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Iris Lark     The sun is setting over Acme and with the twilight comes a drop in temperature. The store is open until full dark though, and inside is the Healer who goes by the name of Iris Lark. She's spent her afternoon puttering around the small place, sweeping, dusting and putting out various items for sale or for trade. Now she sits behind the counter, obviously daydreaming, as she gazes towards the cooler that sits in the back of the store.
Moonshine      Down the street a ways, an old man on a mule swigs off a brown jug while riding slowly towards the store. He hums some old fiddle tune as he climbs off and ties the mule to a post out front. Despite the fact that he's clearly in the bottle, he makes his way easily up the steps and inside. "Evenin'!" He calls out as he enters, "GOOD evenin'!!" He corrects himself, enthusiastically but not quite drunk.
Rexus Rexus arrives, well, pseudo.. he's been traveling all day. He's picked up a few bumps and scrapes along the way, just enough to need a bit of help no doubt. He squints as he enters the store, looking around, "So this is Acme, hmmm?" he inquires, looking over to Moonshine with a frown. "So this where they make all the booze?"
Iris Lark     Iris glances up from her perch on the stool and takes in the two who just entered the store. She slips off the seat and walks towards them, a smile on her face. "Welcome to the Acme General Store." She inclines her head at Rexus and adds. "We don't make booze here, sorry. I do sell chems though." She sees the scrapes and bumps and crooks a finger towards him. "I can fix up those scrapes and bumps though."
Marcus Marcus has been out on patrol and just wanted to visit the general store he'd heard about back in El Dorado so he steps inside adjusting his Militia hat just a bit as he moves off to the side of the entrance and looks around at the other folks that had gathered there offering a friendly nod he starts to listen and look at some of the things on the shelves.
Moonshine      Moonshine, a man of most likely seventy something years old, makes a face only a man of that age is allowed to make. He looks to Rex sidelong before nodding towards the gal, "Why thank you miss, and sorry to trouble you late! My ride don't have no getty-up much any more. Took my longer than a guessed." he shrugs and offers a grin.
Rexus Rexus nods towards Iris, "Just a wee patchup, took a few nicks out on a patrol.. nothin fancy I don't think, a few bandages an such." he says, smirking at the booze question. "Oh, I don't drink... just.. I see some do.. a bit too much." he says with a wary eye to Moonshine.
Iris Lark     "I don't mind the late hour." Iris says, smiling at Moonshine as she gestures him to come inside. "Do any of you want any water or cola?" She gestures towards the cooler in the back as she points Rexus to a small grouping of chairs near a window. "Have a seat and I'll clean and wrap those scrapes." She makes a visible effort to not chuckle at Rexus' words as she gathers some supplies.
Marcus Marcus glances over at the folks getting patched up and smiles a bit, "Good to know I can come here for some healin if I need it when I'm in the area." He's currently looking over some of the weapons, "Miss. Do ya'll buy weapons as well? Or just sell 'em?"
Rexus Rexus takes a seat as Iris indicates, "Water's fine... cola... I prefer to save for special occassions or relaxing." he says as he leans back into his chair. "So I take it a lot of folk are spread out in these little towns.. not everyone's in el dorado?"
Moonshine      Leroy "Moonshine" Brown looks back over at Rex, raising a feisty eyebrow. "You trying' to say somethin' my boy? I'm old, but I catch wind as much as I pass it, buckaroo." He is still holding the brown jug in his left hand. He follows and finds himself a seat. "I could use a bit of patchwork myself. Fell straight down a mine shaft today!"
Iris Lark "It depends on the type, honestly. I buy weapons to sell sometimes." Iris says, aiming a bright smile at Marcus. "Some things aren't worth buying though, and when they're not I direct them to the loot 4 caps thing that the Mayor is running in town." She cleans and dresses each of the scrapes that she finds on Rexus before she speaks again. "Some people are settled out here, yeah. I live in Avalon which is a bit aways from here." She moves to the cooler and pulls out a bottle of water that she hands to Rexus.

She adopts a firm tone as she stands up straight and crosses her arms over her chest. "Wind won't be caught or passed in this store. If you wan to fight you'll do it outside." She gazes at Moonshine and nods briefly, moving to clean and dress his wounds as well.
