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Iris Lark Iris is cleaning like a dervish. The house is newly built and hasn't had a lot of time to accumulate a lot of dust and debris, but her front and back door are open and she's dusting, sweeping and even doing some scrubbing. She looks a bit different than normal, and for once she's dressed comfortably for the heat. Comfort food smells are wafting out from the kitchen and the little piglet that Iris has adopted trails after her as she moves from spot to spot in the room.
Qwillis     If a metal foot could stomp, that's probably exactly what is sounding from Qwillis. Every other step that heavy beat of boot and the metal foot it's hollow echo. He's stalking off from the lab and medical clinic.. and it's only when he catches the smell of food that breaks his focus with a low rumble in his stomach. "Huh? Hmm.." Looking over to Iris' place, he'd walk over to knock on the front open door. "Ahh.. Knock knock? Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris turns and spots Qwillis and she just stands there for a moment, gazing at him. After a silent moment she waves Qwillis in and smiles at him. "Come in, how are you doing?" She asks, keeping an eye on him. "You look a little..grouchy."
Qwillis     Qwillis hesitates, then sighs, watching Iris. He'd smile slightly and head inside. "Thanks.. and.. A little. Frustrated. I've tried to explain to Camilla and Lucky I can build a program that recognizes friend from foe.. and could be used to help stop the Legion.. free slaves. so on." Shaking his head, he'd wave a hand. "It's just.. what it is. How are you doing, Iris?"
Iris Lark Iris pushes her hair off of her face and she sets aside her broom, tying her dustrag to the handle. "I'm doing okay. You..oh..well..I hope you're hungry, I've been cooking all morning and's just been a horrid couple of days." She folds her arms across her chest and walks towards the dining room, her posture stiff. She gestures to her outfit and offers a slight frown as she gazes over her shoulder. "I'm not..dressed as I usually am, I apologize.. I wasn't expecting company."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles ruefully. "It was actually the smell of your cooking that drew me out of my annoyance.. I wasn't even paying attention to where I was going.." Looking at Iris, he'd simply shake his head. "Iris.. I.. you look fine. Please, don't worry about that, ok?" Once more metal click plays second to booted step as he'd follow Iris into the dining room. "Let's have a meal.. and maybe you can tell me about it?"
Iris Lark Iris blushes and smiles at Qwillis. "Okay, if you're not bothered then I'm not bothered." She leads him into the kitchen and starts to spoon out food to Qwillis and a bowl for herself. Beef stew, made from real beef and lamb with veggies. She carries the bowl to the table and takes a seat. "Tell you about..what is going on with.." She gestures to her temple and then the various bruises on her person.
Qwillis     Q chuckles quietly at Iris' comment. "Why would I be bothered by beauty?" It's asked off hand, easy enough to dismiss. He'd take the bowl with a smile, nodding his thanks and after pulling a seat out for Iris, to let her sit at the table, he'd sit with her. Nodding, he'd motion for her to go ahead. "Please.. I'd like to know about all of it, if you'll tell me."
Iris Lark Iris takes the seat that is pulled out for her, crossing her legs before a bright smile appears on her face. "You're far too sweet, Qwillis." She says, her shoulders rising in a self depreciating way. "Not used to wearing sleeveless garb, that's all." She leans in and takes a spoonfull of stew, dunking her breath in the broth and chewing before she speaks up again. "Well I found out the other day that the horde that was heading for South America has turned to come towards us." She lets out a sigh and shakes her head. "If that wasn't enough, just last night as I was out getting some stuff done. I found out that the NCR is coming to take over New Mexico!" She frowns and takes another spoonfull of stew. "I hope that last bit is a joke though."
Qwillis     Q smiles warmly at Iris, shaking his head slowly. "Just telling the truth, Iris.. always the truth." He'd eat some of the stew himself, enjoying it along with the bread. He'd pause at the information given and frown at the stew a moment. Finally, a small nod is given. "Then.. I know what I have to do at least. I was studying the chemical makeup of some mutants to try and determine an anti-mutant compound. If they're coming? Then I'm going to need to step it up.. so we can use it to fight them."
