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Iris Lark The sun is starting to descend towards the horizon and it's fairly quiet in Avalon. Dinner is simmering on a wood stove, and Iris stands at a deep basin sink, washing up from dinner prep. The front door of her home is wide open and the piglet Bacon trots around, doing whatever piglets are doing when they're not face first in food.
Rexus Rexus arrives! Well, he approaches the gate. Being the polite one, he gives a gentle little knock on the gate. Yes it's wide open but, better to make sure the residents know he is here! He has a little box under one arm, and what looks like a wasteland flower in the other, with a empty can of spam that's been filled of water to act as a vase. He smiles when he sees the little piggy, but doesn't approach, no sense spooking the locals.
Iris Lark Iris peeks out from the house and waves Rexus in. "Hey, you actually came." She says, a smile on her face. "Don't mind Bacon he's a guard pig but he's only big enough to maybe frighten a small mouse." She turns and walks into the house, hoping that the man will follow. "I forgot ask what your preference was so I made some chili." She pauses and turns back, her nose wrinkled. "I hope that's okay, it is a little spicy."
Rexus Rexus smiles as he steps in, walking towards the house. "Oh I don't mind, chilli is one of my favorites." he says as he follows, "I brought some things..." he says, sheepishly offering up the lone little flower in a tin can vase. Then he opens up the box, just some sundries... household items, some toilet paper, odds and sods that you might find in an abandoned house.
Iris Lark Iris peeks in the box, and a smile appears slowly on her face as she looks up from the items to Rexus. "This is very kind of you, I really appreciate it." She takes the box and sets it on one of the chairs before she takes the flower in the can and moves to add some water, placing it on the counter. "You didn't have to bring anything, you know, but it is sweet that you did." She points to a chair and sets down a glass of water. "Have a seat, I'll get you a bowl of food."
Rexus Rexus takes a seat at the offered table. "Oh, thought I should at least bring something." he says, scooching the chair in so he's sitting properly at the table. "How was your day?" he asks, getting comfy. "No rush, leave some for yourself!" he chuckles.
Iris Lark "I'll eat with you." Iris promises, scooping with a ladle to fill a bowl. She adds a little bit of rice and brings it to the table, setting it down in front of Rexus. "My day was fine, I uhm..talked to someone named Owl for a bit, he was tromping through my back yard, and then I cooked." She goes back for another bowl, giving herself a bit more rice before she comes to take a seat, folding herself into it until she's comfy. "I was going to walk to Acme, but I don't think I need to today, so..I stayed home."
Rexus Rexus nods slowly, smiling as the bowl is placed infront. He takes up a spoon and eagerly digs in, probably his first homecooked meal in awhile! "Oh this is delicious!" he smiles as he eats, chewing slowly and with his mouth closed! "I did some work on the walls at Acme but, figured I would spend some more time down here to get a feel for the place." he says in between mouthfuls.
Iris Lark "Yeah? How is the work going up there?" Iris asks as she starts to eat herself, spooning up a bite and taking her time before she swallows. "Have you visited the tavern here? It's ..a bit of a hoot if we're being honest. Every time I go in there I feel as if I should dress up in wench gear."
Rexus Rexus laughs, "I looked inside.. looked at the tailoring shop? Might even buy myself some outfits... might fit the attire." he says with a wry smirk. He takes a few more bites, chewing happily. "Wench outfit? I think a Princess's dress may be more suitable." he says with a bit of a grin.
Iris Lark "Oh, I'm not a princess." Iris says, her eyes on her food. "If anything, I could probably be the evil queen." She glances up at Rexus with a grin. "You know, the one who gets revenge on the "good guys" for all of their "good" deeds." She giggles a bit and shrugs. "I have a maid's outfit.." She blinks and for a moment she looks incredibly embarassed. "I wear work?" She groans softly and aims her gaze back at her food.
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow, "A Maid's outfit? Well.. whatever floats your boat... makes the merry-go-round go-round..." he says, "I did find some weird magazines that featured that kind of thing..." he says, smirking, "Evil queen would be a nice outfit.. corset and everything... no whips.. whips are bad."
