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Iris Lark Iris and Camilla are standing in the living room of her home. They're speaking quietly to one another as Iris glances towards the hallway that leads to the bedrooms. "You'll have to bunk with me for now, Camilla. If you're okay with that, I mean. Otherwise we'll have to set up a bedroll here in the living room." She breaks away from the other woman and walks towards the kitchen. "I'm going to make us some tea."
Sammy     There's an unmistakable sound of an engine outside, a small but angry one, or at least, it's angrier than it was in it's trip through Mexico. Maybe it got too many enchiladas and blew out the exhaust pipes one too many times. But it's easy enough for Sammy to dismount, dust himself off, and knock on the back door, once, twice, three times loudly.
Camilla     "I'm entirely ok with that Iris, and in fact, I was hoping to ask you if I could bunk with you anyway..." replies Camilla as she watches Iris move off to start making tea. "I umm, I admit I really don't like the idea of a bed roll and really enjoy a bed for a change, thanks to you leaving me that bed at the clinic..." she adds, forcing a smile.
Iris Lark "You're fine, Camilla. If it will make you feel better you can stay in my room. The living room floor isn't the most comfortable anyway." Iris says as she sets the kettle on the stove to start to heat up. "Can you go see who's on that motorcycle, it might be Jackie."
Camilla     Camilla blinks, "I thought that's what you meant by bunking with you, is that I'd be sharing the bed and the room with you..." she replies plainly. Though, hearing the bike and the knocking gets her attention and she nods a yes to Iris. "Ok.." is said softly as she turns about to head to the door, opening it up and blinking at seeing Sammy there. "Oh, ummm, hello..."
Sammy     Sammy is there, at the side door, he saw the cook-fire smoke, so he really hopes someone's home, and that the house isn't like, abandoned and on fire. Because that'd be just a horrible way to start a day. He's got a bundle of parchment under his arm, and he reaches up to knock one more time on the door, but it swings open, and he sees Camilla, his smile spreads wide, and he grins, "Hi there." he tilts his head and regards her, "Sorry I havent' been around to hit up the Clinic and pick up my Medkit, but also thankfully I haven't had much use for it in the last few weeks." he grins, "Iris home? I've got the next shipment and some samples to bring in." he pats the package with one gloved hand. Some trail dust falls off his coat in a little puff.
Iris Lark Iris walks out of the kitchen and sets down two cups on the dining room table. She hears Sammy at the door and walks back into the kitchen, fetches another cup and comes back out to set it down on the table as well. "I'm in here Sammy, and if you've brought more soap, I still haven't used all of what you brought before." She purses her lips and turns to head back into the kitchen to get the water in the kettle.
Camilla     Cami just, blinks a few times and stiffles a yawn with both of her hands. She steps aside slightly and motions for Sammy to come inside, and well, Iris pipes up and tells the man where she is, so, no need for her to say anything else. "It's fine Sammy.." she replies to him softly, "I, am going to go lay down until dinner is ready. I'll join you both then.." she adds as she turns about to head towards the room Iris mentioned.
Sammy     Sammy steps in and smiles a shrug, "Well I can't say that I know how much of the soap people are usin. But here, this is some Whitethorn Acacia as the fragrant base for the soap. Came out pretty nice." he steps in and sets down the bundle, untying the parchment. Setting out a set of four bars of soap. He looks at the departing Camilla, "... maybe I didn't bring enough soap for two doctors." he quirks an eyebrow.
Iris Lark "Sammy, I don't need anymore soap." Iris says, frowning at him as she gestures towards the bedroom down the hall. "So you don't need enough for two people, you can just give it to Camilla."
Sammy Sammy tilts his head curiously, and shakes his head, "Allrighty." he considers, "But I've got this bad habit of ... not following girls to their bedrooms unless I've been explicitly asked." he looks to Iris, gives her a pained expression then back to the bedroom, then out the door, "... and I just couldn't do that to Lilly."
Iris Lark "Well it's my bedroom, and..well..nevermind, I'm just stressed about a lot of things that went in on the clinic today." Iris remarks, propping her hands on her hips. "You're welcome to leave the soap. I'll see that it finds a home."
Sammy Sammy smiles, "It's meant to be used. Are you letting yourself get overworked again?" he asks, and folds his arms across his chest, "If I go asking around I'm not going to hear people telling me you worked till you passed out trying to heal all the people, and forgetting yourself, are you?"