Rexus Rexus ahh's, "Avalon yes, Think I passed through there, seems to be more suitable for me. Might even set up a house there at some point, I like it there, fairly relaxing and not too too crowded, people are generally amiable and respectful." he says, glancing over at Moonshine, "Should try the water." he says, nodding his thanks to Iris as he takes the bottle and sips. "What is this loot 4 caps thing?"
Iris Lark     "The mayor has set up something where she'll buy guns and armor off of folks in exchange for money." Iris murmurs, patting the bandages she just wrapped around Moonshine's arm. "She pays what they're worth, so nobody is going to get rich off of it." A beat. "Unless they're an arms dealer." She says with a wry grin as she moves to the cooler to pull out another bottle of water. She untwists the cap and takes a sip.
Rexus Rexus hrms, "I see. I'm in the market for a rifle of somesort but.. i'm fairly picky. Wonder what I can do with all this scrap and material stuff I keep digging up." he says absently. He's seated in a chair whilst Iris bandages him up, drinking from a nice bottle of water. "Trying to save up some caps myself."
Moonshine      Moonshine sets the bottle of hooch down on the floor beside him and sighs, "City folk, they got no clue." He sits silently as Iris patches him up, nodding in thanks when she finishes. "Speaking of alcohol, miss. If you're shop were ever interested in carrying any, or you need it for your practice. Don't be shy to ask."
Rexus Rexus looks over at Eden, shaking her hand firmly in return. "Rexus." he says rather simply. "Just odds and sods, some metal and leather bits.. nothing I can use or any use I can forsee of it in the future... what do you repair with it?"
Iris Lark     Iris blinks at Moonshine and tilts her head slightly to the side. "How much do you sell it for?" She asks, a gleam in her eye as she settles down to haggle. "I don't know if I'll sell it here, but I will certainly like to have it on hand for medicinal purposes if nothing else."
Moonshine      "How much you wantin'? I can get it to ya cheap! Much as you need." Moonshine smiles. He's missing some teeth. "This ain't no sissy boy 'beer' or grain soda. This is the real deal, ma'am. Cleanest this side of the mountains, I swear it."
Grover Grover strolls into the store, stretching out his arms as he cracks his knuckles. He looks around the store curiously. He eyes the clothing a moment, then gives his head a shake..he then turns to see Mule Man..oh right, him.
Iris Lark     "It depends, I can probably afford to buy about.." Iris takes a moment to think, her lips pursed as she attempts to do some math in her head. "I can buy about 300 resources worth. So it depends on how much you want to sell it for." She says, and she takes a seat near Moonshine. "We could work out a trade as well, I make chems, and grow weed." Her cheeks flush and she gazes down at her knees. "Only if you're not going to use it dangerously, of course."
Eden Eden answers matter of factly to Rexus "cars, motorcycles, anything anyone asks me to really. Had a lot of fun fixing up a robot recently! So how many do you have?" eden is glad to be possibly buying more scrap, but has an ear turned toward the other conversation too.
Rexus Rexus looks into his bag, "Got some quality scrap... leather.. rare and refined... bout it so far..." he says, "Not much I know but if I had a source to buy it all I am sure I could gather more."
Eden well i xant promise i'll always buy everything, but i can usually find a use for scrap. I would take a look at anything else though." Eden looks at him tthoughtfully. "how much would you want, though. no two people seemnto agree on how much scrap is worth. so, what do you think you would want for it?"
Marcus Marcus finishes up looking at whatever caught his attention so much and looks up and hmmms, "I'll keep an eye out for some decent weapons then Miss and bring 'em by at some point. Got some leather armor sittin in a trunk at home not bein used if you think you could sell it? Or find somebody who could use it nobody should go unarmored in the wastes if it can be avoided."
Iris Lark     Iris turns to Marcus and nods as she grins at him. "Surely, come see me anytime. I can buy the items outright if I think I can sell them or we can help you sell them and you can collect after an item is sold." She folds her hands in her lap. "If you get injured, please feel free to stop by and I'll tend to you."
