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Jacqueline Evening in Shantytown. While the wind lends the air a palpable chill, the heat of the day is still dissipating, so it won't be cold for some time. The lamps are hung in the marketplace, giving light for a few more hours of ad-hoc commerce.
Jacqueline Wayne is talking with one of the sellers now, one whose stall has motor parts on display. It hasn't gotten heated yet, so it's likely they're talking about wares rather than bargaining.
Owl     Owl is wandering through the market with his jacket pulled tight and his satchel hung over his shoulder. He stops every now and then to look at one of the little stalls, but he's not giving them as much attention as he might have on his first few days in El Dorado.
    Every now and then he stops to examine the wares of a specific shop more closely, which is what brings him closer to the stall that Jackie is talking to the seller at. He hasn't recognized her yet.
Jacqueline Jackie points out a part, the seller nods, and the haggling begins. It's short but not terribly fierce; the seller makes a reference to giving it a good home, and knowing that the owner of a Lone Wanderer will give it just that. Jackie smiles and passes over the caps, along with a few extra for the compliment, and slips the part into her shoulderbag.
She's turning away from the stand when she spots a familiar leather coat, and a familiar sharp face above it. "Oh, Mister Owl! Hey! How are you settling in?" she asks immediately, a smile coming to her face as she moves to join him.
Owl     Owl is staring at something in the stall in front of him, but when he hears his name being called, he suddenly looks up and around, until he finally catches sight of Jackie. "Hey!" He calls out to her, walking over a short distance. He glances down to her bag, asking: "What did you buy?" Then shrugging his shoulders. "Eh, good enough. I've got a little place in Shantytown. But I've been trying to do more for the people here. Offered to volunteer at the clinic. I just feel like with the FEV horde coming this way and the walls nowhere near close to being done that I could do more, you know...?"
Jacqueline "A power regulator for my bike, just now," Jackie replies, smiling and patting the side of the bag. "Along with a couple mutfuit, a new wrench to replace one I broke two days ago, and a couple old magazines that I've never seen before. Nothing amazing." She frowns thoughtfully at the man. "I think I get it, though. This horde's got me worried, too. I've been doing a lot of riding in the last few days, looking for signs. So far, they still seem to be well south of here."
Owl     Owl peers down at Jackie's bag, and then nods his head. "Are you a mechanic?" He asks her. Though his eyes light up a little bit at the mention of the magazines. "Ooh, which magazines?" He asks, stepping a little closer to her before turning to look at the stall and the wares within.
    He finally sighs, shaking off his excitement. "Yeah, the problem is...people aren't organized. If we were better organized the walls would be up by now and we'd have defenses. Thing is, we don't. Because every day building walls is a day you can't scavenge and scavenging pays better..."
Jacqueline "When I can be. Lately, I've been a wall-builder," Jackie replies, shrugging. "So I get that, too. I've been trying to find an intact pair of binoculars, or a telescope, something to help with my scouting, but so far I've had no luck."
She opens the bag and glances inside. "Hmm... /Tumblers Today/ and /Iron Horses/, about locks and motorcycles."
Owl     Owl nods his head. "I've been helping build the walls too, but with food and water, it's a day of donating labor and not getting much out of it. So I don't blame most people for going scavenging instead. I don't mind, but..." He shrugs his shoulders. "I can't help but think maybe the walls could get build faster if maybe the Mayor Paid people. 25 caps a day, seems like a lot, but I'm sure its something the whole town could scrape together, in exchange for not everyone dying." He says, nodding, then peering down into her bag.
    "Huh." He says. "I've been looking for pre-war books, myself, personally. Not a lot of them in these parts though, I think." He says. "I used to read magazines a lot when I was a kid, though."
Jacqueline "What sort of stuff did you read?" Jackie has to ask. "My Mom likes cooking magazines, when she can find them, but she runs a restaurant. I still grab them when I can, since she can't get out as much."
