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Qwillis     Qwillis was in his lab, quite often as normal, although the lab itself seems split into two parts. One half was working on cybernetics, 3/4ths of a leg was built on the main table, with more parts arrayed around in in that organized chaotic fashion. The other half was the chemical setup. Q had shared notes with Sparrow and of course was researching it further himself to try and come up with a cure for FEV. The last table off to the side? It looks like some sort of testing system for.. mind reading? It'd be hard to tell at a glance, however.
Lucky Oddity abound as no noise is heard from the front of a door opening or closing and yet in walks Lucky. He looks over the tables quietly; the chemicals being given a perplex look and mental note to stay away from.

So, he moves over to the table with the techno-gizmo device that goes on ones head. "What's this doohickey?" He asks, suddenly breaking the silence and announcing himself in the room.
Camilla     Camilla is soon entering the room directly after Lucky, dressed in the same style of full length and hand made strappy dress. As she enters, she chooses to lean against the doorway with arms folded under her bust and legs crossed, icy blues focused on Q and, well, Lucky, as he breaks the silence. She however, chooses to say nothing.
Qwillis     Q for his part, had his back to the door, focused on the leg at the main table, so he was standing, bent over as he'd work on it. However, that didn't mean he was ignorant of the two, nor of what the lack of outside door meant. Instead, he'd simply chuckle quietly and finish up his last note in the pip-boy on his mechanical arm. "Hi Lucky, Hi Camilla. That is for following a seperate situation. The Mutants seem to have a hivemind mentality.. that means mind reading. Which also seems to be a tie in with Dunwich.. things that happen there. So.. I want to test it." He'd shrug slightly, glancing between Lucky and Camilla. "Sleep well?"
Lucky "I see. So, does one need the requirements of telepathy?" Lucky asks calmly as Qwill pauses for a moment, looking to the device.

Then fumbling hands occur as the question of sleep well is given. He of course manages to hold on to the device, even after several near drop attempts and stares blankly at Qwill; cheeks flushing. "I ... do not know what you mean." He coughs, setting the device on the table.

He looks to Camilla then away as awkwardness takes over his body posture; eyes diverting to the floor. "We talked." He says, looking up to Qwill.
Camilla     Camilla simply remains standing, watching, listening. That is until Q asks if they slept well, to which she nods a yes. "Yes, yes we did" she replies to him as she turns to look at Lucky acting all strange. "Lucy stayed with me last night, and kept me company." She, has no inhibitions as has no doubt been seen by many people as of late. "For a hivemind, they sure seem to have their own sense of self, or so I've gathered from the people I traveled with."
Qwillis     Q smiles to Cami, then nods in agreement. "Hivemind doesn't mean they only think in a group. They can be aware of self too.. It's.. nebulous. hard to really nail down. So that's why I'm testing." He'd look to Lucky and chuckles softly. "Lucky.. I've been living here in the clinic and then my lab.. I'm rather use to the noises around here. Don't sweat it. Camilla is a good woman and I'm glad you could help keep her company. As for the requirements.. I don't know yet. I have other things that are my main focus at the moment.."
Lucky Lucky just looks away bashfully, glancing to the device as Qwill talks. His eyes look up from the device, to Camilla and a small, shy smile is given to her. He was not going to elaborate much on last-night, instead lowering his eyes to the device again; let people think what they wish. His hand runs over the device slowly as he hmms in thought. "Well.. is the device test worthy?" He asks, looking back to him. "I mean, could it be tested on someone?"
Camilla     Camilla chooses at this point to pull herself away from the doorway. "If you'll both excuse me, I need to get the clinic ready for buisness." She doesn't let either of them respond to this and turns away to slide out of the room and in to the clinic proper.
Qwillis     Q looks after Cami a moment, shrugs and looks back to Lucky. "it's designed to read the brain of someone who can do such things. That's the basic idea. I have a few baseline readings from me. I wouldn't mind getting some more data of course. But the critical part I need is someone that is actively capable of such capabilities so I can get readings from them."
Lucky Lucky watches Camilla step out to tend to the clinic. "I see." He replies quietly, his hands sliding into the duster outer pockets. Though he is here and talking to Qwill, is mind was elsewhere; specifically, on someone else. "Well, hopefully we'll find someone."
Camilla     Stepping back in, camilla is the first to speak up and say that she isn't that person. "I am not that person, unfortunatly, could have used some powers when I was with the Legion." She takes a moment to look around the lab at all of Q's, stuff, and just looks confused at all of it.
Qwillis     Q eyes Lucky a moment and is about to say something when Cami comes back in. He'd turn to lean back against that main lab desk lightly as he'd watch her. "You were never with the legion, Camilla. They used and abused you. Never quite broke you.. but you never joined them. That's how I see it." He'd shake his head slightly, looking to Lucky. "And Lucky? Where's your head at? You seem rather distracted, all things considered."
Lucky Lucky glances back to Qwill, shrugging "Just idle thoughts in my head." He says with a cheerful smile as he leans against the desk. He looks to Camilla again, about to add something but stops.
Camilla     "I was /with/ them.." Camilla snaps back at Q. "I was /with/ them for years..." she snaps out again. "I think we have different views on what /with/ means, and I meant physically located with the rest of the legion, not a card carrying member."
Qwillis     Q sighs, looking at Camilla, he'd cross his arms over his chest, that metal arm resting atop flesh with the pip-boy attached cleanly there. "Alright, look, Camilla. I get it. You dealt with them. You were used. You were abused. It was a rough life. I'm sorry that I don't talk about it the same way you do. I'm also sorry I woke you up the other day trying to improve my life, by not having a constant pain in my leg with the new build. Alright? So, what's your problem with me? I study technology? Is that it?"
Lucky Lucky takes in a breath, releases and winces as Camilla speaks. He looks over to Qwill slightly, frowning a little. "It's the absence of understanding." He says quietly. "Neither of us can really comprehend or understand what Camilla has been through and ... trying to simply that isn't right." He adds after a momentary pause.

