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Vault Girl There were several large Christmas Parties planned for the week and even an upcoming New Years Party. The first of the parties, the more family friendly one that had been advertised around town was the gathering at Town Hall.

There were old pre-war Christmas Songs playing from the great himself, Frank Sinatra

Toys were being handed out to the kids and FRESH EGG NOG (from what eggs, don't ask) had been made even as people mingled in the Town Hall.
Fern     Family friendly? Cool! Fern would probably try to be here even if it wasn't, 'cause she's like that. The kid is wandering in to town hall, her hands slipped down into her back pockets and jacket bunched up around her arms. The skull helmet is off, for now, and no where in sight. It's just a normal look for tonight. As Fern wanders about she finds the person supplying the egg nog and she hesitantly takes a cup, sniffs it, and takes a little sip.
Alasa Alasa wanders around the hall, drinking the egg nog.."oo, this is good stuff...I tell you what..." as she takes another drink. "Fresh too..." She laughs a bit.
Camilla     "What's egg nog?" Camilla asks of Alasa as she wonders about the hall herself, pretty much dumbstruck by all this. "Oh, and umm, what's christmas?" she adds as she uses her hands to mention at pretty much everything. "We uh, we didn't have this holiday in the legion..."
B B arrives just on time with a small box with some lidded jars inside. Next to her come two little girls. There's a little blonde who couldn't be more than four with blonde hair in ringlets clutching onto B's skirts. She goes by the name of Pony and its reported that the girl doesn't speak. The other child, the older one, is brunette by the name of Clara. She comes pushing a wheelbarrow with more jars carefully balanced inside. These too are to be given out, but not to the kids. These jars are filled with Christmas mead, heavily spiced and with a high enough proof to warm you up on the inside.
Aidan Drake Aidan makes his way to the Town Hall to take part in the the Christmas party smiling a bit at the music that's playing before he makes his way over to get him a glass of eggnog taking a sip he stands off to the side to watch the coming and goings of the rest of the town folk.
Alasa Alasa says, "Oh, egg nog is a wonderful drink...better when you irish it up..but I think not for this to christmas...its a time for coming together with those around you peace and harmony...theres also this thing about a fat guy, that breaks into your house in the middle of the night, and leaves things behind...basically...""
Fern     Fern sips at her eggnog, pauses to think about it.. and then takes another sip. Not too bad! Definitely interesting. The kid ends up drinking the rest all down, and then she's exploring the room. She's lead towards the jukebox, following the source of the music until she finds it, and there she stands. "That's pretty sweet.." she murmurs seconds before the sound of children distracts her. What?! Kids are getting toys!? Fern looks like she's about to head on over, but..nope. She pauses, turning back to the jukebox to look it over as music plays.
Kasumi     Kasumi is off to the side. She's busy being this wallflower/security person. She's sopposedly on loan to Town Hall to make sure nobody does anything silly, or get too drunk that they forget their manners. For the most part, she's just being a wallflower.
B B, who looks like she's about to have her baby at any moment, sets Clara up off to one side, near the eggnog. "Christmas mead, anyone?" she calls out, setting her own small crate down atop the wheel barrow as well. She smiles, glancing around at all the faces she doesn't know. Pony hides in B's full skirts, poking out just enough to watch people mill around. The other kids draw no interest in her. Her white knuckled grip on the skirts keeps her anchored.
Derk Shortly after B's arrival is one dressed for the holidays, in a recently washed orange jumpsuit that shows festive patches of green and red, used to cover the most recent tears. With a small sack over his shoulder and holstered pistols at his hips, Derk is pretty much ready for naughty, or nice. A glance around the room and then he heads inside, letting the door do whatever the door wants to do. Familiar faces are seen and Derk nods in their direction, slowly moving to the offered nog and getting himself a cup, neverminding the chipped edge of the mug.
Fern     Mead? That's a word that catches Fern's attention and holds it for longer than the jukebox can. The kid turns and glances off towards the voice she heard, and as she spies B there she does a 180 to start heading on over. The little spurs on her shoes clack as they graze the floor, and her shoes give a too-lazy-to-pick-feet-up shuffle as she meanders to B.

