drink some places while I was traveling. Learned to enjoy the taste now I rather like it. Heard mixing it with cola is actually really good? What kinda food did you want?"
Nikki Nikki nods. "Oh...well. Nikki has's all she knows she likes. Except water sometimes, but not that goopy brown stuff. Sometimes Nikki found bottles of clear water!" Saying this much and then she takes a breath. "How well does it taste when mixed with cola? Will it burn as bad?" Asking and then she looks to the robot. "Can you give Nikki a..whist-key?"
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs a bit "I've never actually tried it mixed with a cola." He waits for the waiter bot to get over towards them at the bar, "Also some food for her as well." He looks over, "What would you like to eat? I plan on having a brahmain steak."
Nikki Nikki ooh's. "Yeah! Nikki wants steak. And potatoes! And..and..." She then looks herself over. "Nikki doesn't know what else..." Still, when there's that shot of whiskey near her, she pokes it and then lifts it to pour into her cola, stirring it around a little before she takes another sip. A bit of a face is made. "It...tastes funny...and..Nikki feels a little warm..."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "That's the whiskey." Then he looks at the bot, "Two steaks please, potato and I'll take another whiskey."
Nikki Nikki blinks, taking another drink of her soda. "'s good. Food sounds good too. Nikki wants food!" Saying it again, as if she'd never said it before, and she smirks. "How much does it take to feel anything else?"
Aidan Drake Aidan shrugs as he glances at her again, "You seem pretty small I'd say no more than two or three shots should have you really intoxicated. You could try a drink without a cola. And food's been ordered they have to cook it."
Nikki Nikki pokes at her drink some, looking it over. It was interesting, and she could promise she'd never felt this way before in her life. Another sip of her drink then and she shivers a little. "Mmn...Nikki likes how this feels, but...but you said it was mind alt..alt...uhm..." She sighs then. "What did you mean by that?"
Aidan Drake Aidan hmmms, "Well it usually relaxes me. Seems to be working on you as well. It'll lower your inhibitions as well make you willing to do things you normally wouldn't so watch out for that."
Nikki Indeed. Nikki was certainly becoming a bit more relaxed, and while she still had a few of her quirks, it seemed the alcohol did wonders. Never having drank before, and being a lithe girl, seemed to be working in her favor for once. Another drink, only this time she downs the rest of her cola and then smirks. "Nikki wants another one!" Laughing and bouncing in her seat a little. "What're...inhi...Inny-bit-ones?" Curious, she keeps learning things like this...maybe other things were possible.
Aidan Drake Aidan hmmms as he thinks on the best way to explain it, "Well do you like to dance?" He motions for the tender bot to bring another whiskey for Nikki along with his second one and as they arrive he passes her the glass, "See if you like it without the cola."
Nikki Nikki shakes her head. "Nikki's never danced. She's never really done anything..." Admitting that much before she looks to the other glass. "People made fun of Nikki cause they thought she was stupid or something...never had her do anything..." Reaching, she lifts that glass up and takes a sip only to set it down and...well there's a lot of coughing and gasping and a quite audible 'Ick' that comes from her. "Why does it taste so bad on it's own? How can you like this?" How could she? Except in her cola it tasted different. Extremely so.
Aidan Drake Aidan grins and shrugs, motioning for the tender bot to bring another cola over, "Took some time. It's easier if you just drink it really fast than to savor the flavor. But losing your inhabitions would be like if I asked you to stand over there and dance. Normally you wouldn't but with enough alcohol you'd be willing to dance because it'd seem like a fun time."
Nikki Nikki peers at the small glass in front of her, lifting it up with a scrunch of her nose given. "Dancing isn't fun tho... Nikki's never learned to dance, tho she's seen people dance, but it's usually two people together." Then, she takes a bit of his advice, and just drinks that glass of whiskey down. More coughing, and she takes a sort of wheezing breath. "So it wouldn't be fun on it's own and that hurt Nikki's chest." Giving a bit of a pout then.
Aidan Drake Aidan tosses back his glass of whiskey and gives an ahhh as he finishes it up, "That'll put some hair on your chest." He looks at her and frowns, "So you won't dance because you don't know how and you think you need two people to dance right?" He slides down from his seat tapping the glasses to ask for another round of shots before he offers out his hand "Lets dance then Miss Nikki."
