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Kaydin     Kaydin was in the saloon, sipping on a nuka cola. His NCR helmet seen on the table and his familiar Duster places him as one of the many NCR rangers which wander the wastes. Though he looks a little young to be one of those veteran rangers.
Rexus Rexus arrives at the Saloon. He just can't seem to get away from the bad guys these days, leaning on his cane once again. At this rate the cane is going to become a permanent thing for him, muttering under his breath as he hobbles along up to the bar. He slides into an empty spot, squinting at the bartender, "Just a cola, please." he says, breathing a sigh of relief at being able to take the weight off for a moment.
Owl     The Gold Digger Saloon doesn't look like the sort of place that Owl could be found, but there he is. On the other hand, Owl is also the sort to poke his nose around where it doesn't belong, and that more or less looks like what he's doing now. He pokes his head in the door, looks around with wide eyes, looking like a tourist, and then makes his way towards the bar slowly, glancing at the raucous behavior around him as he does. His eyes briefly stop on the NCR helmet on the table, and the man who sits next to it, before he is at the bar. Once Owl stops at the bar, he looks up at the sign above it, puts down two caps on the bar, and takes a chance, asking for. "Tequila."
Kaydin     "Yea I prefer to drink cola myself. Save getting drunk for special occasions." Kaydin says to Rexus and he looks to the man with cross patches on him. "You wouldnt happen to be one of the followers are ya?" He asks as he stands and walks to the bar. "Had a rough day?" He asks regarding the tequila.
Rexus Rexus gives a nod to Kaydin. "Rough day.. rough week.. rad scorpions and robots and walls..." he murmurs, "Still, I suppose it's better than a picket fence." he adds. He waits for his cola to be served, nice and cold, taking a loooong drink. "Much more refreshing than booze."
Owl     The bartender gives Owl a brief glance, before giving him a tumbler of tequila, without any second thoughts. Owl, however, lifts up the glass, tilting it left and right, then tastes it. Before he finally looks up from the bar and over a Kaydin. He lifts up his eyebrows and nods his head. "Yeah." He says. "As a matter of fact, I am." He nods at the man's Ranger helmet. "Ranger?" He asks him. He then follows with: "Isn't tequila what you're supposed to order in a saloon? I'd have ordered Nuka Cola if I'd known I'd see two big tough guys get it too." He drinks a bit more of his tequila, before looking to Rexus curiously. "...sounds like it's been a rough /week/."
Kaydin     "Yea, been a ranger for about ten years. Made mom and dad feel proud." Kaydin says as he sips his nuka cola and he nods to Rexus. "I can understand it as a rough week." He says as he nods. "Glad to see the followers made it out here. Most of the top brass dont see eye to eye with the followers but they patched me up without asking for much so they are good folks in my books." Kaydin says with a friendly smile. "Name's Kaydin LeGraize, NCR rangers." He says to Rexus.
Rexus Rexus takes another wee sip of his cola, looking over Kaydin slowly. "Bit young?" he muses. "Follower of who? Seems there are a million followers of somesuch cause these days." he grins to Owl. Those eyes return to Kaydin, "Rexus." he says by way of introduction, no fancy titles or heraldry here.
Owl     Owl takes his Tequila over towards Kaydin's table, and asks: "Mind if I sit?" He takes another sip of his drink, and waits for a moment. "I'm actually the first." He tells the Ranger. "Surprising though given we're not all that far away." He takes another drink, pauses, hesitates. You don't want to get political with new friends, especially in the NCR. So Owl decides not to be TOO political. "Most of the NCR's OSI and Scientists went to Followers' University, or used to be Followers themselves. We may not have official ties anymore, but they still leave us alone, which is as gentle an enmity as I guess we can get." He nods to Kaydin. "Owl." He says.
    Then he looks over at Rexus. "Followers of the Apocalypse. We've got a...strange history."
Kaydin     "Yea I am the youngest to join the rangers. Was raised from birth to fight for the NCR. Folks wanted to mold their own special soldier for the republic." Kaydin says calmly and looks to Owl to let him explain on who the followers were. "Followers go out of their way to help folks farm and treat their wounds and addictions. They dont get along with many authoritive figures but they help out the common man." Kaydin says as he gestures for Owl to join him.
Rexus Rexus listens idly from his seat at the bar. Cola in hand, he's not too far from the others, easily within speaking range. "I've probably come across a few in my travels, just never noticed." he says of the followers. "Seems there is quite a patchwork of different groups out in this dustbowl, everyone looking out for their own interests."
Owl     Owl takes the seat Kaydin offers, sitting down and putting his drink on the table with the NCR Ranger's helmet. He examines it for a few moments, then looks up and over at Rexus. "We wear this patch." He says, reaching up to tap on the patch on one of his shoulders: A White Circle with a black cross through it. "And we tend to be some of the few folks who know how to use science and old-world technology out here as an organization. We helped build the NCR, or at least...helped them get started. Though we've since gone our separate ways." He explains to Rexus. Sounding only slightly affronted at the man's ignorance.
Kaydin     "They are similar to the brotherhood of steel, they study and use old world tech, but unlike the brotherhood, they share what they know and try and help out folks. Brotherhood out west just hoards technology and claim to be better then everyone else. If they helped folks out then maybe I may like em better." Kaydin says as he sips his cola and looks to Owl. "Maybe he is from the east. Rumor has it there is clean drinking water in the capital wasteland."
Rexus Rexus gives an idle shrug, "Well, in my experience it is best not to judge a book by its cover. I am sure there are members of every group that do not act the same as the others... even in the Legion, you may find a diamond in the rough." he says as he swirls his cola a bit about inside the bottle. "There's no fresh water in the capital, far too much radiation... and mutants."
Owl     Owl takes a big drink of his Tequila. "We don't have a military." Owl says to Kaydin with a gesture. "We used to have the NCR for that. Now, we hire mercenaries, and we've started self-defense training as one of our core fields...but its under-developed." He says, setting his drink down. He glances from Kaydin to Rexus, then back. "Haven't heard much about back East. Radio only travels so far, you know?"
    He then shrugs. "Well, sure, that's true. But every organization also has its flaws. Caesar's Legion is a nightmare of injustice and cruelty. Probably not everyone in it is a monster, mind...but most of them leave." He shrugs. "...and...the way I see it. Brotherhood of Steel has a strong backbone and a strong mind, but no heart. Followers have a strong mind and a strong heart, but no backbone. NCR has a good heart and a strong backbone, but not much in the way of brains." He pauses, then looks to Kaydin, and says: "No offense. But I feel like the NCR had less problems when we were both working together. But I was a kid then, so..."
Kaydin     Kaydin nods. "NCR spends too much time bickering and arguing. Part of the democracy means everyone gets a voice, which is a good thing." Kaydin says as he orders another nuka cola and sets it down near owl. "Tell you what, Owl. You ever need any help, just send some word to me and I will help out to the best of my ability. Always willing to help out the followers when they need it." Kaydin says with a swig of cola.
Rexus Rexus gives an idle shrug, draining the last of his cola. "S'why I don't do politics much anymore, just travel the waste, headin west till I find somethin better." he says, "Haven't dealt too much with the NCR, or the Legion.. or anyone really, save mutants."
Ashur Coincidence sees the mutant Ashur descend upon the saloon with time enough to catch wind of the political conversation-- the mention of the west's various factions is what intrigues him most, including the talk of the Legion. The brutish bull of a man, too tall to enter without bending at the hip and hunching his shoulders, walks with thunderous steps through the swinging doors, nostrils flared and inhaling the scents of smoke and cooking meat-stew off toward the back.

