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Manuelito Tinnie was coming together now.

The Militia had established a firm base inside Tinnie Silver Dollar, now known as Tinnie outpost, and around it. A makeshift wall has gone up behind the building with four large barracks. Inside the building was converted with its own armory and offices to handle patrols up to Lincoln and back to Roswell.

Within town, work has begun in tearing down buildings and construction of new, stronger buildings to handle new residents coming in. For the most part the Ferals were eradicated within the towns borders; save for the minor few that were found during the clearing of the collapsed and unstable buildings.

Down road 368 the Militia could also be found with tents around the Fallout entrance. The area around it cordoned off by make shift fence lines and Militia officers.

Militia personnel were known to help with patrols in town and protect the builders; citizens were coming from all around El Dorado to bring the town together.
Iris Lark Iris walks along with the militia, gun slung over her shoulder. She scuffs her feet along the ground and furrows her brow as she waits to see what else needs to be done. She kneels down and gazes around, making sure that no other glowing ones are around hiding.
Vera Vera walks through the town, stopping to watch a building being a town this small, thats like a big thing. "I guess they'll have to change there directions to, when the house use to be."
Fiona Walking and eating, Fiona has an unusually bright smile on her face as she joins the group. "Howdy." She comments and steps a little nearer to Iris, "How is Sparrow recovering?" Mood and voice dropping a bit with the question.
Iris Lark "Sparrow is doing okay, she's at home resting." Iris says, nodding at Fiona with a smile. "Otherwise she would likely be here." She pushes her gun out of the way and continues to walk. "We should be getting together again soon to talk about mutants." She wrinkles her nose and gives Fiona a look. "I might have something else to tell you."
Kaelyn Kae is sitting around the camp area, the gilr now checking out her normal assault rifle curiously... She yawns as she sets about putting the thing back together, the girl having had it stripped down on a cloth. As she puts the thing completely back together she checks the action, then starts putting away her little cleaning kit... Meanwhile CORA admonishes "See ya wouldn't have to do it out here if ya did all that back at town.." Kae sighs and shrugs "HAvn't been back to town in a while CORA.." CORA then adds "All the more reason go to back to town!"
Vera Vera moves over to the house after it falls, and pulls something from benath the siding.."Ah...a news paper...lets see...Weather..cloudy with a chance of meatballs...oh, wait..thats a movie review...odd things these people watched." As she walks away from the house still reading the paper.
Fiona Fiona nods as she walks along towards the bunker entrance, "I will have something to tell you as well." A brow wag and she gives a nod to Kae, "Hi Vera, why don't you lead us down?" She asks of the fellow militia person.
Manuelito Old Bill walks over to the group, eyes spying each one of them. His hand runs through the long mane like beard as he gruffs out "What the hell ya people doing? There be work today. Houses to build, Ferals to kill." He states with a puff of his small chest. "Come now, no time for dawdling. Lets go, lets go!" He states, shooing the people away. At the mention of Vera leading them, he states "Why not you Fiona? But whatever go!" A pause "I hear they have a building to salvage down by the post office or something." He tells them, heading into the outpost.
Iris Lark Iris rolls her eyes as Bill starts to fuss. She moves in the direction he has indicated, shrugging her gauss off of her shoulder. "We'll talk later then, I suppose." She says, offering Fiona a smile.
Vera Vera hmms, as mister bossy starts being..well bossy again. "We need to put a bell on him, hes always sneaking up on us out of no where." As she folds up the paper, sticking it in her backpack. "I guess we could go look at this building.." as she starts to walk in the direction indicated.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks to Old bill curiously... She then rubs at the base of her neck, then shrugs and heads to Iris "Heey, think I could get a lil more first aid going on? Got a few other nasty bumps and bruises my last patrol." she asks and smiles cheerfully to the other...
Fiona Fiona gives Iris a little space in case she needs to treat Kaelyn "Training." Fiona replies, then nodding at her lead. She pulls out a shotgun, a big shotgun, for close encounters.
Manuelito On the opposite of road 368 was an old abandon church. Most of the building was caving in and proved to be too unstable to be allowed to stand. Builders and workers were in the middle of tearing it down; salvaging what they could as they went. Trinkets that had brass could be melted down; even those of silver could be forged into bullets. Wood could be used for buildings in Shanty-town or the other outlying places; even for fire.
Iris Lark "I don't have any supplies with me at the moment." Iris replies, shaking her head slowly at Kaelyn. "Maybe in a bit I can gather some from the militia medics." She purses her lips and glances around. "So where are we heading now? Hopefully somewhere with some high ground." She gazes at the church and wrinkles her nose. "Hrm."
Vera Vera says, "Well, now this place is a dump...good thing they are tearing it down. Well, most of the building around here are kind of shaky...I wonder what this one was suppose to me..."
Fiona Fiona looks the rubble over, kneeling to check the ground briefly. "After two hundred years.." Fiona says, straightening up from her bend.
Manuelito Most of the front half was being torn down; the back half would eventually follow. However, currently people were inside the back half doing the salvaging. It was hard work and people were fast at it.
Iris Lark Iris jerks her chin towards the church. "Should we help with the scavving here?" She asks, dusting her hands off as she starts to move forward.
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly "Oookaaaay..." She says and shrugs slowly... She looks at the church now too and starts to walk toward it curiously "May as well, bet there's lotsa materials here to make a wall with..."