    Stopping before her, Fern gives her a quick once-over, and her head cocks to the side while eyes narrow slightly. "Hmm.. Another one of Ashur's wives, huh? Nice to meet ya. I'm Fern.. a friend of Ashur's." She offers her right hand out towards B.
Camilla     Blinking several times, Camilla looks rather worried, "This man breaks in to peoples houses, in the middle of the night, and leaves things behind? Does the sheriff know about this?" she asks, oblivious to all of the holiday and taking Alasa's statements very seriously. "I, I mean, what does he leave behind?" she adds, choosing to ignore the part about the Egg Nog. "Is there anything I need to worry about here?" Yup, oblivious.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "No, no,,not at all. He tends to leave good things for kids, sometimes things for adults..." she looks around, "I prolly shouldn't tell you this...but you can bribe him for better gifts...he's fond of cookies, milk....and carrot sticks.." She sips her drink, "Though if he thinks your gonna ambush him...he sneaks in...and leaves you coal..."
Owl     Owl wanders into the town hall looking slightly bewildered. He's carrying his satchel over one of his shoulders, and a slightly soiled duffel bag of some sort over his other shoulder, as if he were Santa Claus. He's wearing his characteristic Followers Jacket that sets him apart for all of those who know what that is, but otherwise it's just a really cool jacket. He looks around the interior of the town hall with wide eyes, murmuring. "That was a quick transformation...they didn't use to celebrate like this in the old days..."
Derk Catching reference to B being another one of Ashur's wives, and Derk chuckles, though he looks to B for her reaction before turning back with a cup of nog in hand and wandering the room, looking over the various items that are located throughout the hall. Catching snippets of conversations, his lips quirk in all sorts of ways in reactive emotions to the topics discussed. He swipes another mug and sidles up beside Owl, "Hello there, here, have a mug of 'don'taskjustdrinkitssafe' he says, pressing one of the ceramic mugs with a mildly cool concoction into Owl's hand. "Derk," he adds by way of introduction.
Aidan Drake Aidan sips his eggnog as he mingles with the other guests for now stopping to offer a nod here and a greeting there until he ends jumping into a conversation eventually.
Camilla     Cami really doesn't know what to say to Alasa at this point, and obviously so, she's confused and outwardly worried. "I, oh...oh kay.." she adds, taking a moment to look around nervously. "This is ummm, a bit much to take in..."
Katherine Caine Katherine arrives from the Mayor's Office, refraining from a slinky santa dress at the 'family' party at Town Hall but she still does manage to wear a bright red santa hat that helps add some festive cheer. Catching Owl's words she smiled at the slightly older man and replied, "My Grandfather used to do these Christmas Celebrations for the family before he passed away. I thought it would be nice to share a bit of tradition with the whole town."
B "Ashur?" the woman with a B tattooed on her cheek blinks, looking to Fern and her outstreched hand. Sliding it into her own to give it a good pump, the dark-haired woman shakes her head. "That super-mutant looking guy that's supposedly on our side? Oh no. I'm afraid you've got me confused with someone else. I've only seen him a time or two while out around town." She smooths her other hand over the rise of her belly. "I'm B. This is Clara, and this here is Pony. Don't mind her. She's a little shy."
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Oh, you don't need to worry...its all just part of the christmas fun..just enjoy the the other story thats part of christmas, thats been passed down by the more religous types...that one worries me. A woman, that gets pregnant, but tells her husband its not his...that a" she makes quote fingers, "god got her pregnant, and he believed that was a christmas miricle."
Fern     "Oh? Okay. Cool," Fern says after releasing B's hand. "Bee? Like the.. ah, nevermind." Her eyes linger on the face tattoo for a bit, and then Fern is looking to the younger kids being introduced. She waves to them quickly, and her attention is then right back on B.