Scratching at his chest, the loinclothed giant harumphs, his disagreement more like the howl of a wild beast than a human sound. "Injustice? I'll give you cruel, but not injust. The Legion brought law and order."

Far, far too large for any chairs, he simply wanders up where the others are gathered and squats.
Owl     Owl nods his head to Kaydin and drinks more of his drink. "Democracy is a good thing, sure. But I think that the NCR has expanded a bit too fast and maybe wasn't set up for dealing with having constituents who have votes that might be against the wider NCR's best interests." He then reaches up and rubs his beard. To Kaydin's words, he nods his head. "Sure." He says. "Honestly, I have a few things I /wanted/ to do here, but this whole FEV thing has sort of derailed them. I'm trying to just find a way to be useful to the people here, but they're so busy..." He shrugs his shoulders.
    Then he looks to Rexus, he asks: "Where you from?"
    Ashur's arrival gets his attention. He freezes, but when the Super Mutant doesn't smash or destroy everything, he slowly relaxes. Looking up warily at the man, he adds: "So does the NCR. Usually with less crucifixions and rapes, too."
Rexus Rexus gives a wary look to the super mutant. He walks and he talks and he isn't about to huff and puff and blow the saloon down, so alright then. He looks to Owl, "The Capital... well... haven't been there in a few years now, been walking west for quite some time.. maybe a bit south... lost track after awhile."
Kaydin     "Legion protects their territory, including trade routes. Legion also doesnt rely on training with firearms which gives them an advantage when disarmed. Its the slavery that bothers me. Conquering and enslaving the enemy only works for a time. An old world poet once said it was better to be feared then loved. Personally, I prefer to be loved because people give their life for those they love." Kaydin says as he picks up his helmet. "Need to head out on patrol. Ashur, try and not break too much things while I am away." He says a little playfully to the mutant.
Ashur "The NCR brings bickering and conflict," Ashur retorts, elbows resting on his haunches. Hunched as he is, the mutant resembles a gorilla from one of those old bestiaries-- albeit a red gorilla with a massive power fist. "Its leadership is weak, and pulled between brahmin barons and other moneyed interests, all at the expense of the people. There's no law and order when caps decide right and wrong." He raps a knuckle on the table and rattles the whole damn thing. "And because it's so weak, criminals and vice run wild. You need shows of force to keep people in line."
Owl     Owl finishes his tequila then sets it down on the table. He clears his throat slightly, looking over to Rexus. He asks: "What's the capital like?" With some curiosity. He then glances over towards Kaydin, nodding his head slowly. "Also, a slave-based economy is unsustainable. Rome, the culture the Legion was built on, is legendary for decadence, decay, and societal rot. The moment they run into a wall and stop expanding, they'll fall apart. I'm sure the Legion itself, in the center, near the capital, is a den of iniquity and sin that would make someone on the Strip blush." He says to the Mutant. Careful with his tone, but not with his words.
Rexus Rexus smirks, "A wasteland really, a bit better now that the mutant's all got killed off.. mostly... still, there was a lot to be done when I left." He looks to the mutant, then to Owl. "Doesn't the legion bring slavery and tyranny? Though to be fair if the NCR were all bickering and arguing it wouldn't have lasted this long, no?"
Ashur "You'd be wrong, little man," the mutant says, tilting his head and staring down his nose at Owl. "Or you would have been, before Caesar died. The Legate's a hard man, and he won't tolerate degeneracy-- but some of the people who broke away, they might." The talk of economics makes him snort. "You don't know what you're talking about. Slavery isn't for e-con-no-mies," and he pronounces the word slowly, draws it out, as if it's unfamiliar to him. "You use slaves to do the work soldiers can't be bothered with. It's the only good use for a dissolute without virtue."