Nikki Nikki blinks, watching him for a moment as he motions for another round and then slides out of his seat. That offer has her giving a flush - a bit more than the drink was doing - and she finally seems to slide from her own stool, looking to his hand like it was the most foreign object to get near her face. But, he did save her from a dumpster earlier, and so she finally places her hand in his. "Just... be careful with Nikki?"
Aidan Drake Aidan nods as he pulls her away from the bar momentarily and gently places his other hand in the small of her back well away from the no no zones and just sways with her in time with the music. "I won't hurt Miss Nikki I promise."
Nikki Nikki gives a little squeak as she's pulled close, and while most people's no no zones are a bit higher and lower, there's some apprehension at first when she feels that hand on the small of her back. Though, very shortly after, as they're swaying to the music, she forgets and shifts to rest her head on his chest and sways with him.
Aidan Drake Aidan continues to slowly sway to the music before he slowly spins her around and back to the bar, "See dancing never thought you'd do that did you? That's the inhabitions I was talking about." He motions back to the seat since the food and next round should be arriving soon.
Nikki Nikki blinks. "And it's ending so soon? Nikki was having fun..." And just getting used to it, but she had to admit, he was right. "There's a lot of things Nikki hasn't done. Nikki isn't like most people... but that's okay...some people like Nikki...and that's good for me.." Saying such before sitting on her stool once more.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "Yeah it's ending so soon. Food, maybe more drinks and possibly more dancing. And you're not like most people Miss Nikki but it doesn't mean that you should be shunned or treated poorly. You're doing great. Just think today you rode a horse, you've danced you had alcohol. Next thing we know you'll be outta that jumpsuit and wearing a dress." He pauses a bit, "I'm kidding about that last part unless you wanted to get changed I'm sure that there's somebody here your size you could borrow a dress from."
Nikki Nikki makes a face. "Dresses are for girls who think they're hot shit." Nikki says this and immediately seems to regret it. "Nikki is fine with no dress. Pants and shirts...and this suit...but no dress..." And it would likely take a bit more alcohol to get her to change her mind on this matter. Still. "Nikki has done a lot today! And it's mostly thanks to you!" So she shifts forward to actually give Aidan a hug. "Thank you." Looking back, wondering just where their food was.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods towards the tender bot as it delivers the food and drinks wrapping his arm around her to give her a hug, "You're doing great Miss Nikki. I think you'd look beautiful in a dress. Or in pants and shirts or the jump suit. You're a lovely young lady and don't you let anybody tell you otherwise."
Nikki Nikki glances back over as food arrives and she flushes more at his words. "N-Nikki...she's not pretty...or beautiful...she's..just Nikki?" Saying this before she moves back in order to sit back in her stool to look over the food. "You''re the say that about Nikki..."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "Just because nobody else has told you this doesn't mean it's not true. That was just them being mean because you're not like everybody else. The way they've treated you in the past it doesn't change who you are and the way you should be treated. You should be treated like a princess. Just like every young lady." He picks up his fork and knife and begins to work on eating his food motioning for her to at as well, "Eat, drink relax."
Nikki Like every young lady. She wasn't sure what to think about that, but she does begin to eat her food - and at the very least she has table manners. Though his words don't escape her, she just doesn't know how to respond to them and the alcohol is making her brain kinda fuzzy. "Nikki likes being told she's pretty...but...Nikki's not sure..." She pauses. "Would you want to treat Nikki like a princess?" Asking this, careful in doing so, and then she notices the next shot, reaching to down it in one go.
Aidan Drake Aidan blinks as Nikki talks about not being sure about being treated like she should be and just shakes his head, "I'm sorry you've been treated so poorly Miss Nikki. Nobody deserves to be treated like that so yes. It's why I call you Miss Nikki. I believe you're a human and should b etreated with respect."
Nikki Nikki says, "But...that's just being nice to people and...Nikki's not other people. She's not even sure she's truly people. Cause she's so weird..." That much spoken before Nikki seems to have to focus on breathing a little more than usual, and also has to sort of force herself to eat. "She...she doesn't want to scare you off.." Alcohol really does a number."