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Iris Lark Breakfast is served! the least it's being cooked. Bacon is oblivious as one of his ancestors, cousins or friends is being cooked into a cassarole of sorts. Biscuits, eggs, cheese and sausage all mingle together in a heavy cast iron pot, and the finished product will be a fluffy mass of mixed foods. It does smell rather good, and because she expects that she's alone Iris is singing as she cooks. The front and back doors are wide open, letting in a breeze as she moves around the kitchen.
Lee     Lee, who's been hanging around town as well, he got pretty messed up by those cultist and it's better to not travel all messed up, happens past that friendly medic that had patched him up before. The smell? That's what lured him to the door. That and his stomach reminding him not too gently he hasn't eaten in 2 days. Pausing at the open front door, Lee would knock on the door frame. "Knock knock?" he calls out curiously.
Iris Lark Iris blinks and the song fades off as she turns to see who it is. She walks towards the door, spots Lee and waves him in. "You look a mess, what happened here?" She asks, pointing to a dining chair. "Have a seat, I'll feed you before I do what I can for those scrapes." She turns back to her stove and silent now, continues to finish up the dish she was cooking.
Lee     "Ahh.. no need ta stop on my account. Ya got a lovely voice.." He'd chuckle, walking in with a nod of thanks and settles where she pointed to. "Well, Iris, you're the one that helped patch me up, hmm? The cultist did a number to me.. so I'm still recovering. I've been lendin a hand 'round town while I am here. But drifter's gonna drift.. so when I'm done recoverin, I'll probably be headin off again."
Iris Lark Iris looks slightly embarassed as she aims a quick glance back at Lee. "Okay, you can drift but not on an empty stomach." She pulls the pan from the heat and rises on her tip toes to grab two plates. She dishes out the cassarole, a large serving for Lee, and a smaller one for herself before she moves to the table, setting them down with utensils. "You don't have to drift you know..I could find you a place to stay."
Lee     Lee hesitates, then shrugs a little. "The last place I stayed at.. everyone got killed while I was asleep. I almost got killed while I was asleep. I hesitate to go through that again, Iris. But I do appreciate the offer. It ain't often ya run inta someone so kind." He'd take the food from her gratefully and he's not hesitant to simply start eating the meal offered. Get what you can, when you can, right?
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Lee while he eats, a frown on her face until he looks up again. When he glances away from his food he'd find her with a polite and pleasant smile. Her heart tugs a little at the story he's hinted at and when she leans down to eat as well she quietly speaks up again. "I don't think that kind of thing would happen here in Avalon, but I understand. If I can do anything to help, I hope you'll let me."
Lee     Lee was hungry! His focus was mostly on it at least until a good 2/3rds of it was gone. Only then would he look up, to catch Iris smiling at him. Hesitating, he'd finally nod slightly. "Well.. I am grateful.. and I doubt it was my fault the last time, eh? So.. I guess at the least I can hang 'round til I fully heal up.. and help pay ya back fer yer help. I ain't wantin to seem ungrateful. Just.. gunshy I guess."
Iris Lark "Well you could let me help you, or try to at least." Iris says, still eating her food, albiet slowly. "I could maybe help speed up the healing a bit." She says, crossing her legs slowly as she pushes food around her plate with her fork. She pushes her hair out of her face and sighs. "I don't think you're ungrateful, I just worry a bit, that's all. You have to ignore me sometimes - I push help sometimes when it's not wanted." She flushes again and takes another bite of her food.
Lee     Lee muses, watching Iris as she'd toy with her food, then smiles her way with a shake of his head. "Nah. Ain't even worried 'bout that, Iris. I'd be happy to take your help.. I don't mind havin a place ta rest where I ain't worried about bein gutted either.. So.. could be a bonus all the way around, eh? I'll accept.. and.. we'll just see how it goes?"
Iris Lark "Thank you, Lee." Iris says, a wry grin on her face as she takes another bite of her food. "See? I'm a pretty gentle bully, all I want is to patch you up and feed you. In return, maybe you can help me with a few things around the house here that I can't manage on my own." She glances towards the workroom and leans in, her voice dropping. "Moving some furniture maybe? Nothing too heavy, I promise."
Lee     Lee laughs, nodding in reply to Iris. "Yah. Afterall, I heard my doc's a real bully, so ya dun wanna get on her bad side." He'd wink at Iris, chuckling as he'd finish up his meal. "I'd be happy ta help out, Iris. I can do that fer sure.. I need ta find a place ta practice with my crossbow some too.. been a bit since I've shot, I wanna make sure I keep up."
Iris Lark Iris points to the back door. "There are some targets set up out there, you're more than welcome to use them. I'm supposed to practice punching and kicking things so that if I'm without my guns I can defend myself." She makes a face as she takes another bite. "Not my bag, really, and I'm not good at it anyway."