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Fern     It's not usually a long journey when Fern is heading over to Jackie's place, but today it's taking longer than usual, and that's because the kid is doing her best to carefully drag something over to her place. She has a little rickety wagon (that's seen much better days) and she's dragging it as best she can with one hand while the other is holding on to the side of something wrapped in blankets and sheets. It's about six feet long or so, and a foot or so wide. The kid pauses her work and glances about, spots Jackie's shop, heaves a heavy breath and then sets out to reach her destination.
Jacqueline The shop's garage door is open today for ventilation. Inside, Jackie can be seen taking a look through a box of parts, frowning at a clipboard and making notes. "Voltage regulator... solar charging cell..." She pauses and wipes her forehead. "Sometimes I think I need an assistant."
Fern     "Hey!" calls Fern once she is about to see Jackie. She starts pulling the cart a little faster now, but not too much faster. "Hey, Jackie!" she calls, now starting to grin wide. She lacks her helmet today, and her hair looks like she is still taking care of it. For the most part.

    "Hey," she then says once she's closer, slowing the cart to a halt and slowly letting go of the long.. board or whatever it is. "Glad to see you! I was hoping you were here.. Not too busy, yeah?" Fern assumes with a grin.
Jacqueline Jackie, hearing that familiar voice, smiles widely and looks up, waving overhead at her friend. "Hey!" she calls back, setting aside the clipboard and quickly wiping her hands on a rag. "Hi, Fern! I'm never too busy for friends," she replies, moving to give Fern a hug. "How are you? Wow, you feel lighter! Losing weight? Or is it just the lack of helmet?" she teases gently.
Fern     Fern gives Jackie a squeeze before she says, "Not sure where I'd lose it from if I did.. but yeah! Probably the helmet. Can't wear it -all- the time, you know," she mentions before she looks around the shop and back. When her eyes land on Jackie again she says, "I found something when I was out lookin' around. Thought you might like it. You know. Kinda bein' christmas soon and all." She shrugs a little and then motions with a hand to the item she has wrapped up. It's not nice paper or anything, but it has to do!
Jacqueline "Bet it weighs seven pounds by itself. I like you better without it," Jackie admits, playfully running a hand over Fern's hair. "It's easier to talk to you, and you don't startle me when you turn your head." She's never gotten used to the impressively garish headgear, even if she knows how much Fern loves it.
But the mention of a present has her blinking in surprise. "Wow. I'm... I'm touched, Fern," she says softly. "I haven't even got my Christmas shopping done yet. I've just been so busy. But you're on my list, promise." She steps a bit closer, looking at the large, wrapped object curiously. "Ooh, you even wrapped it! Coolness."
Fern     "You don't have to get anything for me," Fern says. "I wasn't really plannin' on getting anyone anything much, but.. when ya find something that seems too good, you don't pass it up, right?" she says as she starts to grin again, watching Jackie. "Open it!" she says in an excited way, her eyes lighting up.

    With her hands free now, Fern brushes a hand over where Jackie had touched her hair, and she mentions, "It's a cool helmet, though. No one else has one like it.. and it's pretty sturdy. Good to intimidate people, too."
Jacqueline "I really should, though. I have such a small family that there's not a lot of gift-giving," Jackie admits. "Want to come over for Christmas dinner? I know there'll be room at the table."
She has to smile at Fern's obvious enthusiasm, moving to have a look at the object. "Somehow I have a feeling I'd better not pick it up and shake it. Wow, you really padded it well! Is it fragile?" she asks, beginning to undo the bindings.
Fern     @emit
    "Yeah.. If you pick it up and shake it, I think I might have a heart attack.." Fern says, pausing there before continuing. "..Cause it was pretty hard to get. I mean.. there was Enclave there and.. it was like everyone was after it and.. I had to fight them off and everything. And they finally just let me have it.. Had to walk back like.. a hundred miles with the wagon.. and a wheel fell off and then I had to fix it and.. man! Long trip," she says. Totally telling the truth. Scout's honor.

