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Iris Lark Iris is sitting on the back porch of her house, pushing gently on the swing that she's seated on. A small cup of tea is in hand and she looks contemplative as she watches the sun rising above the horizon. It's a good start to a quiet morning.
Owl     Despite the early hour, Owl is trudging around Avalon with his satchel slung over his shoulder. He's kicking up a little bit of dust as he does so, carrying some sort of small case at his side as he leaves one of the other buildings in town. He happens to glance to the side, in Iris' direction towards her porch, walks for a few more moments, then turns to veer off towards her direction.
Iris Lark Iris spots Owl walking throuogh the wasteland that she calls her backyard, but really, who's land is it? She raises her hand to wave, as her foot gives another push against the ground to set her swinging again. "Hey!" She calls out, a smile on her face. "How are you doing this morning?"
Owl     Owl trudges right up to Iris' back porch, stopping just short of stepping up and onto the wood. He inclines his head to her on the way, smiling slightly before he comes to a stop, adjusting his jacket and his satchel. "Hey there." He says, looking around for a moment, before responding. "Sleepy little place. You wouldn't know all the troubles people were dealing with here just by looking at it."
Iris Lark "That's why I live here." Iris says, waving Owl up to the porch. "Come on up, have a seat." She glances around and shrugs. "The horde will still show up here eventually, like everywhere else. Hopefully we can keep this nice little peace for a little longer."
Owl     Owl moves to take a seat on the opposite end of the bench as Iris, then looks out at the wasteland and the little town beyond. He rocks a little bit with one of his feet too, adjusting his bag. He sighs. "Yeah." He says. "...I just wish more people were doing something about it."
    He turns to look at her. "I've been thinking about volunteering myself at the clinic. Seems like there's a lot of doctors here, but not really enough to go around. And I do have a little bit of training in first aid." He then looks back out at the town. "...I had a talk the other day, with an NCR Ranger and a former member of the Legion that bothered me a little bit."
Iris Lark At the mention of the Legion, a perceptiable tension seems to envelop Iris. She shifts her gaze to Owl and tilts her head slightly to the side. "What bothered you about it?" She asks, her hands on her mug going slightly white knuckled.
Owl     Owl looks over at Iris, pauses for a moment, trying to read her, then continues carefully. "He was a Super Mutant, so...that definitely goes into something new and different." He says, finally looking off towards the little town again. "He said a lot of things that were wrong. That the NCR was weak, that the Mojave was full of degenerates, that the Legion's Order was better than the messy chaos of life. All things that were wrong, but..." He says, watching a kid running around and playing in the distance. "He did say that if the Legion was in charge of the town. They would have built the walls already. Press-ganged people to finish construction, conscripted people for defense. Obviously I don't want the Legion in charge, but I think he was broadly right that in a time like this El Dorado could likely use a bit more organization."
Iris Lark "No, he's not wrong about organization. We all could use some help working together." Iris remarks, her eyes shifting to take in the wasteland again as she takes a small sip of her tea. "I hope that the NCR is a little weak, I got intel saying that they're coming to take over New Mexico." She sighs and shakes her head "I haven't heard anything from Katherine so I have no clue if my other intel even made it to town. I might need to go take care of it." She glances back at Owl. "The Legion is ..horrid, and people who sympathize with them .." She shudders delicately and swallows visibly. "I've seen what they can do, first hand, for more than twenty years of my life. I don't think that mindset is good for anyone."
Owl     Owl nods his head, looking over at Iris. "I'm not the Mayor, and I don't know how things really work out here. But I have worked on the walls for a few days. Honestly it's hard work, and some people are volunteering, but it takes a lot out of you and its a whole day of lost work that could be spent scavenging in the wasteland." He pauses, then says: "If the Mayor and whoever runs the town decided, say, to pay everyone who worked on the walls 25 caps a day. For a couple of days...the walls would be done quickly. Sure it might take a couple thousand caps. I assume that's not something you or I could afford to do, but...the whole town?" He asks, lifting an eyebrow. " the same token. The construction robots could be re-purposed. There should be automated defenses. Turrets. There are things in town to protect stores from thieves, old robots, that should be at the gate. On the front line." He says.
    Then he sighs, sinking back into the bench. "...the NCR aren't perfect. I don't like a lot of what they do. But they're definitely the lesser of all evils. The Enclave, the Legion, the Brotherhood, the NCR at least won't burn down your town down for not submitting. Or summarily execute people deemed to be genetically impure. They may be dicks about it though." He doesn't say anything further about the Legion, though.
