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Derk "They were... it's good to see you, and they baby will come when it's ready, though there's notes of ways to encourage things to progress, as it were, but your baby won't stay in there forever. You'll see..." Derk tells her as he moves the barrel right up to the door, pausing as he adjusts the overalls at his waist. "Almost had forgotten how unforgiving the wastelands can be. I'd managed to find enough to keep me living, obviously, but it's picked, really well I might add, I think that's the problem with having a town like this so close... there's always scavengers heading out. Had to go for a hundred miles before I found anything worth going over and even then... lots of bugs, lots of large, ugly, wanting to kill me bugs, but all is well, I suppose." He pauses to look at her bellt as she rises and he even throws out an arm to help her if she wants his assistance.

"How are you doing? Aside from the baby, you well? You hurt? You've been looked after? I mean you're all the way out here and I don't often get visitors to these parts myself when I'm here, so just... worried, ya know?"
B B leaves the rifle where it is and comes up onto the porch. Her belly is large enough that she really is due any day now. Absently she rubs her right arm, just above the shoulder. "Well, I could use someone to look at this mark on my arm. Not sure what caused it, but it aches something fierce. And .. maybe my leg too. Goodness, everything on my right side. Wounder if that's a sign of something." She grins but shrugs it off, not one to believe in omens, (or hauntings) even if she should. She comes up the steps onto the porch proper, out of the shade. "Though, you could maybe give it a rest. You've been on the road for how long now? Hours, likely. It'll keep another day."
Derk Derk shakes his head, "I could, but if you got black marks, probably something to look at... you've been playing around near the haunted place again?" He asks, his gaze going to her arm and leg. "Well we could do it out here, if you want, nice day and all, or we can use that table inside, I don't mind," he tells her, turning his back to her as he bends over and starts rummaging through his pack for his medkit. He looks over his shoulder once, to see what she's decided before pulling the medkit free and standing tall, turning back to her, "Could be a sign that you're right handed," he remarks, giving her a smile and hopefully alleviating the fears of any sorts of curse, though even he has his own share of nightmares.
B Nightmares are essential. Hers have become part of her nightly sleep routine, or lack thereof. Sure, she'll blame it on the babe in her womb, but the source is far from it, linked to that rifle she can't bare to part, not even on the other side of the shack's thin wall.

With a nod, B heads inside so she can sit back down, this time at the table. "The leg's still hurting from that time those goons showed up and thought I was Sparrow. You remember that, don't you? The arm .. I'm not really sure what happened there. Just started to ache a little, and it got worse and worse. Hopefully it's something minor and I'll retain it for a good number of years." She bites her lower lip at that, not quite ready to part with it just yet. "Right handed. Ha. Hopefully that's all it is."
Derk Derk chuckles, coming in with the kit and nodding to her comments, "Yeah, I remember, though I thought we'd dealy with that the last time, sorry to hear that it's still bothering you," he remarks, moving to the table so that he can examine her as they two of them talk. A small smileremains upon his lips at the reaction to his right-handed comment. He'll examine her arm, hands pressing around the mark, but not directly on it, looking it over and then shaking his head, "Something there, not sure what, probably got something stuck under the skin, we'll get it out though, but I can't imagine that's going to feel all that well." A pause and then he lens down, since it's easier for him to move, than her. "Now if you don't mind me touching your leg, I'll have a look at that bit from before, have a feeling something didn't set right, or maybe we missed something the time before." Another pause and he kneels beside her, hand beginning to explore her leg and feel at the point that's still a little bruised from before.
B "Aw hell," says B as Derk probes her arm. "I was afraid you'd say that. Hopefully it's just a sliver. A big one. Skin's healed over any opening though, so you'll have to cut it out." Please let it be a sliver or something else and not a bug. Anything but that.

She tugs up her skirts to show off her leg injury. "Probably my fault. You told me to rest it, and I don't think I did. Bedrest is not the kind of medication that I take, as I'm sure you've gathered." She smiles a little, bemused, and gives her head a shake. "That's the one that hurts the most. The leg. Might be right about setting it, though it was just a pass-through. Maybe it nicked something more than we thought?"
Derk Derk gives her a reproachful glance, "Yeah, I am gathering that you don't much like resting on the bed," he adds, smirking slightly, though the humour doesn't quite reach his eyes. Still he manages to nod and swallow whatever other remark he has but he sets his kit on the table and starts to pull out various implements of torture, erm healing. "Well, let's get the arm first cause that'll probably get you all moving and I'd rather not do something to agitate the leg if you've done more damage there." He shakes his head, hands still holding her knee before he rises and drags one of the other chairs over so that he can see her arm better.