She rubs her chin, considering that. "It's not a bad idea. As it is, the faster the wall is done, the less likely we are to get caught unprepared by the Horde. Without something to keep them out, any defense of El Dorado or Shantytown is hopeless, especially Shantytown. I saw what was left of the one town they went through..." She shudders at the memory, hugging her elbows.
Owl     Owl purses his lips. "True Crime Stories, and Lad's Life, mostly." He finally, says, laughing, before smiling. "That's sweet...which restaurant is it?" He asks her with a lift of his eyebrows.
    Then he thinks for a moment, and says. "I've done a little bit of math. I think, that if you paid everyone who worked on the wall 25 caps a day. You'd end up paying about 5000 caps. A big number, but manageable for the entire town together, and the walls would be done pretty quickly. Maybe within a couple of weeks." He says. "Then we could focus on things like defenses. Some of those construction bots could be re-configured. We could build turrets. Some of the stores in here have anti-theft devices that'd work against mutants...and there's plenty of old robots in the vaults I'm sure. If we did that, we could ensure the town was a lot safer."
Jacqueline "It... really doesn't have a name. I've heard some folks refer to it as Eleanor's place," Jackie admits. "It's near the west gate in El Dorado, though. I'll mention the name thing to her again. I'm sure I could put together a sign for it..."
Owl's talk of defenses brings her back to the present. "I don't know about reconfiguring the construction bots, but turrets aren't that hard with the right parts. Even just machine gun turrets would have some effect, but bigger machine guns would help a lot. Maybe if we could organize some scavenging efforts aimed at finding more firepower for those, and components for traps and turrets and sensors? That'd help a lot with the actual defense, and putting the turrets up on the walls would mean the green goons couldn't get to 'em."
Owl     Owl nods his head. "Hmm. Is the food any good? I assume you're partial, mind." Owl says with a faint grin. "...Eleanor's Place sounds like a good name, honestly..."
    "As for the turrets...yeah. That would definitely be something I'd be willing to help out with. Thing is, all these efforts are just one person. Or maybe, a group of people. We need organization, leadership." He says. "The Mayor, or the Militia, need to be organizing these things. Sending out multiple parties. I'm happy to help, but I don't know anyone in power here, and there are lives at stake." He explains.
Jacqueline "Well... yes, I am. But a lot of people come, and they keep coming back, so I'd have to say yes," Jackie replies, grinning. "We had to put tables outside so folks would have room to eat anything besides carry-out, and anyone who gets carryout has to bring the trays back the next day. It's been an interesting experience, being successful, but it's Mom who deserves the credit."
She glances southwards, where the early part of the wall began. "Maybe it'd be something to bring up with the mayor. I know she's supposed to have an open-door policy. Maybe with the sheriff and the head of the militia, too. I've got my hands full just trying to help build the wall."
Owl     Owl nods his head. "Consider a sign. It might get you guys more business." He says warmly.
    Then he nods again. "Where can I find her, or him?" He asks. "I didn't know about the open-door policy...but like I said. I think these ideas would help but I don't know who to bring them to. I think I'm more useful as an ideas man. I don't mind building the wall, or treating wounds, or helping with science...but I'd like to be able to help organize..."
Jacqueline "The best place to ask would be the Gold Digger saloon," Jackie suggests. "She has an office, but she's out a lot, and since her family runs the place I'm sure they'd know better than anyone where to find her."
Owl     Owl nods his head, opening up his satchel, taking out a book and pen, and beginning to jot this down. "Okay, got it." He says. "I'll go to the Gold Digger Saloon. I'll ask around." He pauses, then asks: "Any suggestion for the Sheriff or the Militia?"
Jacqueline "I wish," Jackie replies, shaking her head. "I don't know either of them that well. You might say that I think it's a good idea to listen to you, but I can't promise that'll help you any. Good luck!"
Owl     Owl nods his head to Jackie, then he waves. "Thanks!" He calls out. "Good luck!" He waves to her, slipping away the book into his satchel and then moving off.