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Xavier There's not many that wander into the shop to get their hair done, which left Xavier to his own devices. Cards. He had assembled a rough deck of cards over the years, and sits in a chair, shuffling them over and over again. Humming some random tune as he does, perhaps mostly to fill the otherwise silent room with sound.
Camilla     Camilla enters in to the shop, and takes a moment to look around, glancing over Xavier with a pair of icy blue eyes. She's downright lovely by most standards and is currently clad in a long, handmade, brown cotton dress. As she stands there, it's ovbious that she's had a bit of a rough day, with red cheeks and the signs of someone whose had tears in her eyes.

    "S, scuse me.." she says softly to Xavier. "Is this, is this the place to go for tattoos and hair and the like?"
Xavier Xavier stops shuffling his cards as soon as he gets a glimpse of a shadow darkening his doorstep. Blue eyes shift over to the woman who stands there looking like she's been pulled through the ringer and back again. He stands, setting the cards aside and approaches her. "This is, indeed, where one would go for hair and the like. Tattoos...perhaps but that's not my specialty...honey you look worse for wear, if I may say so myself. Would you like to have a seat? What can I do for you?"
Camilla     "I just, I want to feel.." she pauses as she looks down to one of the chairs and then back to Xavier, "Nice." She exhales deeply as she moves to take the offered seat, "I, would like, to have my hair brushed and washed and, just, if it's possible I just want to feel less, yucky.." Camilla adds exhaling deeply again. "As to being worse for wear? You have no idea.."
Xavier He listens, taking the time to be patient as she sort of sorts out how she was feeling and what she wanted. "Okay. I can certainly do that. Less yucky is always a good feeling." Though he does offer his hand. "I'm Xavier. And if you need to spill, then I am all ears, but I'll understand if you don't wish to.." Moving to grab a brush from the table next to the chair. "We'll brush it out a little, then wash it, and brush it again...sound fair to you?"
Camilla     Camilla blinks a few times and offers her own hand back to Xavier, "Camilla" she replies plainly. "I, I figure it's better for everyone that I keep my mouth shut and not talk about myself, sorry.." she adds exhaling deeply. "I, run the medical clinic in shanty town, so, if you need healed up, come see me. Oh, and yes, that sounds fair.."
Xavier Xavier begins pulling that brush through her hair, giving a tilt of his head one way and then the other. "Well, if that's truly how you feel. But just remember you can always think of this place as a sanctuary. Nothing said in here will be repeated. Well at least not by me or the four surrounding walls.." A bit of a joke made as he continues to pull the brush through her hair. "I will keep that in mind, but I truly hope I won't need the services of a clinic anytime soon. No offense."
Camilla     Cami's hair is raven black, and long enough to fall all the way to the middle of her back. It'll take some doing to get it situated.

    "It is, thank you though. I, am glad to hear that but for now, I just need to, just, not feel like a horrible person.." she adds as she closes her eyes and allows the man to work with her hair. "None taken. I hope you don't need my services as well. I like being a doctor, but it's tiring and stressfull and at times, when you're trying to save someones life, it's difficult. Anyway, thank you for the offer of talking, I appreciate it."
Xavier "I believe that everyone needs someone to vent to, and from what I've learned about the days especially before the war - everyone trusted their hairdresser. So, I figure, I could fit that role pretty easily. Anyway, it's absolutely no issue." Still brushing her hair from scalp to tip, taking a bit of it in sections a few times. "I do love your hair, so long, and it seems to be comfortable to keep. Just need to wash it and brush it out again. Would you be willing to...get it cut a bit?" Asking it, but he figured that might make the long-haired woman a bit nervous.
Camilla     "I wouldn't know much of anything about the days before the war" camilla replies plainly. "Though, being the person to take on everyones burdens and issues, well, it makes you seem really kind..." she adds sighing again. "Anyroad, thank you. I like my hair to, though, I've never thought of having it cut. Is it to long? I mean, maybe a little of it?"
Xavier "Oh I'm totally into all that. I've read a few things, heard stories, my profession certainly keeps things interesting." He seems to pause after a moment and then sets the brush aside before pulling open another drawer and he shuffles through a few pictures. "Doesn't have to be this drastic," even if it was by just a few inches, "but I think you'll like your hair to be a bit layered. Sometimes just even a little something to make your hair pop will make you feel better.."
Camilla     Camilla nods as he speaks, listening intently and looking at the picutres. "Ok, just a little of it, not all of it. I like having my hair long, down past my shoulders.." she adds, and if he moves her hair, he'll see why. Being as Camilla is wearing a dress that leaves her shoulders bared, and it's a dress with straps, she has visible scars running down her back that she seems to try and cover up with her hair. "As to it making me feel better? I mean, I suppose you're the expert here, so...go ahead..."
Xavier Xavier does move her hair just a little, and he spies the scars but makes no mention of them. Sort of keeping them as a mental note for when he does cut her hair, but first, he figured giving it a nice shampooing would be a lovely thing to do. The chair she sat in was on rollers so he could move her gently back to the sinks and sets it up to begin washing her hair. "Well I will try to make you feel as un-yucky, and better as I can.."
Camilla     "Thank you.." replies Camilla as she closes her eyes again and tries her best to relax and let Xavier do his thing. She does tense up for most of it, but she lets it happen and seems to enjoy the experience overall.