Rexus Rexus frowns as he jingles his bag of 'junk'. "Ummmm, not too too sure. I don't even know what it is worth and... well, it's against my nature to price gouge.. a fair price but... i've honestly no idea what its worth to anyone... Would probably have to be a bit more than 10 or 20 caps cause that's about what I spend in order to get the stuff in the first place..."
Grover Grover begins to stroll around the store, checking out the various wares. As he comes to a stop near the others. He crosses his arms, and listens to the conversation. "Ah, a trading post as well it seems."
Kaelyn The door opens and in wanders Kae... She looks a lil worse for wear, oddly that skinsuit she likes to wear isn't really damaged. Heck it doesn't even really look dirty, however, right now her favorite tank top is scuffed up and she's got a few holes in her jeans as wel... "Ummm yah, so issues patrolling and also looking around in stuffs..." she says and smiles sheepishly as she looks around curiously...
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and walks over to Kaelyn and Grover, a smile on her face. To Grover she says, "Welcome to Acme General Store, if you need any help, let me know." She gestures for Kaelyn to follow her over to where Moonshine and Rexus are seated. "Have a seat, let me take a look at you." She says, glancing at her supplies. "Where have you patrolling?"
Moonshine      "Three hundred caps worth?" Moonshine mumbles and stares at the ceiling to do the math. "Yea, I reckon that's a good order. I can do you ten for 5 caps, all the way up. I'm not much into no chems, but a little BOOM-shiva didn't hurt me none!"
Grover Grover gives a nod of his head to Iris, "I'll do that..just looking around...not really looking for anything..." as the woman wanders off with Kaelyn
Rexus Rexus shifts in his seat a bit so he can see Iris a bit better, "What sort of weapons do you have for sale? Any energy rifles or somesuch?" he asks, tilting his head curiously. "Do you do custom work or just buy and sell the stuff?"
Iris Lark     "We have some people who do customize weapons, when they're around. I have a few laser pistols for sale, a sniper rifle..and some regular pistols." Iris says, smiling at Rexus. She fishes out a pouch of caps and hands them off to the older man. "I'll make sure to put it to good use."
Moonshine      Moonshine holds Iris's pouch of coins like it might burst into flames, "Miss! You can't be handing over your caps so fast! That's a mighty large order! I need time to go and fetch it for ya!" He hands the pouch back quickly, "Give me a few days time, I'l be back with your order.
Iris Lark     Iris blinks at Moonshine and ducks her head blushing a bright red. "I'm..rather trustworthy, if you think I should wait. I will." She moves to Kaelyn and goes to treat her wounds.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks at Moonshine curiously before tilting her head again and rubbing the back of her neck "What's being bought?" she asks curiously, and glances back now to Iris..
Rexus Rexus laughs, "Shouldn't you taste the stuff to make sure it's any good? Or does taste matter as much as alcohol content?" he asks, looking over at Kaelyn, "Booze, I think, lots of it."
Grover Grover says, "Maybe its being bought for town defense...fill a moat with it, and when someone attacks..light the moat on fire."
Iris Lark     "Well it'll be used to clean wounds mostly, not for drinking." Iris says, chuckling at Rexus before she smirks towards Grover. "So taste won't matter quite so much." She takes another sip of her water and retakes her seat.
Moonshine      "Nothing to be shy about, miss." Moonshine reassures her. He shoots Rexus a glare and takes ahold of the brown jug he set by his seat, "If this little boy over here wants to question my hooch, he can act like a man and try a sip, why don't ya!"
Rexus Rexus merely chuckles, "Like I said, I don't drink, personal preference." he says firmly. "Tends to fuzzy the mind and blur the senses.. plus its terribly addicting and can cost you a small fortune over time."
Iris Lark     Iris gazes at Rexus with interest. "That's great, all that stuff is really bad for you. I worry about people who drink all of the time." She purses her lips slightly and sighs. "Moonshine is a great astringent though."
Moonshine      "Damn straight! I'm astringent as hell!" Moonshine chimes in.
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement with Iris, "Indeed." he says, chuckling amusedly at Moonshine. He looks back to Iris, "I do have a bit of a shopping list though, some things may be more difficult to find than others but... I'm sure something could be worked out."