Iris Lark "I've been under someones thumb for over twenty years of my life. I'm not looking to go back to "serving" someone." Iris reamrks, and she gets to her feet then, walking over the the kettle before she pours another cup of tea. She hands it to Owl as she settles back on her seat. "I don't mind if someone wants to help us, or side with us in the upcoming conflict, but taking over? That smaks of what I went through with the Legion."
Owl     Owl accepts the tea graciously, saying: "Thank you." He blows on it, sips at it, then decides it's too hot. He tries to stop the bench from rocking so he doesn't spill his tea. He looks up and over at Iris. "Like I said, the lesser of all evils. Wouldn't be fun to be taken over, but the NCR are ambitious and negligent, but they won't feed your sons to dogs and sell your daughters into slavery."
    He clears his throat. "We Followers used to officially be a part of the NCR's government. But we broke with them because we didn't like them trying to expand their territory so aggressively. A lot of us left and joined the OSI or the Military. But we're still welcomed by them and allowed to do our work. So, if they start expelling Followers and executing people who don't agree with them, my opinion might change, but for now..." He sips his tea. "...I'd much rather see an NCR Ranger on the horizon than a Legion Scout, or a Brotherhood Knight."
    He pauses, then says: "...but that's beside the point, I think the defense preparations here could use better organization."
Iris Lark "I think you're right, on most things. I would prefer people to be able to have a choice, freedom was earned here." Iris says, pushing the swing and letting it move slowly again. "So did you enjoy travelling while you were doing it?" She asks, smiling over at Owl. "I've always wanted to see different places, but I've only been to Mexico, and that wasn't exactly a vacation."
Owl     Owl sips his tea again gingerly. He looks at the horizon again, and then lowers his tea to his lap and nods his head. He looks over at Iris. "I don't know if I said this but I'm from here originally, you know. was rough at first. I was just a kid. I got drunk and beat up a lot. Ended up having no caps in my pocket more often than not. Got into a lot of bad situations. Once I became a follower, though, the traveling was always either with a group, or with a purpose...and that was a lot more enjoyable." He looks down at his feet. "I've been from here to New Vegas, to the Hub, Boneyard, and Glow, and around most of the Mojave. Never been to Mexico, far North as Utah, or anywhere more East than this." He says.
    "Met a couple folks who said they'd come from further East or North. Doesn't sound too different from here, albeit colder."
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and clears her throat. "I didn't know you were from here, I heard you mention the Romero name, I think?" She shrugs and sits back against the swing as she considers. "I want to travel one day, I guess everyone dreams of a place where there isn't conflict or ..pain, and I guess one day I'd like to find such a place." She gestures out to her yard and smirks. "Could be that this little patch I have is the only place that will be like that. We'll see."
Owl     Owl nods his head. He looks over towards Iris. "Yeah, I don't know how many of us are left. Apparently one of my cousins is head of the Militia? But I haven't seen any of them." He says, sipping his tea again. "We uh...had a falling out." He explains. "...which is why I left."
    He then glances out to the horizon again. He sighs slowly. Closes his eyes. "Well." He says. "I'm not sure you'll find anywhere like that. Honestly, closest you might come is the Boneyard. There there's conflict, Legion. No Mutants. No Raiders. There's crime though. And Political disagreements." He sips his tea again, then gestures to the horizon. "Imagine a city as big as from here to Roswell. Just one big city. But imagine it's only got one tenth the people in it that it should. And that it has been set on fire a couple of times...but there have been some pretty good repairs done. And some parts of the city are actually really nice. They look close to what I imagine it must have looked like before the bombs. Actually, I've seen pictures. Some parts of it do."
Iris Lark Iris winces as she gazes over at Owl and shakes her head. "I think I'll stay here instead. I can handle the worry and I can keep myself safe." She pulls her feet up on the swing and keeps her legs close to her chest. "If we're being honest, I'm afraid to be completely alone, and I would be if I left here for greener pastures."
Owl     Owl drinks more of his tea, then shrugs his shoulders. "I like being alone...most of the time." He pauses, then adds: "It's not so bad. It's nice when you grow up in a big family to be alone once in a while. And I traveled a lot alone. Now I'm out here, alone feels to me like an adventure. Nothing but me and my wits against the wasteland." He says excitedly.
    Then he turns towards Iris. " Organization. Do you think, you have enough pull to maybe help organize the efforts a little bit? I have some plans, and some suggestions..." Then he sighs. "Or...I guess. Do you need more volunteers at the clinic? Like I said, all Followers know first aid..."
Lucky Walking up from the wasteland toward the back porch of the home is none other than Lucky the wandering Ranger. Hands stuffed in the outer pockets of the duster, he walks calmly and collectively toward the house. As he gets to the steps, he nods to Iris and the unknown fellow; saying "Hey Iris, I found something the wastes.. wasn't sure if it'd be useful for you or not.. but..."