"You say that your wanting to improve your life through modification of what is causing the pain." Lifting a hand out of his pocket, he gestures to Camilla. "Do you not think she is trying to improve her life? There is a lot of scars that run deep that you cannot see or fathom Qwill."
Camilla     Camilla takes a few steps forward toward Qwill at this point, listening to his response to her and listening to Lucky's words. She stops, an arms length from Qwill and just stands there a moment.

    "My problem with you? Arrogance. That's my problem Qwill, that you think this technology of yours can solve everything, simply, and that everything is just another program to run or bot to build. Just like we spoke about the other day, when you were trying to better yourself, you can not send a robot in to liberate legion slaves, you can not give the work of people to a MACHINE. A machine that does not know how to comfort, that does not know mercy, that knows nothing outside what you program it to know. That, is my problem."

    She leans in a little closer, "I had far more than just a /rough/ life..." she adds in finality.
Qwillis     Q laughs bitterly. "Deep scars? Try losing two limbs and having everyone tell you that you should give up. Now have them do that every day. When they're not stealing your stuff. Or kicking you, because why? it's too much effort to step over you. Now try to rebuild your limb, to have you pass out from the sheer amount of pain that attaching it to the wrong nerve as you have to wildly stab a metal rod into your stump causes and pray it stays connected while you recover."
    Qwillis looks from Lucky to Camilla. "I work to fix my life. I could give up. I could of gave up a long time ago. I didn't. Neither did you, Camilla. Arrogance? No. I'm not arrogant. I know it's a lot of hard work. I know it's hard to build such a thing. Harder to program it. But just because we're here now because of arrogant people wielding power they didn't know? Doesn't mean I turm my back on it."
    Shaking his head, Q drops his arms to lean in towards Camilla himself. "People abuse them. People hurt them. It takes a MACHINE to show mercy to some people. Because how can they ever trust another human being? But a machine programmed to lend aid? Oh yes. That can be done. It has been in the past and I could do it now. That's not arrogance, that's reclaiming the good things of the pre-war world and not allowing it to spread to be abused."
Lucky Lucky's frown hardens, eyes narrowing as he shakes his head after Qwillis talks. His arms were across his chest now. Words could not come to him at the moment as sheer will takes over from launching on a verbal assault platform; in other words he was stewing and trying to calm himself.
Camilla     Here it comes, here comes the response from Camilla that Qwil might not have expected or seen coming. A response that starts with her raising both of her hands to pull the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let said dress fall to the floor. A response that now showcases that her entire body is covered in faded scars. Scars on her face. Scars on her shoulders and upper and lower back. Scars on her stomach and hips and the front and rear of her legs. But these are only the visible ones...

    She steps forward here and plants her face as close to Qwils as she possibly can. "I watched my mother, my father, and both of my brothers /die/. I watched my friends die. I watched my town burn, I watched them as they cruicified those that resisted and took the rest of children as slaves. As they took the men as labor and soldiers and the women as nothing but meat to be used to make more children for the Legion."

    "I was nine" Camilla snaps out, loudly, gritting her teeth. "It was for the grace of /Ares/ that I was spared and given to a priestess to be raised as a healer. Then to only have my loyality, and my devotion to my duities, as I had accepted my life and my place as a slave, thrown out the window when I came of age. To be told that I /would/ bare children to the legionaries. That there was no choice in it."

    "When I rebelled? They threw me in to the areana and made me fight for my life, and made me kill, for an entire month.." and she pauses, "until I finally broke and gave in and accepted what would be my life, and for six months I was shackled, and beatean, and used, until they finally figured I could not bare children. When that day came? It was the day that my life was to end as I was of no more use to the Legion and a cross had my name on it and I choose then, to run. I choose then to take an oppertunity, to murder, to slit men's throats and to run away from the legion. I left everyone I had ever cared about to suffer for my actions and when I finally got with a decent group? They all died right outside El Dorado five months ago. Do not talk to me about a /rough/ life Qwillis."
Camilla     "Do not talk to me about /deep scars/ as thouh yours are deeper. Do not speak to me about some gods forsaken machine as though it's a poor, helpless thing, to be abused and say those things while you look on my body and yours. Do not, talk to me about fixing your own life as though yours is the only life that needs /fixing/."