Kaelyn Kae glances from person to person curiously and umms "Well also if you are using an internal combustion engine, you can use raw shine to actually power it." She suggests and beams "Ethenol has a lot of energy." the girl then adds, and the CORA pipes in "Yup, yay for basic engineering and chemistry!" Kae sighsand shrugs again before nodding at CORA "Yus I know..." CORA then pops up on Kae's wrist, the 3d holo of the little AI Sprite beaming proudly "Taught her almost everything she knows!"
Iris Lark     Iris taps on her Pip-Boy and reads over the available stock. "Well if you tell me what you're looking for, I can keep an eye out or see what we have available here for sale." She smiles at Rexus.
Rexus Rexus reaches into a pocket for a bit of paper. Taking out a pencil, he begins scribbling out a list. "I'll make a lis...." he pauses as he sees Kaelyn and that.. CORA? "What.... is... that..." he stares, blinking, pencil almost falling from his fingers.
Iris Lark     Iris walks towards Rexus to collect his list when he catches sight of CORA. She takes a respectful step back and lets him talk to Kaelyn for a moment before she addresses his paper. She folds her hands behind her back and gazes at Kaelyn.
Rexus Rexus returns to writing whilst Kaelyn.. does Kaelyn stuff. He slides the paper over to Iris, "Whatever's available... of course..." he murmurs.
Iris Lark     Iris looks over the list and she starts walking down one isle after she collects a box to put what they do have in stock in an easy to carry package. "We do have some of this, and there are a few people who have some of the other stuff you're looking for." She grins at Rexus. "You really eat pork 'n beans?"
Rexus Rexus gives a shrug, "I ain't too picky when I'm out and about outside of town... beans and cram are basically what I live off of... not one to eat the wildlife in general... tastes funny..." he mutters. "The cans come in useful as well." He nods as Kaydin arrives, "Seems the entire town's come by here so far."
Kaydin     Kaydin comes to enter the general store and smiles when he see's Iris. He removes his helmet so his face can be seen. "Hey how are you doing Miss Lark?" He asks curiously. He looks to the other people and nods to Rexus. "Good to see ya again." He says as he looks to Kaelyn and her CORA. "So what sort of schenanigans you two been up to.
Iris Lark     "People usually need a healer, so we get a lot of visitors." Iris murmurs, turning to beam a smile at Kaydin. "It's good to see you, and I'm doing well. Thank you Kaydin." She glances back at Rexus as she pulls several cans off of the shelf, adding them to the box. "Well if you are going to settle around Avalon, feel fre to stop by sometime and have a meal that doesn't involve beans." She tilts her head slightly and adds. "If you're looking for a decent rifle, you should ask Nathan if he sold his Gauss yet. I have one and it's rather amazing."
Rexus Rexus hrms, shrugging. "Well, the Gauss are nice but... Like to see what the options are. Nice to have something for up close, you know? But heavy weapons are probably even harder to find." he chuckles, raising an eyebrow, "You own a spot in Avalon too? That must be one heck of a commute, comin all the way up here an all."
Iris Lark     "I walk the outer settlements daily to see if people need aid. A lot of the folks out here on the fringe won't come to the city for doctoring." Iris says, wrinkling her nose. "I have a laser gatling gun, it's a pretty heavy weapon and dangerous as all hell. But that would be quite a buy, honestly. I won't accept less than 2500 caps for it." She raises on her tip toes to pull something from the top shelf to add to the box. "The walk isn't all that bad, I enjoy it."
Kaelyn Kae after chattng a looot with CORA glances to Rexus, and motions to the sprite hovering above her wrist.. "That's CORA, she's an A.I." She responds and shrugs, before the girl finally stands... "I'mma come back tomorrow gotta go grab some all important sleep." she says and then grins and offers a bow to those here... "Y'all enjoy your selves!"
Rexus Rexus gives a departing wave to Kaelyn, returning his attention to Iris. "Aye, seems you are I are doing about the same thing. I'm not much of a doctor but I do my best to help out where people need... be it building fences, digging wells or getting rid of bandits." he sighs, "A laser gatling gun would be nice... heck, lots of things would be nice, have to start saving up the caps I suppose."