    "Did that hurt?" she wonders, nodding towards the tattoo. "What did they do it with? Did they have an actual machine or did they like.. dip a needle in ink and dab it into your skin over and over?"
Owl     Owl finds a table to put his sack down on, very, very carefully. Then he stands next to it and watches it closely, as if it were about to get up and walk off. He turns to note Derk as the man steps up to him. He takes the mug, looks down into it, smells it, then shrugs and takes a drink. "Owl." He responds to Derk, looking around. "You know...I saw a lot of people around City Hall...I thought there was a meeting or something going on." Owl says to Derk. "...I just came back from the Wasteland."
    Owl notices Kitty next. He tilts his head up with a nod, thinks for a moment, then comments. "Yeah, I don't remember town-wide Christmas celebrations back in the day." Then he takes a moment, and guesses: "Mayor Caine?" He steps away from the table slightly, still keeping his bag nearby, and offers her his free hand.

    The comment about B in regards to Ashur gets a response called out from Owl: "The Legion doesn't do marriages. Only slaves."
Derk A glance around the room and Derk raises his mug towards Aidan, when the man gets near, "Keeping /mostly/ out of trouble?" he asks of Aidan while still standing beside Owl and there's a smirk that comes upon his lips while he shifts to his other foot and gives Owl a touch of shoulders, "No one ever stays out of trouble, s'why I've still got a job," he adds, as though this were some great word of wisdom. A lift of his mug to Katherine as he's waiting for a reply and he calls out, "Mighty kind of you Miss Mayor!" Which is loud enough to suggest that the man was probably drinking something spiked before he even arrived at the party.

Back to Owl, "Yeah? Well it's a meeting of sorts, meet and greet, some sort of celebration, one of those rare things that ain't happenin' that much out in the wastes, but you probably already know that. Welcome back," he tells the man then as Owl moves off to the Mayor, Derk focuses his attentions solely on Aidan, staring at the man.
Camilla     To anyone paying attention to the conversation between Alasa and Camilla, Cami has a very obvious /deer in headlights/ look on her face. "Oh, well, I, I am enjoying the part.." she replies to her at first before the second story gets told. Camilla's never had a single hint of the old pre war religions, so this one flys over her head like a mach jet at high alltitude. "That's, that's not how pregnancy works.." she replies plainly at first, "You can't.." pause, beat, "Wait, god?"

    Then there's a mention of Ashur that Camilla hears, and the instant look of overwhelming fear and worry washes over her like water rolling off a cliff face. That waterfall of emotion only flowing faster when Owl makes his passing comment about the Legion and Slaves and marriages and the like.

    "I, I umm, excuse me..." she says to Alasa as she turns on heel and begins to head for the door. To those that see it, Camilla's back carries the scars of someone once a slave, and perhaps the mention of the legion is a bit much for her, making it rather hard for her to enjoy the party at the moment.
B B nods to Fern, handing out some mead to a couple that stops by her wagon. "It was long ago," B replies to Fern, "And I don't really remember. I know that it hurt for a long time. Made my eye puff up so I could barely see out of it. What about you, Clara?" The brunette with B is about ten years old, give or take. She too has a letter on her cheek. Hers is G.

Clara gives Fern a flat look. "Mine didn't get infected," she states, matter-of-factly before turning her attention elsewhere.

B's attention shifts too, this time to Owl. Arching a slender brow, she says, "Indeed." She, too, is rather tight-lipped on the subject of slaves. Instead, she turns back to Fern. "So you want a drink? Wait .. are you old enough to drink?"
Alasa Alasa hmmms, as Camilla seems to freak out a bit about something.."Ok..lots of stories, I'll tell you some more christmas tales another time...maybe they one about the living snow..or the caraboo with the radioactive nose..." She offers a wave to Camilla as she finishes her drink, "Well time to get a refill" and she heads for the eggnog again.
Fern     Fern gives a chin-lifting nod towards Clara when she says that hers didn't get infected. Cool. She looks away from Clara and back to B, eyes squinting slightly. "I bet that hurt like crazy. Good thing you didn't lose your eyesight!" she says with a wide grin.

