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Nikki Nikki had, at some point, passed out in the Saloon. It's quite likely she passed out at the bar and then at some point moved to the table, only to then crawl under a table and curl around the table stand itself. Though, now, her body was fighting sleep and she would wake up but it came with a distinct moan of protest. "Mmn...uuhh...Nikki no feel good..." An arm curls around her stomach and she gets to her knees while her other hand shifts to hold against her head. She felt sick but nothing would happen for the moment, and she wondered very briefly if this is what death feels like. Dink, the eyebot, hovers low near the table. His bleeps and boops sound drained, like the life had been sucked out of him too. Nikki forgot to charge him so he was wearing down.
Decius Unfortunately, at least for him, Nikki decided to pass out under Decius favorite table which he intended to sit down at the moment he enters the saloon. Which he is doing right now, looking quite blood covered and even more dusty than usuall, and immideately heads for the table in question, only bothering to glance under it and stare at Nikki for a bit as he sits down.
Nikki Suddenly...feet! Not any feet that she recognized and then she smelled it. The blood. Her nose scrunches as her stomach lurches and she's crawling out from under that table so fast one might wonder if she had ever really been there. Never the less, she was still crawling, and soon finding herself backed up against the bottom of the bar. Legs get pulled up against her chest and she rests her forehead on her knees. If she doesn't look, it doesn't exist, but gods did she feel like absolute brahmin waste at the moment.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way back into the saloon his hat pulled down a bit more to keep the sun out of his eyes... And just as he walks in he spots Nikki scurrying out from under a table to hide against the bar... He makes his way over towards Nikki and squats down a few steps away so that he's about on eye level, "Hey there Miss Nikki, you're lookin a mite under the weather. How's bout we sit down at the bar and you get some proper fluids in you. It'll help ya feel better."
Decius Decius watches Nikki crawl over to the bar and curl up again before looking over to the arriving Aidan. "Just make sure that whatever she gets doesn't have a drop alcohol in it. Or herbs. Or anything, really." Not that he really cares particularly much, since he at least got his table all to himself again.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine has been snoozing at the bar, on 'her stool', oblivous to much else, a puddle of drool forming on the counter, rippled by her steady slow breath. With a snort, she wakes, a stream of drool connecting the puddle to her lip as she sits up, wipes her mouth, and blinks blearing around.
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking up past her knees to where Aidan was crouching eye level with her. "..Nikki no feel good.." She repeats herself, and gives a very audible moan even as she tries to peel herself away from the underneath of the bar. She couldn't quite remember most of last night, she remembered saying she was going to go home, and instead came to the Saloon. She remembered Brahmin steak and dancing. Beyond that...there was cola. And whiskey. And blurriness. Her gaze shifting back to Aidan. "Nikki doesn't like whiskey anymore..."
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "Good. Whiskey's bad for you if you don't know your limits this is called a hangover." He glances back at Decius and nods as he talks about what to give the girl, "Wasn't plannin on anythin like that mister. Just water."
Decius Decius smirks slightly and nods. "Good, good. That hangover is going to stay for at least over a hour or so. I guess." With that said he looks past Aidan back to Nikkia and smirks even more at the sight of misery. This right there is why he doesn't drink alcohol.
Katherine Caine Katherine came out of the backroom, a bottle of something that looked different in her hand. She set it down on the bar before picking up a rag and wiping the drool off of Lilly's face fully and then cleaning up the counter with a smile, "Well hello there droolie-face." She said to Lilly, leaning down to kiss her on the forehead.

She went back to the bottle and poured a shot of the home-made mescal one of the locals had brought her and said, "Go ahead, see what you think. This one's on the house!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine tosses back the shot, sets the glass back down.. and.. doesn't really breath. She tries to.. but nothing comes out.. In a wheezy little whips of a breath.. she shudders so violently she almost falls off her stool.. Gasping for air and sputtering, she manages to cough her way to respiration once more.. "...gah..." Lilly grabs ahold of the bar, wondering why it's spinning.. and how the hell did Mom do that?
Nikki Nikki gives a little whimper, and despite her usual nature, she actually moves into Aidan and curls up against him since he was at her level. Even if he was crouched down. "This doesn't feel good. Nikki's mouth feels funny and her head is pounding and she feels like she's about to make a mess all over the floor..." Then she shies down and shakes her head. "Nikki just wants to feel better..."