    "I'd like to, yeah.. What time? 'Cause Gale might be having a dinner with the family and stuff.. I'd have to go to that, I think. She's been nice, letting me stay with her and stuff. I don't wanna be an asshole and not go, but I'd like to come to yours. That'd be nice," she says, all while watching Jackie with anticipation clear on her face.
Jacqueline "After all that, I couldn't possibly refuse this present," Jackie says, trying not to giggle at Fern's story. "Though this is really tied up good. I think the long journey tightened the bindings."
She keeps working on it as she considers the matter of Christmas dinner. "We usually celebrate in the late evening, once the daytime customers have gone home. Some folks don't cook on Christmas, or can't, so we have a half-price meal deal at the restaurant during the day. After, we get together and have our own Christmas dinner. Maybe around 7, I think."
She finally gets the bindings loosened enough to get the padding off. She slowly begins unwrapping the big, flat present.
Fern     "Uh huh, okay. Sure.. Yeah! Sounds good," Fern says, sounding a bit distracted as she watches the unwrapping of the present. Her eyes are wide and she's looking between the hidden mirror and Jackie, back and forth again and again. She'sreally waiting on that reaction, and she'll be damned if she misses it!

    "Seven? Cool. Seven.. Okay. I can tell Gale and.. if I have to eat fast and run, I'll make it.. I'll let you know what time she wants to have dinner.." She nods quickly.
Jacqueline Jackie finally gets the last of the wrappings off... and her eyes get as big as chocolate cookies. "Oh... oh, my gosh! Fern, I love it! Where did you get a treasure like this?" she asks, dancing on tiptoes in her excitement. "It's amazing! I've never seen a mirror like this!"
Fern     Fern's face is slowly starting to turn red and she starts to smile more. "Yeah? You like it?" GRIN. She looks like an idiot now. "In the basement of this old house.. There were lots and lots of old boxes everywhere, and they had some furniture in the corner and it was covered in all the blankets. I was tryin' to move a couch to see what else there was, and this was lying down under the couch.. Kept it pretty clean, too! There's a little crack at the bottom, but that's about it.. some scratches, too, but it's in pretty good condition, yeah? Thought you'd like it. You're always talkin' about a mirror and all."
Jacqueline "It's perfect!" Jackie catches Fern's hands, if the younger girl will let her, and pulls her into a tight, warm hug. "Oh, thankyouthankyouthankyouthank/you/!"
Fern     Fern is squished in a hug. Not that she minds, though. She starts to laugh as she's squeezed, and she returns the hug just as happily. She even jumps up and down a little. "You're welcome! You gotta do nice things for people you like, yeah? You like seeing them happy, and.. yeah. I'm glad you like it!" Fern says, laughing a bit more now, giving Jackie a silly shake now that she's trapped!
Jacqueline "Hey, my pants!" Jackie protests through giggles as Fern jumps up and down, trying to join her and match her rhythm so there's less damage to her modesty. "And you seem just as happy as me! I'm glad of it."
Fern     Laughing even more when she hears about Jackie's pants, Fern reaches down to grab at the belt loops and hold them up. She's seen Jackie without pants far too many times!! The kid laughs as she almost gives her friend a wedgie. Once the jumping stops she releases the hold and takes a step back, and she snickers again. "I am! I like seeing you happy. That's what friends do, so." She shrugs again and grins really wide. "Where you gonna put it?"
Jacqueline Jackie manages to let go with one hand, keeping Fern from digging her own pants into her too much. She gives Fern a kiss on the cheek as the jumping comes to an end. "This is such a wonderful present. Thank you so much, Fern. I'm thinking... it's a little big for the bathroom. Maybe over in the corner there, away from the workbench, by the sink?" She moves to take it out of the wagon, careful with her grip. No telling how old this big looking-glass is.
Fern     Fern is still grinning like an idiot, and after being kissed on the cheek she's giggling again. Fern hops back and puts her hands on her hips, and she starts to look around for places to put it. "Yeah.. Away from tools would be good. I think you'd cry if something flew off the shelf and broke it or something.. Uhhh," she looks more, nodding to agree, "Yeah! Over there looks good.. Hey, lemmie help," she says, hurrying over to help lift it as careful as she can. "When you stand it up you can turn it and change the angle. Isn't that cool!?"
Jacqueline "I love it, it's amazing!" Jackie replies, pausing so Fern can get into position, then moving with it. "I've been meaning to put a wall here, so I could clean up in the shop and not have to worry about getting grease on my Mom's floor and stuff. The sink doesn't work, but it'll hold water, and the drain works fine."
She guides the two of them over near the sink. "Okay, bring your side around a couple steps to the right... oh, wait! I meant /my/ right! Your left," she adds quickly.
Fern     Fern is in no hurry to get the mirror right where Jackie wants it, so she slows her step and takes her time, moving where ever Jackie requests so it's put in just the right spot. "Gotta make sure it's forward enough. Don't need someone to bump it and make it flip up and bang back into the wall.. Should we pad the wall?" she then wonders, looking from the mirror to glance at the wall behind it. She also spends a minute looking at herself in the mirror. "I bet the clothing shop would buy this from you for a lot of caps. Better not let them find out you got it.
Jacqueline "Ooh, you're right... can you bring some of the padding from the wagon?" Jackie asks as she steps into the image with Fern, hitting on a solution almost right away. "I can stuff the bottom of the frame with it, and keep it from pivoting 'til I can find a way to pad the wall." She glances at Fern, grinning and nodding. "It'll be our secret 'til we can find one to sell to them."
Fern     "Yeah! Okay. Our secret.." Fern says, her grin still wide as can be. The girl hops away from the mirror then and moves back to the old wagon, gathering up some of the fabric there to bring it over to Jackie. "Are you gonna stare at yourself for a while now that you have the mirror?" she wonders, catching herself doing so. There aren't many of these around, so it's odd to see your whole reflection. Huh. Maybe she -has- lost a little weight. Fern flexes in the mirror.
Jacqueline Jackie nods her thanks to Fern when she returns, stooping and wedging some of it between the frame and the side of the mirror to keep it from turning. In the process, she blocks Fern's view of herself with her hips and back. "Dunno... we'll know in a moment."
Fern     Fern takes a step back to make more space for Jackie, and she watches her now. She looks happy and content for now, enjoying the moment with her friend.
Jacqueline Finishing, Jackie sighs and straightens, rubbing her back, then steps aside so Fern can look at herself without obstruction. She also gingerly adjusts her pants, still a bit askew from all the jumping earlier. It's easier when she can see herself.
She strikes a playful pose, smiling at the result. "It's official, Jackie... you are one good-lookin' mechanic!"
Fern     Laughing at what's exclaimed, Fern says, "Well, I coulda told you that!" A beat. "I mean, you got nice hair and all. It's a neat color. I don't know many people with the.. reddish.. dark-hair thing going on," Fern says with a little shrug. She then looks away and starts to glance about the room.