Iris Lark "Sparrow is working on a cure of sorts, so are the other scientists." Iris remarks, taking another spoonfull of stew. "It will be good to have two different options." She sits back against the chair and she sighs softly. "I suppose I have to tell the Sheriff about the NCR as well, and hope that it's not true. We've got enough problems." She gazes at her food and then she softly speaks up again. "I don't see myself as ..beautiful, but it's sweet that you think so, and would say so. I appreciate you."
Qwillis     Q muses, then nods in response. "I should compare notes then.. I've been studying a lot of late.. I'm actually to the point I've started holding classes for Eden, to teach her more about science.." Hesitating, he'd sigh softly. "That may just be a rumor started to see how much response it gets. I would tell them.." Q pauses in eating at Iris' last remark, watching her a moment. He'd reach over with that flesh hand to try and lightly touch Iris' own hand. Smiling softly, he gives a small shake of his head. "Hey. I've thought you beautiful from the start, Iris. Before I really knew you. Intelligent, poised, graceful. I could easily go on and on. I just don't. But that doesn't mean it's there.. I know you have your past that haunts you.. We all have a past Iris.. Now is now.. and you are beautiful now, hmm?"
Iris Lark Iris turns her hand to take hold of Qwillis's hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. "You're a good friend, and you might need me to check your eyes." She says, laughing softly as she gets to her feet to take her bowl to the sink to wash. "I'll get a copy of their notes next time I'm there so that you can read over them." She wrinkles her nose and makes a soft disgruntled noise. "If the NCR thing isn't a rumor, the NCR that have been here will find themselves being treated differently - and probably not in a good way." When she turns back to come sit at the table again, her blush is nearly banished from her cheeks.
Qwillis     Q chuckles softly, shaking his head a little and finishes up his own food so it could be washed. He'd contemplate the metal hand a moment, then shakes his head slightly. "The copy of notes will be good. I have a few hypothosis that I'm trying to track down." Watching Iris then, he'd sighs oftly. "Individuals are not to blame for the whole. Someone somewhere made a choice. Those who follow.. don't have that much choice anymore. Either follow, or get punished for not complying."
Iris Lark "Well I'm sure you realize that people don't always .." Iris trails off and she exhales as she offers Qwillis a smile. "I'm just going to hope that someone out there is mistaken. Someone is saying things they don't understand. I think and hope that every day." She leans her elbow against the table and props her chin on her palm. "So you think I'm pretty , despite my scars? You know...someone told me once that each one tells a story. I wish I had one that didn't suck quick so much."
Qwillis     Q nods his agreement, then chuckles quietly, holding up that metal hand and wiggling the 3 fingers at her. "Scars are stories. Scars are history. Scars are a way to show that yes.. we earned our life to this point. That we paid in blood, tears, pain.. Why would I be shy of scars, Iris? I, the cripple?" Shaking his head, Q simply smiles at Iris then. "I think you are beautiful. Given a chance.. I'd be happy to learn every story of all your scars.."
Iris Lark "You're *not* a cripple, Qwillis." Iris says, a frowns on her face as she gazes at the man sitting across from her. "I guess you're right though, they are a story, and maybe one day soon I'll be able to tell you some of them." She winces at the thought, gazing away at the window for a moment. "You are still far too sweet, and I doubt you even realize it."
Qwillis     Q smirks at Iris. "Now it's your turn to be sweet.. Iris, it takes one good magnet and I lose half of my mobility. I lose half of my ability to interact with the world.. I'm keenly aware.. I am cripple. I simply refuse to let it define me." He'd give her hand a small squeeze. "I just tell the truth as I see it. That's all I can do Iris.. I can either give up on things.. or.. I can face it, good and bad.. and work through it. Because of that, I was able to tell you my feelings. Just as I can tell you, when you're ready, I'll be happy to learn your scars and their stories."