Anti-septic, a numbing spray and he's into the arm with a small blade, just enough to expose the worst area and the most likely cuplrit for where she's hurting. Some strange greenish fluid exits and he wipes that away with gauze, "You may wish to look away," he remarks as a peculiar, and not unidetifiable smell touches his nostrils. He'll give her a second before he reaches for the tweezers, holding her arm steady with his hand spreading the small incision. It's a delicate process, but one that has him pulling a dark, black little critter with seven legs out from the cut. It clicks a bit and is bloated, which keeps it from writhing about. That he dumps into one of the empty jars on the table, putting the lid over it and leaving it there for her as a present. "Gonna have to just root around a bit more..." he says, looking in the wound for anyhting worse, and not finding any he sighs in relief. More spray goes directly into the wound, ensuring that there will be no 'reoccurences' as it were. Though he'll not say anything about that. Stitching will take care of the incision and guaze and a bandage seals the wound, she'll be right as rain, soon enough.
B B has the good graces to blush at his comment. Yup, bed rest and her don't get along well. Hopefully her labor goes smoothly, for it's likely she'll be up and about, rifle in hand, the very next day pounding more nails into the upper portion of the Shantytown gate. "Arm first. Okay." She watches up to the point where something green oozes out of the wound. That's when she gets a little concerned. It ratches up a notch when he tells her to look away. Eyes wide, she stares at him a moment before nodding and turning her head. She tries not to flinch, or fidget while she feels things moving in her arm. That's hard because .. things are moving -inside- her arm and that's a lot harder to get used to than a babe moving in your belly. The thought of that has her putting her left hand atop the swell, more for her own comfort then that of the child, who has fallen asleep once again.
Derk With the arm done, Derk looks at her and laughs, trying to make light of the situation. "Alright, well that's one down, did you want to wait a bit? Did you want to keep your friend? Think of it as an early birth present?" Derk remarks, chuckling, as he shakes the jar. He sets it back down, leaving her to figure out what she wants to do with it. He sits back, watching her and cleaning some of the tools that he used before putting them back into the kit.

Rising he moves the chair out of the way and settles in at her feet, his hand upon her knee again. He looks up at her, waiting for her response while also taking the time to see her again, since it's been a while.
B B looks to the jar and turns a little green around the otherwise paler than normal face. "I had .. in my arm?" She asks, voice ripe with disbelief. She shudders at the thought and looks down to her stitched and bandaged arm. "For weeks it's been bothering me. Weeks. I should have gone to find Miss Lark while you were gone. Shouldn't have let it .. in my arm." Biting her lip, she looks down to her leg, clearly concerned there's something living in there too. It's been long enough that whatever it is would be huge. Surely there'd be a bump?

"Ah, no. It's okay. My leg .. whatever it is that needs done, just do it. I've a feeling I've left that one for too long as well." She looks away, gaze landing on the lidded jar with her former parasite living in it. It waves it's arms, almost like it's saying farewell to it's cushy lifestyle. Surely she's got a sample of that tequila she's been working on that she can drown it in. Someone might even buy it afterwards.
Derk Derk nods his head, "Well, I do appreciate you waiting for me, but you're probably right, as much as I adore being your favorite, you should take care of things as soon as you can. No waiting, okay?" He asks of her, his hand moving along her leg to the mark that's there. "And I think you're in luck, this doesn't look like a bug, but more like a piece of bone, bullet must have grazed it too close..." he remarks, looking at the colouring. "Still, pretty much the same situation, though I'm going to help you a little more with this one, since you're not going to stay off your feet," he tells her, bringing out the same tools, but setting a stimpak down beside him as well. Same procedure, small little bone fleck that's been lacerating and aggravating the wound, and then he's sticking her with the business end of the stimpak, pumping off a couple shots to set the wound to rapid healing, watching as it closes and the bruising fades away. "There we go."
B She nods. "No more waiting." B watches him move off, fearful that he's going to the kitchen to get a bigger knife. But, he doesn't and her relief is obvious. She grimaces a little. "I -could- stay off my feet," she says slowly, looking down to her right leg and the wound on it as he slices into her flesh. This time, the only thing that leaks out is a nice, healthy blood red. She tilts her head back to look up at the ceiling while he does his work, holding her breath against the pain that pricks at the corner of her eyes. Even though he anesthetized the wound, it's the bit in her head that makes it hurt worse than it actually does.

When he's done, she stays still for a moment longer, like she's trying to make good on the potential of staying off her feet. Lasts a minute before she blows out her held breath. "Of course, if I was to stay off my feet, you should have done this back at the ranch. Now, I either gotta stay here with you, or have you roll me down the road in the wheelbarrow. While I'm sure Clara and Pony would have a blast with that, I'm not so sure that's my idea of fun."