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Owl     It's early morning, and Owl is already out here and working in the rain. The finishing touches are just being put on the Shantytown gate, although it will look a little silly if all there is is a free-standing gate without much in the way of walls on either side of it...the gate was what the people of Shantytown decided to work on first.
    There are big muddy puddles all over the place, and plenty of people have umbrellas or coats.

    Owl is wearing his jacket and picking through bits of scrap and rubble that have already fallen off of the recently constructed gate. His hair is soaking wet, and he's clenching his leather satchel close to his side.
Martin     Martin generally doesn't find himself in the rain. Let alone, early in the morning. In the rain. But sometime, its worthwhile, Sometime, it'll pay quite the dividends. And hes hoping that this meeting will pay a nice return for this trouble. He slogging through the rain. And during the best of time, the streets of shantytown, are kinda of shit. But in the rain, they're double shit. Though thankfully he does have an umbrella, and a cloak. So at least the rain isnt quite getting to him. He walks up to Owl, one of the newer faces to the theme park and capitcal to these parts.
Kaelyn So whatever time it was, and all, Kae can be seen wandering toward the gate from the South. Seems she's been out on patrol or something and currently the white-haired, crimson-eyed pointy-eared girl is talking to someone? She has her left arm up, elbow bent and is chatting at her forearm of all things, and her forearm appears to be chatting back.. "Look I dun wanna go bragging about what happened today..." Kae says and her arm replies "Removing a death claw is brag-worthy..." Kae then sighs "Yus, but it's buddies ran me off before I got a chance to do much about it, not brag-worthy." she responds and sighs before looking ahead.. She notices active folks and tilts her head curiously as she comes to a stop. The girl then shoulders her rifle and wanders on up to the place, her thumb hooked into her shoulder strap.
Owl     The gate, though more or less finished, lies open. The rain pelts off of the sheet metal sides and pours in rivers off channels and grooves made in the top.
    While Kaelyn is walking through the massive arches, Owl darts in front of her, under a spout of water, and leans down to lift up a piece of scrap, poking at some old, muddy box underneath it. He stands up, running the muddy thing over in his hands. Its at this point that he notices Martin approaching him. His hair dripping, he looks to the man and smiles crookedly. "Hey." He says, slipping the muddy box under one of his arms. "How can I help you?"
Martin     Martin smiles brightly to him, "Mister Owl is it?" Martin asks, "A Followers of the Apocalypse?" Asking, knowing the answer. He can most defiantly make use of someone with those talents and training. Hopefully this isnt someone who jud found a dead follower and took the garments. But Martin is betting this is the real deal. He extends out a hand to greet him.
Kaelyn Kae continues to get closer and closer, the girl then pauses as she's darted in front of, then blinks and tilts her head as she looks at the person with the muddy box, her crimson eyes studying him curiously. "Ummm, hi?" she says and then tilts her head "Dunno about helpin?" She then adds and then turns to peer at Martin curiously, she then motions to the eye he appears to be missin "What happened?"
Owl     Owl looks over at Martin and lifts his eyebrows up at the man. "Yes?" He asks him, before nodding. "That I am." He says, still clearly curious and maybe a bit wary about the man with the eye patch and the weapons' intentions. "The first in El Dorado, actually." He adds, clearing his throat slightly. He's wet and drippy and carrying a muddy box, so he's not looking his most skilled right now.
    Kaelyn gets a glance, and a longer glance. "Hi." He offers towards her. But she hasn't addressed him, so he doesn't say much more.
Martin Martin smiles brightens and softens toward the elf girl. "Oh, hello there Kaelyn." He then points to his eye, and chuckles softly, "Oh nothing much. Just a dazzling tale, where I,and I alone, with my back against the world, was looking through the Dunwich town. And there it was, 15 feet tall. A Hellclaw. Bone pale. It jumped on me. And we were in mortal combat. For hours, and I manage to lay in several shells with my shotgun and before it ran off, it manage to catch me across my face."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks at Martin curiously... "Oooh, I ran into one of those giant mutated lizard monsters my self, killed one, but ended up having to run away and hide from his buddies... " The girl then ummms "Sooo gonna go to the lab get yer self a cyber-eye?" she asks curiously and looks from Martin now to Owl, then back curiously Meanwhile her wrist speaks up... "OOoh yah I think he'd be really neat with a cyber eye! Too bad I dun hae my vats, I could grow em a new one!"