Aidan Drake Aidan rubs Nikki's shoulder a bit, "That's dehydration Miss Nikki. You need to get some water." He glances over at Lilly and Katherine with the home brew and blinks at Lilly's near death reaction, "Oh I may need to try some of that stuff..." Wait helping hungover Nikki no time for home brew death.
Katherine Caine Katherine gets some water for her daughter and sets it down in front of her, "Why hello Aidan, heard what you did for Nikki, awful nice of you to give her a place to stay." Then? Business was calling her away and she was going to attend to some rich caravaners who no doubt had lots of caps to spend. Best to be hospitable!
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine takes the glass of water, sipping it.. her throat having to go 'oh! Water! you drink that!', instead of just being in a stunned stupor over whatever the hell THAT was that just kicked its ass and went on to raise hell in the stomach. Swallowing with a Real cough and a real voice, though croaky.. "...thats.. rough.." She pushes the empty shotglass of the home-brewed mescal that her Mom just gave her, ..away. Really, now Did mom get the room to spin.. In a bit of genius, Lilly begins slowly turning on her barstool until she can match the rotational velocity of the bar itself.. Turning about 1.2 rpm seems to be just about right.
Nikki Nikki just groans and nestles against Aidan, but more in that 'Im sick help me' kind of way. Cause it's Nikki. "Water sounds...good..." Saying that and not much more, just the thought of anything else food or drink wise lurches the woman's stomach.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "Lets get you a bit more upright and into a seat so we can get you some water." He helps her up and to the bar stool nodding over towards Katherine, "I couldn't leave her out in the rain living in a car. No way for a young lady to be living. Course I may have dug myself some trouble by lettin her try some whiskey when she asked what it was..."
Decius "Well, likely more trouble for her than for you with that hangover, thats for sure." Decius, of course, couldn't resist piping up again as he is obviously still enjoying the sight in a mixture of pity and Schadenfreude. "At least that likely counts as a good lesson to not repeat that."
Rose      From the stairs above another figure comes a-walking. Having finally secured a room for herself Rose was no-longer carrying an entire rucksack's worth of gear with her everywhere she went. Even so, the blonde woman was still wrapped in her Ranger's duster as she comes walking down from the stairs to the floors above. Stretching her arms above her shoulders with a light 'pop' she gives a little groan before her eyes take in the gathered crowd of patrons for the day. It's to the bar she's headed, but that doesn't mean she looks to be in any particular hurry.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine spins slowly on her stool, the room has stopped spinning, but everyone else has started. She stops her rotation suddenly, managing to snap people and room into one position for a moment.. " guys stop that..", she says.. blinking, then looking at the empty shot glad.. " and Hey Nikki! You look like death's sweaty buttcrack. "
Nikki Nikki blinks at Aidan's words before giving a nod, allowing him to help her onto a bar stool. Though as he seems to confess last night, she gives a rub of a hand against her head. "No. No more whiskey.." Or anything alcoholic likely. At least not for a little while. Her gaze soon shifts to Lilly a moment before she looks down. "...Nikki doesn't know...what that means. How does death have a butt?"
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "It's what she means by how you feel right now Miss Nikki." He waves the tender bot over, "A glass... make that a pitcher of water and a glass for Miss Nikki here please." He glances back at Decius and grins, "Yeah that was one of the thoughts when I introduced her to it."
Decius "I guess that lesson is going to stick. I mean, going by how she looks and sounds that must really feel like encroaching death right there." The legionnaire simply continues to grin and stretches a bit, slightly showing off the dried blood on some of his armor. "Not that I'd know, I tend to deal it more than suffer it. Besides, I don't drink so I'm fine on that end as well."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine smiles over to Aidan and Nikki.. "You should try thish shtuff.. Ish not bad.", looking over to Decius. "I never drink nuthin' either. Unlesh Mom tellsh me too. 'den I figger itsh okay and shtuff.. "
Rose Rose has so far remained unnoticed, but that doesn't mean she's not watching the exchange with amusement as she moves to the bar to secure a drink for herself. Simple cola, but then the ranger wasn't much of a drinker most days. Taking a seat for herself, the blonde Gunslinger shakes her head. "Place of many first huh?"