Iris Lark "It might be a while before I'm ready. I didn't face mine well, like I told you before I gave up." Iris flushes and she gazes at her hands, embarassed. "So tell me what happened today that brought you here, in a bit more detail, you told me the basics." She tilts her head and purses her lips slightly. "Is Camilla doing okay at the Clinic?"
Qwillis     "Sometimes.. it's easier to face the past with someone to help you with it." Q smiles, then gives a small shrug, glancing back at the door. "Camilla is doing well. She's tending people and is keeping that going without problem. We were discussing the legion.. as well.. Lucky came in a bit banged up and Camilla had on an outfit that showed her whip marks.." Qwillis frowns a moment, then shakes his head, looking back to Iris. "They use people in the legion.. abuse them. Break them... I.. yeah. I don't need to tell you this. you know." Shaking his head, he'd sigh softly. "I found a system for software. Friend or Foe. It's in one of the big books of science I got. It's a way to read body language. Voice, posture, face.. all of it. Determine, friend or foe. I was wanting to build a robot that would use this system.. and both Lucky and Camilla both were opposed. They think it's just a robot that'd go in and kill people. But.. I wouldn't do that. I wouldn't let my creation do that."
Iris Lark "Your heart is in the right place." Iris says, subtly pulling a throw from a chair and draping it over her bare shoulders as she blushes. "Life is precious, that much I can say, but I don't think you would take anyones life without a good reason. They don't know you quite as well, so they're probably a bit sensitive on that." She glances away with a sigh and adds. "Sometimes it is easier, but at the same time, some people can't face their past ..ever."
Qwillis     Q smiles faintly, giving a small nod in response. "It is precious. Even.. even with setting up the robot to kill.. it would be with mercy. Restrained. Focused on who it is that gets that final shot. If they can be shown that no.. they don't have to keep living like that. Then I'll do what I can to show that too. I would rather a peaceful area.. than.. the chaos it is now." Q looks down a moment, musing, then simply shrugs, looking back up at Iris. "Agreed. Sometimes people can't face their past. In that case? It may just.. make more sense to simply find someone to make a new past with?"
Iris Lark "A new past?" Iris says, and her eyes go slightly wide as she stares at Qwillis. "Tried that." She says quietly, as she finally looks away. "I'm sure you didn't know this, but now you will, Iris Lark wasn't my real name. I didn't have one until I came to El Dorado." She scoots back in the seat and pulls her feet up on the chair, her legs pressed against her chest. Her sleeveless shirt shows pink scars and she tugs her throw closer. "I get the robot ideal, and I hope you can come up with something that will keep us from having to pull the trigger ourselves."
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, then shakes his head with a small chuckle. He'd stand himself, quietly moving his chair over to sit next to Iris' own, so he could try to hug her, metal and flesh, in a simple embrace. "Not quite what I meant.. and I know Iris is what you came up with here.. You've told me so before. You had no name then.. and you created one. That's good. What I mean, Iris.. is you make a past.. memories.. share together with someone. Have someone with you, so you don't have to think of the old past.. when you have history with them. If.. that makes sense.." Q muses, then chuckles softly. "I'm sure I'll come up with something.. I always do.."
Iris Lark Iris accepts the hug and smiles at Qwillis, squeezing his arms around her. " could I expect someone to sacrifice for me in that way? To .." She gazes down at her knees and sighs. "See, I didn't ever figure to be in a relationship with someone because ..I'm not okay, you know, up here?" She taps her temple and sighs. "I don't want what other girls want. I can't have babies and I can't have a normal life. There is always a part of me that's going to wake up in the night and panic when someone is there. You understand all of that?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles gently to Iris and would withdraw only if she seemed to want him to. He nods slightly in response. "Yes. I do.. I know I put up a good front, Iris.. but I've seen plenty of abuse. Violence. People who have been broken.. who have given up.. because anything they would of kept to not give up was stripped from them.." He'd sigh quietly, shaking his head a little. "I accept people how they are, Iris. That's all that can be done. Anything else and.. how is it any different than where they came from?" He'd frown, then simply shrug. "I don't know if I can have babies or not.. Heck.. I didn't know if I could even react that way to women or not.. until I got to El Dorado.." Yeah.. so there might be a slight blush to him, but he'd ignore it. "Someone that really understands? Lets you have your own bed. Your own room. They understand letting you have your space. That when you're ready, you'll get close. When you need time.. you can take it. That's what a real relationship is. Adapting to one another.. not demanding fitting in a mold.."