    Hands go to her hips once she's finished her eggnog and put the cup aside, and she looks at B with her brows lifted. "O'course I am! I work at the saloon. Gotta be old enough or why would they let me work there?" she asks B with a little smirk. She waits to see if B will let her have some mead or not.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to Derk, "Thank you." Her gaze went to the troublemaking adopted-Caine, known as Fern before returning to Owl, "For now, anyways." The departing Camilla gets her attention and she hustles over to gently place a hand on the woman's arm, "Please stay, you have nothing to fear from the Legion here. El Dorado is a safe place."
Carter Griffin Fashionably late, but still here, Carter has done his best to clean himself up. This is, after all, a party. He seems to have picked a very poor time to come on in though, as he frowns as he looks at the scene playing out, "Right.." He puts his hands in his pockets and heads for any visible refreshments. Food or drink is always a bonus while he's looking around for any of the other Rangers, to see if they made it to this party.
Aidan Drake Aidan had been making his rounds and when he'd seen Camilla making a beeline for the door with some fear in her eyes he'd moved to safely intercept without causing her to think she was trapped. Standing just a bit outside of arms reach of the woman he tips his hat towards her, "Hey there miss. I'm Aidan Drake a deputy here in El Dorado and as Mis... Mayor Katherine was saying this is a safe town here. You've nothing to fear inside these walls."
Camilla     Camilla turns ever so slightly towards Kitty, the small shivering over her body something that Kitty can feel. Camilla exhales deeply and nods slowly at Katherine, "I umm, ok.." she replies softly turning around the rest of the way. "I just, I, nevermind, thank you.." she adds.
Kaelyn She's late too! CORA is even giving Kae an earfull "See if you hadn't been chasing down giant fish monsters you'd be here on time!" Kae blinks and sighs "Well they don't like caught now do they.." She comments. CORA then stops, speaking for a moment with dots going across her screen... "Good point, nevermind, fassionably late it is!
Owl     As the Mayor moves off from him, Owl takes a big gulp from his drink, and then looks back over towards his bag for a moment, then back to Derk. He steps back over towards his bag, watching Camilla and Aidan and Kitty nervously while focusing on his drink.
Alasa Alasa gets a new glass of eggnog, as she moves over near the fireplace..."oh, fire, fire..the place is on fire..we don't care let the...." she looks around, "Right, right..wrong group...lets see...Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..."
B B narrows her eyes and tilts her head to the side. "How old are you?" she asks, glancing around, possibly for someone to confirm Fern's story. Then, with a shrug, she holds out a bottle to Fern. "Guess you're right at that. Just don't drink it all straight. It's meant to be savoured, like the eggnog. And if you do something stupid, don't blame it on me. Just .. let me know if you like it. Still working the kinks out of the recipe."
Derk Derk stands and waits a little longer, but then notes that there's someone leaving. He takes a step in the direction of Camilla, but Katherine beats him there and when it looks like things are under control, he turns to approach B, "Ah, you're handing out the mead, that sounds like a great idea!" He adds, holding his hand out as well, so expectant like. At her question towards Fern, Derk stops and looks at Fern as well, "Well... I don't think there's really an age for not drinking anymore, don't you? Sort of one of those helpful things... when we can have it, right?" A hand goes to B's shoulder and he gives it a squeeze.
Fern     Bright eyes widen when Fern is handed a container of ADULT beverage. Hell yeah! Her brows slowly lift, and she's showing that surprise for just a second before she catches herself and puts on a straight face. "Yeah.. 'course.. You made it?" Fern asks as she opens the containter and gives a quick sniff. Definitely not eggnog.