He jerks a thumb in a random direction, it doesn't really matter. "The Legion's slaves would have had those walls built years ago. This place would already be defensible, and no one would be rushing before the Horde comes."
Owl     Owl looks over at Rexus, then back up at Ashur. He's still nervous about the mutant, but its clear he doesn't like him. "If the NCR was weak it would have fallen apart instead of having fought the Legion to a standstill. Also I'm pretty sure anyone in the Legion who wasn't a soldier would defect to the NCR in a heartbeat, but not vice-versa."
    He pushes his drink away, and looks back over at Ashur. "Slaves are slaves because of bad luck, not a lack of virtue." He says cooly. "Now, if you'll excuse me..." He says to Rexus. "I'm not willing to drink with a Legion apologist." And then he stands from his seat.
Rexus Rexus offers a nod to Ashur, "Probably, but walls won't hold out mutants for long. Best way to kill mutants is ambushing them an getting the drop on them. Attack is the secret of defense." He gives Owl a bit of a chuckle, "Don't worry, the Legion's pretty much dead an buried, like the Mutant army of old, fragment of its former self."
Ashur "The NCR is killing itself bit by bit," Ashur booms. "And all they did was win one battle. Even being bigger and older, the best they did was win one fight. You can rely on them if you want-- but it's just a fact that every inch of Legion territory was raider free, the towns weren't flush with addicts and layabouts. Everyone had what they needed to live a good life. Anyone who'd defect from that is an idiot."

The mutant looks at Rexus then. "Offense is good. But strong walls have a lot of benefits. The longer it takes someone to get in, the longer you can attack them."

And when Owl rises to his feet, Ashur dismisses him with a lazy wave of the hand.
Owl     Owl nods his head to Rexus. "Still, nonetheless, those dangerous ideas are still alive." He then offers a nod to the man, before glancing to Ashur, and then moving out into the street.
Rexus Rexus watches as Owl departs, shaking his head. "These... lines... who likes who and who wants to help who are certainly not going to help matters. Seems there is an attitude that... someone else will deal with it... around here, not much effort made to unify the group and get them working towards one cause." he orders another cola. "If this town were unified it could have the wall done just as fast as any slave army."
Ashur "Part of giving everyone a voice," the mutant notes, "is that they all speak up so much you can't really hear anything. Yeah, if everyone worked together all perfect, and never argued or fought, and no one was lazy, it'd be just as good. But nobody's like that if you don't force them." With a deep breath, the behemoth rises to his feet, joints creaking beneath his vast weight as his legs stretch and his shoulders roll back, thrusting out his chest. His head brushes against a hanging light. "Look at all those people in the Shantytown. The wall's for their own good! Just press-gang them into construction crews, and if they don't build, lash them. Easy as anything."

He shakes his head, braids tossed about, and then settles. "Just no sense in Dorado. I'm glad to finally move on."
Rexus Rexus glances south towards shantytown, sighing, "Afraid I may be moving on as well.. Texas or somewhere maybe... not sure... Or I might just keep goin west, this El Dorado doesn't seem to be holding much for me anymore, not the place I'd want to settle down in... too much bickering, not enough leadership... I heard they even got rid of their Mayor."
Ashur The crimson giant's getting more than a few stink-eyed looks from the other patrons of the saloon; he might have a host of local heroics under his belt, but he's still openly insulting the settlement and praising the Legion's outlook on slavery and discipline. That's not popular talk in a place like this. Cracking his neck, he turns about-face and then pauses, glancing to Rexus. "They elected a new mayor. Catherine. She used to run this place. They decided the best person to be in charge was a hooker."

He shrugs. and begins to walk back out the door.
Rexus Rexus returns to his cola, watching the mutant depart and the dirty looks he receives on the way out. "Hey, you want to prove him wrong? Get that wall built." he calls to the other glowering patrons, put up or shut up!
Ashur "Not my problem," the brute rumbles. "I'm moving." And then he's out the door!