Iris Lark The tension in her shoulders eases a bit as Iris allows a wan smile at Qwillis and his words. "You're one of a few that feel that way." She murmurs, and then she gently breaks away from the hug to get to her feet and pace a bit. "'re here, so I wanted to know if you were interested in staying for a little bit maybe? We can work on your leg soon, tomorrow possibly, if you would like. I have a spare room you can use." She gestures towards the hallway and shrugs. "It's going to be getting dark soon and I don't want you to have to walk all the way back to town." She shifts on her bare feet and for a moment she looks young and vulnerable. "I'd welcome the company, you might even be able to get to see Sparrow and talk about the ..cure she's helping to make."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances outside, then nods slightly, looking back to Iris with a small smile. "I would like that Iris. I'll try to not snore too loud.. or stay up too long on my pip-boy." He'd chuckle quietly with a small grin then. "I'm always happy to be company for you. So don't ever think otherwise. I do have most of the leg parts at the lab.. I was working on hammering a plate into a shin which woke Camilla up." He'd pause, musing. "Maybe that's why she was agitated.. well. Part of it, I'm sure.." Shaking his head, he'd look to Iris. "Either way.. Any time you need me Iris, I'm happy to be here for you."
Iris Lark Iris turns from the open back door to smile at Qwillis. "Well the same goes, I'm happy to help you in any way that I can." She shrugs a shoulder at the mention of the pip boy and chuckles quietly. "I'm a night owl most times, so you won't be waking or keeping me up. I don't sleep until I have no other option, most times it does keep the bad dreams away." She slips back into a seat and gets comfortable again. "I think Camilla is also just adapting, and it'll take time for her to reach a bit of an understanding with herself. She'll get there."
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a grin. "Yeah. She was adapting. She saw Lucky hurt and went into medic mode.. got him and I both moving.. Even stopped him from having smart alek responses to her. Kind of like you've done with him." He'd wink at her, then chuckle with a shake of his head. "I don't know if you've noticed.. but I rarely keep a schedule at the Lab. I work, until I sleep, then I sleep until I work again. It was your food reaching me that would remind me I was hungry.."
Iris Lark "You've got to take better care of yourself, Qwillis." Iris remarks, narrowing her eyes at the man sitting near her. She chuckles quietly and shakes her head. "I've been pretty alone lately so I'm losing my edge. I'll probably suck at yelling at people for a bit until I get back around people more." She folds her arms over her chest and gazes at the windows. "I might need a schedule again, I might open things up here so I can treat people a bit here and there."
Qwillis     Q smirks. "The pot telling the kettle?" He'd wink at Iris, chuckling with a small shake of his head. "I could go wander around until I get hurt again, keep you in practice? I picked up some working at the clinic, so I've just been tending my own boo-boos for now. But I can tell you.. if you open this up for others.. they'll stop using the clinic. You have the charisma.. Camilla.. is still learning."
Iris Lark "Charisma?" Iris says, laughing out loud and nearly bending double with mirth. "I don't have charisma Qwillis." She says, folding her arms around her torso as she gazes at him. "I won't open this up then, I want her to get experience and get comfortable there. Make connections." She tilts her head down and lets out a quiet sigh. "I've kind of isolated myself, and if we're being honest with one another, I've been enjoying the quiet more than I probably should."
Qwillis     Q muses, then simply shrugs. "Sounds like you're an introvert is all, Iris. You prefer your few, close friends.. and that's it.. And being a medic has you deal with a lot of people.. all the time. Usually in high stress situations. So it makes sense, hmm?" He'd smirk at her, shaking his head. "Like I said.. I've been reading.. I'm actually an introvert as well.. That's why I don't have an assistant in the lab normally.."