Iris Lark     "If you can come up with a healthy down payment and a reason for me to think you won't take off, we'll talk more." Iris murmurs, grinning at Rexus as she props the box on the counter. "I could find the cooking supplies, cram, pork n' beans, the water and cola. I'll check with Jude about the tools,'re looking for power armor? I don't have any of that here, but I know someone selling some a bit cheaper than most."
Rexus Rexus tilts his head, "Mmm well, mark me down in the 'interested' category and we'll go from there. The caps will come in due course, there's no particular rush just yet." he says, raising an eyebrow, "Someone's selling power armor? I saw some for sale at the caravans but it was fairly pricey. Not that it isn't worth it but... well I suppose you have to save up for something."
Kaydin     "Only people I know interested in power armor is the brotherhood of steel. They are the only folks who can use it with proper training. I got some gunsmithing tools that I am debating on selling." Kaydin says as he watches the man curiously.
Iris Lark     "I'll put you in that catagory. All of this stuff comes to about five caps." Iris says, patting the box with one hand. "If you're looking for slightly less expensive power armor, seek out Willow Caine." She blinks at Kaydin and then glances back at Rexus. "Are you Brotherhood?"
Rexus Rexus clears his throat. "I'm... sure I could figure it out." he says, fishing around in his pockets for the caps, handing them to Iris, "This should cover it." he says, peering into the box, just to make sure he hasn't forgotten anything else he'd need. "Willow Caine hmmm? How did she come across it?" he asks, "I don't mind spending the caps for quality equipment, but i'm not above striking a deal when the opportunity arises." he clarifies, totally evading that brotherhood question all together.
Iris Lark     "Not sure, I just saw it up on a trading board." Iris says, smiling at Rexus as she pockets the caps. She glances back towards Kaydin and then eyes Rexus as she bites at her bottom lip. Seems she noticed that he didn't answer that part of the question.
Kaydin     Kaydin chuckles. "NCR has salvaged power armor, but it is heavier then shit and no real different then metal armor. As I said only people who know about power armor and can use it is the brotherhood of steel. They have a bit of a reputation out west but the east is different."
Rexus Rexus ahs and nods. "I see, I'll have to keep a closer look at that trading board.. probably easier than wandering around asking folk who is selling or buying what... then again... probably not as up to date as it should be but beggars can't be choosers." He looks back to Kaydin, "Ah, well, I'll keep an eye out." he says a little quickly, tugging his box of goodies a bit closer. "Have you been to Avalon?" he asks Kaydin. Change the subject, classic move ace.
Iris Lark     "Yes, have you been to Avalon?" Iris asks, smiling at Kaydin. "If you haven't the offer for dinner includes you as well" She says, taking her seat on the stool behind the counter. "I always make far too much food for me and Bacon."
Kaydin     "The village who believes it is the dark ages?" Kaydin asks as he gestures behind him and shrugs. "Wont turn down free food. And the company will be great." Kaydin says with a friendly smile to Iris. When the man changes the subject he just gives him a curious gaze and turns back to Iris.
Rexus Rexus grins, "Yeah... that... hrm. I admit I only walked through the village once or twice... not entirely sure where to put down roots..." he starts making little fake notches in the table. "So we have Avalon, Acme... El Dorado... which other settlements am I missing?"
Iris Lark     "Oh well, I guess it does at that - but it's a nice and quiet place to live." Iris says, leaning back against the wall. "Well there is also Tinnie, Hondo and another place, but they're still be cleared out of scary things. I'm rather partial to Acme, but I moved to Avalon to be closer to some of my friends." She smiles at Kaydin and nods. "Please, stop by any time."
Rexus Rexus hmmms, "Well, I don't know anyone in Avalon besides you Iris... spose I can keep my options open till I make a decision either way. I do enjoy a bit of peace and quiet myself but... neither am I a total loner, nice to have people to chat with and keep up on with current events." he cants his head, "So do you have a house in Avalon or another shop.. restaurant type or.... the Mansion De Iris is in Avalon, but the store's in Acme?"
Iris Lark     "It's a home in Avalon." Iris says, cracking a smile at the way Rexus describes her house. "This shop is a product of the VT6, and I just run most day to day operations." She folds her arms over her chest and swings her legs back and forth. "I was going to get a house here, but this place is pretty busy and I like quiet." She gazes down at her knees. "I was kind of pulling out of the public eye in a way, letting Camilla take over the Clinic. Only taking the occasional patients out here." She shrugs and grins.