Owl     Owl waits in the light rain with his muddy box. He actually holds it off so the rain will slowly but surely wash the mud off. He glances to Martin at the tale of the Hellclaw, frowning slightly. "...I'd say if you came out of that missing only an were pretty lucky." He says with a nod.
    Then Owl looks over to Kaelyn, he glances down at her wrists. His head tilts, and he clears his throat. " you have a Pip-Boy? Or a little miniature robot on your wrist?"
Martin Martin stands idly by, as the conversation shifts between Owl and Kaelyn.
Kaelyn Kae tilts her head, then looks down at her wrist and holds it up, It kinda bears a semblance to a pipboy, or may have been once, but this rig is massively modified. Also on the screen is an impish-looking female avatar that then waves to Owl with a big smile and blows a kiss, little hearts flying from it. The screen is very very high detailed... "Hallo! I am CORA!" calls out the computer on Kae's wrist... Kae grins and shrugs. "This is CORA, she's knd of the AI that managed my genetic modification."
Owl     Owl looks over at Kaelyn, then down at her wrist. He nods thoughtfully once he sees what it is, then takes another look at Kaelyn again. "Huh." He says. "That's a far more sophisticated device than even a Pipboy. I haven't seen something like that're saying you're not mutated but lucky, but...genetically modified?" He looks down to the device, then back up to Kae. " you mind if I ask, where you got that from? An old facility, somewhere around here?" He asks, rain still dripping from his hair.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and shrugs... CORA pipes in "Kaelyn built the apparatus I am housed in... Though a bunch of my programming has been compressed to fit in such a small virtual environ... Right now Kae is re-aquiring the knowlege she used to build this setup in the first place. Survival skills took precedent over sciences after she left the lab. Her body relegated the science knowledge to the background and as she grows and adapts to this world of yours she'll get back." Kae blinks and pokes at CORA again "You like to blab a lot CORA..." CORA then replies to Kae... "Yus but I did such a good job fixing all the mistakes that idiot scientist made!" Kae then sighs and pokes at CORA again "Less blabby in the future ok?"
Martin     Martin chimes in, "Yea, Kaelyn is quite the wonder in nearly every way. I dont think there are folks more traveled then myself, and she sight and has quite the gift. I just dabble myself. Used to do runs for the Van Graffs in New Vegas. They liked the gizmos and shiny tech and payed well."
Owl     Owl reaches up to absently run a hand through his wet hair. "Do you mind if I ask you where this lab was?" He says, looking both to Kaelyn, AND her wrist computer. " sounds like you were once quite a scientist yourself...maybe you still will be one day?" He asks with a lift of his eyebrows to her.
    Then he looks to Martin, listens and nods. "Freeside is a dump." Owl says with a little bit of venom. "...but I guess that's where you know the Followers from, huh?"
Kaelyn Kae shakes her head "Noo not quite that.. I was in a incubation chamber while my genetic material was modified and all, when I got out there was a lot of... information that was intoduced to me still easy to access and well also the headaches to go with it. I guess as a survival mechanism I kinda forgot a lot temporarily." Kae responds and "Anyhoo I wouldn't per say call my self like a scientist, just ummm a creation of science maybe, or I just call my self Kaelyn." the latter is said with a big grin... "I try not to dwell on past stuff and try to live in the now."
Martin Martin answers, "Oh, well, I'm from the NCR. I've been up to Utah, to Salt Lake City. New Vegas. And various parts of Colordo, and now find myself here in the Chihuahuan desert wastes. If something worth knowing, you go to a Follower."