    Fern lifts the container to her lips and sips once, and there it goes. Like she had licked a lemon slice, Fern's nose scrunches and her right eyebrow twitches. She makes an 'ew' face before saying, "Tastes... pretty good." How the hell do people drink this stuff!? Fern takes another sip, trying to get more down before someone takes it away from her. Her eyes shift to Derk as she sips, and she nods to him, saying, "Yeah. Not like it matters anyway.. Why'd they even put an age limit on it?" she asks, shaking her head before sipping again.
B B gives Derk a mason jar of Christmas mead, nodding to his words. "I guess you're right about that. So long as I'm not breaking any laws .. and you either, Fern. Wouldn't want either of us to get into trouble .. especially this close to Christmas." She nods when asked if she made it, and then breaks into a happy little smile when it passes Fern's taste test.

"Who knows why they limited it back before the war. I don't understand the reason behind half the things they did. I'm more likely to believe that there was some common understanding that just doesn't make sense anymore. Something key that would take all their fancies and make them have some meaning."
Alasa Alasa stands eating the marshmellow on the stick, as she watches the others in the room
Fern     Nodding to B, Fern says, "Yeah.. Well, it's good anyway. Thanks." She takes another sip and turns, heading off to go snoop around again. Her eyes shift over to the jukebox once more, but she passes by. There's more to look at! Like the mistletoe.

    Fern slows her walking as she observes the hanging.. bunch of leaves, of whatever the hell it is, and she scrunches her mouth up at the side while seeing how two people stop beneath to share a kiss. Wierdos. Fern drinks a little more of the mead.. then more, and before she knows it, it's gone. She finished the eggnog just as fast! Hopefully that won't find its way back up.
Katherine Caine "I know it can be tough, lots of folks, even people like Ashur, they're as much victims as any other slave. He may be an odd one, but he's a good man and I've seen him fought to help protect the people of El Dorado and New Mexico more times than I can count on both hands. That has to count for something." Katherine said to Camilla, doing her best to reassure the woman before asking, "Did you try the egg nog? It's actually pretty good, just don't ask what kind of eggs they used."
Derk Derk looks to Fern and shakes his head, "Who knows, times were different then, most like. Why do we no longer shoot each other on sight and offer our young girls to the mutants for safe passage? We've evolved past that," but then she's going and the man watches her go. A look to the girl as she leaves and then he's standing there, Clara and Pony nearyby as well, "Have either of you had a chance to go look at the jukebox?" He asks both of them, handing them a couple of pre-war coins so that they can go explore and play with it if B let's them. He'll mingle a bit, but stay close to the mead cart as that's got the best chance of gettin' him drunk by evening's end.
Kaelyn As Kae wanders the place, she pauses near Fern and grins slightly "Heya Fern, how's things?" She asks curiously, the Odd elf-like woman settles for a quantum bottle cap her self, pocketing the thing before glancing back to Fern "Am thinking the want for age restriction on drinking is a hold over from a looong bygone era, and the fact that youths tend to have less tolerance for such things than adults, body weight difference and all." Kae adds, and she gets her self a drink before the fullfigured dark-skinned woman settles into a seat nearby.
Camilla     "I, I really don't want to talk about Ashur.." Camilla replies plainly to Katherine, calmly and politely as she can. To the second statement, she responds with a bit of spite in her words, "It does not.." she adds before shaking her head no. "No, I have not tried this egg nog, and I've never tried a drink made with eggs either..."
Fern     Fern is busy watching a few couples kissing all gross and stuff beneath the mistletoe, but hearing Kae's voice distracts her. She turns to glance at her friend and she grins wide. "Hi.." she says, giving a little burp before she looks towards the mistletoe. "Buncha wierdos kissing under that tree clipping," she notes with a snicker before looking back.

    As she hears 'Ashur' she glances over to see if he's there.. Nope. Oh well. She sees Kat is chatting with Camilla, catching the end of the conversation enough to get her curious. She offers her empty mead jar to Kae in a 'hold my beer' way, and she wanders over to Camilla and Katherine.