Iris Lark "I uhm..well.." Iris shifts in her seat, laughing nervously. "My merry go round has very specific settings that don't have much to do with outfits and the like." She takes another bite of her food and then grimaces. "What kind of magazines did you find with maid outfits in them?" She asks, both eyebrows quirked a bit as a smile tugs at her lips. "One of those dirty ones, I imagine?"
Rexus Rexus sighs and nods, "Yeah.... i've found two actually, probably end up selling them." he says between bites. "Not really my thing, someone'll buy them." he says, stirring his chilli a bit to help cool it slightly. "So who else lives down here in Avalon? Seems fairly quiet... well.. except for people trudging through your yard."
Iris Lark Iris leans on the table her chin cradled in her palm. "Sparrow and Stockton live here, one is a medic like myself, the other is the Sheriff of El Dorado." She glances out towards the door. "Sparrow is one of the people who got most of the folk settled here." She takes another bite of her chili and considers. "Other than that, I'm not sure who else lives out here. I haven't been lately?" She moves her food around the bowl for a moment. "I have been taking some me time."
Rexus Rexus ahhs, "Interesting that the Sheriff lives out here." he says, making little mental notes. "Well, it is important to take some me time... relax, just enjoy the quiet and little things that you like to do...." he pauses after a moment, "I'm.. not interrupting your 'me time' am I?" he adds with a tiny hint of a blush, "Haven't had chili this good in a loooong time, couldn't pass up the chance, sorry."
Iris Lark "No, if I invited you over it's becaues perhaps I've had too much me time and need to socalize again." Iris remarks, smiling at Rexus. "Besides that, I like to cook for people, and you're a pretty nice guy, or you are so far." She grins slightly as she leans forward, both eyebrows slightly raised. "You don't have a horrid past do you? Taking advantage of young girls?"
Rexus Rexus takes another bite, coughing a bit at her question. "Noooo no no no, nothing like that." he says, clearing his throat before venturing another bite. "My past is about... 3 years walk to the east." he muses, "And a long time ago. Though I admit i'm not exactly a social butterfly myself... and you certainly won't find me drinking in saloons too often... just cola or water.. and tea if it's around."
Iris Lark Iris grins at his response and takes another bite of food herself. "It's good that you don't have a past like that, there are far too many people who do." She relaxes in her chair and chuckles as she raises her glass of water in the air. "To not being social, may we one day come out of our shells and make the effort." She says, giggling at Rexus. "I have only been drunk once, it was an experience."
Rexus Rexus reaches for his glass and raises it, clinking it gingerly against Iris's, "Here here." he says in response. "Forever will we be the ones to point and chuckle at the others as they get drunk and make fools of themselves.... or poke fun at them in the morning when they have hangovers." he adds with a sly grin. "It's been years... I was barely more than a kid when I tried my first little swig of whiskey... not my thing."
Iris Lark "My first time, was about four months ago." Iris says, rolling her eyes and shaking her head. "I woke up with a headache and a bruise as big as a hand on my shoulder. I don't remember much about that night either." She leans back in her chair and shrugs a shoulder. "I did have fun though, I don't feel regretful, just not something I can indulge in. Not if I have to take care of people."
Rexus Rexus nods, "Not to mention.. like you said, remembering... I suppose someday I may be more tolerant but.. more in a.. glass of wine with dinner sort of way rather than lining up the shots of vodka and pretending to be kids again... sorta thing." he muses. "Everything in moderation, like the doctor says."
Iris Lark Iris grins at Rexus and nods, an agreeable look on her face. "You believe and like what you like, and don't like what you don't like. It's a fine thing. For a long time I couldn't have my own opinion so now I relish it. The ability to make a choice and not have to explain it." She sits back on her chair and pats her stomach. "I think I might have eaten too much."
Rexus Rexus finishes his bowl, making sure to scrap every last little bit out of the bottom.. almost cleaning it perfectly. "Delicious." he says with a smile. "Perhaps, everything is relative though." he shrugs, "I suppose I'm a fairly tolerant person, within reason. Treat others with respect and everything is kosher.. once the insults and violence starts to fly is where I draw the line."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and gathers both bowls, taking them to the sink as she sloshes the dishes in the soap to clean them. She pushes her hair behind her ears with her soapy fingers and shrugs. "The world would be a better place if more people followed along with your mindset." She says, rinsing the bowls and setting them aside. "But, this is the wasteland and for most people it's really every man and woman for yourself."