Owl     Owl says: "Fascinating." To Kaelyn's story. Though he squints at the fact that she still hasn't told him 'where'. "Maybe we can talk about this more some time, in the future?" He asks her. "I've been hearing things about a number of facilities and old-world ruins in the area I've wanted to visit, but I really haven't had the chance yet. I've been helping build walls, and now there's an FEV horde wandering around out there...if I put together an expedition, I might need a group first...and uh...a location." He says with a laugh.
    Then he looks to Martin. He nods slowly. "I've never been that far north." He says. "I've heard some strange things about Colorado and Utah. But I spent a lot of time in the Boneyard, heart of the NCR." He nods slowly. "I don't agree with everything they're doing, but they're really the best shot at improving lives out here in the Mojave." He then laughs. "...well, we've got very rigorous training...but I don't know /everything/. I'm an Archaeologist..."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and shrugs "As far as the lab I came from, I kinda wandered a lot after leaving it and all. I could probably get back there, but if I remember right it's sealed by a 2 foot thick steel door.. Might not be able to get back in." she adds and grins, then yawns... "Anyhow I gotta get to my room, time for this particular wierdo to grab sleep... Night boys!"
Martin     Martin turns his full attension towas the Follower. "Well, I ran and worked caravans for most of my life, and after that, the Legion had me do a lot of walking to. I've gotten around. And truth be told, I'm done with all that walking, and sleeping on the hard ground. I live out the rest of my life, comfortable doing things that I love doing."
Owl     Owl watches Kaelyn walk off, still seeming interested in her story. Though he quickly shifts his attention back to Martin as time passes. "That sounds like you've lived a tough life. Or an interesting one." He says with a shrug. "I like science, personally...and I'm willing to suffer a little on the way to use it to help people." He shoulders his satchel slightly. "I'm here, honestly, because I want to help build a library. But I think I need to do more help for folks around town. Build walls, help in science labs, things like that...before I talk to the Mayor. I also need to build up a little stock of some books first, too. But I think it's something this town could use. Though I know the FEV also has people's attention right now, so it's not the time. I'll help with whatever people need for now and wait for everyone to catch their breath first."
Martin     Martin listens to the Follower. "Well, something that being in the Legion, has taught me is the system of Patron. The nobles, would pay for the care of those under them. And in turn they offer support. Such as votes for office, or work their friends. I am in a position to be a patron. I wouldnt mind funding a library. But, well, I would hire you for a job. A private job. As private as you can make it."
Owl     Owl's face sours a little bit. "As evil as the legion is, I suppose...I have to give them that they are well-organized." He shifts his wet cube from hand to hand, listening to the man. "...I'm listening." He says. "...what exactly do you have in mind?"
Martin     Gestures toward the waste, "Somewhere out there, I am lead to believe, that there is a virgin Robco Automated Mine. It was set to go live the day after the bombs. Out there somewhere, could be prestine robots. Prestine holotapes. Treasure trove of knowledge. And well, truth be told, I'm just interested in the smelting and mining. And I need help finding it. Help me find it. And you'll find that good lot of your causes tend to have an ease with getting funded. How does that sounds to you?"
Owl     Owl listens. He nods slowly, and reaches up to rub his wet beard with one hand as he nods. "Well..." He says. "...honestly. One of the reasons I'm out here is to help find old world ruins and facilities in the first place. So, finding something like that is already, definitely, in my skill set. But..." He says, stroking his beard again. "There might be a lot in a place like that you don't particularly need or care about. So..." He says. "How about you involve me in clearing it out too? I'm really mostly only interested in old-world books and magazines. Maybe any information that's down there that might lead me to other places. If I could have some time to analyze some of the artifacts first and draw and write about them, before you sell them? I'm not interested in the caps, themselves. But if you're good with involving me and letting me take my pick of some of the less valuable stuff there? Then yeah, sounds like we might have a deal."
Martin     Martin nods and listens to him. "A lot of folks take that to mean the Followers are just easy marks. But you lot have just way different values. I mean, its not that I dont value the path. But damn, its can be hard just to find a safe place to take a piss. And its a lot easier to do that if you have an absurd amount of money. I'll let you soak it dry of information, and let you keep whatever you like, as long as it doesn't prevent the mine from working." Martin says. "So we have a deal?"