    "What's going on?" She looks between the two. Anger from Cami? Maybe. And Ashur? "He piss ya off or something?" she wonders.
Carter Griffin The Ranger makes his way down to the fireplace. It looks warm, and the desert nights can make one desire a nice warm fire to sit by. He sits cross legged next to it, and then grabs one of the marshmallows that's available, holding it near the fire as he watches it turn to a brownish gold.
Owl     Owl steps back in after having taken a moment to step away and use the restroom. He took his bag with him, and now he's back he has it with him again, over one of his shoulders. He pauses as he notices Katherine and others still talking to Camilla. He frowns, then moves over to the group. To Camilla, he says. "I'm sorry if what I said upset you. I wasn't thinking about it. Sometimes I forget that I'm out here on the frontier where things like that are real to people, not back in the Boneyard where it's all academic..."
Camilla     Camilla turns to face Fern, slowly, "Do not." It's all she says, and there's a great deal of emotion behind it, a myriad of them. That single statement is all Fern gets as she is soon beset by Owl giving his apology. "It's.." pause, beat, "fuhhhine.." which is a bold faced lie, but such is her chosen response to the man. A pretty, and very much faked, smile, follows.
Katherine Caine Katherine shhhs Fern at the inquiry about Ashur, "You can't go anywhere until you've had some Egg Nog. Fern, why don't you be an amazing little girl and grab a glass for you and Camilla? If you don't make a fuss, I'll pretend I didn't see you drinking alcohol." Mom of the year!
Fern     "It's clearly not," Fern says as she watches Camilla. She hiccups softly and lifts a hand up to rub under her chin, eyes still on Camilla. Till she hears Kat. She sniffs lightly and gives another little shake of her head. "What fuss? I ain't the one all upset at Ashur. What'd he do? He ain't never hurt nobody. He's a cool dude. Teaching me how to fight and stuff. He's a good friend. Ain't nothing wrong with him."

    The kid rolls her eyes then, lifting a hand to swish at the air. "Too much drama for Christmas. Jesus baby and Joseph manger." She huffs and turns, wandering off to get two cups of that eggnog, spurs clacking along the way.
Derk Derk's mingling, yep, still mingling, when B does that sort of strange thing that B does, which is make a sound that almost sounds worried, while at the same time telling people around her she's fine. The little girls dart back from the jukebox, tipped off to something from that sound and all of a sudden nervous. She stands, handing out another bottle of mead to a party reveler before Derk is at her side, "What was that?" he asks, confused, but concerned.

"Wet... something just happened..." she says, looking down and it only takes a few moments for Derk to realize what's happening. He places a hand on her tummy and then is reaching for his bag, "How are you feeling? Anything else going on?" he asks, and B stares at him with a strange look, worry crossing her face.

"Just some digestive cramps, but they've been getting worse, figured I'd have to go get some air soon," she says.

Derk pauses and looks around the room, any mother would know exactly what that means, "Alright, let's go, we're headed to the clinic, you're about to have your Christmas miracle," he explains, and the girls follow suit as he helps B towards the door, "Katherine, can you see that B's cart is looked after?" he asks the mayor, "Seems like it's time." With that, he'll escort the ready to pop pregnant B out the door and into town, clinic bound!
Camilla     Camilla sees, well, the x-mas miracle about to happen and runs over to B. "I'm a doctor, get her to the clinc, and we'll take a look" adds a worried looking cami.
Derk Derk looks to Camilla and holds out his hand, "So am I, Derk, pleased to meet you," he explains and if Camilla wishes to come along as well, it's clear that he's not going to stop her.
Owl     Owl frowns at Camilla, though it's clear she doesn't want any more of his help, so he just nods his head, and takes another swallow of his drink, stepping away and back over towards his bag on the nearby table. He watches with interest at B and Derek as they begin to ready to leave, but other than that he stays back.
Fern     Two glasses of eggnog are taken, and as Fern turns around to see that B is on her way out and people have gone along to help she shrugs and starts to drink one glass. Heading back over towards Katherine, Fern now notices Owl and his sweet jacket. This makes her turn and head towards him, holding a cup out and offering it.

