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Qwillis     There's been fresh reports of some new scrap to be scavenged! It seems a minor earthquake nearby unearthed a virtual treasure trove of.. stuff. The only problem is it's also unearthed a group of mutant ghouls that seems to be focused on a group of 3 Glowing ones!

    The group gets the location to goto and they show up nearby. The ghouls haven't noticed them.. yet. But that could change any moment. Qwillis, for his part, grimly gets that needler ready. He remembers the last time he dealt with mutant ghouls.. he wasn't looking forward to that again.
Manuelito Arriving with Fiona and Qwillis is Manuelito. This was his first mission since Texas and it was hard to tell if he was looking forward to the ensuing battle, his face completely placid.

"Alright." Manuelito began to say as his face twists to a frown. "I brought my sniper rifle. I'll set up nearby and assist with long range shots. Qwillis, Fiona be careful."

Turning to his steed, he takes the sniper rifle out, giving Fiona a look with a nod before turning to head for a spot to fire from.
Fiona Freshly oiled, carefully cleaned, locked and loaded: that sweet dragonslayer of a shotgun, the Pancor Jackhammer, rests leaned back on Fiona's shoulder as she approaches the meeting point. "Will do." A pause, was that faint giggle, "Boss." she drops to a creeping crouch to draw closer. A quick step, and a happy smile. Then she becomes predator as she approaches.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way up behind the rest of the group as quiet as can be pulling his cowboy revolvers out of their holsters and getting them ready, "Sorry just heard figured ya'll could use a couple of extra guns?" He smirks a bit as he looks at the others and gets ready to fight a few glowing ones this should be interesting to say the least
Qwillis     Qwillis nods grimly and readies that needler. Although he'd glance between Fiona and Manny contemplatively for a moment. Shaking his head a little, he'd almost shoot Aidan at the cowboy suddenly being there! "Ahh.." Q clamps that flesh hand over his mouth before he'd give away their position. Shaking his head, Qwillis would follow with the others. "We haven't been spotted yet.. we might get to ambush them.. if we keep low and quiet.."
Manuelito A grin is given to Fiona as she giggles. If Q is watching closely enough, there is even a wink to her. Then he is off to find that sweet spot.

Finding a spot to nestle in, Manuelito sets up the rifle and takes careful aim on the Glowing Ones. Locking in on one, he preps the chamber and rechecks is sights; his finger going to the trigger.

The Navajo was ready.
Qwillis     That sound it seems is enough to have the ghouls on alert. In a probably surprising burst of speed, one of the Glowing ones breaks from the others to rush towards Fiona and Qwillis!
Manuelito Steady aim with calm hands; scoped in, wind variance checked alongside distance. A quick breath in.

Finger presses against the trigger.


The slug slams in to the torso of the Glowing One closest to Fiona and Qwillis; unlike his favored fifty-caliber sniper rifle, the .308 does minimal damage.

A frown creases his lips as he sights again.
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head as the glowing ones react to Fiona and Qwillis as he draws a bead down on Glowy number 2 popping off a pair of shots from each of his revolvers impacting the glowing one twice, "Yeeeeehawwwww." Yeah the cowboy's gonna be mauled to death soon!
Qwillis     The feral pack of ghouls would rush at the sniper, who manages to avoid them, if barely. It's almost like his sense told him MOVE!!!

    The next glowing one would charge after the feral ghouls, that growling, gutteral language seeming to direct them in that hunt as it'd join in on the attacks on the sniper!
Qwillis     Qwillis takes that moment to line up the shot and with that snaphiss of the needler, he'd tag the Glowing one that was near them at just the right spot so that the injection puts a bubble of air into it's juglar, killing it very shortly afterwards. This? This just pissed off ALL the ghouls who are now focused on him. "Oops?"
Qwillis     Qwillis stumbles back as the one Glowy one drops, that air into it's brain enough to kill it. All the ghouls howl with rage and they all swarm his way. Watching, it's not until the last second that Qwillis dodges that Glowy One's swing. The close look of exactly what happen is that Qwillis actually tweaked his cybernetic leg to suddenly make him shorter on one side, enabling him that scientifically accurate dodge! Unfortunately for him, the burst of radiation the Glowy one gives off doesn't care how he dodges and gives him some burns!
Fiona Fiona watches and hears bullets zip past her on all sides as a glowing ghoul charges, she manages to dodge and slide from its claws. By the time she brings her gun to bare it is gone. She spins at the one attacking Qwillis, and then... Thunder rolls, 12 guage husks spit forth till the barrel makes a blue cloud. She ganks the mag and reloads, a second storm much like the first explodes forth to make glowy pudding of the rad-heavy ghoul. "Oww, my ears and shoulder." She doesn't hear the words.
Manuelito It took a moment longer to sight with the .308 instead of the fifty caliber rifle he had at home. Finally sighting, his eyes widen.

"Well Shit."

He mutters as he leaves the rifle on the ground, standing up just in time as six feral ghouls attack. Taking a few steps back, he dodges the ghoulish attacks from the six only to turn around to find a Glowing One coming at him.

"Damnit." He mutters, turning around to see himself being surrounded by the pack of six that were regrouping and coming at him and the Glowing One behind him.

As the Glowing One strikes, he dodges and dodges yet again as it strikes once more. Manuelito stumbles as he dodges and glances back in time to see the Glowing One coming at him; only to watch it get vaporized. Looking to Fiona he smiles and nods ever so slightly in thanks.

Looking back to the six pack of feral ghouls, the Navajo throws his at them in a attempted distraction and slides the duster back and disconnects a submachine gun from a hidden clip on the duster. He raises it, the proximity between them good enough that he doesn't need to aim.

"Fuck-you." He states,

The weapon discharges ten bullets at the pack.

The pack doesn't seem to be fazed by the attack as only two of the six fall.

"Well then." He mutters
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns at the ghouls as he'd try to line up his next shots on the Glowy one. Unfortunately, he's not able to get a connecting hit with the burns bothering him now.