Kaydin     "I know I missed you at the clinic." Kaydin says as he coughs and clears his throat. "So I am curious do you happen to have any arm armor? The NCR armor protects the head and torso but thats about it." He says calmly.
Rexus Rexus ahs and nods. "Yes, Camilla checked me out a week or so ago when I got banged up." he looks around the store a bit, "I wonder why there are so many out here in Acme and so few in El Dorado it seems. Maybe Acme is just the newest place and people figure the grass is greener?" he chuckles, looking between Kaydin and Iris, letting Iris handle the power armor question.
Iris Lark     "I don't have any arm armor at the moment, lots of leg armor." Iris says, her cheeks going pink at the mention of being missed. "You're always welcome to come find me here or at home for treatment, I don't mean to stop helping people. Just..stepping back a bit." She makes a note in her Pip-Boy. "If I find arm armor, you'll be the first I contact, Kaydin." She crosses her legs and shakes her head. "There are plenty of people l iving in El Dorado and Shantytown, but a few have branched out here as well."
Kaydin     "What kind of leg armor?" Kaydin asks curiously as he watches her and then he looks to Rexus. "I make my patrols between acme and El Dorado. Lately the scavenging is beginning to get bad and eventually I will head back into Dunwich. Which is fun, let me tell you, running into a hellclaw is on my todo list."
Rexus Rexus looks down at his leg, "Yeah, I was helping on the wall for a bit but might head out to scavenge some up north in that... I don't even know what you call it... might do some patrolling around Acme though, usually I just patrol a bit north of El Dorado but, always nice to get a change in scenery. One of these days i'll get a little house somewhere, just have to find some place that suits."
Iris Lark     Iris shudders at the mention of Dunwich and she wrinkles her nose. "I have some chainmail and some enhanced heavy leather leg guards." She says, smiling at Kaydin. "They're both pretty good protection." She points outside towards the gate. "We're building a wall here as well, it's how I spend my mornings most days. Hauling bricks."
Kaydin     "I may take some leather leg guards. How much you want for them." Kaydin asks curiously before turning to look to Rexus. "Always moved with my postings. Explored most of New vegas and walked the Mojave a few times. I may settle down someday but for now I just wander. Rumor on the NCR grapevine is one of the rangers is thinking of setting up a ranger outpost somewhere."
Rexus Rexus glances towards the door, "A wall here as well? All the settlements are building walls? There a race to the finish to see who gets done first?" he chuckles. "I suppose I can hang out here for a few days, see if I like the place. Been around El Dorado too much, nice to get a change of scenery and pace every once in awhile."
Iris Lark     "100 caps." Iris says to Kaydin before she turns to Rexus. "We have to build the walls, the horde is coming, and if my information is correct so is the NCR." She gazes at Rexus and nods. "Best to feel out places to see if you would be happy and settled there, once the house is built it can't be unbuilt."
Kaydin     "The NCR coming is a good thing. Sharing resources and working together to bring about old world values is a good thing." Kaydin says with a smile and he nods. "I will come back when I have the money... I need to head out and see what I can scavenge. Take care folks." He says with a smile.
Rexus Rexus gives a departing wave to Kaydin, "Indeed." he says, looking over to Iris. "Of course. Few days here, few days in Avalon, get an idea of what is what and if I'd like to settle down or not.. El Dorado is.. fairly crowded.. and all those families... I bet word gets around quick."
Iris Lark     Iris gazes after Kaydin and she sighs. "It might not be such a good thing." She mutters before her gaze goes back to Rexus. "That's what I did, I spent a few days at different places to get a feel for it." She tilts her hand back and forth a bit. "Gossip always travels fast, I've heard quite a few things about myself that isn't true. Some that is."
Rexus Rexus swivels back to look at Iris, "Not such a good thing? The NCR? Sounds like they are extending down here... I've heard mixed things but... it seems places like this stand to lose more than they gain by having the NCR taking control."
Iris Lark     "Well, I heard..and I'm not sure how accurate it is, that they want to take over New Mexico." Iris mumbles, gazing down at her feet as she frowns. "I just..I get jumpy at anyone wanting to take over anything after the things I've seen." She folds her hands in her lap and manages a smile for Rexus. "I think people deserve freedom and to be able to make their own choices."