    "What all kinds of things do you keep in here? You were checkin' stuff off a list when I came in.. What all do you stock?" she wonders.
Jacqueline "Yeah, but you never do," Jackie teases, nonetheless giving Fern a quick hug. "And it's from my Mom. She doesn't have it, but she once told me one of my aunts had the same coloration as me. Hers is just pure black. She makes me a little jealous sometimes."
The question draws her attention back to the shelves. "Stock? Well... I keep a lot of parts and stray metal, if only because I have to fix so many things. Lots of parts can be repurposed, if you know how, and wire and tubing and hoses and such are good for just about everything. Anymore, I don't have a lot of finished parts. Why? Are you interested in becoming a mechanic?" she asks, looking thoughtfully at the younger girl.
Fern     "Uhhhh... I -could- learn a few things, yeah. That'd make it easier for me one day when I get my own bike.. It's good to know that sort of stuff in the world we live in. Probably more practical than knowing other stuff," Fern says with a little smirk. She starts to poke around with whatever is on shelves, looking things over and picking them up, but she's always sure to be careful and not break anything or make it go missing.

    "Plain black hair would be boring. The red's cool. I'd be up for red in my hair. Yours makes you unique, ya know?" she murmurs while looking around.
Jacqueline "I'd be glad to teach you. You can never know too much, not in this world," Jackie agrees. "But everything comes in handy, sometimes. Knowing how to fix your own bike is good, but knowing how to fix your own clothes is more useful most of the time."
She has to smile, hearing Fern speak of her hair. "It does add something to my looks," she admits. "But plain black hair isn't boring. Mom's is so dark it almost soaks up light, and when it's just been washed it's so shiny... she once showed me a movie poster about a Chinese heroine, and her hair's just as beautiful as Hua Mulan's."
Fern     "Hua Mulan? I don't know that person.. and I guess shiny black hair can be cool, too, but I like yours the way it is," Fern says with a little grin as she turns around to have her back against a shelf. She takes a look at te clothing Jackie wears now and she murmurs, "You could learn to make your pants a little tighter. All of them." She starts to laugh. "With how they're always falling off.." Fern smirks at that.
Jacqueline "Please, Fernness, like /you/ can criticize anyone's pants for not fitting?" Jackie ripostes, giving Fern's vastly oversized mutant pants a playful tug. "And I don't know her either, but apparently she was someone really important in Chinese history. I guess that's not a very popular subject right now, what with the invasion back in the war and all."
She turns back to the mirror, frowning thoughtfully. "Maybe I should do something different with my hair. I've just been keeping it out of my eyes and my way."