Opening the duster a bit, he retrieves a satchel latched to his belt and hands it toward her. It is a medical kit.
Iris Lark Iris turns pink when asked if she has pull. "Uhm I ..could try, but I am not much of a front liner.." Then there is Lucky and the flustered Healer nearly pounces on the change of subject. "Lucky! Hi! Come up on on the porch." She says, gesturing for him to come closer. "Lucky, have you met Owl? Apparently he's a Romero." She then gestures towards Lucky. "Owl, this is Lucky Strikes. He's..a ranger of some sort. I think." She furrows her brow and looks slightly embarassed as glances between the pair. "I have one, but ..maybe I can find someone who might want to purchase it."
Owl     Owl is sitting on the opposite end of a swing as Iris, sipping tea.
    He glances up at Lucky as the man approaches, lifting an eyebrow to him. He clears his throat, and asks: "NCR Ranger?" He then looks down at the Medkit, and then over at Iris. " need more volunteers. I could probably use it." He says, looking up and over to Lucky. He asks him. "How much would you want for it?"
    Then to Iris, he nods his head. "It's okay. But anything helps. These people could really use some organization. Some technical know-how...and some planning. It might save lives." He explains.
Lucky "Romero?" He queries, glancing to Owl.

"Wait, like that crabby serious fellow that is a Marshal for the Militia?" Lucky replies to Iris, fingers snapping "What is his name.. Mono.. Mino, Manu.. Manure? ..." He frowns as he thinks.

"Oh! Manuelito!" He finally says with a wide smile. "Yeah, Manuelito.. that Navajo fellow." He exclaims before focusing on Owl for a moment.

"Desert Ranger from the Mojave... but I suppose NCR Ranger is accurate ... Alliance and treaties and all... Though, I suppose I am more a rogue lately; seeing as I haven't reported in" He shrugs.

"Oh, how about ... say two hundred caps? I really don't have a use for it."
Iris Lark "You would have to ask Camilla about the Clinic, I surrendered the position to her. If you would like though, I can speak to her about it." Iris says to Owl, her cheeks still rather pink. "She glances between the two and falls silent as they haggle over the medical kit.
Owl     Owl nods his head slowly to Lucky. "I haven't seen him in 20 years, so I can't say much about him." He says. "That's one of my cousins, though." He clears his throat slightly, then shrugs his shoulders. "I'm not going to report you." He says.
    Owl clearly isn't very adept at bartering, however, since he just says: "Sounds good." And reaches into his satchel to take out some caps.
    He looks over to Iris, nods his head. "Sure...really, honestly...I'd like to be helpful right now anywhere I can. Any way I can. I'd like to help organize and do science, but if not, I can help treat wounds..."
Iris Lark "Well in that case, I'll hook you up with Qwillis. He's the man working in the lab in the Clinic. I'm helping him with his mechanical limbs. You could sit in with us, I'm sure he'd like another set of eyes." Iris grins at Owl and shrugs. "He's staying here, he went out to scavenge though." She gets to her feet and walks towards the house. "Dinner should be ready soon, you're both welcome to stay for food if you'd like."
Owl     Owl nods his head. "Maybe I've met him, but I'm not sure." He says. "Either way, I'd appreciate the introduction." He says. "I just want to get involved and be useful. I hate knowing there's something bad coming and not much I can do but build walls." He says.
    Owl then takes the medkit from Lucky, smiles, says 'Thank you', and slips it away into his satchel. Then he looks over towards Iris. He stands up slowly. He thinks for a moment, then he nods his head. "Sure. Yes. Actually. I would appreciate that." He says with a smile.
Lucky With the product sold, Lucky smiles "Thanks so kindly Owl. A pleasure meeting you." Glancing to Iris he smiles brightly "Woo.. food... Oh, and Qwill is a cool guy." He tells Owl.
Iris Lark "Alright boys, come on in, we'll eat." Iris says, gathering up the kettle and cups as she walks in. "Hope you two like chili." She says as she shrugs a shoulder.