Rexus Rexus tilts his head, "Oh?" he asks, "Take it you're not from around here then." he says, taking a sip of water. "You are right, least I think so. Though I admit there are times when you just have to knuckle down and follow orders for the sake of survival. If everyone is a bunch of individuals it makes it easier for the mutants or the legion or whomever to come in and take whatever they want."
Iris Lark     "I'm..not from around here, no." Iris says quietly, wincing at the last few words that come from Rexus. She slips to her feet and tries for a smile, leaning against the counter. "We do need to work together though, because if we don't, someone is going to end up tearing down what we're trying very hard to build up."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement, "I've seen what the Mutants can do, it's not very pretty. Some might not like it but.. in my mind, it just has to be done... they can be at liberty to argue and complain all they want after the walls are built and after the mutants are driven off." he says. Changing the subject... again.... "I must say so far I quite like Acme and Avalon, much less crowded... maybe this is just the sort of place I've been looking for."
Iris Lark     "Well, that's what has brought me out to the settlements. I lived in Shantytown for a while, after here?" Iris says, and she chuckles softly for a few moments before she sighs. "I hope we can get rid of the mutants, Sparrow wants to do it with science. I think we'll have to use force too." She fidgets with her shirt, pulling on the bottom of it before she looks back up at Rexus, smiling briefly.
Rexus Rexus ponders that a moment, "Well, science may be a good way to finish them off but... I highly doubt things will progress that smoothly. When we fought them in DC it was with force. I've heard of other ways but... well i'm no scientist."
Iris Lark     "I'm not that kind of smart, so I can't see what she's trying to do." Iris says, nodding towards Rexus as she slips off of her stool. "I just want to feel safe for the first time in my life. I want to wake up without thinking that it might be the last time I feel free." She shrugs as she picks up her rucksack and sets it on the counter. "Ever since I came to El Dorado it's been one bad thing after another. I'd give about anything for some peace."
Rexus Rexus nods slowly as he considers her words. "Well, I am sure the help you give to others is very much appreciated. I can tell you have a good heart and a kind soul." he looks off to the wall for a moment, "I suppose I myself am tired of walking away... bout time I settled and put down new roots, away from all that." he shakes his head, "Oh come now, it can't be all bad, I'm sure you have some enjoyable times." he says, putting on a bit of a goofy smile, "You have your own shop! Get to meet people, chit chat, lead a regular life and all."
Iris Lark     " get that. I get to meet people and learn new things, that's.." Iris blushes and rubs a hand over her face, hiding it for a moment. "Well I hope you do settle and you find happiness here. There are a lot of good people and they do come together at times when it's most needed." She opens up her rucksack and searches in it for a few moments. "I don't really lead a regular life though, I'm still a bit stuck on my past. Can't quite get away from it."
Rexus Rexus finishes off his bottle of water. "Oh don't worry, you're not alone, I've been walking for..."he pauses, glancing upwards as he tries to recall, "Three.. four years now? Still haven't shaken off that monster. It does pass.. a bit... after awhile, once you get into a more positive setting. Then you just look ahead and you start to see the light once more, you'll come round, just keep doing what you're doing."
Iris Lark     Iris flashes a brilliant smile at Rexus as she pulls the drawstrings on her rucksack. "You may be right." She admits, pulling the bag off the counter and slinging it over her shoulder. "I'll give it some thought, you know, try to focus on the good rather than the bad." She tilts her head as she pushes a lock of hair behind her ear. "You'll come for dinner? Soon?"
Rexus Rexus stands up, stretching his legs a bit. "Of course, looking forward to it." he says, taking a few steps forward, bowing politely to Iris. "I'll stop by on the morrow, after I do some work on the walls." he says, extending his hand towards hers.
Iris Lark     Iris reaches out and she shakes Rexus' hand, dipping her head before she takes a few steps towards the door. "Sounds good, I will keep a look out for you." She says, glancing over at Moonshine. "I keep the doors unlocked here, people look out for the place, so you stay as long as you've a need." She takes another step towards the door and waves. "Be safe if you travel though!"