    "Do not talk to me about wielding power, as though you art higher than the rest that came before you."
Qwillis     Q watches Camilla's actions, frowning as she'd strip, then staring at her as she'd rage about her life. Shaking his head slowly, he'd straighten up, firmly reaching up with both hands to place them on her shoulders, warm skin and cold metal, to push her back a step without seeking to knock her over. "That's just it. I claim none of that. I'm just telling you that you're not alone with deep scars. or abuse. But you know what? I'm not going to whip mine out to see who has the longer scars, hmm?" he'd move away from the desk he was near to go lock his room, checking that needler, he'd eye Lucky, then Camilla. "You refuse to acknowledge there's other ways. You ignorantly, arrogantly, refuse to acknowledge that hey.. maybe some people are just as messed up as you are. Fine. Whatever, Camilla."
    Q shakes his head and starts for the door, he'd glance over to Lucky. "if you know someone that can do mental things, let me know. The sooner I get sample data, the sooner I can try to crack this. If we can block the core of what's controlling the Horde? Then get the cure in them? We might be able to save them all." He'd glance back to eye Camilla. "With Technology." And with that, Q would go to step out of the lab.
Lucky Diverting his eyes, Lucky sighs. He listens to Camilla go off on Qwill and the response being given. When he is spoken to directly, his head nods but no words come out.
Camilla     Camilla leans down to grab her dress, and slides it back on. She straightens herself back up and turns to look at Q's back, "Don't you dare turn your back on me!" she snaps out at the top of her lungs. The first time she's shown real, uncontrolled, anger.
Lucky Lucky is off the table now, his hands reaching to touch each of Camilla's shoulders. "Easy Cami." He whispers to her. "Let him go. Let him calm down and cool off." He adds.
Qwillis     Q stops short of leaving. metal hand on the doorknob of the lab's door. Slowly, the grind of metal on floor has Qwillis pivot to face Camilla. He'd raise a brow, then frown at her. "No? Why? You going to whip me if I do? I find it takes two to fight, Camilla, and if I'm not here? You can't fight with me. While I respect what you had to go through? You don't respect me. But guess what? That's another thing I've dealt with my whole life." Shaking his head, he'd glance to Lucky with a small shrug. "Beyond pissed. But.. I'm trying to be civil about it. I'm not legion."
Camilla     Lucky is going to have to hold her back here, because to her Qwil just crossed a line. "How dare you.." she snaps back at him. "How, dare you!" she snaps again at the top of her lungs, nearly screaming it out. "You ignorant, arrogant, self centered, egotistical, insuferable MAN!"
Lucky Lucky does indeed hold on to Cami; his grip firm as he stands there. Then the verbal onslaught escapes her lips. That was really a problem; he was use to fouler language being used.

No, it was more of the fact that the five foot ten-inch woman had gasped in bit of air and utilized that with her vocal cords to snap the verbal assault at the top of her lungs; for which the five foot five young ranger gets the full, deafening blast to his ears.

So much so that his ears now rung.
Qwillis     Qwillis frowns, staring at Camilla. "How dare I? How dare YOU come into MY lab and tell me that I can't help people with technology PROVEN by many many people in the past? How DARE you try to tell me that it's pointless to try and we have to trust some human to hopefully not look like a jackass in front of abused people?" Q's hand tightens a notch on the doorknob, the stress of metal a subtle tone from that grip. "Still, Camilla. Still. You refuse to acknowledge others. Fine. Whatever. I'm leaving now. Don't come into my lab again." With that, he'd yank open the door, going to leave again, only to pause and glance back. "Oh, and quit yelling. There's patients around trying to rest."
Camilla     Camilla's teeth clench and her knuckles go white as her hands clapse so hard that her nails dig in to her palms and draw blood. "Get. Out. Of my building" she says to Qwil, "Do not. Come. Back. You are not welcome here. Take your things, pack, and leave." She pulls away from Lucky slowly, "if you set foot in this building again? It will be the last time." Yeah, she just flat out threatend Qwil.
Lucky Lucky sighs, allowing Camilla to pull away but still stands in front of her; blocking any attempt of her attacking Qwillis, but also Qwillis attacking her.

"Guys." Finally come words from his mouth. "Lets all just cool off before we really say something we truly regret." Looking to Qwill, he nods "Go cool off some place." He states calmly before looking to Cami "Lets grab something to eat."
Qwillis     Q stares at Camilla with that intense glare. Eyes narrowing, he'd glance to Lucky, shakes his head a little, then turns to the door. "She may have already did that, Lucky." The door is finally opened and Q steps out, surprisingly, he'd shut it gently behind him. Of course, the handle on the inside now has imprinted on it, the three fingers of that metal hand.
Camilla     Camilla hears someone calling outside, and it sounds like Iris. She turns to Lucky, and with tears in her eyes, and her cheeks red, and her hands bleeding from having dug her nails in to them so much, she simply says. "I am going to go do my job." With that, she turns on heel and walks outside in to the clinic proper.
Lucky Lucky just groans, sighing. "Well. This is a perfect day." He mutters and walks out.