Fiona Fiona glances over towards Vera, then steps forward a big. She steps on up to the building. "Hey," She offers to the pickers. "Seen a basement entrance of hatch around here? An old sign, black circle with yellow cut-outs maybe?"
Manuelito The lead picket glances to Fiona and shakes his head. "No, no sign of that nature; though there is an old basement. Just got to be careful; the ceiling is unstable. We've really have not cleared that area." he points to a set of angled doors that lead down below. "If you guys want, you can start there."
Vera Vera says, "Might be a root cellar, or just a down stairs door...make it easier to get to the hall? I hear these sorta place would have large open areas underneath for parties and the like.""
Iris Lark Iris moves to the doors and opens it, skipping down the stairs. "There is light down here, right?" She asks, glancing over her shoulder briefly. She boots up her Pip and shines it ahead of her as she walks down.
Manuelito It was an old, dank and musty hallway that headed forward. On either side of the hall were a total of four doors with numbers above them. Faded rainbows and kid drawings of children on the walls can be seen. Pictures that have survived the last few hundred years, all faded and yellowing, show of the kids that use to fill the classrooms. It would appear that this section of the basement held the youth rooms at some point in the past.
Kaelyn Kae glances around curiously and tilts her head. She then draws her colt and sighs... "Soo what's the plan? Just clear stuff out?" she asks and turns on her helmet lights and her pip plights as well...
Fiona Fiona nods to the man, "Thanks." then she heads downwards. A small flashlight is flipped on, she scans ahead, resting the shotgun on her shoulder as she walks. "Good would be securing the area, better would be finding access to the fallout shelter we found a sealed entrance to is a different area."
Vera Vera says, "Hmm, you know..I heard the story once..of a Miss Dig....she would come to your property, and be able to tell what was under the earth..and even put out little flags to tell you where it was....I wonder if she is still around."
Fiona Fiona starts checking rooms as she moves forward. Something especially errie about exploring places associated with children before the war. "Stay close and call out if you see anything."
Vera Vera nods and moves over to one of the doors, " a glowing person coming at you, and your backup moving away...ok..." As she opens the door, and looks around inside.
Kaelyn Kae is currently moving along side Fiona hwere she can, or at her back when she can't, the girl using her lights and whatnot to keep the place illuminated while she looks around.. "Think we're gonna find more ferals here/"
Iris Lark Iris walks in behind the others and starts to dig through the items, looking for something valuable or something to help. She shakes her head slowly. "I hope we don't run into any more of them."
Fiona Fiona comes back from a room, stuffing a teddy bear in her pack, "Clear." She steps a further down the hallway. Again checking low for traps and signs of passage.
Iris Lark "I found some sort of book." Iris says, holding it out for Fiona to see. "Something about a girl named Daisy." She flips through it for a moment and shakes her head.
Kaelyn Kae ends up tripping and well falls into a closet? She blinks and stands up, looking around curiously and then tugs out empty chemical bottles.... "Well i found used up cleaning equipment!!" she calls out after she extricates her self from the closet... She then holds up a well worn mop "And a mop..."
Fiona Fiona gives a little laugh as she moves further down the hall. "I found a pre-War magazine on patrol a couple of days ago. Interesting pictures, apparently, before back in the day.. People were very flexible."
Manuelito A search of the rest of the basement reveals a larger lobby area with a staircase leading back up to the main floor and an open assembly hall; part of the ceiling had collapsed into this area, making it hard to enter. the staircase leading up was also blocked off by part of the wall having collapsed in.
Iris Lark Iris gazes around the basement and shines her pipboy trying to get a feel for any other open doors or places to explore. She frowns as she doesn't find anything and she folds her arms over her chest. "Kind of spooky down here."
Kaelyn CORA pipes in "Probably more ghouls down here...Hurry up! Get to finding them!!!" Kae blinks and taps her screen a few times making the little CORA Avatar shake... "Stop that....." She says and grins slightly. .. "Well at least there's no like real ghosts down here... Ya seen the phantoms that sometimes wander Dunwich? That's crazy stuff."
Fiona "Phantoms? Ghosts?" Fiona makes a quick final check of the area. "I guess we should head up, looks like the door will have to be opened the hard way."
Kaelyn Kae ummms and rubs at the nape of her neck... "Soo we'll need to basicaly cut our way inside those locked rooms in that bunker huh?" She asks curiously and tilts her head.... "That or find a way to pick the locks...
Fiona Fiona nods, "We'll have to get in some way, then have a way to close it off.. Just incase we need to use it to protect the fragile folks from mutants." Not a lot of detail on that, she is ready for air.
Iris Lark Iris gestures to Fiona to step aside with her. "Can I have a brief word with you before I go please?" She smiles briefly, looking rather unhappy as she rubs at her neck with one of her hands.
Fiona Fiona nods to Iris, "Of course." She moves to follow the woman once they have gotten out of the cellar. Hand reaching to her smokes and whiskey pocket on the duster.
Iris Lark "Well, I have something else for you to pass to the Marshal." Iris murmurs, dropping her voice slightly. "I talked to a merchant who says the NCR is setting up to take over New Mexico. Apparently they're on the move already." She rolls her eyes and lets out a sigh. "If this is true, we're going to be fighting on two fronts."
Fiona Fiona steps closer, tilting her head a little at the comment. Then she nods, and actually after a second grins. "Iris, are you sure that is bad news? Heck, that could be great news. The NCR expedition could be almost instantly pressed into the fight with the mutants. Fighting us and the mutants is almost circuler with what happened in New Vegas. If they arrive same time as ths hoarde.. They are re-enforcements. No choice.