    "That's a pretty cool jacket," she says to Owl one she stops before him. "Eggnog?" she asks, offering him the second glass. "It's not too bad.. for something with eggs in it. Where the hell they get the eggs? They mirelurk?" she asks, casting a questioning glance to her cup.
Camilla     Cami stops in her tracks and turns around to look at Owl, "You wanted to volunteer? You're with me.." she says to him, and the shy young woman seems to have some backbone and strength in medical situations. "Thank you..." she says to Katherine as she turns on heel and seems to just expect Owl to follow. If he does, or doesn't, up to him.
Katherine Caine "Thank you all again for coming." Katherine said to the group near her, as she watched the impending Pregnancy with curiousity before nodding to Derk, "I'll make sure it's taken care of and brought back to your place by a Militia or Deputy, don't worry."

To Cami and Fern she says, "Enjoy the Egg Nog! I've gotta talk to some of the stuffy old councilors, you know, the ones who like to sit in the fancy chairs but never run for Mayor cause they don't want to do work."
Owl     Owl picks up he glass of eggnog and lifts it up, looking at the eggnog with some skepticism. "I doubt this is real eggnog...I assume the recipe was lost before the war. Also, hopefully they're deathclaw eggs, because I don't want to think about drinking something made of mirelurk eggs." Owl says, taking a drink of it. He then nods slowly. "Pretty good. Never had that before." He says to Fern. As for the jacket, he says: "Thanks. I'm pretty proud of it." He says brightly.
    Then Camilla gets his attention. Owl nods his head, and then moves to follow after her. He finishes his eggnog and gives the glass back to fern, lifting up his bag from the nearby table and moving to follow after the pregnancy party.
Fern     "I ain't no wait staff," Fern says to Owl when he hands her his glass. She takes it, but drops it off nearby as she turns away and begins to wander once more. Wasn't Kae here? Yeah. Somewhere. Fern sips at her eggnog as she moves about, looking through the families gathered as she searches for her friend. "Kaeeee.." she calls. "Corrraaaa.. Where you at?" she asks, her speech starting to slur already. Maybe B shouldn't have given her the meade.
Kaelyn Kae had been sittin gat her normal chair, she blends in really well for a red-eyed woman with white hair... Kae glance at Fern and blinks curiously at the girl before tilting her head.. CORA then informs "Fern be tipsy." Kae then sighs and makes her way over to Fern and tries to direct the youth back to where the food is "Get some food with that alchohol and drink a bit of water too, we don't want you having a hangover tomorrow..." Kae says softly smiling now.
Fern     "Huh?" Fern says when a hangover is mentioned. She drops her eggnog off on a table, then wanders towards the food, stretching her arms above her as she goes. As she looks about to see what's there to eat, Fern asks Cora, "Why are they doin' that? What's the purpose?" she wonders, nodding towards the mistletoe again. Why does she ask Cora? Because Cora knows all!
Kaelyn Kae blinks at Fern and tilts her head before she sighs... Kae was about to explain and of course CORA does for her "Well you need to get water in your system, otherwise the alchohol will dehyrdate you... That will give you a nasty headache later." CORA informs and Kae nods... "Course you can hae it like this..." She says and Kae offers Fern a rootbeer...
Fern     Fern squints as she stares at Kae and Cora, listening to the latter explain hangovers. The kid takes the drink and starts to enjoy it, going slow with it. There's a look on her face that could suggest she.. may not be feeling her best. How many cups of eggnog did she have, anyway? The kid gives a little hiccup, and after a moment she mutters, "I think I'm gonna be sick.." ABORT MISSION! Fern starts looking for the exit.
Kaelyn Kae blinks as Fern goes racing out to well go loose her cookies. She rubs at the back of her neck now and tilts her head "Oooh, well too late on that one... Anyone know where her caretaker is so she can make sure the girl doesn't get much sicker?" She asks curiously.
Fern     Fern (luckily) makes it out of the town hall before she gets sick. She'll be alright, though! She's tough! And if she doesn't make it home? Well, it won't be the first time she's slept on the ground. The kid will survive, and hopefully not have a headache tomorrow.