Iris Lark "Oh I know that I'm an introvert. There are three or four people who I am comfortable around, and that's it." Iris says, scooting down further in her seat. She looks comfortable, her long legs pressed against her chest. "You're one of them." She smile at Qwillis then and she shrugs slightly. "What would you do with an assistant in your lab?"
Qwillis     Q grins widely at Iris, then muses and simply shrugs. "Usually it'd be joint projects. Items that I need done or built, to help with the main project. I have 4 tables in there. 3 of them are secondary, then there's the main table. My leg was on the main table. But servos, pistons, the processors.. all of that side items? They all need to be done too. And if I had an assistant, they'd be helping me with that. Even if I had to teach them how."
Iris Lark "I see." Iris says, gazing briefly at her Pip before she grins at Qwillis. "That's a lot of tables. What are the projects you are working on right now?" She asks, smiling over at him.
Qwillis     Q chuckles with a smile at Iris. "It helps to be organized. Even if it looks like complete chaos in there.. I have my leg components on the main table. Then I have two tables dedicated to the mechanical and electronical parts for the leg. The third table I'm actually working on the chemical formula for making mutants de-mutant.. rapidly. I've had 35% success with that.."
Iris Lark "Well hopefully we can get the leg done soon." Iris remarks, nodding to Qwillis. "I can come to the lab soon and help you work if you think it might help?"
Qwillis     Q muses and nods in response. "I wouldn't mind your help. You at least understand when I tell you what's going on.. not get that glazed over blank look to your face.. or.. stubborn refusal to even learn." Shaking his head, Qwillis sighs softly. "I guess.. I miss that the most about you being there, Iris. Camilla.. She is a healer, through and through. But.. trying to talk tech around her and it's either a blank look or even.. dislike."
Iris Lark "I think that some of that is just dislike for men in general." Iris murmurs quietly, and she folds her hands in her lap as she studies Qwillis. "Do you think I made a mistake, are you still happy there? I can..try to talk to her if you want, I understand more than anyone else what she is going through." The tension shows in her shoulders again and she looks slightly unhappy.
Qwillis     Q shakes his head, waving his hand lightly. "No no. I've dealt with much worse, Iris. The medics that would come by to check up on me after the accident first happen? Repeatively tell me to give it up, I won't recover?" He'd frown, shaking his head slowly. "She's fine. I love my lab. So I am happy there.. Just, missing you. That's all." He'd wink Iris' way with a soft chuckle. "We'll work it out. I always figure out something Iris."
Iris Lark Her cheeks go red and she gazes down at her lap again for a moment. When Iris looks up again she grins at Qwillis. "I miss the Clinic as well, when I run out of things to clean here." She murmurs, giggling to herself a bit. "I think the thing that I miss most of all is being needed, but..I know that some people still do, just ..they can get what they need from someone else now."
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles gently at Iris with a small nod. "I can believe that. While it was hetic.. you were always saught out. Now that you're out of the spot light.. they aren't seeking you.. Although, I can say I still need you.." He'd pause, blink, then blush slightly, looking away. "I mean.. your help with the hand and arm was amazing.. I couldn't think of another I'd want help with my leg on.."
Iris Lark "Well, I'm more than happy to help. I want you to not be in pain." Iris reaches out to pat Qwillis' hand gently as a soft chuckle escapes from her lips. "We're both going to blush through this conversation, aren't we?" She gets to her feet and pours two cups of something fragrant and steaming before she comes back to the table and retakes her seat, handing Qwillis a cup. "I don't like spotlights, so this suits me more."