Nikki Nikki grasps the glass of water once it's prepared and she takes a sip, then another, and fairly soon she's got the whole glass downed. "Nikki still doesn't feel good..." Saying that much as she takes a breath and lets it out. "He said this was going to hurt Nikki for an hour?"
Aidan Drake Aidan glances over at Rose and nods a bit, "Yeah first time drinkin for her." Then back to Nikki, "Yeah I'd say maybe an hour or so longer if you don't drink plenty of water." He pours another glass of water after she'd chugged the first one and glances over at Lilly, "I'd love to try some Miss Lilly but I don't think Miss Nikki here would care for any type of alcohol for a while."
Decius Decius laughs at Lilly's comment and shakes his head. "Considering that you are allready completely smashed, I'd say that you figured wrong. Wonder what the side-effects will be once you are sober again though."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Decius.. "Ish probably sho..".. as she begins rotating on the barstool.. slowly.. watching the world blur as it goes by.. the mescal effects starting to kick in, a happy grin on her face
Nikki Nikki shakes her head and eventually lays her head back down on the bar and attempts to doze for a time.
Rose Rose herself gives a quiet 'huh' and a nod while she twists the lid off her cola and drinks. Nikki's hangover blues aren't really something that are going to get worse, nor something that the Ranger can really help with. So she simply turns back to the counter with a little chuckle.
Aidan Drake Aidan relaxes against the bar for now and shakes his head, "Well first good hangover to go with her first decent drink." He looks over at the other sober ones, "I've learned my limits but took me many mornings of hang overs and many days of plastered to find 'em."
Decius Decius shrugs and leans over the table from where he sits, letting his head rest on his arms. "I've never started drinking in the first place. Would probably have gotten me crucified anyway back in the Legion, so that too was some decent discouragement and at this point I'm not going to start either way."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine settles down at the bar, resting her elbows, chin on her hands. Her elbows spread wider.. and wider.. until she rather melts atop the bar.. The stool rocks side to side as she does.. a single hiccup ripples through her form.
Nikki Nikki makes a little noise, something like a whimper, and then she lifts her head up, pours another glass to sip from before setting her head back down. Oblivious to much else since keeping her eyes shut help the pain in her head. Kind of.
Aidan Drake Aidan just shakes his head as the hungover one and the drunk one go to pass out... "That would be a pretty good discouragement to drinkin. I grew up with liquor in my hands and the trail in my blood. I don't know if I'd function without havin some liquor for my nerves."
Decius The legionnaire shrugs simply and gestures over to the drunk and the hangover one. "I doubt I'd function with any in my blood after three decades of sobriety, so I'm not even going to try. Besides, with results like those as example I definitely don't want to."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine begins to list to the side, starts to slide off her stool, but catches herself. She then decides that something with 4 legs would probably be more stable than a single legs with a spinny hip-bone. Lilly then moves from the bar.. stops.. turns around and takes an "Out of Order" from the bar counter and sets it stop the stool. She then meanders like blown by a stiff wind, over to the first chair she can find and flumps down. Only then does she look to see who's table she's sitting at.
Nikki Nikki finally seems to sit up a little - though she goes slowly - and shakes her head in the process. "Mmn...Nikki's head hurts..." Propping it up on a hand before she seems to consider something. "Wait...where's Dink?"
Katherine Caine Lilly lands smack dab in a pile of vomit that nobody bothered to clean the night before. That was the problem with floors in places like this, they tended to be dirty!

Katherine didn't even notice, she was laughing and chatting it up with the rich travellers!
Aidan Drake Aidan nods, "I'm sure they do Miss Nikki. And he was here earlier does he need charging?" He glances over at Decius and nods, "I wouldn't recommend it or you'd be completely worthless for a long while. Growing up with it kinda got me used to it."&r&r As Lilly falls into a pile of vomit he blinks and shakes his head, "Miss Nikki, drink some more water and I promise you'll slowly start to feel better. A nap might help as well." Then he grabs a rag from the bar where he can reach it and wets it down before he heads over to Lilly offering it to her, "You might want to clean up a lil bit Miss Lilly."
Decius Decius nods a bit before getting up and slowly making his way to the exit. "Even more confirmation then. Anyway, a good day to you and a relatively painless day to the ladies. Not that they are going to have one for a while." And with that said Decius disappears out of the Saloon.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine turns a little green at the wet sticky mess she's currently grinding into her clothing. "ohhh. grooooooooooss.", she moans and get up, stumbling a bit and staggers out the door to go change her clothes and maybe burn these.