Rexus Rexus stands and follows Iris to the kitchen. Once there, he picks up a cloth, ready to dry the dishes as needed. "It is, but I suppose it eases my mind to know at least I am keeping my moral compass on the straight and narrow, doing the best I can to bring the best that is possible to the people just living their normal lives, trying to make ends meet, raise families and provide for their children."
Iris Lark "Do you have a wife and kids?" Iris asks, smiling over at Rexus as she hands him another washed cup. She dips her hands back in the soapy water and takes the time to clean the pots and pans used to cook this afternoon. "And yes, I agree, though sometimes I do have trouble with my moral compass." She glances down at her skin briefly and frowns. "I like to think I have reasons for it, but it's just an excuse, and a bad one."
Rexus Rexus quietly wipes the cup and other sundries dry, setting them aside... old habit. "Wife? Me? No... was too young once.. then didn't really have the time... then there was no one... now i'm here..." he shrugs, waiting for the next bit of drying, "It takes time, I suppose. As one gets older and a bit wiser.. things become a bit clearer... I don't fault anyone for something done in the foolishness of youth... most don't know any better... but in time I usually find people come around. Worldly experience helps... and not having the nice things that most people enjoy... makes you appreciate them more than someone who has had them forever and thinks nothing of it."
Iris Lark Iris hands Rexus a cast iron pot as she listens, putting her hands back into the soapy water to wash the next pot. "I wouldn't put my issues in the catagory of the foolishness of youth, more ..that I just have a vengeful streak that sometimes takes over." She wrinkles her nose as she chuckles softly. "It doesn't come out very often, just usually when I find myself faced by someone trying to do harm by others, or...legion sympathizers." She smiles over at Rexus as she hands him the last pot. "You don't seem to fall into either of those catagories, so I think we'll get along just fine."
Rexus Rexus takes the pot and begins to dry it slowly, making sure to get every little bit of water. "I'm not too too familiar with the Legion.. I've heard of it, certainly, never seen them first hand. Seen a few people around that seem to lean in their direction.. like that big mutant I met in the Saloon." he says, "Though I suppose there are things here that are new to me.. but things elsewhere that may be new to folk around here but are old news to me."
Iris Lark Iris turns so that she's facing away from Rexus and pulls at the hem of her shirt. "Look and see what the Legion is about then, friend." She glances over her shoulders, and the look on her face is profoundly unhappy. "I didn't do anything to them but be born, a baby in the wrong place, at the wrong time." She lets her shirt drop and turns back to the sink continuing to wash. "It's not a pretty thing that they do."
Rexus Rexus listens quietly and nods, "I am fairly certain what they are about, and I don't approve at all of course, I am glad they have been shattered, but I know their stain will forever remain." he sighs, "Where I grew up it was a different enemy.. but they didn't just keep slaves they turned them into their own... horrific really... if you were captured you knew what was going to happen so... I am sure i've killed friends and family who were turned without even knowing it."
Iris Lark Iris frowns as she gazes at Rexus, folding her arms over her cheest. "I'm sorry you went through that, it can't have been easy." She simply says, reaching out to place a hand on his forearm. "Hopefully now..hopefully'll be able to find some peace, if we can manage to keep it."
Rexus Rexus focuses on drying dishes for a moment, "Aye, hopefully. It's a long story but the past is the past... as I look at it, have to look to the future. I try not to remind myself too much of what happened, so, it's nice to find a nice quiet spot where I can just relax and be myself."
Iris Lark "Mm well, I can't get away from my past, I won't let myself." Iris says and she empties the sink of the soapy water, taking the towel from Rexus to dry her own hands. "People tell me all the time to let it go, but I can't. I haven't made peace with it yet." She walks into the living room and builds a small fire before she takes a seat on the couch. "It isn't healthy, surely, but..unfortunately it's what I've got to work with."
Rexus Rexus dries his hands and then hands the towel to Iris, heading over to take a seat near the fire. "It's not unhealthy to remember the past, I keep it in the back of my mind all the time but... sort of.. hidden away... like a box on the shelf, I can revisit it whenever I feel like it but it isn't always there.. always determining my path." he shrugs, "Nor do I tell people about it... in time... when i'm comfortable it will come out naturally but.. there's no need to just blurt out everything in one go the first time you meet someone, tends to make things worse."