Qwillis     Q looks to Iris and smiles. He'd chuckle softly at her comment with a small shrug. "I.. well.. I've told you how I feel about you. I do try to not bring it up, persay, Iris.. I don't want to just constantly nag about it or anything. But.. I guess it slips now and then." He'd muse as she'd craft that cup, a smile and nod of thanks given before Q drinks some. "I'm not a fighter.. I'm not a person to lead. I'm more than happy to give someone else the information and let them handle it. Or use a robot.. Either way.. I'm the guy in the back. not the one up front."
Iris Lark "I know how you feel.." Iris murmurs, taking another slow sip of her tea. "I just..know that at some point you're going to realize I'm not really what you think I am and you won't feel that way anymore." She clutches the almost uncomfortably warm cup with both hands, her brow furrowed. "What will Brutus be doing after he's done in Shantytown?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smirks at Iris and shakes his head slightly. "Or you'll realize that I'm not changing my mind and give up in exasperation?" He'd wink at her, chuckling quietly as he'd take another small sip. "Hmm.. I have him programmed to build the extension around Shantytown, then reinforce the wall of El Dorado itself. After that? It'll return to storage location and settle into storage mode again."
Iris Lark Iris smirks at Qwillis and after a moment or two of eye contact she laughs. "When do I get exasperated? I get..grumpy sometimes, but I can keep my patience." She blinks and then gazes down at her cup. "We'll just not worry about it for now, yeah?" She takes a drink of her cup and then she frowns. "Any way we can try to get it to Acme?"
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles at Iris and simply gives a nod back in response. He'd muse, looking at his Pip-boy and punches up a few entries on it. "I don't know. It's systems had to be rebuilt. So I'm not sure how much charge or anything else it has available. I can try of course. But.. I can't promise anything."
Iris Lark "Trying is better than nothing." Iris says, setting down her cup and resting her chin on her palm. "You've done a lot of good, if we all live when the Horde and the NCR finally come to bear, then a lot of people will need to thank you and the people who helped you." She sighs softly. "I'm worried. More than I can say."
Qwillis     Q muses, then shrugs a little. "They won't. I did it to help. Not to seek fame or glory. If they live, I live. I can't do this alone.. I've found that out the hard way, hmm?" He'd chuckle quietly then and reaches out to touch Iris' arm with a small smile. "The world is constantly coming to an end Iris.. There's always more things to worry about. While having concern is important.. thinking on it all can cause a lock up in fear and dread.. It's better to focus on what can be done.. rather than worry about what can't be done."
Iris Lark "That's part of the problem. I can't do much, and I know that. I can carry blocks and I can tend to wounds, but ..that's about it." Iris says, letting out a soft sigh. "I wish the world would stop coming to an end, I would love to relax and stop looking over my shoulder so much."
Qwillis     Q shakes his head slightly. "That's just it Iris.. Tending the wounded, carrying blocks? It's all the work that people don't pay attention to that's important. Fighters fight.. and boast about it. While they sit in a room built by others. Eat food cooked by others and drink beer made by others. Also while getting patched up by a medic, hmm? It's important. Everyone relies on one another and that's what has to be seen."
Iris Lark She doesn't look convinced, but Iris smiles at Qwillis as she picks her cup up again. "As you say, you've been out there in the world more. This ..this is still kind of new to me. People who work together and ask for things instead of demanding them. People who are kind first." She ducks her head before she takes a sip of her cup. "For all that I try to blend in, I'm still not completely comfortable with all of this yet."
Qwillis     Musing, Qwillis nods slightly at Iris. He'd take another drink himself, then smile softly at Iris. "It's ok to be unsure, Iris.. trust is hard to earn, easy to break and even harder to restore if broken.. You've had yours broken by people.. So, I don't blame you in the slightest for being hesitant." He'd chuckle quietly then. "That's why I'll stay consistent. That way.. you can see that I am trustworthy.. and it's ok to relax a bit.."
Iris Lark "Well I trust you and will continue to do so until you give me a reason not to." Iris remarks, setting her empty cup down on the table. "I think I may go take a nap though, you're welcome to stay as long as you would like." She glances around and chuckles softly. "The workroom is set up with a small mechanical type ..lab, I suppose. You can bang around in there if you like."