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Sparrow Sparrow is in the lab. Head bent over a microscope with a series of bottles, slides and specimin dishes next to her with various types of homogenous cures that tribals and Wasters use as well as some liquids in a rainbow of colors. Currently she has a thin dropper tube and is dripping a greenish looking substance onto the plate on her microscope. Eyes pressed to the viewers while Einstien and Doberstein banter in the back room. Sparrow watches for a few moments an sets the dropper back into the disinfectant and then writes some notes on a pad of paper next to her before taking another look at the progress going on under the microscope and presses her lips together. Trial and Error can be exsausting and Sparrow looks like she's been keeping too busy to sleep.
Qwillis     Qwillis would make his way into that lab, pulling his labcoat close as he'd look about curiously for a moment. Pausing, Q watches Sparrow at work, then smiles slightly and moves closer, the click of metal step contrasting to booted footstep. "Sparrow, when you're this tired, you'll make mistakes. Take a break and refresh, hmm? I've been working on some things about the mutants too. I was hoping to come compare notes?"
Sparrow Sparrow takes a breath, "I know. I'm near to bed." She says with a slow breath out and a small smile. "Just can't waste this solution I made. Not that I'm having much luck. So far, minimal success and only in stopping not reversing. It's not quite an innoculation either and in some cases we've seen it loose effectiveness on live samples in a few days. All drudgery at this point." She smiles softly at Q. "Sure, lets. You've probably had more luck than me and.." She thumbs behind her. "Doberstein and Einstien have been oing some work as well." She glances back into the miscrscope and carefully takes the slide and puts it into a holder before turning off the equiment.
Qwillis     Q shakes his head a little, then shrugs. "About 35 percent, Sparrow. I've been running into similar issues as you have. It's extremely adaptable. The main focus that I've been aiming for is a rapid demutation... However, for the samples I had, it had.. violent results. So I'm not near a cure. Just a weapon." He'd watch as Sparrow would take care of her stuff and nods slightly. "But. I think a basis from my own formula could maybe help you along with your own? I'd rather help people, instead of kill them. Mutant or otherwise."
Sparrow Sparrow sighs, "You're helping them when you kill them. They don't want to be doing this but they have a voice constantly in their head. I'm not sure what happened with Ashur and I've seen some more recent eamples with higher than your average monster intelligence. They sent one with a hammer in. Which makes me thing that the thing controlling them can also observe, somehow, what his horde is running into. They've regrouped and they're all coming this way now." She rambles as she finishes cleaning up the counter carefully storing everything in the safe-ice-bo that they keep samples in. "Of course, it was always my intention to share information. To be fair I aint even sure why I'm in charge of -this- part, yanno. Much better folks out there for this stuff." She gestures to the Acme Science terminal. "All my findings are in there. Welcome to whatever ya want to look at."
Qwillis     Qwillis nods slightly and with a smile to Sparrow, would bring his pip-boy up to tap some instructions into it with 3(!) metal fingers. After a moment, the terminal would blink on and there'd be that process of data transfer. Ahh.. the joy of superscience. Shaking his head, Q looks to Sparrow. "I have no doubt there's something out there controlling it. This thing is too advanced to be mindless. Sure. There may be feral types.. but.. the real control? There's something behind it. That's what we have to figure out. Break that link? I suspect we break the control the FEV has on the host."
Sparrow Sparrow shakes her head, "I'm not sure. Could be linked ta whatever makes'm explode though." She considers with a shrug. "Just a theory. All I know is that they're in pain. And mutated or not, aint nothin' deserves to live with the constant pain and invasion of somethin' like that." She rubs two fingers against her forehead, pushing at the premature line that's begun to form there from the cowgirl's near constant weather exposure and straight face. "Folks are already onsidering goin' ta find it. The prospect's pretty damned terrifyin'." Her lips pull into a line and she settles into a chair and Einstien is nice enough to bring her some tea and pat her shoulder and mutter something endearing but obviously condescneing. Sparrow? She's plugging along but she's not a genius.
Qwillis     Qwillis, on the other hand? he's a genius.. and has been focused on this for the last few weeks or so. Tapping more on his pip-boy, he has it immediately starting to sort and organize the data he downloaded. Compiling it into his own information and adding it back to their system for the update with his notes included. "Well, mercy or otherwise.. We'll see what we can do about ending that threat. My chemical compound makes them explode. It gets sprayed towards the FEV and it convulses, then blows up. The FEV trying to remutate what the chemical demutates. It's not pretty, Sparrow.. and probably more pain than what they're in now. That said.. We need to filter out that control. Even if they are going to seek it.. we have to know where to look first. I feel that's the main way to stop this."
Sparrow Sparrow says, "Findin' Patient Zero's as hard as tracking the swath of destruction to it's core. Coulda used those statlites in the Enclave facility for that.." And hern her mouth snaps shut and her nostrils flare. "But here we are. I'm sure Einstien and Doberstien won't mindja lookin at their notes and the other folks who've been workin' on it. He mentions how his weapon works and she shakes her head. "They die in an eplosion anyway, if ya don't pop'm in the head from what I scene. The little ones do anyways. That big one that near squished Fiona 'n me? Not so much. You should see if you can find someone who can get in touch with Ashur. See how he's doin'." She rubs her face a bit, "He's been reluctant to come here. Can't imagine why.""
Qwillis     Qwillis shakes his head. "Telepathy.. can be tracked. It's got a source. Even if it daisy chains from mutant to mutant. The signal gets stronger in one direction, Sparrow. Kind of like wifi.." He'd muse, looking over the notes and nods slightly. "I think.. we need to capture a mutant alive. So I can run some scans on it. That's the only way we're going to be able to figure this out. A live subject.. that isn't Ashur." He'd look back to Sparrow with a small smile. "I'll see if I can find him and talk to him about it."
Sparrow Sparrow is sitting looking a bit tired but she's got a cup of tea and Q is currently digging through her notes. SHe's listening to him and nodding slowly with a twitch of a smile, "I don't know much about that stuff Doc, I leave the mystical to the Dunwhicians." She blows on her tea and sips it softly. "If you would. I do need to see the effects on a few of the stronger suspects on some recently removed tissue. I.E. Him here." She shakes her head and blows her cheeks out with a breath. "No sayin' any mutant we'd try and go back wouldn't explode. The one I talked to said as much, it didnt care, was already dead. All I know is start south, since that's where they started. Lookin' at globes though,could be from the bottom of the world." Oh yeah, NOT a ault dweller here..