Nikki Nikki gives a nod to Aidan's words and pours herself another glass of water to drink. "But..where will Nikki sleep? Nikki doesn't wanna sleep on the table again...she wasn't comfer'ble.." Saying this much and then she looks and points to Dink. "Nikki forgot to charge Dink. He doesn't look good." A loud sigh comes from her as she begins to finish off her water.
Aidan Drake Aidan glances back at Nikki as she talks about sleeping and shakes his head, "No no I told you. You can stay at the farm I've got nothing but space you'll have your own bedroom and everything."
Nikki Nikki looks herself over. "Nikki doesn't know how to get to your ranch..and...Nikki's not sure she can walk right hurts." Still felt like she was going to puke, but not as bad as before. Water was helping. "Can Nikki have cola now?"
Aidan Drake Aidan nods a bit, "I'll lead you over and show you to your room when you're ready to travel. You can even ride on my horse if you really wanted to but if you're feeling sick the horse would likely make it worse. Fresh air might help though."
Nikki Nikki seems to consider it a moment and then she nods. "Nikki things fresh air will be nice... Nikki needs to find a place to charge Dink tho, cause Dink has to come with Nikki. Which means she needs to stay here a little longer.." Provided there was a charging station here at the saloon. She looks to the water and takes another drink. "Cola?" Looking to the robot then hoping it would serve her one.
Aidan Drake Aidan nods as he steps up to the bar and grabs the bottle that Miss Kitty had left on the bar and pours two shots of the home made peyote stuff setting one in front of him the other wasn't really next to Nikki but it was on her side of him as he picks up his shot to sniff it. "I don't see why some cola would be bad for you. I grew up with a saying go after the dog that bit ya... Best hang over cure was more of what got you hung over might be why I've always got a little whiskey in my system..." He puts the shot glass to his lips and tips it back draining it in one smooth motion.
Nikki Nikki isn't paying attention. She's got a glass of water and she's in some pain still, not having bothered to order food yet. Instead it's water and cola. So when another glass gets put near her she doesn't even pay attention to it. Picking up the shot glass and drinking it's contents, only to suddenly realize her peril. A few coughs and she shivers while making faces and smacking her lips a little. "What did Nikki just drink?!"
Aidan Drake Aidan blinks as she drinks the extra shot the drugged up tequilla going to his head pretty quick too, "Wow Miss Nikki is gonna be feeling this one soon too." He looks at the bottle then over at Nikki then towards where Lilly had run off to change and coughs a bit, "This... is really good stuff but should be used sparingly... The colors!"
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking around a moment, but the room was...spinning. She does even turn on her stool and tries to stand up straight. That...wasn't the best of ideas. All that water on her stomach, all the alcohol she was recovering from last night, and now this. Her stomach lurches even as she tries to walk. "Lookit Nikki! Nikki's gonna fly!" Saying this much before she sways a bit back and forth until she's shaking her head and stops, hand on her stomach... "Nikki sees...purple.." And then she gets sick all over the floor.
Aidan Drake Aidan steps back as the vomit begins, shaking his head as watching Nikki get sick causes him to soberish up quick... The good part of the drink still has him seeing pretty colors for now but at least the room isn't completely spinning, "No Miss Nikki you're really drunk and sick really quick." He grabs the cup of water and a clean rag to pour some water on the rag, "Rinse out your mouth and wipe up your face... If you can."
Nikki Nikki looks around a little and then she shakes her head. She felt a whole lot of eyes on her even while there was no one in the room with them but the robot. "Nikki didn't mean to..." She begins, soft words coming from her then before she looks to the water, taking it to rinse her mouth out and then she wipes her face and her gaze goes to Aidan, who likely can see tears misting in her eyes. "..Do we have to stay here?.."
Aidan Drake Aidan shakes his head, "You need to get some sleep Miss Nikki. I can show you back to the ranch and your room." He stands up and offers out his hand to help Nikki down from the barstool being careful to avoid the mess.
Nikki Nikki places her hand into Aidan's own, still visibly upset over the whole incident. Only briefly recalling to grab Dink before they head out.