Iris Lark "Well tell me something good about yourself." Iris says, shifting on the couch until she's comfortable. "Tell me something that most wouldn't guess about you." She gestures towards Rexus, a smile on her face. "I'll attempt to do the same."
Rexus Rexus hrms as he rocks in his chair a bit, thinking. "I... like to read? Books of course... variety of topics.. whatever I find... you can always find new books lying around... most people just cast them aside but I quite enjoy reading them... actual books though, not magazines.. those can be a bit boring, too many pictures."
Iris Lark "I like to read too." Iris says, gazing up as she tries to think of something else to tell. "Uhm, lets see...most don't know that I like to cook. You do of course, so for you ...I have a loom in my room, something I got more recently when I moved out here, and I'm teaching myself how to weave. Right now I'm learning how to make rugs."
Rexus Rexus hmmms, "Innnteresting... I suppose at some point you'll take up knitting and sewing?" he grins, "I am sure there is a lot of need for that sort of thing.. beyond being creative.. everyone has holes in their clothing at some point.. or not enough clothing at all..."
Iris Lark "I already am good at sewing, I sew people up more often than I care to admit." Iris says, grinning back at Rexus. "I don't know if I want to knit though, I kind of want to learn how to grow things. It's more difficult because finding dirt that can be used around here is difficult." She shrugs a shoulder and smirks. "People want to teach me science, but I'm not..I'm not terribly interested in that. I had to learn how to be a Healer, it wasn't a choice I made. It doesn't make me ..happy?"
Rexus Rexus nods, "Good to have hobbies. I wouldn't mind learning how to build houses and such but... the practical side of me tells me i'll only really build one or two maybe.. ever... so.. better to focus on something like carpentry but... I may get into repairing things.. not building them, just.. fixing them... gives me plenty of little side-projects to work on."
Iris Lark "Something to look forward to, if the horde can be stopped." Iris murmurs, nodding towards Rexus. "People can use hobbies like that. Homes are going to need to be built if we all survive the next few months." She gazes at the small fire. "I'm glad you came by, it's been a while since I've had an actual casual conversation with someone that doesn't involve ..mostly bad things."
Rexus Rexus raises an eyebrow at that. He doesn't pry though, "Indeed, nice to have a relaxing conversation that doesn't shift to politics or religion.." he grumbles, shaking his head. He looks outside, sighing as he gauges the time, "But I should be off, getting a bit late and all." he says, standing up, offering a polite bow to Iris, "Thank you for the wonderful dinner and pleasant conversation."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet as well and smiles. "I hope you'll come back again, next time you'll leave with leftovers and more supplies." She glances towards her larder and wrinkles her nose. "I'm a bit low myself at the moment or I'd insist now." She doesn't move, her hands are linked in front of her. "I'm glad I met you, you seem like a nice gentleman."
Rexus Rexus smiles, "Oh, no worries, I wouldn't know where to put everything as it stands. Perhaps after things settle down i'll start looking to build a place." he says, chuckling at her words, "Well, don't jump to too many conclusions juuuust yet, I wouldn't want to be put on a pedestal only to disappoint in the future."
Iris Lark "We'll disappoint each other then, in that case." Iris says, a wry smile on her face. "Don't worry, I have ghosts and demons, and I can't judge someone for having the same." She folds her arms over her chest and tilts her head. "You ought to get a hotel room to bunk in until you build something." She narrows her eyes slightly. "Where are you staying?"
Rexus Rexus hesitates, "Oh... anywhere... Hotel rooms.. mmmm.. a bit too... I dunno.. unsecure?" he shrugs, "I kinda like it where it is quiet and away from big crowds.. don't like drawing attention." he says, pursing his lips, "But, I should be going... I'll come round again sometime tomorrow?" he says hurridly, edging a leetle bit closer to the door.
Iris Lark "Oh I mean..I'm sorry. I'm keeping you. Go on." Iris babbles, her cheeks turning pink. She waves him off, retaking her seat on the couch. Bacon comes to her feet and she lifts him up, hugging him close. "Be safe!" She calls out over her shoulder.
Rexus Rexus calls out a, "You too!" as he heads out the door, closing it behind him and shuffling off!