Owl     Owl shrugs his shoulders. "I'm sure it's not going to stop people from trying to take advantage of us, but not looking for caps or weapons also keeps us from being killed." He says, still hesitating to agree to a deal. "...I also know the bigger the find, the more money involved, the less trustworthy people become." He says, rubbing his beard again. "What do you plan to do with the mine once you have it?" He asks Martin with a lift of his eyebrow. "I mean...what are you going to do with the money? And do you have a team in mind?"
Martin     Martin smiles at that. "Well, asking for my motives, thats smart. I have to give you that. I've walked probably close to ten thousand miles. I've spent more time walking, an getting sun burned then anything else in my life. I'm exhausted of it. I want to get fat. I want to get grey. I want to have enough to do both in spades. I want a nice club, where I can sing, and have enough money that even if I'm bad, they'll tell me its an operatic performance. I want enough money, that no matter how fat, grey and wrinkle I get, the lady at the end of my arm, fine as they come."
Owl     Owl nods slowly as he listens to Martin. "I know you want to keep this secret. And while I understand that, you know the more secret it is the more dangerous. You have a team, more people know about it, it becomes safer. But at the moment if you have 3 people other than me, nothing that says you can't just seal us behind a bolder when you have what you want, you know? No offense? But, if other people know about it, they MIGHT come for it...but then you have to rely on people thinking you deserve it, and on your own money and ability to hire people to defend it."
Martin     Matches eye to eyes with the Follower. He smiles, at him and places a hand on Owl's shoulder. "Look, you know. I get that. These are harsh wastes. Not even the Followers get to live a while, or explore the waste without doing things they regret. I know how to shoot. And I learned how to shoot, by being shot and shotting at others." He takes his head off of him, and walks around with a small laugh. "But what I learned is that. I like talking to people. I like buying things. I like being drunk. I like eating fancy foods. I like lounge music. And I like gold. Legion Derrians. They're gold. It has this glow to it. It sings."
Owl     Owl nods his head, still listening to Martin. "You'll probably need a team. It'll be more than a two man operation, for sure. And honestly, I'd recommend that you try and make it 'legal' as soon as possible. Because everyone'll dispute your claim unless you get the Mayor's okay, or the NCR, or someone's okay to excavate. You might have to talk them into it, but it beats having a new person show up every day to take your stuff."
Martin     Martin nods in agreeement. "Yea. It'll take effort, and man power. And I'll need a strong claim. And the base of power for new mexico, is El Darrado and ergo its Mayor, and ergo its militia. I plan to make good here. And for now, I'll introduce other working for the endouver, together, in due time. Something like this, is line of gun powder. As as its lit, it'll be a mad dash to the end. Right now, I am pretty confident very very few folks are aware of it. And I want to be be sitting inside of it, like a fort before anyone else knows it." He purses his lips. "But the old world may have thick tome of laws. The here and now, is if you sit and can defend it, its yours. And like I said, I know how to shoot. "
Owl     Owl nods his head again. "Well, so-far, where we are now. I'm interested in helping you. But I still have to talk to the Militia, and the Mayor, here myself. Get established. You'll fill me in as you go, get a team, take your steps for a claim, all those things? And I'll be willing to work to at the very least help you find it." He says with a nod.
Martin     Martin nods. "Good good. And as an act of good faith. Here take this. I know Followers dont like money. But Money can still buy things that Followers do like."
Owl     Owl takes the caps, looks at them, and then nods his head. "It's true." He says. "...if you want to look for me. I should be easy to find in Shantytown. I stand out." He says, pocketing the caps. "Also, I think I'm at a bit of a know my name..."
Martin     Martin smiles once more, "Bishop. Martin Bishop. Its a name, that grow in this city. In due time. And well, I'll leave you to yours. Enjoy your moring, and mud."
Owl     Owl offers his hand to the man. "Mr. Bishop, a pleasure to meet you." He says. "And yeah, of course. I'll be around."